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                                                              Sales Jobs in Dubai
                                                                 By Geetika Jain

   If you are looking for a sales job in Dubai, you would know that there is no dearth of jobs in sales in
Dubai. Global companies have set shop in this world city and are in need for effective salespeople to
drive sales of their products and services. Thus, looking at the high staffing demand of salespersons in
Dubai, it is good to get a little more knowledge on the job prospects in Dubai.
Even in the current slowing down of the global economy, while there are other jobs that are drying up
in Dubai, sales job opportunities are still available in Dubai. So, all you need to do is apply properly to
the right places and prove your skills to the companies you have applied to. Once the employer is sure
of your selling skills, he will not mind offering you even a higher salary and more attractive incentives to
get you on board.
Sales profile is such that companies in most industries require good salespeople. In Dubai too, there
are big-ticket companies of all sectors and they are looking for good salespeople. For instance, the
growing banking and financial services industry in Dubai has a capacity to absorb a lot of sales staff
who could sell different products such as insurance schemes for corporate and individuals. Then, there
are small and big IT companies in Dubai that require qualified sales personnel to effectively sell their
services and products in the market.
Then, other than these industries, there are ample amount of jobs up for grabs in the ever-growing
retail industry in Dubai. This industry is expanding fast and is absorbing sales staff at a very quick
pace. There are many new and established players who are foraying into the retail sector in Dubai.
New malls are being opened everyday to satiate the increasing spending capacity of the locals. Even
in these times of tightened liquidity, skilled sales people are required who can push the products to the
shoppers and get them to shell out money.
Also, one should not forget that Dubai is a hot tourist destination. Foreign tourists throng Dubai in
hordes and it has become the ultimate shopping Mecca of tourists with international shopping festivals
happening twice a year. With this kind of momentum, sales staff in retail sales stands a good chance of
being hired in Dubai.
Then there is the real estate industry. Real estate was and is still booming in Dubai though the
slowdown has had its effect on this sector in no uncertain terms. Sales jobs have dwindled slightly in
this sector but there are still some good vacancies to take up. The property developers in Dubai are
cash-rich people. So, the staff that they employ is slated to get attractive salaries.
To develop a successful sales career in Dubai, you would have to exhibit exceptional track record in
sales. Then, of course there are the usual characteristics that are required to be a successful
salesperson. One has to have the hunger to succeed, the tact to push products even in slow markets,

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

the energy and the charm to enthuse the buyer, the dynamic personality to get the deal closed and a
quick thinking capability to improvise as per the demand of the situation. A good salesperson would
ensure that he converts potential leads into paying deals. He would have the gift to convince the
prospective buyer that the product being offered is the best for him and suits his demand like none
There are so many more reasons that make one want to work in Dubai. The topmost reason is of
course the high salaries combined with the fact that one does not have to pay any personal taxes.
Thus, all you earn is for you to keep. Expatriates come to work to Dubai to do life-time savings in a
period of three to four years. However, that does not mean that Dubai offers just money. The lifestyle
of Dubai makes it the dream career destination of foreign workers.
Dubai has a huge foreign population working on its shores. It treats foreign workers with their due
respect and rewards them well at the end of their stint. For all the expatriate workers in Dubai, there
are a lot of avenues to enjoy a good life in Dubai. The laws are a little stringent but all those who stay
on the right side of the law should face no problem staying here. Generally, your employer would
become your ultimate guide to be comfortable in the city. Also, you would not be alone. There are
thousands of foreign workers like you who are working in Dubai so prompt help is easily accessible. In
fact, before accepting any job offer, you can join an online forum of expatriates who are working in the
industry you wish to work with to get first hand information on the kind of lifestyle there.
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                                                 Job Center Dudai
                                                By Job Centerdubai

Access preeminent Dubai jobs, online!

Dubai offers abundant job opportunities. The job opportunities in Engineering, Information Technology,
Construction, Hospitality, Tourism, Education, Banking and related trades are vast and fast growing in
Dubai. The rapidity of development, better governance systems, unique character and quality of life at
Dubai, attracts many western nationals to search highly skilled and top ranking jobs here. For many
diverse and emerging Dubai Jobs, there is tremendous need of skilled manpower.

For those willing to opt employment in Dubai, as their next career move, the experience of diverse
culture and work styles of people from different nationalities is exciting and impressive. The
infrastructure development sector is doing exceptionally well and Dubai is poised for a quantum
economic growth as compared to other comparable cities of the world. This and other allied industrial
sectors like oil, paper, public health, transportation, automobile, housing and real estate have created a
lot of jobs in Dubai. On the other hand, with the emergence of explicit Dubai Job web portals,
employers can easily find talented workforce keen to work in Dubai. The laws governing the foreign
workers are also very simple and all regulatory approvals are taken care by the employers.

In order to meet humongous development activities, currently underway at Dubai, employers definitely
requires trained human resource and professionals from all over the world. As a result, the majority of
Dubai’s population consists of diligent working class, engaged on short or long term contract or a
secure regular employment. You can find work in Dubai through a variety of means like referrals, direct
application but trend is posting your resume on an exclusive Dubai jobs portal concentrating on Dubai
Careers at

These online Dubai job portals make your search of dream job a lot easier. You can browse a large job
database matching your skill set, after you register. The other services include resume writing, daily
information about job posting, training guides, online recruitment and settlement support etc. Surely,
majority of job seekers and employers use online job portals for searching and enlisting various Dubai
Jobs, offering new and exciting avenues.

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