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Internet Network Marketing

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									August 1st, 2012                                                                                              Published by: 4freedom

Internet Network
Internet Network Marketing
August 1st, 2012

Internet Network Marketing
Taking your MLM business to the next level with “internet network marketing” is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.
But you have to get it right.
There are a lot of twists and turns on the road to internet network marketing success and plenty of pot holes, dead ends and
other time-wasting hazards to avoid along the way.
To give you an idea, my first five years online produced a few hundred leads and I sponsored a total of 50 odd new team members
FROM our online efforts.
In the past 18 months we “cracked the code” and have used a system to create over 9,000 MLM leads, earn tens of thousands of
dollars in miscellaneous affiliate commissions and have sponsored over 200 new team builders into our various businesses.
So let’s talk about a few of the lessons learned over the years so you, too, can now start producing incredible results.
What Is Internet Network Marketing?
Before we can answer this question, perhaps it is better to start with something more basic like:
  How can I effective promote my MLM both online and offline? What is really required to build a profitable business
If you break down what steps are required to build a profitable network marketing business, at first glance, it doesn’t appear
too challenging.

  1. Connect With People
  2. Present Your Opportunity
  3. Follow Up to Collect a Decision

That’s it. Both online and offline.
Take those three steps consistently over an extended period of time and you are virtually guaranteed to have incredible success
in this industry.

August 1st, 2012                                                                                             Published by: 4freedom

My Lead System Pro
Internet Network Marketing Challenges
The challenge for most people starts at the first step:
Connecting with people.
In fact, industry averages reveal most people who join a network marketing company (even the best of intentions) only sponsor
2.6 new distributors their entire careers – which might span across numerous companies – and many, many years in the
  Why is it that most people struggle to bring new people into their internet network marketing business?
It’s is due entirely to the lack of making new contacts on a regular basis.
Think about your own experience.
You join a company with great products, a fantastic compensation plan, proven leadership, training and more.
You’re excited and immediately share this “opportunity of a lifetime” with your family, friends, co-workers and business
Perhaps you sponsor one or two new builders and you’re off to a fast, profitable start.
Then your list runs dry and you have literally approached everyone you know.
Now what? Now what do you do?

Internet Network Marketing for Leads
At this point you might call your upline and they suggest you purchase leads and start prospecting on the phone. (Yuk!)
Or, perhaps, they explain the “three foot rule” which means you strive to connect with anyone and everyone within three feet of
where you are standing or sitting at any point in time. (Double Yuk!)
Another common remedy is to start advertising. Think…

   • Car Magnets
   • Classified Ads
   • Drop Cards
   • Tear Sheets, and
   • Mailers

And while all of these methods work for some people, they do not all work for everybody due to the lack of an advertising budget,
skill or even a lifestyle that contributes to meeting new people on a regular basis.
So again… “Now what?”
Almost ten years ago I answered that question by thinking about how best to approach internet network marketing.
I read everything I could get my hands on and studied people who were claiming to have great success. Back then it boiled down
to creating a generic or company specific lead generation system. The idea was to host a lead generation site, advertise… and
drive prospects to your site. This would serve as the first point of contact (connecting with people we don’t know) and would
then guide them into a simple presentation.
So did it work? Yes and no.
It worked in the sense that if we ADVERTISED and drove potential prospects to the page we would collect their contact
information. Then it was up to me to pick up the phone, call, sift and sort and qualify for interest.
So it worked, but just having an internet network marketing web site up didn’t really add any value to the lead generation system.
We could have produced the same result by leading prospects to a voice mail system or any other means of making first contact.
Standing alone, the internet network marketing site was practically worthless.
Internet Network Marketing Solution
The secret to enjoying massive internet network marketing success is to… now listen… stop promoting your business
STOP PROMOTING for Massive Internet Marking Success

August 1st, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: 4freedom

I know, it sound counter-intuitive. But think about this…

   • Do you open and read all of the bazillions of new opportunity emails you receive?
   • Do you click on biz opp ADS and readily give up your contact information to learn more?
   • Or do you use the internet more to find answers to the challenges you are having right now?

The key is to start leading with VALUE first to attract the people most likely to purchase your products or join your once you
have established a value-based relationship.
Because people like to do business with those the know, like and trust.
It is as simple and as difficult as that.
The KEY Is To Lead With Value
Solve problems. Offer to guide people to a solution they are looking for.
Offer software tutorials, tips, tricks and inside secrets you have learned over the years.
Offer free training like our Free 5 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.
Meet people where they are, offer a hand up versus a hand out and make yourself available.
Use internet network marketing to establish relationships first and foremost – then, when the time is right, guide your new
friends into a solution that makes sense for them.
Bless and be blessed,
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