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   In hair care, it is necessary to create balance and harmony to reveal your true beauty. Good hair care will not be
   achieved if you are not equipped with the correct knowledge and equipment. Proper hair care prevents hair loss
                                                 and other hair problems
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   What The Shih Tzu Owner Should Know About Grooming Part Ii: Getting To Know Grooming
                                                                 By Connie Limon

   If you don't have good equipment there is no way you will have a well groomed Shih Tzu. As with all
jobs, proper tools are essential to doing a job well.


One of the most important pieces of equipment is the clipper. For a Shih Tzu owner grooming only one
Shih Tzu, one of the best is Oster with snap-on blades. The blades can be changed easily. Various
blades needed are No. 10, No. 7 and No. 4. No. 10 will give you a complete shave down. No. 7 blade
will give you not so close of a cut as the No. 10. No 4 blade will give you the stylish puppy cut that so
many Shih Tzu pet owners like for their pet Shih Tzu.


You will need a fine-toothed comb and a medium-toothed comb. You will also need a very tiny comb to
comb the hair on the face. Combs with metal handles are more durable.


The brush is very important. While the professional groomer who grooms all the breeds will need a
variety of brushes, the Shih Tzu owner will need the proper brushes for a Shih Tzu. A soft wire slicker
brush is the best for fluff-drying. It can be used to remove tangles from the Shih Tzu's coat, but it must
be used very gently. The hard wire slicker is used to remove mats. A pin brush is used for tidying the
long hair of a Shih Tzu. It cannot be used for "hard" brushing. If your Shih Tzu's hair is fine, you can
use a natural-bristle brush made of boar bristles. A vegetable brush or toothbrush can be used on all
the places that are hard to get at, especially on the face, around and between the eyes of the Shih Tzu.

Use a spray conditioner when brushing your Shih Tzu's hair. The conditioner should have a lanolin
base and should not contain alcohol. Alcohol can discolor and dry out the hair of the Shih Tzu. If you
do not have the correct type on hand, use plain water in a spray bottle. When you use coat conditioner

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                                         Presented by Daniel Toriola

or water when brushing your Shih Tzu's hair, you will prevent static electricity and causing the hair to

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Dog Clipping And Grooming The Easy Way
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                                          Introduction To Shih Tzu Grooming
                                                  By Connie Limon

Shih Tzu Grooming Is Art, Skill, Trade and a Profession

Shih Tzu grooming can be compared to human beauty culture because it is the beautification of the
Shih Tzu breed. The art of Shih Tzu grooming is aimed at creating a reasonable facsimile of a normal
specimen of the Shih Tzu breed. The attendance of Shih Tzu American Kennel Club dog shows is an
excellent place to observe first hand the best specimens of the Shih Tzu breed.

There are basic steps applicable to grooming the Shih Tzu as well as all breeds of dogs. Anyone
interested in becoming a complete dog grooming artist, should know how to make all breeds beautiful.
A Shih Tzu grooming artist professional should know how best to enhance the appearance of each
breed of dog. However, if the Shih Tzu is your favorite breed, one can become known as an "expert" in
grooming the Shih Tzu.

A professional Shih Tzu groomer understands that certain breeds, like Poodles, most Terriers and
Spaniels, and the Shih Tzu require far more time and skill to groom than smooth-haired breeds, in
which only a knowledge of the fundamentals is required.

History of dog grooming:

The dog, including the Shih Tzu, has been the closest animal to the human family. Grooming dogs was
the fashion of the aristocracy during the 19th Century. The art flourished during the reigns of Louis XV
and Louis XVI of France. The Poodle, however, and not the Shih Tzu, was the favorite breed.
Grooming was largely confined to the Poodle. The first recorded grooming parlors were established in
France about this same time.

The Shih Tzu has become so much an integral part of the family that going to the canine beautician is
as much a ritual for the family Shih Tzu as going to the hairdresser is for the lady of the house. Shih
Tzu and dog styling in general has also become so professional and sophisticated that Shih Tzu
owners have become as selective about their Shih Tzu's groomer as they are about their own hair

Origin of the clips:

Since the art of dog grooming flourished during the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI of France and the
Poodle, instead of our beloved Shih Tzu, was the favorite breed in France, the Poodle breed became
known as the French Poodle. The first Poodles were water dogs and retrievers. The clip most suitable
to them resembled what is known today as the "Continental clip." A mane of hair was left on the
foreparts while the back and hindquarters were shaven. This clip made the Poodle resemble a lion,
and therefore the clip became known in England as the "Lion clip."

The American fancy made some variations in the "Lion clip" and began to call it the "Saddle clip." The
English Saddle clip calls for the greatest skill in the art of dog grooming.

It is not clear from historical records just when the "pet clips" originated. Often now we hear of a

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"Puppy Cut" for our Shih Tzu, which is a very popular style for a family pet Shih Tzu. However, for the
show ring, there is much, much more to grooming our beloved Shih Tzu.

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