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                                                 First Travel Nursing Assignment Tips
                                                                      By Amy Nut

   The first time embarking on something new can be a little scary, mostly because you’re not sure
exactly what to expect. Whether it’s making a cake for the first time or flying a plane for the first time,
while these are drastically different, there is some legitimate fear there. In most cases, these things
tend to work out for the best, and you will find that your fear is somewhat illegitimate after it’s all said
and done.

For the first travel nursing assignment trip, it’s essentially the same thing, as you’re not sure exactly
what to expect. Luckily, there are many people who have done this, and there are a few tips to keep in
mind to maximize the success on your initial assignment to the destination that you have chosen.

Scouting Report

 Ideally, you would want to know your area before you go there, so you can see what you’re up
against. Actually, this is good advice for whether this is your first time or ninetieth time travel nursing.
Anyhow, you want to investigate the area as much as you can. When you do this, you can see if
there’s enough to do to keep you there on your downtime, so you won’t be bored or too entrenched in
your work.

Make it Favorable

 If at all possible, you’d want to go to a destination where you’ve been meaning to go anyway, like a
vacation. There are multiple reasons why this is a good idea. For starters, if you go somewhere you’ve
been meaning to, you’ll find that you’re a lot more excited about the job. This is something that will
work wonders for you in the long run; you disposition will be sunnier, and you’ll absolutely love waking
up in the morning. And during your days off, you will essentially never run out of things to do during
your stay, as a typical 13-week contract will leave you with a lot of downtime.

Take it Easy

 You don’t want to be overextended, because you’ll be burnt out too quickly and the whole process
may leave a bad taste in your mouth. Let’s say that you work in a hospital with only a couple hundred
beds, you don’t want to jump into a situation where there are sufficiently more beds. Additionally, if they
are a teaching facility, that would also be favorable, because you would want to be totally updated on

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the hospital’s protocol; you don’t want to make many mistakes. Not only that; you’ll find that you’re tired
and when you’re tired, the accident rate is a lot higher than if you were fully rested.

 There is nothing wrong with having a few pre-assignment jitters, and it is completely normal. If you
keep these tips in mind, you’ll find out that you have made an amazing decision in becoming a travel
nurse, as it is infinitely more rewarding than just the money that comes along with it. The experiences
that you’ll have once you reach your destination will last a lifetime.

RN jobs are not hard to find, travel nursing jobs are waiting for you all over the country.

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                                  Nursing Careers - How to Become a Travel Nurse
                                                          By Brent McNutt

Travel nursing is one of the many options that registered nurses in their discount landau scrubs can
pursue as a career, although it is not for everyone. To become a travel nurse, you have to be a
registered nurse or a licensed practical or vocational nurse with good standing and at least one year
nursing experience. Instead of a hospital employing you, a Travel Nursing Agency will help you get
travel assignments which usually last for as little as three weeks to as long as twenty-six weeks, and
averaging at about thirteen weeks per assignment. Travel nurses are usually needed when there is a
shortage of nurses in a hospital or someone in the nursing staff has to take a leave.

Choosing your agent well

 If you have decided to become a travel nurse, you should think about which places you wish to visit
and work in and for how long. All 50 states in the US employ travel nurses but the states that have the
most opportunities are Florida, Arizona, and California. Once you've shortlisted your preferences of
places to work in, you can go ahead and look around for a travel nursing agency t help you become a
travel nurse. Choosing the right travel nursing agency is very important because they will be the one to
arrange your contracts, recruit you for an assignment, and assist you in finding housing. Thus, you
should choose a travel agency that is a good fit for you. There are different kinds of agencies with
different strategies to attract prospective travel nurses. Some offer benefits packages, a wide range of
perks, and referral bonuses. There are agencies that do all the work for you while some will require you
to do some leg work yourself. Some of the necessary legwork involving documents and licensing to
become a travel nurse can be very taxing. One example is that you are required to have a nursing
license for each state where you wish to work. Some agencies will help you with securing your licenses
while others will simply give you an instruction and expect you to do the work yourself. What is great is
that you can sign up with more than one travel nursing agencies so that you can better assess which
agency is best suitable for you. Along the way, you can simply drop the agency that is not to your liking
or you can simply change at will.

Getting licenses from different states

 Different states may have different licensing requirements. Some may require fingerprints while others
do not and some may take a couple of days to process while others may take weeks. There are some
states that are part of a national coalition that agrees for nurses who have what is called a "compact
license" work in any of the states which subscribe to the "compact agreement." However, there are
currently only about 1/3 of the states that subscribe to this policy. If your state is part of the compact
agreement, you can simply use this license to work in other compact states.

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