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Volume 1, Issue 2, July – August 2012                                          ISSN 2278-6856

                  Mobile World for Cloud Computing
                             Kumar Rahul1, Amit Kumar Battan2 and Ajay Kumar3
                                                   Asstt. Prof, NIFTEM
                                                         Mobile Developer

Abstract:      The cloud computing emerges as a new
computing model which aims to offer consistent, custom-
made QoS assured dynamic computing environments for end-
users. This paper includes the definitions, features, CDLC
and services provided by the cloud computing Technology.
Keywords: Cloud computing, Platform as a service,
Performance, Software as a service, CDLC.

The cloud computing emerges as a blistering topic almost
five years ago to propose flexible dynamic IT                                     Figure 1 Cloud Network
infrastructures; QoS guaranteed computing environment
and configurable software services. Perhaps the simplest         Cloud computing offers the following major advantages
definition of cloud computing is “being able to access           to the users:
files, data, programs and 3rd party services from web
browser through the internet that are hosted by a 3rd                 1. Flexibility: One of the major benefits of cloud
party provider” and “paying only for the computing                        computing is that there is no limitation of place
resources and services used”. In cloud computing, we can                  and medium. We can reach our applications and
say “as software migrates from local PCs to distant                       data any where in the world, on any system.
servers, users and developers similarly go along for the              2. Vast Range: Obviously, the biggest facility that
ride”. Cloud computing refers to applications services                    cloud computing provides is access to a variety
offered over the Internet. These services are offered from                of applications. More importantly, user has
data centers all over the world, which collectively are                   neither to install; software for this nor any
referred as the “cloud”. The term “cloud” in cloud                        storage problems.
computing is used synomously with “data center”. Today                3. Cost-effective: Cloud computing services are
the computing field is able to foresee transitioning into                 easily affordable. User needs not expend on
the cloud-computing era because of the breath taking                      hardware and software systems.
advances in computing and information technologies                    4. Synchronization and Integrity: Business people
during the past decades. The advances include the                         can share their data or documents on internet
buildup of the internet backbone, the extensive acceptance                and at one place. They are independent of
of broadband access to the internet, the powerful network                 carrying any specific software and hardware with
of servers and storage in data centers, the advances in                   them.
high performance and scalable software infrastructure for             5. Pay only for Services used: The users pay only for
the data centers and the Web, etc. The idea of the “cloud”                the computing resources and services they use,
simplifies the many network connections and computer                      and the subscription-based or pay per use
systems involved in online services. Examples of cloud                    charges are likely much lower than that the cost
computing include online backup services, social                          of maintaining on- premises computing
networking services, personal data services such as                       resources.
Apple’s Mobileme. Cloud computing also includes online
applications, such as those offered through Microsoft
Online Services. Hardware Services, Such as Redundant            The above-mentioned advantages make cloud computing
servers, mirrored websites, and Internet-based clusters are      a convincing standard for servicing computing needs for
also examples of cloud computing.                                both enterprises and end-users.

Following figure shows the concept of Cloud Computing.

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   International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS)
       Web Site: www.ijettcs.org Email: editor@ijettcs.org, editorijettcs@gmail.com
Volume 1, Issue 2, July – August 2012                                          ISSN 2278-6856

2. VARIOUS    CLOUD                            SERVICE           top row of the below diagram, such as Windows Live and
PROVIDING TECHNOLOGIES                                           the Business Productivity Online Suite and the PaaS
                                                                 (Platform-as-a-Service) offering currently branded as the
  2.1 Google Cloud                                               Azure Services Platform. It represents application
Google has been pushing the technological bounds of              containers that perform at a higher level in the stack,
cloud computing for more than ten years. Apart from the          instead of Windows Server VM (Virtual Machines)
highly popular Google Search, Gmail, Chrome browser              instances for user to use directly. In fact, it actually
and Android OS there are various Cloud services from             required more engineering effort, but the final result is
Google. Most of these services can be categorized under          that platform which provides extreme scalability,
SaaS (Software as a Service) and are free. It referred to as     availability, the transparency of highly distributed and
"on-demand software. A few, like Google Maps, are free           replicated processes and data, while hiding the
only for non-commercial use Google Cloud provides lots           complexities of the systems automation and management
of services such as Google Public DNS, Google Profile,           operations on a network of globally distributed data
Google +1, Google Docs, Google Cloud Print, iGoogle,             sources. It deals with GC (Gladinet Cloud) which is
Blogger, Google App Engine (GAE) and many                        further subdivided into two parts.
more.GAE used more in these days. It is explain as
below: Google App Engine applications are easy to build,             a) GCD ( Gladinet Cloud Desktop) access cloud
easy to maintain, and easy to scale as your traffic and data             storage like a local drive and backup of files,
storage needs grow. With App Engine, there are no                        folders and email to any cloud storage service. It
servers to maintain: You just upload your application, and               sync data across multiple computers using any
it's ready to serve your users. GAE provides a powerful                  cloud storage and secure your cloud storage with
distributed data storage service that features a query                   military grade encryption.
engine and transactions. The datastore stores objects or             b) GCS ( Gladinet Cloud Server) attach Cloud
entities instead of rows or records. It is strongly consistent           storage to your file server and protect your file,
and uses optimistic concurrency control. Now these days                  database and mail server with cloud backup It
Google Docs is more preferable. User use Google docs to                  access cloud storage using CIFS/NFS with AD
work on files anywhere and anytime. This is SaaS based.                  integration and securely access your file server
SaaS applications are often updated more frequently than                 anywhere with GC.
traditional software. It helps in providing faster, and real-
time, collaboration as it can be accessed from any                  2.3 Amazon Cloud (AC)
connected device.                                                Amazon Cloud is describe by using certain set of
                                                                 instances may be little, small or large. The amount of
Along with this it quickly analyzes and organizes data.          CPU that is allocated to a particular instance is expressed
GAE related with certain implicit requirements for               in terms of these S3 and EC2 Compute Units. Amazon S3
describing and identifying the app completely.                   is storage for the Internet. Data stored in Amazon S3 is
                                                                 secure by default. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
    1.   C.P.U. Capacity: 1GHz-16GHz                             (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable
    2.   Memory Utilization: 1GB-10 GB                           compute capacity in the cloud. It deals with certain set of
    3.   Instance Space: 20GB-2040 GB                            services such as elasticity, flexibility, reliability, auto
    4.   Language Support: VB.NET, C#, PHP                       scaling etc. EC2 and S3 are designed to make web-scale
                                                                 computing easier for a developer Amazon Cloud is refers
  2.2 Windows Azure Cloud (WAC)                                  to ACD (Amazon Cloud Drive). ACD defines as your
Windows Azure Cloud is launched by Microsoft                     personal hard drive in the cloud and stores music, videos,
Corporations. Today Cloud Computing is a really                  photos, and other documents on Amazon's secure servers.
overloaded term then SOA. SOA is Service Oriented                The files stored in ACD are secure even the computer
Architecture. A service-oriented architecture is essentially     crashes, or is lost or stolen. Amazon Cloud based upon
a collection of services. These services communicate with        straining in a cloud. For better performance path-finder
each other. The communication can involve either simple          window option is generated for faster pulling of songs and
data transmission or it could involve two or more services       albums for uploading and naming the files. This AC
coordinating some action. It is a basic service-oriented         depends upon explicit set of specifications:
architecture. It shows a service consumer at the right side
sending a service request message to a service provider at           i) C.P.U. Capacity: 1GHz-20*3.2GHz
the left side. The service provider returns a response               ii) Memory Utilization: 1.7 GB-7GB
message to the service consumer. The request and                     iii) Instance Space: 160GB-1690GB
subsequent response connections are defined in such a                iv) Language Support: Any
manner that it is understandable to both the service
consumer and service provider.Microsoft’s cloud includes
SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offerings as shown in the

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   International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS)
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Volume 1, Issue 2, July – August 2012                                          ISSN 2278-6856

   2.4 Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud                                based office applications (word processors, spreadsheets,
UEC is design to lean against a de-facto standard             etc.).
(Amazon EC2) to offer and open source implementation
(Eucalyptus) as a foundation on which we will offer an          3.5 Platform as a service (PaaS)
integration of best of breed Open Source tools [11].          This refers to offering services to support the complete
Eucalyptus works on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)        application development lifecycle together with design,
style private and hybrid clouds. Designing for EC2            implementation,     debugging, testing, deployment,
assures on- demand deployment and scalability, two key        operation and support of rich Web applications and
benefits of cloud computing. BUT requires new appliance       services on the Internet. Most often Internet browsers are
architecture.UEC is perfect match for EC2.EC2 is public       used as the development environment. Examples of
cloud and UEC is private cloud. Ubuntu will help you to       platforms in this category are Microsoft Azure Services
construct your own cloud for internal usage or like a         platform6, Google App Engine7.
cloud support for other users. Products and solutions,
such as Ubuntu Server, are completely optimized to
operate on both private and public cloud infrastructures.     4. CLOUD DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLES
Ubuntu Cloud offers immediacy and elasticity in your IT
                                                              Like other engineering discipline, the cloud engineering
                                                              discipline also have own life cycle model for the
                                                              systematic development of the cloud. The CDLC is the
The various aspects of UEC refer as:
                                                              iterated life cycle model for development, deployment and
                                                              delivery of cloud. It is the simplest and flexible process
    i) C.P.U. Capacity: 1GHz-2*2GHz
                                                              model, which states that the phases are organized in a
    ii) Memory Utilization: 512 MB-2GB
                                                              linear order and processed in isolated manner. This paper
    iii) Instance Space: 40GB-200GB
                                                              discusses each phase of CDLC one by one. In this model,
    iv) Language Support: Linux
                                                              a cloud development begins with “understand
                                                              requirement and analysis” phase. Upon successfully
                                                              demonstrating the requirement, the “Architect” phase
                                                              begins. The “Quality Assurance and verification” phase
3. SERVICES PROVIDED BY CLOUD                                 starts after the “Implementation and Integration” is
COMPUTING                                                     complete, and “Monitor, Migrate & Audit” begins after
  3.1 Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)                      the “Deploy, Testing & Improvement” are complete. The
Infrastructural resources (such as networking equipment)      figure-7 depicted the linear order of the various activities
and computing power (CPU and memory) are provided as          of CDLC to obtain desire cloud phases, the second,
services to clients through the cloud. As examples in this    fourth, fifth and sixth phase has the feedback process to
category, Amazon1 offers S3 for storage, EC2 for              first phase. These phases of CDLC are yet to be explored
computing power, and SQS for network communication            and require many refinements.
for small businesses and individual consumers.
                                                                 4.1 Phases of CDLC
  3.2 Storage as a service                                    Services, a well executed cloud migration tool available
Storage as a Service is a business model in which a large     by Microsoft. A new transition plan is prepared for
company rents space in their storage infrastructure to a      migration that considers the hardware, software and
smaller company or individual. In the enterprise, SaaS        network necessary requirement for the migration of the
vendors are targeting secondary storage applications by       current application in business and technical environment
promoting SaaS as a convenient way to manage backups.         to cloud computing network. Among these the second,
The key advantage to SaaS in the enterprise is in cost        fourth, fifth and sixth phase has the feedback process to
savings -- in personnel, in hardware and in physical          first phase. These phases of CDLC are yet to be explored
storage space.                                                and require many refinements. The “Understand
                                                              Requirement and analysis” phase of this life cycle
  3.3 Database as a service (DaaS)                            evaluates and understands the needs of end user.
A more specialized offering database facility as a service.   Knowing the complaints of exiting user, network
Examples of service providers are Amazon SimpleDB,            solution, management and customers of the current
Google BigTable3, Force.com database platform and             system does this. When this complaint is seriously
Microsoft SSDS4                                               studied, they highlight new requirements and
                                                              deficiencies. It searches for the tentative cloud computing
  3.4 Software as a service (SaaS)                            solution and define cloud-computing strategy. It also
Software applications are presented as services on the web    searches for the various benefits that come by adopting
rather than as software packages to be purchased by           the cloud network solution. “Architect” phase prepares
individual clients.Other examples include Google web-         the plan about development and implementation map of

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   International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS)
       Web Site: www.ijettcs.org Email: editor@ijettcs.org, editorijettcs@gmail.com
Volume 1, Issue 2, July – August 2012                                          ISSN 2278-6856

cloud known as cloud architecture blue print,                       Engineering, Eternal University, Baru Sahib,
implementation plan and transition plan etc. the cloud              Sirmour, HP (India),
blueprint is a uniform abstract description of an XaaS        [3]   CLOUD COMPUTING-FUTURE SOLUTION FOR
offering. In general, existing XaaS offerings fall into one         EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS Gurdev Singh, Adesh
of these types: complete and monolithic, complete and               Institute         of        Engineering        &
customizable, or incomplete. The three types of blueprints          Technology,Faridkot,Punjab-151203,         India,
available in the market place can be differentiating                Harmandeep Singh, Sri Guru Angaddev College,
depends. Third phase of CDLC is the “Implementation                 Khadur Sahib.,Distt: Tarn Taran-143117, Natinder
and Integration”. This phase is related to actual                   Kaur Sodhi, Deptt. Of Computer Science and
construction of the cloud computing solution and then               Engineering, Adesh Institute of Engineering &
integration of various clouds. It deploys various resources         Technology Faridkot, International Journal of
and applications to the cloud and gives the cloud training          Enterprise Computing and Business Systems ISSN
to end-user so that user can easily adopt the new network           (Online) : 2230-8849 http://www.ijecbs.com Vol. 2
solution. This phase is less complex as compared to                 Issue 1 January 2012
“Architect” phase. “Quality assurance and verification”       [4]   “Cloud Engineering: The Structure of four
phase is related to ensure the quality of cloud network by          Components” Gurdev Singh, Gaurav Garg, Prince
audit the cloud and, verify the performance, availability,          Jain, Harmandeep Singh, International Journal of
elasticity of cloud network at the service level against            Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Vol.1 No.1,
specification and requirement. It also provides assurance           Dec, 2011
to relevant stakeholders that privacy requirements are        [5]   “Cloud Requirement and Cloud Analysis” By Dr.
met. In the “Deploy, Testing and Improvement” phase                 Gurdev Singh, Harmandeep Singh, Prince jain,
various platform service provider organizations                     Amandeep Singh in , International Journal of
significant reduces the deployment cost of the application          Computers & Technology Volume 1 No.2 Feb.2012
by pre-building and pre-configuring a stack of application    [6]   International Journal of Computers & Technology
infrastructure. Stax, heroku, engine yard, and force.com            Volume 1 No.1 Dec. 2011 “Comparative Analysis of
are the several available cloud deployment providers in             Various Cloud Technologies” by Dr. Gurdev Singh,
the market. Testing test the various functionality of the           Akanksha
servers and their services, that comes between the cloud
network and end user. Testing evaluates the service
availability on scalability, uptime etc. it also checks the
computing capacity and adapt quickly to dynamic loads,
and their service or application will take advantages of
cloud infrastructure. It also provides adequate training
and mentorship providing a broad base of fundamental
security, data privacy and risk management knowledge.
“Monitor, Migrate and Audit” phase discusses the total
cost and value that a user bears while evolving and
moving to cloud approaches from traditional service-
oriented environments and also integration with
legacy/existing systems. Microsoft's VP of Online

[1] Won Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, S.
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