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Using Recruiters in a Job Search


									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                            Your Recruiter is Just Not That Into You
                                                        By Stephen Van Vreede

  I’m hoping with the increasing reliance on social media tools, like blogs and microblogs, that job
seekers will finally get the message that, by and large, recruiters are not there to find them jobs.
Recruiters are there to find companies (who are their source of income) top talent for the positions they
have open.

 I have a lot of advice when it comes to working with recruiters, but today I want to focus on 4 tell-tale
signs that a recruiter is just not that into you. Kind of like dating, if you are seeing these signs, you
need to move on. When it comes to working with recruiters, playing the field is a good idea.

 1. The recruiter focuses more on your resume than on you. Recruiters read lots of resumes, and they
can (and often do) have good advice when it comes to resume presentation. But most recruiters are
not certified resume writers; instead, their job is to find top talent to fill the positions they are recruiting
for. So when a recruiter starts giving you lots of advice about how to revamp your resume, that should
be a sign to you, the candidate, that the recruiter doesn’t see much in your work experience that he or
she can work with (at this time anyway).

Here’s some good tips from two of my recruiting friends:

 As a recruiter, I have NEVER looked at the resume of a person who was qualified for the job I was
trying to fill, and said, "I really like this person's background, but the font is too small on their resume
and it's too wordy, so I'm going to pass and now spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find
someone else who has the skill set I want." Believe it or not, it is really tough for recruiters to fill
positions these days (just as it has been for many years now), so I am NOT going to pass on someone
who is a great fit b/c of some trivial reason like I don't like the font size on their resume.


 Early in my career I was an engineering recruiter. If I had a qualified candidate with a poor resume or
no resume, I would rewrite it and submit it. I actually was a bit pleased if the resume wasn’t working
since that made the job seeker more exclusive to me and my client. I never would have suggested they
rewrite the resume before I would consider them. I expected that most of them would not have a good

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

 2. The recruiter keeps telling you all the skills, certifications, experience you lack. I’ve had several job
seekers disheartened after speaking with a recruiter who told them they weren’t “recruiting material” for
whatever reason. Again, although recruiters, particularly ones who focus on a niche industry, can often
have great insight into what skills and so on are particularly sought after, just because this one turns
you down, it doesn’t mean everyone will. It just means you aren’t a fit at this time for that recruiter.

 3. The recruiter doesn’t return your calls. Recruiters are busy people too, and time is money for them,
just like for the rest of us. They want to spend their time wisely and that means focusing on the
candidates who meet the requirements of the positions they need to fill. If you don’t meet these
requirements, you aren’t likely to get a call back. Of course, some recruiters may be nicer than others
and out of courtesy return your calls, but if you are primarily the one initiating all the contact, then that
should be a sign to you.

 4. The recruiter only makes vague references to potential job opportunities. Because recruiters like to
have good talent waiting in the wings, sometimes when they see potential in you for future
opportunities, they will mention potential upcoming postings. But that’s all they are: potential positions
with no concrete promises. Simply thank the recruiter and move on. Believe me, if that opportunity
should ever arise, he or she will call you if you are a fit!

My company is called No Stone Unturned, and I am an MBA and certified professional résumé writer
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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                    Using Recruiters in a Job Search
                                                 By A. Nutt

For many job seekers, searching for a job can be a long and time consuming task. You are constantly
studying job advertisements, writing and sending resumes, and networking. It may seem like you have
too much to do and very little time to do it. One way to make your search easier is acquiring the
services of a job recruiter.

 Using a job recruiter will help you manage your time, focus on suitable jobs, and improve results. The
right recruiter will have a great deal of knowledge about the industry in which you want to work and the
employers. They will have industry contacts and know about job openings that may not be posted
publicly. Sending your resume to a job recruiter is good step to obtaining a job

What does a Job Recruiter do?

 Recruiters work for employers or employment departments within a business or corporation. An
employer will pay job recruiters a fee to find the best employee for their company. A recruiter does not
work for you, but will match your qualifications with the type of employee an employer is seeking.

Types of Recruiters

 Retained Recruiters: The recruiter has a contract with a company to fill a specific job opening.
Retained recruiters tend to work with high level positions. They will advertise the position and find the
most qualified person for the job. Their advertisement will contain all the essential information and
requirements for the position. The recruiter will receive a retainer in the form of a fee for their service.

 Contingency Recruiter: The contingency job recruiter will only receive a fee if they make a job
placement. The recruiter does not maintain a relationship with an employer. There may be several
contingency firms competing to fill a particular position. Contingency recruiters generally work with
mid-level management and professional positions.

The Advantages of Using a Recruiter

 No Cost: Most employers pay the recruiter once the employee completes a probationary period. The
job seeker does not pay the job recruiter.

 Employer Contacts: A quality job recruiter will have relationships with a number of companies. The
recruiter will have unique insight into what employers value in their employees. The recruiter will have
a relationship with placed job seekers so they will learn what is like working for a particular company.

 Jobs Not Advertised: Because so many resumes pour in when a job is posted publicly, many
employers will go directly to a job recruiter to post a job instead of posting it publicly.

 Specialty Recruiters: Many job recruiters specialize in a certain career area. It is important to ask a
recruiter about their specialty before sending your resume.

The following outlines a number tips that may be helpful when searching for a job recruiter:

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

- Recruiters prefer working with people who have a specific career objective.

- A willingness to relocate will attract more recruiters.

 - Talk with people who have experience working with a particular recruiter. You will learn if the
recruiter is dedicated to filling job positions.

- Be wary of a recruiter that approaches job seekers. Normally job seekers approach job recruiters.

 - Make sure you tell the job recruiter your salary history. This will let them know the appropriate salary
range for your desired job.

 - Always be courteous with a job recruiter. Always return their calls as soon as possible because it
shows the recruiter you are very interested in finding a job

 Whether the economy is good or bad, finding a job can be difficult. Competition for jobs is steadily
increasing. Using a job recruiter will improve your chances of securing your desired job.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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