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					                                                     POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL

Series                         1100 Human Resources

Policy Name                    Code of Ethics

Policy Number                  1131

Origination Date               12/02/10        Revision Date

Purpose                        Partnership for Strong Families maintains certain policies
                               to guide its employees with regard to standards of conduct
                               expected in areas where improper activities could damage
                               the Company’s reputation and result in adverse
                               consequences to the Company and to the employees
                               involved. The purpose of this Policy is to affirm, in a
                               comprehensive statement, the required standards of
                               conduct and practices with respect to honesty and ethics at
                               work in order to promote an ethical corporate culture.

Policy                         It is PSF’s policy that board members, officers, employees
                               and volunteers will conduct business in compliance with
                               applicable laws and without consideration of personal

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The following areas are encompassed by this and related policies:

Conflict of Interest – Officers and employees must never permit their personal interests
to conflict, or appear to conflict, in any way with the interest of the company, our clients
families and children or our agencies. This subject is addressed completely in Finance
and Administration policy 1000 (AP-470).

Nepotism – In principle, members of the same family or living in the same residence may
not be employed by PSF within the same functional unit. Please refer to HR policy 1130
for the details of this restriction.

Trust and Credibility – the success of PSF is dependent on the trust and confidence we
earn from our employees and clients. We gain credibility by honoring our commitments,
displaying honesty and integrity and reaching our goals exclusively through honorable

Respect for individuals – Everyone employed with PSF deserves to work in an
environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to

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                                                     POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL

creating such an environment in order to bring out the full potential in each of us, which,
in turn, contributes to the success of our business.

Equal Employment Opportunity - PSF is an equal employment employer and is
committed to providing a workplace that is free of discrimination of all types of abusive,
offensive or harassing behavior. Any employee who feels harassed or discriminated
against should report the incident to his or her manager or to the Human Resources
Department. See HR policy 1124.

Culture of Open and Honest Communication – PSF is committed to a culture where
everyone should feel free to speak his or her mind, particularly with regard to ethics
concerns. Managers have an obligation to foster an open and supportive environment
where employees feel comfortable raising such questions. Consistent with HR Policy
1127 (Whistle Blower Policy), PSF will investigate all reported behavior of questionable
or unethical behavior. The Company will take appropriate action when improper
behavior is found to have occurred and will not tolerate retaliation against employees
who raised legitimate ethics concerns in good faith.

Management Responsibility – Management has the added responsibility for
demonstrating the importance of this Code through its actions. While leading by
example, managers must also be responsible for addressing on a timely basis ethical
questions and concerns raised by their employees and taking actions, in concert with the
Human Resources Department, to deal with and prevent such issues.

Upholding the Law – PSF commitment to integrity starts with compliance to the laws,
rules and regulations that apply in our business. This means to foster an understanding
of our policies and the relevant regulations and to seek advice from an expert if there is
uncertainty. We are all responsible for preventing violations of the law and for raising
such violations through proper channels.

Confidential Information – It is important to recognize and respect the rights of others
with regard to the unwarranted use, copying, accessing, distributing or alteration of
personal information about employees or clients. IT Policy 905 addresses the specifics
of this requirement with regard to the information entrusted to us about client children
and families.

Health and Safety – PSF is dedicated to maintaining a healthy work environment for its
employees. Policy # provides detailed background on roles and responsibilities for
safety in the workplace.

Use of Company Resources – Employees are trusted to behave responsibly and use
good judgment to use and conserve company resources wisely. Resources include
material, equipment information and time provided for business use. Generally, use of
company equipment such as computers, copiers and fax machines in the conduct of an
outside business or in support of any religious, political or other outside activity is not
permitted. Solicitation of contributions or distribution of non-work related materials
during work hours is prohibited.

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                                                    POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL

Use of Information Services Resources -To protect its interests, PSF reserves the right
to monitor or review all data and information contained on an employee’s company-
issued computer or other electronic device, the use of the Internet or intranet. IT policy #
916 provides the details of this responsibility.

Media Inquiries – Because of our role in the local community and the need to speak with
one voice and provide accurate information to the media, all inquiries from the media
should be directed to the President/CEO. No press releases should be issued without
first consulting with and obtaining approval from the President/CEO.

Approved by:

Shawn Salamida, President & CEO                              Date

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                                               POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL

                         CODE OF ETHICS POLICY


I have received a copy of the Company’s Code of Ethics Policy. I understand it is
my responsibility to carefully read the policy and become familiar with its

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