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                                       Benefits of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer
                                                                  By Jane Writer

   Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

If you are like some people out there you are wondering why you should hire a professional resume
writer when you could write the resume yourself or perhaps you are someone that didn’t even know
professional resume writers existed. Well below is a brief overview of resume writing and why it is in
your best interest to hire a professional.

Resume Writers Have Credentials – This is a specialized niche in writing that requires writers to have
training, credentials, or certification. When you think about your target audience for a resume it isn’t
you, it’s the recruiters and human resources managers deciding what candidate will get a call back.
Professional resume writers gear your resume toward the target audience. They know exactly how to
word your resume to get the right attention and that all important call for an interview.

Experts In The Industry – The best resume writers are previous recruiters, human resources
managers, and staffing specialists. They are the best because they have experience sitting on the
other side of the table. They know what a resume needs to look like to catch the attention of the right
person and secure the first interview.

Writers At Heart – Chances are most of us aren’t writers at heart. This is another reason why it is a
great idea to hire a professional to prepare your resume. Professional resume writers know the right
keywords, industry-related phrasing, and formatting to make sure that whether it is a computer
scanning your resume or a person reviewing it your resume is at the top of the stack.

A professional resume writer will take the time to get to know their client by completing a phone
consultation and interview. They will want to know as much as they can about you, your experience,
accomplishments, contributions, knowledge, skills, and abilities so they can make your new resume
shine. It is well worth the investment to have an expert create your new resume; especially considering
a poorly-written one could cost you that next interview.

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                                     Should You Hire A Professional Resume Writer?
                                                              By Cecile Peterkin

When you are looking for the chance to get ahead in the workplace - meaning, when you want to find a
job that’s better than the one have or you just want to be sure that you can get in the door and work
your way up - one of the most important things that you can do is to have a great resume. Simply put, if
your resume doesn’t grab the attention of the recruiter, HR person or manager, you are unlikely to get
the interview. Because of this, more and more often people are turning to a professional resume writer
to help get them in the door.

 The majority of resumes that are written - even those based on spectacular examples or templates -
tend to have weaknesses with phrasings and even layout. If you have been sending out your resume
without response, if you have been posting your resume for positions that you know you are qualified
for but you still are not being called in for an interview, working with a professional resume writer will, if
nothing else, help you to identify the weaknesses of your resume.

 Likewise, if you are changing careers or want to apply for a position that is a slight reach beyond what
you’ve been doing, you’re likely to find that a professional resume writer can help you to identify your
 situation and to create a resume that will work for you. If you’ve had gaps in your employment history,
if you find that it’s difficult to express yourself in your resume or there are other issues that you want
 to address, a professional resume writer will know of tools and strategies that will overcome those
situations that you’re concerned about.

 By working with a professional resume writer, what you will find is that you are able to have a resume
that points you in one direction: toward the jobs that you’re applying for. You can be sure that a
professional resume writer will help ensure that your resume is formatted well, that the information you
need to convey is clear and that your resume is focused for the field and position level that you want to
work in.

 A professional resume writer will also be able to keep you focused. The two of you will be able to sit
down and identify your skills, your objectives, and your accomplishments. And then the writer will be
able to create a document that helps you to reach your goals.

 If you have been thinking that your resume could use some work, a professional resume writer can
help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your original document and bring you closer to
the career goals that you have set for yourself. If you want to work with a professional resume writer,
make an effort to see examples of his or her work, understand the rates that will be charged up front
and ask for references - the same way that you would with any other professional that you would hire.

Copyright: Copyright 2009, Cecile Peterkin. All rights reserved.

Cecile Peterkin is a Certified Career Coach, Corporate Mentor, Author and Speaker. In a world where
the old definition of job security no longer applies, managing your career, just like managing your life,
requires preparation and planning. Cecile’s Elite Career Success Guide gives you tips, advice and
strategies to achieve amazing results in your career. Find out more at

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