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									         DETAILS: 2004 TORONTO IN-WATER BOAT SHOW
Show Hours:
         Thursday, September 16th           12 noon – 7pm
         Friday, September 17th             12 noon – 7pm
         Saturday, September 18th           10 am – 6pm
         Sunday, September 19th             10 am – 6pm

Move-In Hours:
         Monday, September 13th             12 noon – 6pm (boats in-water)
         Tuesday, September 14th            8am – 6pm (boats in-water)
         Wednesday, September 15th          8am - 6pm (boats in water & shore exhibits)

Boat Move-In:
Exhibitors with boats in the water will be required to move in as per details outlined in the
attached schedule. Please Note the exact times when your boats need to be in by before the
bridges close off.

        Section F (all) and E (west side): (Exhibits with E and F space numbers):
         Cut-Off Time: 4pm Tuesday. E Bridge will be installed at this time.

        Section D (west side) and E (east side): (Exhibits with D and E space numbers):
         Cut-Off Time: 11am Wednesday. D bridge will be installed at this time.

        Section C (west side) and D (east side): (Exhibits with C and D space numbers):
         Cut-Off Time: 1pm Wednesday. C bridge will be installed at this time.

        Section C (east side) and B (all): (Exhibits with B and C space numbers):
         Cut-Off Time: 4pm Wednesday. B bridge will be installed at this time.

        Section A (all): (Exhibits with A space numbers):
         No bridges closing. Exhibitors can move in any time before 6pm, Wednesday,
         September 15th.

        Discover Boating Section: Cut-Off Time: 9am Thursday. Final bridge will be installed
         at this time.

If you have any questions or are uncertain about what time your boats should move-in,
please call Kim Whittick at (905) 951-4052. Some exhibitors will be contacted with more
specific move-in times. Please review the dock layout very carefully to ensure you are aware
of the bridge closing times.

         Note: Crane service is not planned for lifting boats into the water, due to the ease of
         moving into the sight, and lack of demand from exhibitors each year. In order to
         maintain reasonable exhibit space costs for all exhibitors, this expense has not been
         built into the space rates. If you require additional move-in options, please contact
         Kim Whittick at (905) 951-4052 to make other arrangements.
       Options available for unloading boats:
       i)    Launch ramp right at Ontario Place (map enclosed showing location on-site).
             No scheduling required - move-in based on first-come, first-serve basis.
       ii)   Motor or sail right into Ontario Place from other locations.

C) Empty Trailer Storage: There are a few location options available for storing empty boat
   trailers on-site (mostly on grassy knolls). With the additional of Cirque du Soleil this year,
   parking will be very limited. Surface parking will be used entirely for boat show attendees
   and Cirque du Soleil guests. Please see one of the show staff during move-in for

   In addition to limited space, we encourage trailers be returned to their respective
   dealerships to avoid any theft problems - security is not provided in the area where empty
   boat trailers are stored.

Shore Exhibits Move-In:
Vehicles will be permitted access into Ontario Place for unloading. If you require any further
equipment/services, please contact Kim Whittick at (905) 951-4052 in advance so that we are
aware before you arrive.

Once you arrive at the Ontario Place gates (east entrance towards the Administrative
Buildings), advise security through the intercom system at the gate that you are arriving to
set-up your display. They will activate the guard arm to allow you into the park. The
enclosed map indicates the entrance you should use.

Vehicles will be permitted to drive close to your exhibit and then unload product. Upon
completion of unloading, all vehicles will be required to go to park in one of the lots. To be
fair to other exhibitors setting up – vehicles will not be permitted to park within the show site
during move-in or move-out. However, regular Ontario Place lots are free to park cars/trucks
after unloading.

Due to the large size of the Ontario Place complex, you may want to request a show staff
member to assist you with getting to your space once you reach the security gate. Please
call any one of the following cell phone numbers and someone will meet you and provide

Scott MacInnes: Sales Manager                    (416) 275-2705
Kim Whittick: Operations Manager                 (416) 209-2108
Linda Waddell: Show Manager                      (416) 577-2415

Move-out Hours:
Sunday, September 19th                    6pm-9pm
Monday, September 20th                    8am-6pm
Tuesday, September 21st                   8am-6pm
Boat Move-out:
Exhibitors with boats in the water will be required to move out as per details outlined in the
attached schedule. Please note the exact times when boats will need to be removed from
the bridges (B, C, D, E) prior to opening. When making arrangements for return deliveries or
sea trials, please also note the bridge opening times – boats will not be able to depart until
the appropriate bridges have been removed and obstructing boats have departed. Some
exhibitors will be contacted with more specific times move-out times.

           Exhibitor Badge order form enclosed. You may either fax it in advance, or bring it
            to the show office trailer when you arrive at the show during move-in. All badges
            will be held for pick-up in the show office during move-in. (see map).
           Badges will not be required during move-in, however, they will be required during
            all show days.

Exhibitor Shuttles:
During move-in, move-out and all show days, continuous exhibitor shuttles will be available
between the show and the exhibitor parking area adjacent to the Ontario Place Administration
Building. Show staff will transfer exhibitors between designated drop off/pick up locations on
golf carts. Locations noted on site map. Due to safety regulations, only specific golf carts will
be authorized and insured to shuttle exhibitors – please look for golf carts marked with the
following show staff names:
     Linda Waddell
     Scott MacInnes
     Kim Whittick
     Jennifer Kastelein
     Paul Dottori
     Joanne Zito
     Steve Errico

Show Office Trailer:
This will include the boat show office and media office. Location noted on site map. Please
note that it is in the same location as last year (in front of the former location of the H.M.C.S.
Haida Ship). The phone and fax numbers for these offices will be the same as NMMA
Canada’s regular phone numbers:

Phone: (905) 951-0009
Fax: (905) 951-0018
The show office will be up and running on Monday, September 13 , 2004 around 12 noon. The phones will also be
operational commencing Monday September 13 .

Discover Boating Centre:
NMMA, CMMA, OMOA, OSA and CYA will be working together to help run the Discover
Boating Centre throughout all four days of the show. See the attached form to participate in
this special area to help attract new boaters! New or used boats, in good condition, are both
welcome to participate in this feature area.
All exhibitors and marine industry businesses, with retail locations in Ontario, should have
received a package of posters! Marinas, yacht clubs and sailing schools have also been
given posters. Please hang them up at your business, or other businesses in your area. If
you have not received your package or would like to request additional posters, please call
(905) 951-0009. We encourage you to help promote the show!

Advertising and Publicity:
Magazine advertising has been out in boating publications for the past 2 months. The
general consumer advertising (newspaper and radio) is currently scheduled and set to begin
in the coming weeks.
Newspaper                       Radio
Toronto Star                    The Mix 99.9          JACKFM
Globe and Mail                  EZ Rock               CFTR-680
Toronto Sun                     CFRB                  B101 (Barrie)
                                The Fan               Star 107.5 (Barrie)
                                CHFI                  Rock 95 (Barrie)
                                CFBG-FM (Bracebridge)

Media Kits and News Faxes are also being sent out in a couple of weeks. The Lakeshore
Blvd banners have already been up for the past month. Ontario Place has also been
advertising the event throughout the summer to all their park visitors.

If you have any information related to new products or services, please send it to Scott
MacInnes, as soon as possible, to be included in the Media Kit and show publicity.

Booth Spaces:
Similar to last year, booth spaces will be covered by individual tents. The tent(s) shapes and
sizes will vary, but will provide more than adequate protection from weather elements (sun
and rain). Spaces on shore that pay “bulk rate” do not have tents covering their

Boat Spaces:
Boat spaces are not covered with tents. Exhibitors have the option of bringing their own
portable tent, renting through a show supplier, or leaving the space uncovered. Dock
exhibitors are permitted to install signs, banners, carpet runners, etc… within their designated
area or space. Exhibitors who choose to exercise this option will need to ensure public safety
when installing, and must not block the walkway along the docks. There will be staff on-site
during move-in to provide assistance in this area.

Staying Aboard Boats:
Exhibitors with boats in-water will be permitted to stay aboard overnight. You will also be
permitted to utilize the marina’s washroom facilities, including showers. If you plan to have
staff staying on the boats, please advise the show office of i) company name and ii) names
of the individuals staying. Also, speak with one of the show staff directly to obtain the
security code for the showers.
Shipping Details:
Should you need to ship items to the show, please address each package as follows:
Ontario Place
955 Lakeshore Blvd. West
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3B9
Attn: Shipping/Receiving (East Entrance/ Maintenance)

c/o Toronto In-water Boat Show
<Company Name>

Items must be delivered Monday – Friday between 9am - 3pm. Deliveries will not be
accepted prior to Monday, September 13th. PLEASE NOTE, DUE TO LIABILITY ISSUES,
ensure your courier company is aware of this policy. All items shipped are the full
responsibility of the exhibitor – Ontario Place and NMMA Canada will not be responsible for
any items lost, stolen or damaged.

Exhibitor Parking Passes:
Order Form attached for show days. Please note, there will be no charge for parking during
move-in and out.

Telephone Service:
To order telephone service for the In-Water Boat Show, please contact your local Bell Phone
Centre and order your phone directly through Bell Canada. When you are placing your order,
please indicate to the Bell Canada representative that you are ordering for the Toronto In-
Water Boat Show at Ontario Place on September 16, 17, 18, 19, 2004. Bell will require your
company name and your exhibit space number. To order your services call 1-800-414-8424.

Electrical Service:
Order form attached. We encourage you to place your order in advance to help prevent
delays on site.

Rental Items:
Exhibitors may bring their own tables, chairs, etc… or you may rent from GES Canada.
Order form enclosed.

Please be reminded that it is very important to secure your product, and that the facility
cannot be held responsible for theft. While there is security in the park, it is each exhibitor’s
own responsibility to secure their items daily.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact us at NMMA
Canada by phone at (905) 951-0009 or by fax at (905) 951-0018. Thank You.

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