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                                           Are Job Search Engines a Thing of the Past?
                                                                   By Ashley Toh

   The first thing that most people do when they do search for a job is they take the rather easy way of
looking online. There are many job search engines on the internet, and from region to region, they
cover an expansive amount of territory. When they first came out, many were applauding them for their
ingenuity and utilisation of the power of the internet to help job seekers expand the scope of their
search and even expose themselves to that much more companies and corporations looking to hire.

 From small businesses to large multinational companies, they are using the online job search engine
in varying degrees, and surely, this was a step up from the classifieds section in the newspaper From
the few that you would get wind off in a day, this was literally exponentially increased to a possibility of
thousands of jobs that you could be exposed to. However, in all these benefits that people were
lauding about, there was something that they did not notice.

 They did not notice the fact that while this internet job search engine was a novel idea and was
beneficial to the job seeker and the business in general, it still didn’t supply them with a targeted and
focused way to search for the job of their dreams or the correct applicants to match the job description.
Let’s just work on one example, which is the business seeker, who posts a job online and wants to
higher someone with a specialised set of skills. What happens is that they will be placed under a
category of possible applicants – which means no matter how focused their search may be, they still
have to be placed under a general umbrella category, which would mean that they would get hundreds
and thousands of applicants who would apply for the job. ‘MEDIA’ is just one example.

 If you are looking for someone who is skilled in Internet media and digital PR, you would still have to
place your job posting under this category. Which would mean that people who even have no skills in
this area, but perhaps have skills in media or communication would still send you their application? On
your side, you would also do the same, as the job seeker, and send in your application to hope for the
best, because you cannot find the exact combination of factors that would allow you to get the job that
you really want.

 This really slows down the entire process, and if you need to get a highway straight to the companies
that offer positions that you want, or if you are a business owner and just want to handle applicants
who are 75 – 80% qualified for the job, then the suggestion would be that you sign up with a head
hunting and employment agency. Only they can give you these results. Its targeted, its focused and it

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allows you to cut through all the clutter and get where you want to be.

International Workplace Consulting Pte Ltd, an executive head hunter, will provide your company with
all employment services to fulfill your human resources needs. They have also acted as a career
builder, providing professionals with the ideal job opportunities at http://www.iwcpl.com.

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                                             Search Engines And Home Business
                                                          By Michael Conover

In the online home business environment knowing and understanding search engines is very
important. Search engines can make or break a home business. A home business owner has to be
current on the way that search engines work in order to stay on top of their home business and keep
customers coming to their website. This is a very important aspect of a home business and one that
can not be ignored.

 Search engines are the tools that get people to websites. Without search engines there would be no
organization and no paths to anywhere. However, search engines have faced challenges and they
have had to come up with ways to provide people with good information. This has led to some
strictness from the search engines and rules that home business owners need to know.

 In the past search engines ranked websites through keyword use. Eventually website owners found
ways to misuse that. People who would do searches were ending up with junk websites at the top of
their search results and it was difficult to actually find anything useful. The search engines acted fast,
though, and soon it become a combination of factors that the search engines now use to rank

Here are the three top things used by search engines to rank websites:

 Keywords: Keywords are still very important. Keywords are how searches are done and they have to
be a part of the search engine rankings for organizational purposes. However, they are not given as
much weight as they once were and only make up a small part of how a website is ranked.

 Content: Now the big factor in search engine ranking is content. Content works well as a factor for
ranking websites because it is something that takes time to install onto a website. The criteria for
content is that it must be useful, relevant and unique. People can not simply copy content from
elsewhere around the web and assume that it will work. The search engines are pretty smart about
content and that is why it carries the majority of the weight when it comes to search engine ranking.

 Links: Using links to and from a website that are ranked high on a search engine will make that
website higher ranked as well. Search engines consider this because it is a popularity factor. It lets the
search engines see who other website owners are happy with being associated with. It is a good idea
of what sites are quality and which ones may not be quite so good.

 These three factors come together to make search engines more efficient and effective. People still
rely a lot on search engines and now can trust in them to give them quality results. What all this means
for the home business owner is that by utilizing this information to build a home business website will
help the business owner to get their website to the top of the search engine rankings.

Michael Conover, of http://mikey52products.com is an Internet Markerter working with top leaders in
the home based business and internet marketing industry. For more information on starting your own
home based business visit: http://mikey52products.com/

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