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                                                              Hotel Jobs in Dubai
                                                                 By Geetika Jain

   Dubai is the postcard city of the Gulf. Expatriates from across the world want to work in Dubai. It
offers world-class lifestyle combined with high salaries to foreign professionals. This is the prime
reason that attracts foreign professionals to come and work in Dubai. It has indeed become a favorite
destination for all those who want to make big money and enjoy enviable lifestyle. Dubai is currently
witnessing fast urbanization and development is also taking place at a very rapid pace. Owing to this,
the city requires a lot of foreign workforce. Dubai is also the most open state in the Gulf. It has a huge
presence of foreign workers and the lifestyle is not as strict and conservative as other places in the
Gulf. This has resulted in the city becoming very vibrant and modern.

There are many sectors which are absorbing foreign workforce in Dubai such as banking, IT, telecom,
construction etc. But the industry for which Dubai is really famous in the world is travel and tourism.
The hospitality industry is the backbone of Dubai economy and there are various world-class hotels,
restaurants, places to stay and enjoy in Dubai that require foreign workforce in abundance. Hotel jobs
in Dubai are really sought after and many expats relocate to Dubai to take up these jobs and make a
career and future in Dubai. This industry requires specialized workforce and provides ample job
opportunities to workers who come armed with these skill sets.

Tourist attraction is the main force that has given Dubai the status that it enjoys now. Local and foreign
tourists throng Dubai in large numbers for vacationing. This is the reason why a large number of hotels
have come up in the city. Newer and better hotels and facilities are being built everyday to
accommodate the growing number of tourists and to entice them with the luxury and the beauty of the
place. Since the local Dubai population is not always skilled enough to fill positions in this large
industry, there is demand for foreign workers in large numbers. Such workers are paid well and
rewarded sufficiently for their contribution to the contribution to the Dubai hotel industry.

Dubai has become both a leading business hub as well as a leisure capital of the Gulf. It holds an
annual Dubai Shopping Festival which is a huge draw and attracts tourists in large numbers. It is
during this time that Dubai hotels are at heir maximum capacity and the work increases manifold.
People are hired for jobs in Dubai hotels on a temporary basis also sometimes to handle the holiday
rush. However, there is never a time when Dubai doesn’t witness a rush of tourists.

There is no dearth of job opportunities for jobseekers in the hospitality industry in Dubai. The hotels

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offering jobs are world-class and besides the work, the life that Dubai offers is an incredibly exciting
one. To get the right hotel job in Dubai, you need to apply properly, at the right places and through the
right channels. Firstly, if you are applying for a position that requires particular skills, you must have the
right qualifications and experience that suits the profile that you are applying for. This is particularly
important as your employer would need to prove it to the authorities that you are competent for the job
before he can offer you a work permit. So, make sure that you are ready to prove your skills and
competencies before you apply for any hotel job in Dubai.

You must also figure out in your mind what you are looking to derive from a hotel job in Dubai. Is it just
a tax-free salary and enjoyable social life or are you looking at making a long-time career in hospitality?
If the former is true, you can apply to all jobs advertised in the hospitality industry. However, if the latter
is true you must touch base with your true skills and capabilities and see what excites you the most. It
could be area of the hotel, travel, tourism or maybe even catering industry. Once you are able to
identify that, your job application for a hotel job in Dubai would stand out and you will be able to
convince the employer that you are the right fit for the job.

The jobs are advertised in the newspapers and also job portals. You can regularly check both if you
are keen on taking up a hotel job in Dubai. Generally, jobseekers make sure that they have a secure
job in hand before moving to Dubai. However, some jobseekers travel to Dubai and live there for
sometime to network with the people in the same profession before taking up a job. This gives them a
real idea of what working in the hospitality industry in Dubai would be like. Whichever way you choose,
you can be sure that a job in Dubai will give you more than you thought of.

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                                                   Career Prospects in Dubai
                                                          By Geetika Jain

For those who aspire to take up jobs in the Middle East, Dubai is the most preferred destination owing
to its cosmopolitan culture and the world-class lifestyle. Dubai, without doubt, is the postcard city of the
Gulf that has a huge expatriate population coming to its shores for jobs in various industries. Thus, the
city has become the most sought after place for expatriates. Every industry in Dubai is witnessing an
exponential growth thus throwing up a large number of job opportunities. Since the local population
cannot suffice to fill up all these positions, these are open to expatriates. This has also led to a
substantial growth in the number of foreign workers in Dubai.

The prime reason for expatriates choosing to work in Dubai is that it is a tax-free zone. This means that
the government levies no taxes on the income earned by expatriates. Simply put, all you earn as a
salary in Dubai is for you to keep. Thus, expatriates end up making huge savings while working in
Dubai. Also, the salaries offered are internationally competitive. Talent is duly acknowledged and
rewarded in Dubai with both cash and kind. Dubai has a lot of appeal for the foreign workforce in terms
of the lifestyle that it offers too. It is an emerging cosmopolitan city with a liberal style of living. One can
enjoy the comforts of the East with the luxuries of the West in Dubai. It is a perfect mix. The living,
night life, recreational activities, food, culture offered in Dubai is truly breathtaking. This is another
reason why expatriates love to stay in this city.

For job searchers, Dubai has immense employment opportunities to offer. In Duabi, one can find jobs
of all levels in almost all fields of profession. However, as the job market in Dubai is expanding so are
the crooks who try to entice unsuspecting jobseekers with lucrative job offers but have some fraud up
their sleeve. So, one has to be very cautious and keep the job search very focused. Remain focused
on which industry you want to join and what are the prospects in that field. Take help of recognized job
counselors or your foreign office, if need be. Since, almost each industry in Dubai is expanding at a
very fast rate, there is space for more and more employees across sectors. If one approaches Dubai
jobs through the right channel, the whole experience will be fruitful.

The most sought after jobs in Dubai would be hotel jobs and in fact all tourism jobs, construction and
engineering jobs, IT jobs, banking jobs, teaching jobs and management jobs in all industries.
Thousands of skilled professionals from across the world have taken up jobs in Dubai and made
promising careers here. Not just local companies but many international companies have set shop in
Dubai and are offering lucrative jobs to expatriates. The real estate industry in Dubai is booming to no
end. Architectural marvels are coming up in the city and there is huge demand for real estate jobs in
Dubai at all levels. Architects, civil engineers, contractors and all such professionals related to the
construction industry can find jobs in Dubai.

The education system in Dubai is also fast picking up. Besides, local schools and colleges, there are
many international schools set up in the city to cater to the children of expatriates in the city. There are
very many teaching jobs that are regularly advertised from these schools. For those who have teaching
experience in a British or an American school, the chances of getting a teaching job in Dubai are very
high. Then, many new international professional colleges are also coming p in Dubai that are on the
lookout for competent teaching faculty.

Dubai is a very famous tourist destination and people from across the world throng to Dubai to enjoy a

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taste of what Dubai has to offer. Thus, the tourism industry in Dubai is a very developed one. There are
amazing jobs in this field to be taken up. Aviation jobs, hotel jobs and other jobs pertaining to tourism
are easily available in Dubai. Dubai hotels are amongst the best in the world. Besides these popular
jobs, there are many jobs in industries such as IT, banking, oil &gas, insurance, telecom and many
other that are blooming in Dubai. Those who are looking for a job in Dubai can look forward to an
experience of a lifetime while working in Dubai and also make savings of a lifetime.

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