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  SPRING 2012
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2011 Calgary residential rental assoCiation
                    rental Market turnover survey
During February 2012, the Calgary Residential Rental Association partnered with our friends at CMHC to conduct our
6th Annual ‘Turnover Rate Survey’. The data collected represents the turnover that occurred during the 2011 calendar
year. Brenda Mullis, CMHC Business Analyst, Prairie & Territories Business Strategies, analyzed all of the data that was
submitted by our members and then compiled the following report. I thank each of our members who took the time
to participate and share their information for the benefit of all members. I hope you find it as helpful as I do.
                                                                                                          — Gerry Baxter
Survey Objective                                                        Zone 4 Southwest
                                                                        Zone 4 had a 41% turnover rate out of 2,091 units reported. One
The purpose of this survey was to measure the 2011 rental market
turnover rate for the Calgary Apartment Association Membership          and two-bedroom units accounted for most of the turnover. The
and the reasons for the turnover.                                       main reasons for turnover in order of priority for the Southwest
                                                                        zone were: move to a different rental building, and job relocation.
Overall Results
Approximately 85 members responded, which accounted for                 Zone 5 Southeast
11,804 (24%) apartment units out of a total of 50,000. Unit sizes       Zone 5 had a 34% turnover rate out of 1,050 units reported. One
ranged from bachelor apartments to three-bedroom suites. Out            and two-bedroom units accounted for most of the turnover. The
of the 11,804 units, members reported approximately 4,397 units         main reasons for turnover in order of priority for the Southeast
turned over in 2011 (January to December), resulting in a 37%           zone were: condominium or house purchase and move to a
turnover rate.                                                          different rental building.
Members were also asked to report the three main causes of              Zone 6 Northwest
turnover. The first reason reported for the turnover was tenants        Zone 6 had a 40% turnover rate out of 2,259 units reported.
were purchasing a condominium or a house. The second reason
                                                                        One, two and three- bedroom units accounted for most of the
was due to job relocation, and the third reason why tenants moved
out was eviction.                                                       turnover. The main reasons for turnover in order of priority for
                                                                        the Northwest zone were: condominium or house purchase, job
                                                                        relocation and eviction.
                                                                        Zone 7 Northeast
Individual Zone Results                                                 Zone 7 had a 38% turnover rate out of 1,455 units reported. One,
Zone 1 Downtown                                                         two and three-bedroom units accounted for most of the turnover.
Zone 1 had a 43% turnover rate out of 2,590 units reported. One         The main reasons for turnover in order of priority for the Northeast
and two-bedroom units accounted for most of this turnover. The          zone were: condominium or house purchase, job relocation and
main reasons for turnover in order of priority for the Downtown         move to a different rental building.
zone were: condominium-house purchase, job relocation and
eviction.                                                               Zone 8 Chinook
                                                                        Zone 8 had a 37% turnover rate out of 221 units reported. One
Zone 2 Beltline-Mt. Royal                                               and two- bedroom units accounted for most of the turnover. The
Zone 2 had a 23% turnover rate out of 1,408 units reported. One         main reasons for turnover in order of priority for the Chinook zone
and two- bedroom units accounted for most of the turnover. The
                                                                        were: condominium or house purchase; job relocation and move to
main reasons for turnover in order of priority for the Beltline-Mt.
Royal zone were: condominium-house purchase and job relocation.         a different rental building.

Zone 3 Northhill                                                        Zone 9 Fish Creek
Zone 3 had a 31% turnover rate out of 239 units reported. One           Zone 9 had a 28% turnover rate out of 491 units reported. One and
and two-bedroom units accounted for most of the turnover. The           two-bedroom units accounted for most of the turnover. The main
main reasons for turnover in order of priority for the Northhill zone   reasons for turnover in order of priority for the Fish Creek zone
were: move to a different rental building; students moving out and      were: job relocation, condominium or house purchase and move
job relocation.                                                         to a different rental building.
                                                                                                                       (Continued on Page 15)
                     Keith McMullen
                                                                           Annual Awards Gala
I want to thank all of the members who attended the February
Luncheon and Annual General Meeting (AGM). As most of you
know you elected the Board of Directors at the AGM and the                  Thursday, June 7th, 2012
Directors elect the Executive at their first meeting following
the AGM. I am very pleased to have been elected by the Board
to be your president for the next year. David McIlveen is your                   Carriage House Inn
Vice President; Nicole Bourbonnais will serve as the Board
Secretary; and, Louise Fisher was elected as your Treasurer.
                                                                                  Windsor Ballroom
The Association held another successful Trade Show on March
                                                                             9030 Macleod Trail South, Calgary
13th at the Coast Plaza Hotel, thanks to each of our exhibitors
                                                                                Corner of Macleod Trail & 90 Ave
and sponsors, and of course all those who attended. The
feedback was very good. Mike Casey, the President and
Chairman of the Board of the Calgary Stampede, was our
keynote breakfast speaker and he shared a great deal of             Come and Enjoy Exciting New Surroundings
information with us about this year’s Stampede Centennial. It              with Plenty of Free Parking
was amazing to hear all of the wonderful and exciting things
that are planned for the Stampede’s 100th Anniversary this
summer. I want to express my sincere appreciation and thanks        Registration Forms can be downloaded from
to the members of our Trade Show Committee for all of their             the Event Calendar on our website
time and effort to make this such a great show.
Our next big event will be the Awards Celebration and Gala.                      
This year’s event will be held at the Carriage House Inn at 90
Ave. & Macleod Trail on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Requests for
nominations have been sent out and we are in the process of
reviewing those that have been submitted. So please, if you                           Table of Contents
haven’t already nominated someone you feel deserving of
recognition, please do so ASAP so you don’t get missed this
year. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this
year’s event. This is our Academy Awards.                           President’s Message...........................................2
Don’t forget to check out the Events Calendar on our website        Executive Director’s Report ................................3
to see what exciting topics and speakers our Education              Grant Heimbecker ...............................................5
Committee has lined up for you at our seminars and luncheons.       Success at CFAA Conference ............................5
The calendar also lists the upcoming dates for the “Residential
Tenancies in Alberta” 2-day course that focuses on the              Consider your Food Waste Disposer ..................7
legislation and best practices. These courses are being offered     Welcome New Members - Service Companies ...7
in April, June, September and November 2012. Our other very         Member & Volunteer Profiles ..............................9
popular course “Successful Site Management, also known
as Accredited Residential Manager” covers the - A to Z -            2012 Vendoe Showcase ........................... 10 - 11
of property management. This course is being offered in             Swapping out Toilets ........................................13
September and has limited registration. Saadat Keshavjee is         Welcome New Members - Owners/Managers ...13
the course instructor and he is one of the most knowledgeable
property managers in the business and he does an outstanding        Rental Market Turnover Survey Table ................15
job of teaching this course.                                        Elections Canada Notice ..................................17
Registration forms have been emailed to members and they            Service Member Directory ................................19
are also available from the Events Calendar page on our             Upcoming Events ..............................................21

2                                                                   Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
                     Director’s Report
                                                                     While there is overlap of some information in the two Tipsheets,
                     Gerry Baxter                                    the new “Information for Landlords” Tipsheet now contains
                                                                     the information that was previously included in two separate
I want to begin by thanking all of our members who participated      consumer tipsheets (Inspection Report and RTA Offences). Also
in the annual Turnover Survey. The results of the information        included in the new tipsheet is a Sample Cleaning List.
you provided are contained in the Cover Story in this issue of the   I encourage all our Owner/Manager members to pick up a copy
Rental Review. Thanks to you all members of the Association          of the “Information for Landlords” Tipsheet for themselves, and
benefit.                                                             give a copy to each member of their staff.
The turnover information is a very valuable tool because             The new “Information for Tenants” Tipsheet has information that
it provides a much broader look at the residential rental            is more clearly related to tenants. In addition, it now contains a
industry than does the vacancy rate survey, which just captures      Sample Cleaning List, a Checklist for Renters, and the Inspection
“snapshot in time” information.                                      Report information.
Marijuana grow-ops in rental properties continue to be a             Owner/Manager members are strongly encouraged to give
problem. While they are more often found in houses, they do          each of their tenants a copy of the “Information for Tenants”
pop up occasionally in apartments and townhouses. Tenant             Tipsheet, as well as including it in all of your Move-in packages.
screening is an integral part of a landlord’s due diligence.
                                                                     It’s important for landlords to be as knowledgeable as possible
Make sure you do a thorough job and check:                           about their business, and this includes knowing what their
                                                                     rights and responsibilities are under the residential tenancies
    4 employment - to ensure your prospective tenant                 legislation. Tenants need to be aware of their rights and
         has the ability to pay the rent                             responsibilities.
    4 previous landlords (current and at least one or two            You can pick up copies of these Tipsheets at the CRRA office.
         previous landlords) - to ensure that they have a
         history of being a good tenant, and
    4 credit history - to ensure that your prospective
         tenant has a history of paying their bills pays.
                                                                        aCCredited residential Manager
In addition to tenant screening, it’s important that landlords               Course (arM) for 2012
conduct regular inspections of their property to be sure that
there are no problems with the rental unit and that everything
is functioning properly; and, that it’s being well looked after
by the tenant. Prospective tenants should be told that the
                                                                       The Association will be hosting another Accredited
landlord conducts regular inspections at various times (no             Residential Manager course ‘ARM’ (also called the
fixed schedule). The number of units you own or manage and             ‘Successful Site Management’ course) in September
your staffing levels will determine how frequently you conduct         2012. ‘ARM’ is an internationally recognized property
inspections of your property. If you own or manage a house(s)          management designation. This 40 hour course is one
you may want to consider conducting your inspections every             of the best property management courses available
two to three months.                                                   for anyone who looks after their own property or
As the property owner, you should get to know the neighbours           manages property for others; for example, property
and encourage them to call you if there are problems or if they        managers, resident managers, and other site staff. We
believe that there may be criminal activity taking place on your       are fortunate to once again have Mr. Saadat Keshavjee
property.                                                              as our instructor for this outstanding course. Anyone
Police have told us that it usually takes about three months to        who has ever attended a course, workshop or seminar
harvest a crop of marijuana. So be proactive. Don’t become             presented by Saadat knows how knowledgeable he
a victim. The costs of remediation can run into the tens of            is about the residential rental industry and managing
thousands of dollars or more and your insurance company                property. People who have taken the ‘ARM’ course rave
will most likely not provide it comes out of your       about how good Saadat is and how much they learned
pocket.                                                                about managing residential rental property.
Service Alberta has just recently revised the “Information for         Please check out all our activities on the Events
Landlords and Tenants Tipsheets”. The document has been
separated into two Tipsheets ----
                                                                       Calendar page on our website. Go to
                                                                       to view the various events, dates and to download
    “Information for Landlords”
                                                                       the Registration Form.
    “Information for Tenants”

Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012                                                                                3
                                                                       Put your Safety InSPectIon In
                    PEDDIE ROOFING            A lbertA
                                              e levAting                the handS of the exPertS at
                    & WATERPROOFING           D evices &
                                              A musement
                                              r iDes
    CRRA Members will receive a FREE Roof     s Afety
      Condition Report and a five (5) year    A ssociAtion             Service  •  reliability  •  value
      Preventative Maintenance Proposal.
       We offer 24/7 emergency service.      209, 264 Midpark Way SE
                                             Calgary, AB
                                             T2X 1J6

     Contact Ken Cotterill at 273-7000.      P: 403-216-5750
                                             F: 403-216-5755

                                             207, 8616-51 Ave
                                             Edmonton, AB
                                             T6E 6E6
                                             P: 780-448-0184
                                             F: 780-448-0237

                                               Book your

                           For more info       Knowing You
                           see us at the        Have Hired
                           May luncheon          The Best



4                                               Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
  Our good friend and long time member of our Association, Grant Heimbecker
  has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He says he was given 18 months, but
  has stubbornly refused to give in, saying it’s now been 22 months. He says he has
  good days and some not so good (but he looks pretty good in this picture, which
  was taken in February by his old friend, Alexander Leith, who is also a long time
  member and Past President of the Association).
  Recently he took a fall while he was home alone. While he wasn’t injured badly,
  it was enough for Grant and his family to decide that the time was right to move
  to a care facility where he would have access to immediate assistance in the
  event he required it.
  As a result, Grant is now living in a private room at the Sarcee Chronic Care Hospital which is located at 34 Ave. S.W. and Sarcee
  Road. He says the staff are extremely good and treat him very well.
  Grant is in Room # 330. He has his own phone and the number is 403-249-0769. Grant would love to have visitors, and would
  really enjoy seeing his friends and colleagues. He asks that you call first before you go to visit with him.
  Grant was the Association’s Archivist for many years. He provided numerous articles for the Rental Review newsletter using
  his regular column “From the Archives” to share information about the rich history of our Association.

                  leading landlords share ideas for growth,
                          suCCess at Cfaa ConferenCe
                                    By krista Johnston, CFAA Communications Coordinator

 The CFAA Rental Housing Conference promotes industry                       •	 Risks	to	industry	profitability	
 excellence through education, networking and the sharing of                •	 Innovations	in	creating	value
 knowledge and experience with colleagues from a variety of                 •	 Major	rental	housing	sales	across	Canada
 professional backgrounds.                                                  •	 Population	trends	in	BC	and	Canada	
 The Conference enables rental housing executives, investors,               •	 Seniors	housing
 landlords, property managers and suppliers from across Canada              •	 Student	housing
 to learn about the latest developments in the industry and gain       On	June	14,	Conference	delegates	are	also	invited	to	attend	
 insight on how to grow their businesses successfully.                a sunset Dinner Boat Cruise on the supernatural BC Coastline,
 Being held in downtown Vancouver from June 13 to 15,                 offering a panoramic view of Vancouver’s most breathtaking
 the CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2012 will again bring             scenery.
 together rental housing executives, engineers, economists,           On June 15, the Conference will address Facilities Management
 realtors, rental housing association leaders, social media experts   issues with topics such as:
 and other professionals to advance the industry’s body of
 knowledge, and strengthen the links among all areas of a rental            •	 Cost-effective	building	repairs	(low-rise)
 housing business.                                                          •	 Green	issues
                                                                            •	 Latest	in	landlord-tenant	adjudication	
 Speakers Sign On                                                           •	 Employee	motivation	&	compensation
 A number of leading rental housing executives have already                 •	 Bed	bug	extermination	update
 agreed to speak at the 2012 Conference, including Mark Kenney              •	 Dealing	with	disturbing	tenants
 (CAPREIT) and Scott Ullrich (Gateway), who will discuss risks to           •	 Leaky	building	solutions
 industry profitability; Tom Schwartz (CAPREIT), who will join the          •	 Innovations	in	facilities	management
 panel discussion on innovations in creating value; and Philip
 Milroy (Westcorp), who will talk about student housing as a new      Whether you manage buildings in a national organization or
 speciality. David Horwood (Effort Trust) has also confirmed his      run an independent rental operation, the CFAA Rental Housing
 attendance as a Conference speaker for 2012. Stay tuned for          Conference 2012 promises to present rewarding networking
 updates, as the count down to the Conference continues!              opportunities with key industry players, while at the same time,
                                                                      offering practical information that can be applied to any rental
 Conference Blends Education and Fun                                  housing business.
 The 2012 Conference will begin with a Building Innovations Bus       Please mark June 13 to 15, 2012, on your calendars. The CFAA
 Tour on June 13. Tour goers will get a first-hand glimpse into       Conference should not be missed!
 Vancouver’s rental market, including examples of innovative
 rental housing operations, both new and old.
 On June 14, the Conference will address these Investment             For more details, please visit To be
 issues:                                                              placed on CFAA’s e-mail list for conference updates, please
       •	 Cross	Canada	reports                                        e-mail For information on partnership
       •	 Economic	update	                                            opportunities, please e-mail

Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012                                                                                   5
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                    Catalogue now available!
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        We do
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        Real Estate Financing
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        Contact us:                                         ucing
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                                                                                                   300, 508 - 24 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2S 0K4
                                                                                                     Phone (403) 283-1378 | Fax (403) 283-1678

    6                                                                                       Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
        Banana Peel? Consider your food waste disPoser
                                                        By kendall Christiansen
 Here’s some good news you can use: when you use your garburator (aka food waste disposer), you’re contributing to the production
 of clean water, fertilizer and renewable energy, and reducing Calgary’s greenhouse gas emissions.
 Surprised? If you ask – what should I do with my banana peel? – and think about your options from an environmental perspective,
 sending it through your disposer through the sewers to Calgary’s wastewater treatment plants is generally better than sending it in
 a garbage truck to a landfill, and equivalent to having it separately collected for by a truck to deliver to a composting facility. [If you
 want to try composting, that’s ok, too.]
 Here’s how that works: In a typical apartment building, banana peels and other scraps from meal preparation, clean-up and leftovers
 average 30 percent of the total waste. But unlike paper, bottles, cans and plastics, food waste is mostly water – upwards of 70%;
 that makes pipes a good way to transport it, once the food scraps are pulverized into a slurry using a garburator; newer models are
 quieter and can literally handle all types of food scraps.
 At the end of the pipe is a one of Calgary’s three modern wastewater treatment plants that are designed to turn liquid “wastes”
 into resources; producing clean water, renewable energy (biogas) and fertilizer products (biosolids). Nothing is wasted in that
 process. (check out:
 Treatment.aspx )
 Out of sight and largely ignored, garburators play a key role in solving the environmental challenge of food scraps. Invented nearly 80
 years ago to make kitchens cleaner and healthier, disposers are now as common as microwave ovens (and safer than a dishwasher);
 they quietly and efficiently pulverize food scraps into tiny particles that are easily flushed along with human waste into a building’s
 waste-lines and into municipal sewers.
 The latest disposer models are much quieter and can grind all types of food waste – including bones and those potato peels that can
 be troublesome. And water use and electricity? Both are well-studied – neither are significant.
 Calgary City Councillor Jim Stevenson has a garburator in his home. Once some of the common misperceptions were allayed – water
 use, positive use of the end product - Jim is a supporter. “As another tool to help divert food waste from landfills, especially waste
 generated in apartment buildings and condominiums, garburators make sense,” said Jim. “Calgary has an 80-20 goal to reduce 80 per
 cent of material going to landfills by 2020. “I believe garburators can complement existing and future efforts to accomplish that goal.”
 Of course - it makes sense: treating food scraps as liquid waste makes it possible to immediately move it through existing pipes
 (eliminating a source of food for insects and vermin), reduce damage to hallway and elevator carpets, and odors in trash chutes,
 compaction rooms and wherever bags and dumpsters are stored before collection.
 To see some of the research on this topic from around the world, check out
 So what should an apartment building do to expand its “green” performance? As part of its overall
 recycling system, property managers should educate residents about proper use of their food
 waste disposer (including a reminder that cooking grease should never be poured down a drain or
 disposer or toilet), and encourage its use to minimize the amount of waste collected by garbage
 trucks. Once food scraps are eliminated, recycling becomes even easier, and an apartment building
 can reduce its waste to near nothing.
 And that banana peel can find its way back to the land.
 Kendall Christiansen is the senior consultant on environmental affairs for InSinkErator,
 the world’s leading manufacturer of food waste disposers for homes and food service

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8                                                                         Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
                      MEMbER iN pROfiLE: WARREN VIGNAL
                      Warren was born and raised in North         a vacation in March of 2005. After seeing the low house
                      Vancouver, B. C. where he completed         prices, he decided to give Calgary a try. He bought a house
                      all of his schooling. After graduating      in northwest Calgary, where he continues to live. Shortly
                      from High School, he pursued his post       afterward he started taking the real estate associate course.
                      secondary education. He attended            He was involved in the acquisition and financing of
                      Vancouver Community College, The            investment property in Western Canada. In 2011, he joined
                      Justice Institute of BC and UBC before      Morguard Residential as the District Manager of Residential
   dropping out and starting his own security business.           for Alberta. He manages 900 rental units and a staff of 21
   He says he started in the security business as a private       people
   investigator working on accident investigation cases for the   After he acquired his first rental property, Warren joined
   Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). Sometime     the Apartment Association to learn more about being a
   later he had the opportunity to start a security patrol        landlord.
   business. He was able to put several security vehicles on
   the road and he employed a staff of 12 people. He sold the     Warren regularly attends CRRA functions and is a strong
   patrol business in 1994 and started in security system sales   supporter of the CRRA. He believes in educating his staff and
   and installations. He sold and installed access control and    he continues to send them on courses, such as the CRRA’s
   camera systems for large commercial and industrial clients.    Residential Tenancies in Alberta two-day course that covers
   He sold his business in 2005.                                  the legislation and best practices.
   Following the sale of his security alarm business in
   Vancouver, Warren found himself ready to embark on a           The CRRA is delighted to have Warren as one of its
   new career, this time in real estate. He came to Calgary on    members.

                      VOLUNTEER iN pROfiLE: AMY EAGLESON
                      Amy was born in Calgary and lived in        organizes the fund development, and manages the website,
                      Cochrane until she was six years old. Her   along with other tasks. She loves her job and the great
                      family moved to Calgary at that time        people she works with at the Society.
                      and she has lived her ever since.           Amy says she became involved with the CRRA because of
                     Amy went to a K-12 school and began          Horizon Housing Society’s membership with the Association.
                     attending there in Grade 3. She loved        She was asked to join the CRRA’s Communications
  it so much that she stayed right through to Grade 12. Her       Committee, which is made up of other CRRA members
  graduating class was only 18 people and they were able to       who have a communication, marketing or public relations
  go to Guatemala together and build an elementary school         background.
  and run a medical clinic for a small town. Following this,      She is the Vice President of the Mount Royal University
  she attended Mount Royal University (MRU) where she             Public Relations Alumni Chapter, which is working on
  completed a Bachelor of Applied Communications – Public         creating an endowed scholarship to support current Public
  Relations and was on the Presidents list and Deans list         Relation’s students at MRU. She is also involved with
  throughout almost the entire program.                           the Alumni Chapter helping to prepare annual events to
  Her public relations (PR) career began as a summer intern       ensure the Mount Royal Public Relations graduates all stay
  with Horizon Housing Society. After that she worked in          connected.
  Career Services at Mount Royal University where she             Amy tells us that she has three nieces, Athena, Kaylee and
  assisted in organizing and implementing the Career Fair and     Miyah, and that she absolutely adores them.
  the Community Service Learning program in order to engage
  Mount Royal students in projects for the Calgary community.     One of her favorite pastimes is getting away from the city
  When her contract with Mount Royal University finished,         and going out to the mountains. She just loves it there and
  she was fortunate to have Horizon Housing Society offer her     finds it so relaxing.
  the position of Resource and Development Coordinator. Her
  job keeps her very busy as she is responsible for completing
  all of the communications and fund development tasks for
  the Society. Amy organizes events, prepares promotional         The CRRA is pleased to count Amy as one of its very
  material, conducts internal and external communications,        helpful volunteers.

Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012                                                                              9
                                          Calgary Residential Rental Association

2012 WRANGLER Roundup
Our 18th annual show was held at the Coast Plaza Hotel on             their business cards into the prize draw box in the hopes of
Tuesday, March 13th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                      winning. The lucky winners were:
Before	 the	 Trade	 Show	 doors	 opened,	 we	 kicked	 off	 this	        - Chris Reschke won the Canon Power Shot G12 Digital
special	day	by	hosting	a	morning	breakfast	buffet.	Our	keynote	           Camera with 16G Memory Card.
breakfast speaker was Mike Casey, President and Chairman of             - Trevor Derewlanka	won	the	fantastic	Specialty	Wine	
the Board of the Calgary Stampede. Mike told us about many                and	Beer	Gift	Basket,	that	included	an	assortment	of	
of the special events that are being planned for this year’s              specialty	wines	&	beer,	a	$200	Gift	Card	to	the	Ferocious	
Stampede Centennial. There is no doubt that the Stampede’s                Grape, and accessories.
100th	 Anniversary	 this	 summer	 is	 going	 to	 be	 exceptional.	      - Melissa Costea won the Apple iPad 2 with iPad Folio
More announcements will be made as we get closer to the                   Stand, Stylus, Digital AV Adaptor (to connect to
Stampede	regarding	other	events	that	are	still	in	the	planning	           television)	and	a	$30	I-Tunes	Gift	Card.	
stage. This is going to be the highlight of the summer so
hopefully everybody will get involved.                                  - Riley Mills won the 2 nights Deluxe Jacuzzi
                                                                          accommodations	for	2	people	at	the	Banff	Park	Lodge,	
Following	 the	 breakfast	 the	 doors	 to	 the	 Trade	 Show	 floor	       with	2	Tickets	to	Mineral	Springs	Hot	Springs,	Banff	
opened and all our exhibitors eagerly greeted everyone who                Museum and Gondola and a $50 food and beverage
toured the show.                                                          credit in the Terrace Dining Room.
We	offered	a	light	snack	between	noon	and	1:00	p.m.	and	this	         This year the CRRA hosted a draw exclusively for exhibitors.
seemed to be well received.                                           Cordell’s won a FREE CRRA Membership for 2013.
There were numerous outstanding prizes donated by our                 So all in all, there were a lot of people who won great prizes at
members and some lucky winners were very happy when                   the	show	and	they	all	left	very	happy.
their names were drawn. It began at breakfast with some               We want to thank all of our Sponsors for their generosity and
lovely door prizes donated by Glenda Geisler, Economy Glass /         kindness in helping to make this year’s show such a success.
Superior Paint - Body Service; and Gordon McRae. It extended
out	onto	the	Trade	Show	floor	where	most	of	our	exhibitors	           We also want to thank all of our Volunteers who provided
offered	draw	prizes	at	their	booths.	                                 such great assistance during the day.
The Major Prizes created a lot of excitement as people put

10                                                                      Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
CRRA Volunteers (l-r)
  Mona Dallmann,
   Ken Cotterill,
  Sarah Harrison,
   Heather Harke

                         THANK YOU TO OUR
                        HELPFUL TRADE SHOW
                                 Ken Cotterill
                         Peddie Roofing & Waterproofing
                               Erhard Dallmann
                                 Irene Dallmann
                             Dallmann Developments
                              Mona Dallmann
                    Dallmann Developments/Maxwell Realty
                                   Cheryl Krug
                        Shelter Canadian Properties Limited
                               Christopher Burns
                               BMO Nesbitt Burns
                                 Chris Souster
                                Souster Law Office

                       THANK YOU TO OUR
                    TRADE SHOW COMMITTEE
                                Ken Cotterill
                  (Co-Chair) Peddie Roofing & Waterproofing
                                 Sarah Harrison
                                 Heather Harke
                                   Cheryl Krug
                        Shelter Canadian Properties Limited
                                 Jodi Scarlett
                     (Chair)ProStar Cleaning & Restoration
                                   John Silcox
                            Creative Door Services Ltd
                                Rod Williams
                    Gil Property Management & Sales Ltd.
                                  Dave Yauch
                          Boardwalk Rental Communities
                                                                                                    Proudly Working
                                                                                                        with the
                                                                                                  CrrA/CAA Since 1996

                                                        Manufacturing Custom Roller, Venetian
                                                            & Vertical Blinds Since 1994
                                                                    #10, 2807 107 Ave SE T2Z 4M2
                                                                         Phone: 403-287-8264
                                                                     Internet Fax: 1-866-908-5524

     EXTERMINATORS INC.                                     Unmarked vehicles for your privacy.
           Family Owned and Operated Since 1958

         On time service with uncompromising quality.
     Call NOW for FREE advice. Open 7 days a week

     233-0646 email:

12                                                      Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
     Swapping out toiletS addS up to big SavingS!

   Water is a precious resource we can’t live without. Just turn on the tap and there it is…clean, safe drinking water.
   We count on water everyday – to drink, shower, wash our clothes and flush our toilets. You can reap big financial
   savings and help conserve our precious resource by swapping out old water-guzzling toilets in your multi-unit
   In fact, in 2007, just after The City opened up its toilet replacement rebate program to multi-unit dwellings, Bow
   Centre Place in northwest Calgary signed on and replaced 83 water-guzzling commodes with more water-efficient
   models. Just for participating, they received a $4,000 credit in toilet rebates and have since recorded consistent
   water savings averaging 2,100 m3 (that’s 2,100,000 litres) each and every year! That adds up to a financial savings
   of about $16,000 to date – and counting.
                           In addition to the financial savings and the tremendous reduction in water use, toilet
                           maintenance calls for leaks and clogs have dropped significantly throughout the complex.
                           Enjoy the same success as Bow Centre Place by replacing your old water-guzzling toilets with
                           more water-efficient models. To take part in The City of Calgary’s Toilet Replacement Rebate
                           Program, simply replace your old 13 plus litre toilets with new WaterSense™-labeled toilets.
                           Submit your original receipts along with a completed application form. (Please note that
                           there is no longer a need for pre-approval to participate, nor for photographs proving proof
                           of disposal.)

    For more information and to apply visit or call 3-1-1.

        Notice to Apartment and Condominium Owners/Managers
 In preparation for the Provincial General Election, candidates or campaign workers will be visiting your building. Your cooperation
 and participation is appreciated.
 The Election Act (section 133) provides candidates and campaign workers the right of free access to your building and the residential
 units for the purpose of campaigning between 9 am and 9 pm daily. All candidates and campaign workers will be identified by a
 campaign worker identification badge that will be visibly displayed.
 Candidates and their campaign workers must produce the identification prescribed by the Chief Electoral Officer to gain access. Each
 identification caro bears a foil seal that is extremely difficult to reproduce, along with a unique number to identify the individual to
 whom it has been issued. This will ensure that electors are able to easily recognize authorized campaign workers and to follow up
 with questions or concerns following campaign visits.
 A person in control of a multiple dwelling site is obligated to permit a candidate or campaign worker to canvass at each residential
 unit. A resident does not have the same obligation. A resident’s obligation is confined to not obstructing or interfering with free
 access to each residential unit once the candidate or campaign worker is inside the multiple dwelling.
 For further inquiries, please visit or call Sean Rathwell, Community Outreach, at 780-643-1096 or at

          Election Act Excerpts
          Right of access for campaigning
          133      (1) In this section, “multiple dwelling site” means
                       (a) an apartment building, condominium building or other multiple residence building or
                       (b) any site in which more than one residence is contained, including a mobile home park, gated community and any similar site.
                   (2) A person who is in control of a multiple dwelling site shall permit a candidate or campaign worker who has produced
                       identification prescribed by the Chief Electoral Officer to canvass between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00p.m. at each residential unit in the
                       multiple dwelling site.
                   (3) A person to whom the candidate or campaign worker has produced identification referred to insubsection (2) shall not
                       (a) obstruct or interfere with, or
                       (b) cause or permit the obstruction or interference with, the free access of a candidate or campaign worker to each residential
                           unit in a multiple dwelling site.
                                                                                                                        RSA 2000 eE-l s133; 2004 c23 s63

Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012                                                                                                        13
       (Alberta Landlord Evictions Company) And
            AGENCY INC.
          Provincial Court $579.00 • Queen’s Bench $750.00
                      (includes all disbursements)
     Allied Civil Enforcement Agency Inc. will affect seizure against tenants
       under the correct conditions this will cost the landlord nothing.
                              Writs of Possession
              Allied Civil Enforcement Agency Inc. will enforce
                            your Writ of Possession
       ALEC represents Landlords who are being sued or need to sue.
           Provincial Court limit has increased to $25,000.00.

                 For free advice call John Shortridge
          Suite 126, 1111 - 6th Ave S.W. Calgary T2P 5M5
     Telephone (403) 560-9406 or (403) 455-6955 Fax 274-7403

            Insurance Risk Management Specialists for
      Property Owners • Property Managers • Service Industries

                              Brenda Klassen, CCIB
                                 Senior Account Executive
                     300, 334 - 11th Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB T2G 0Y2
                T: 403.299.1031 | F: 403.266.5177 | TF: 1.800.661.9897

                                  Our Community Partners:
                           Calgary Residential Rental Association
                 Canadian Condominium Association Southern Alberta Chapter
                                 Block Watch / Condo Watch
                         Calgary Regional Home Builders Association

       A proud member of the Southern Alberta business community since 1948

14    Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
(Rental Market Turnover Survey — Continued From Page 1)

                                                Your CMHC Experts for today’s market
                                              First National is the leading Canadian   Our CMHC Program Includes:
                                              lender of CMHC mortgages. Our
                                              complete understanding of CMHC           • Some of the best rates available
                                              underwriting policies and procedures     • Fixed or floating rates
                                              provides you with quick turnarounds      • Flexible terms
                                              and some of the best rates available.

                                              Make First National your first call.
                                              Contact me today, and I will customize a mortgage solution for you.

                                              Troy Barker
                                              AVP Commercial Lending, Prairie Region
                                              Tel: 403.261.5589 / 888.923.9194

                                              Damir Jesic
                                              Manager, Commercial Mortgages                  Tel: 403.261.5591 / 888.923.9194

  ETAA_half-pgAD-Damir_0808.indd 1                                                                                 2/18/2011 5:28:23 PM

Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012                                                                                 15
     Providing sustainable solutions for
     multi-dwelling and commercial properties.
        Reduce utility costs and maximize revenues with our robust
        leading edge equipment

        Enhance resident loyalty and experience with our guaranteed
        nation-wide service - priority response

        Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our multilingual Customer
        Care Centre for management and resident support 24/7

        Improve the value of your building with well designed laundry
        rooms that residents want to use

     Coinamatic continues to evolve the laundry business with earth
     friendly products and services that both our Clients and their
     residents value.

     Receive a FREE survey of your laundry services,
     call: 1.877.755.5302 | email: | visit:

                                           Berry Flooring Ltd.
                                           is CLOSED after 21
     Smarter Solutions. Inspiring Ideas.
                                           years serving Calgary .

                             The BERRY FAMILY, staff and
                                                                                   Commercial Mechanical Services is your one call does it all solution
                             installers would like to thank                  for all your building mechanical maintenance needs. Our team of
                             all our customers for the many                  quali ed plumbers, electricians, heating and refrigeration specialists
                                                                             will be quick to respond to your call, 24 hours a day, 7days a week.
                             years of loyal business.                        Our competitive rates, combined with high quality service and
                                                                             professionalism, as well as combined strong troubleshooting skills, will
                             Scott Berry, Geoff Berry and Rick               prove to be invaluable to your operation. Some of the areas we can be of
                                                                             assistance are as follows:
                             Nyen will continue in the industry
                             and are available to serve your
                             flooring needs from our new home
                             at iSO CANADA . Feel free to
                             contact us and we look forward to
                             hearing from you.

                                                 H - 7003 5th Street SE
                                                 Calgary, AB T2H 2G2

                                                           SCOTT D. BERRY
                                                          (403) 831-8652
                              GEOFF BERRY                      RICK NYEN
                            (403) 831-8653                (403) 464-7976                   Service 403.219.1010 • Fax 403.219.1011

16                                                                          Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
                                water no longer a CheaP
                              and easily availaBle resourCe
                                                              By Bob Poole

   Many Canadians think it’s the country’s most valuable resource. Conservationists, and not necessarily with tongue in
   cheek, label it ‘Blue Gold.’ But no matter what you call it, there’s no denying the world’s water supply is disappearing
   at an alarming rate. Gone are the days when people could water to their heart’s content without raising the anger of
   neighbours, city officials and the fast growing Green movement.
   Remember driving past a shopping mall, park or industrial complex and seeing the sprinklers working flat-out ... in the
   middle of a rainstorm. That can still happen - though it is the exception rather than the rule- and here in Calgary, city
   council recently decided on a powerful deterrent that hopefully will abolish these practices altogether.
   Faced with a $1.3 billion debt in the city’s water and sewer system, council voted to implement a hefty hike in water rates
   over the next three years. Reaching well beyond inflation, councillors opted for a 9.8 per cent combined hike in water and
   wastewater fees, which amounts to 32.4 per cent by the end of 2014.
   People and businesses with water meters, will face consecutive leaps of 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6 per cent over the same period.
   That amounts to a hike of 24.2 per cent. When the issue first arose, Mayor Naheed Nenshi said, “We have to deal with
   the existing debt and I’m sorry to say councils in the past were not willing to deal with this debt.
   “We have to do it and the only way to do it is to look to the ratepayers.”
   That is why more people are being forced to replace the garden hose of our fathers with high-tech irrigation tools that
   are changing the shape of the irrigation industry and the way people look after landscapes.The new technology includes
   climate driven controllers, soil moisture sensors, rain sensors, flow sensors and more uniform nozzles.
   All of these products save customers time and money. All have their individual merits. But the undisputable biggest saver
   of water waste amongst the new technologies is climate controlled irrigation.
   For many years, the City of Calgary has used ‘smart’ weather technology to reduce the mammoth cost of irrigating parks.
   In fact, Calgary has the largest municipal centrally controlled irrigation system in the world.
   Now the same knowledge is easily available to anyone who has existing, or is about to install, irrigation.
   The return on investment for most condominium complexes or industrial sites is typically two years or less. Climate
   controlled irrigation systems provide the best and easiest way to reduce outdoor water usage, simplify landscape
   maintenance, keep properties looking great - all the while saving significant amounts of money.
   As the name suggests, the new controllers are driven by the climate. They take into account the prevailing weather
   (including rainfall, wind, sun and humidity) and also site specific conditions such as soil type and depth, slope, shade,
   trees and annuals. In stark contrast, the traditional timer-based irrigation systems used at most Calgary condominium
   complexes operate on pre-set days (normally three times a week) and at pre-set times whether the landscape needs a
   moisture boost or not.
   As a result, lawns, trees and plants are watered too frequently and/or for too long, which wastes water, wastes money,
   damages plants and grass health, and can wash harmful lawn and garden chemicals into our Calgary rivers.
   It’s sad but true that more trees in urban areas are lost to over-watering than any other cause. A fairly recent City of
   Calgary audit on residential automatic systems found, on average, that lawns received about 4.5 inches of water a week,
   more than four times what is actually needed. Professionally-programmed irrigation controllers solve those watering
   problems by monitoring soil moisture conditions and automatically providing the right amount of water to maintain ideal
   growing conditions.
   During prolonged hot spells, for example, plants require more water than during cooler periods. Smart controllers adjust
   the amount of water applied accordingly. But if significant rainfall occurs, sensors compensate by reducing an appropriate
   amount of water. And if you have a soil type that absorbs water very slowly or a property with steep slopes, climate
   controlled technology will use that information and apply less water, but more often, to minimize run-off. No construction
   is involved in the installation. A technician will mount the new product near your existing timer-based controller, cmmect
   the common wires, and then enter the information that is site specific to your property. In a matter of minutes, your
   hi-tech controller is ready to receive hourly data from a nearby weather station.
                                                                                                           (Continued on Page 19)

Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012                                                                                17
                         1260 -26 Ave SE, Calgary AB T2G

      Flooring Sale
                Three Days Only
                  May 4 th Thru 6 th 2012

     Over 50,000 Square Feet of:
                  BROADLOOM CARPET         VINYL PLANK
                  CARPET TILE              RUBBER FLOOR
                  CERAMIC TILE             RESILIENT SHEET GOODS
                  HARDWOOD                 MILLWORK BASE

All Products Priced from 0.25¢ - 0.99¢ Per Square Foot
     Sale Hours:          Friday May 4th   2:00pm – 9:00pm
                          Saturday May 5th 9:00am – 5:00pm
     Only                 Sunday May 6th   9:00am – 5:00pm
     We Accept:
     Cash, Debit,
     Visa, MasterCard

                              A portion of the proceeds will be donated to:
     ALL SALES FINAL          Hull Child and Family Services

18                                          Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
   (“Water...” — Continued From Page 17)

   ExactET Systems Inc., Canada’s leader in climate controlled irrigation, has eight highly scientific weather stations in the
   Calgary area to accommodate the city’s large number of micro-climates. ExactET’s clients watered 24 times in 2009, 27
   in 2010, 28 in 2011. People with timer controlled systems watered 66, 63 and 60 respectively across the corresponding
   period. The company - which has now saved clients over one billion litres of water - saved 312 million litres alone in
   2011, which, according to City of Calgary guidelines, is equivalent to the savings from 7,700 low flush toilets. Combined,
   ExactET’s clients saved $500,000 last summer.
   It doesn’t matter whether you own or manage a residential or commercial property, you will save both water and money
   by converting to climate controlled irrigation.
   In 2011, the average water savings delivered on ICIs (industrial, commercial and institutional properties) was 1.3 million
   litres per property. For multi-family properties (condominiums etc.), the average water savings were a staggering 2.1
   million litres per location.
   Other benefits of climate controlled irrigation include:
            • improved turf quality
            • better curb appeal
            • reduced pesticide/fertilizer costs
            • reduced carbon footprint
            • public praise for going ‘green’
            • supports BOMA BESt and LEED certification

   Bob Poole is the Vice-President of Marketing and Media for ExactET Systems Inc.
   He can be reached at: (403) 888-2467 or e-mail:

                  welCoMe new MeMBers — owner/Managers
               Nawras AL- Akkad                                Alex Garms                                Jessie Mielke
          Paulina Alfaro & Odell Brabo                      Thamkey Gyatso                       Lenore Mills - Suite Deals
                  Daniella Balzan                          Teresa Hargreaves                              Jana Moroz
             Sharbat & Reg Beattie                           Darren Harker                               Clair Motycka
              Nicholas Beermann                       Stephanie & Tim Haroldson                       Elisabeth Mueller
                     Diane Bird                             Krystle Heikkinen                              Kathy Nisi
                   Carl Birkkjaer                       Ella & Phil Hetherington                        Stephanie Pall
                      CAPREIT                               Shaneeza Husain                             Michael Pinard
           Marina & Marco Cardoza                 Ian Hutcheson & Maurice Lanteigne                       Steve Plant
                Kyle Cheveldayoff                            Janie Jassman                         Mark & Virginia Quintin
                    Terry Chow                              Karen & Bo Jiang                     Ali Rafih & Jamal El -Rafih
                   Zlatko Covic                           Gerry & Rudy Kanter                          Carol Rogowski
                   Kevin Calpas                               Kimber Keith                                 Cathy Ruta
             George & Ram Chahal                          Madelaine Kimmerly                            Jagdip Sandhu
                    Phillip Chen                              Doug Konno                                 Darcy Schoff
            Wendy & David Coulson                     Ernie & Maryann Korchinski                 Marci & Robert Schoffner
              Domenico Cusanelli                             Jaime Krausert                           Maurice Schmidt
             Nora Zainuriah Davies                           Michel Lacelle                          Bryan & Lori Smith
              Linn & Kevin Delzer                       Robert & Cynthia Lacey                            Jared Smith
                 Frank Denouden                              Martin Langlois                              Riz Somani
                   Tammy Dodd                                Stephanie Lee                       Sherry & Mark Theuerkauf
                     Linda Ellis                               Sean Lyons                            Michael Thompson
                  George Eserve                               Binghao Ma                                  Graham Tite
           Kari Fairman & Jim Himer                   Nigel McEathron & Larry Lee                        Maggie Trinh
                  Jacqueline Farr                      Wayne & Patricia Meilleur                      Debra & Bob Tutty
             Bill & Pat Fitzsimmons                          Meg Mendoza                               Tammy Vestrum
              Catherine Fjeldsted                        Duchessa Mettimano                     Urban - Paul Sapal
            The Foothills Foundation                        Jessica Michaud

Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012                                                                             19
                                                                                                           Install new Energy Efficient
                                                                                                          windows & Save Heating costs!

                                                                                                                The All WeAther WindoWs
                                                                                                               quality assurance guarantees:
                                                                                                            •Over 23 years experience in Calgary •ENERGY STAR qualified
                                                                                                                        •5 year installation warranty •CSA Certified Products
                                                                                                                                   •Multi-unit installation experts
                                                                                                                          •Licensed, bonded, insured, WCB-Certified
                                                                                                                                •Comprehensive product warrant
                                                                                                               •Knowledgeable staff help you choose the right product

                                                                                                                          Contact David Cree
                                                                                                                 Calgary Renovation Project Specialist
                                                                                                                 Telephone: 1 800 New Window (639 9463)


                                       Service Member Directory
Advertising/Promotions                 Wall2Wall media                           Coast Wholesale Appliances             torry Lewis Abells LLP                  Cordell’s
Calgary Herald                         Darren Jensen                             James Johnson                          James Possin                            Carrie Ovens
Sherry McKinley                        100 2323 – 32 Ave NE T2E 6Z3              10 2151 32nd Street NE                 #110 Chancery Court - #220 4 Street S   5836 Burbank Rd SE T2H 1Z3
215 - 16 St SE T2P 0W8                 250-9110 Fax: 219-4388                    717-0548 Fax: 717-2584                 Lethbridge T1J 4J7                      301-0016 Fax: 301-0018
235-7207.Fax: 235-8694                 Air QUALitY & moULd investigAtions        Coinamatic Canada inc.                 403-327-4406                            Fitz Flooring Ltd.                            Bio sweep Alberta                         Candace Duchscher                      BAnking/FinAnCiAL/mortgAges             John Fitzsimmons
Ruby Jeaurond                          Andrew Holden                             3048 - 9 St SE T2G 3B9                 Bmo nesbitt Burns                       201, 1610 37 street SW T3C 3P1
Suite 109 120 – 2 Avenue               37 Arbour Ridge Park NW T3G 4C4           287-2562 Fax: 243-7256                 Christopher Burns                       246-1477 Fax: 246-0137
Airdrie T4B 3N2                        403-818-7505                              Phelps Apartment Laundries Ltd.        403-261-9571                            BUiLders HArdWAre
912-0102 Fax: 912-0953                 dF technical & Consulting services Ltd.   Jiubasco Padoani                       Carevest Capital inc.                   Amre supply
metro news                             Dennis French                             Bay 112, 2880 – 45 Ave SE T2B 3M1      Alex Tye                                Larry Schaufele
Warren Smith                           152, 1500 - 14th Street SW T3C 1C9        236-3200 Fax: 252-7449                 900 645 – 7 Ave SW T2P 4G8              119, 3850 Manchester Rd SE T2G 3Z8
120, 3030 3 Avenue NE T2A 6T7          403-554-5040 Fax: 403-609-2503            trail Appliances                       539-4789 Fax: 262-9520                  243-6662 Fax: 243-9368
539-4948                               environmental Air Cleaning Ltd.           Joel Wasnidge                          First national Financial LP             BUiLding mAteriALs
Places4rent, inc.                      Tom Charlton                              6880 – 11 St SE T2H 2T9                Troy Barker                             rona inc.
The Rent Board of Canada               5543 1A Street SW T2H 0E6                 605-2775 Fax: 250-2895                 120, 326 - 11 Ave SW T2R 0C5            Paul O’Connor
Brent Daviduck                         253-3112 Fax: 686-2822                    APPrAisers/tAx APPeALs & Assessments   261-5589 Fax : 265-3519                 90 Crowfoot Way NW
#246, 4819C – 48 Ave                   mold Plus Ltd..                           City of Calgary                        Peoples trust Co.                       Calgary Alberta T3G 4C8
Red Deer AB T4N 3T2                    Bret Mckay                                Jim Toogood                            Dennis Aitken                           464-1640 Fax: 219-5824
403-347-7388 Fax : 403-347-7153        10 Ranchers Place T1S 0G5                 PO Box 2100, Stn “M” T2P 2M5           955 808-4 Ave SW T2P 3E8                CABinets/CoUntertoPs                        403-801-4350                              268-5819 Fax: 268-5424                 205-8203 Fax: 266-5002
Cindy Ridley                                                                                                                                                    Action Cabinets
                                       moldPro inc.                              Linnel taylor Lipman Appraisers        scotiabank                              Nicole Pue
#348, 14032 23 Ave                     Peter Moonen                              Terry Taylor                           Lauren Fradgley
Edmonton AB T6R 3L6                                                                                                                                             972 - 72 Ave NE T2E 8V9
                                       1420 97 Ave SW T2V 0Y7                    #802 - 1039-17Ave SW T2T 0B2           Suite 3950, 700 2nd St SW T2P 2W2       532-9721 Fax: 532-9726
780-905-4062                           371-7836 Fax: 259-2558                    403-228-4001                           410-9793 Fax: 221-6450                  Cabinet solutions
renters Classified/media Classified    ALArm sYstems/seCUritY                    BAiLiFF / LegAL serviCes               William J. rhind & Associates Ltd.      Mike McGuire
Leo Racioppo                           United Alarm systems inc.                 Alberta Landlord evictions Company     Stephen A. Tomchishin, CMA              11 2777 23 Ave NE T1Y 7L6
783 McTavish Rd NE T2E 7G6             Vince Aiello                              John Shortridge                        300, 508 – 24 Ave SW T2S 0K4            769-6780 Fax : 272-8349
1-866-448-4223                         200, 3515-32 Street NE T1Y 5Y9            126 1111 – 6 Ave SW T2P 5M5            287-9140 Fax: 287-9133                                                                                                                                                   CArPet CLeAning/serviCes
                                       261-8838 Fax: 261-8955                    560-9406 Fax: 274-7403                 BAtHtUB reFinisHing
Darren Paddock                                                                                                                                                  green ingenuity
                                       APPLiAnCes/Coin LAUndrY/                  Hua Legal                              Covenant restorations Ltd.              Bob Keast
98 Discover Ridge Gardens SW T3H 5L7   rePAir/PArts                              Alice Hua                              Erin Rollock or Dave Freeman            #3, 603 77 Ave SE T2H 2B9
283-9907 Fax: 866-259-2984             Amre supply                               200, 638 -11 Ave SW T2R 0E2            307 151 East Lake Blvd. T4A 2G1         243-8420 Fax: 720-5924
rent spot                              Larry Schaufele                           410-3880 Fax: 410-3854                 912-1212 Fax 912-0790
Craig Bedard                                                                                                                                                    gus restoration Calgary inc.
                                       119, 3851 Manchester Rd SE T2G 3Z8        Landlord 911                           BLinds/WindoW Coverings                 Michael Newton
7412 5 Street SW T2V 1B1               243-6662 Fax: 243-9368                    Melissa Costea
703-3987                                                                                                                Blinds 2000 manufacturing Ltd.          Bay #2, 6303 Burbank Road SE T2H 2E1
                                       Castle Appliance service Ltd.             126, 1111 – 6 Ave SW T2P 5M5           Stephen Wiebe                           403-255-0002 online Advertising           Wayne Barritt                             259-0029 Fax: 215-5776
Ryan Schwerdtner                                                                                                        Bay 10, 2807 – 107 Ave SE T2Z 4M2       magiclean Cleaning services
                                       Bay 18, 3220 – 5 Ave NE T2A 5N1           serv-it Bailiff services inc.          287-8264 Fax: 1-866-908-5524            1700 – 10 Ave SW T3C 0J8
1128 Dundas St E. Unit 218             250-9592 Fax: 291-4972                    Brad Longeway
Toronto ON M4M 1R9                                                                                                                                              229-3323 Fax: 291-0553
                                                                                 #111, 2719 – 7 Ave NE T2A 2L9
877-843-9487 Fax: 416-465-7218                                                   244-4782 Fax : 244-9804

20                                                                                                      Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012
Prostar Cleaning & restoration           energY mAnAgement/energY                    LAndsCAPing/irrigAtion/                   the drain doctor                             seWer & WAter mAin exCAvAtion
Jodi Scarlett                            ConservAtion                                snoW removAL                              Bill Treherne                                rPr industries
#15 – 2916 5th Ave NE T2A 6K4            Building technologies inc.                  great escapes Landscaping Ltd.            Box 5842, Stn “A” T2H 1Y3                    Remi Paradis
403-234-7827                             Christian Findt                             Chantel Naves                             243-3490 Fax: 243-3498                       552 – 42 Ave SE T2G 1Y6
red dot services inc.                    19825 Stony Plain Rd. T5S 2Y4               403-204-0742                              reAL estAte Brokers                          243-7740 Fax : 243-7520
Chris Wardrop                            Edmonton AB                                 green drop sustainable Landscapes         Colliers international                       sHeet metAL
Bay #2, 6303 Burbank Road SE T2H 2E1     780-702-1602 Fax: 780-484-9412              Brad Hamilton                             Eric Horvath                                 reggin technical services Ltd.
403-255-0002                             engineers                                   1230 Meridian RD NE T2A 2N9               1000, 335 – 8 Ave SW T2P 1C9                 Steve Richards
servicemaster of Calgary                 Parsons Brinckerhoff Halsall inc.           207-7503 Fax: 265-2299                    215-7257 Fax: 265-6495                       Bay 24, 21 Highfield Circle SET2G 5N6
920 – 26 St NE T2A 2M4                   Chris Love                                  High view services                        Cushman & Wakefield LePage                   287-2540 Fax : 287-2519
287-7700 Fax : 536-4556                  900 5940 Macleod Trail SW T2H 2G4           Colin Moore                               Tim Sommer                                   soCieties, HoUsing
CLeAning sUPPLies & eQUiPment            255-7946 Fax : 255-7996                     Bay 15 6991 48 St S.E                     1730, 111 – 5 Ave SW T2P 3Y6                 Accessible Housing society
Amre supply                              environmentAL                               (403) 236-4428 Fax: (403) 236-8801        261-1188 Fax : 264-2053                      Alana Healy/Robyn Jackson
Larry Schaufele                          PHH ArC environmental                       LigHting                                  realty edge group inc.                       103, 2003 – 14 St NW T2M 3N4
119, 3850 Manchester Rd SE T2G 3Z8       Jordan Hyshka                               Amre supply                               Elaine Krug and Richard Young                282-1872 Fax: 284-0304
243-6662 Fax: 243-9368                   111, 11505 35 Street SE T2Z 4B1             Larry Schaufele                           511, 55 Arbour Grove Close NW                CUPs Community Health Centre
Wesclean equipment & Cleaning supplies   250-5722 Fax: 291-0612                      119, 3850 Manchester Rd SE T2G 3Z8        T3G 4K3 252-4549                             Mike Harvey
Jay Strauss                              exCAvAting & PAving                         243-6662 Fax: 243-9368                    reAL estAte investments                      128 – 7 Ave SE T2G 0H5
36 Highfield Circle SE T2G 5N5                                                       meCHAniCAL/HvAC                           Carevest Capwest Corp.                       221-8789 Fax: 221-8791
                                         CitY Wide exCAvAting & PAving
243-0677                                                                             Hank’s Plumbing & gas Fitting Ltd.        Linda Hill
                                         Trymer Morrow                                                                                                                      sPeCiALized
CommerCiAL reALtor                       104 Lake Crimson Close SE T2J 3K7           Terry Froese                              900 645 – 7 Ave SW T2P 4G8                   revive Pipe restoration inc.
Century 21 Power realty Ltd.             403-287-8685                                121 Discovery Place SW T3H 4N5            539-4798 Fax: 262-9520                       Brendan MacFarlane
Bob Sheddy                               Fire sAFetY                                 259-0049 Fax: 217-9725                    reALtY Advisors                              217 Arbour Grove Close NW T3G 4J4
Box 2121, 145 3rd Avenue W T0J 0Y0       Fahrenheit 451 Fire & security              reggin technical services Ltd.            Cir realty                                   403-903-4445
Drumheller, Alberta                      Randy Brown                                 Steve Richards                            Betty Anne Tarini                            tiLing
403-823-2121 Fax: 403-823-2148           1229 Millview Rd SW T2Y 3Y7                 Bay 24, 21 Highfield Circle SE T2G 5N6    403-274-6769                                 national Construction design
                                         256-6622 Fax: 256-6331                      287-2540 Fax : 287-2519                   re/mAx realty                                Joe Pagano
CommUniCAtions/tv serviCe/
teLePHone/internet                       mircom                                      onLine PAYments                           John William Wade                            Ph: (800) 500-7155
teLUs Future Friendly Home               Lawrence Bunyan                             ease management inc.                      403-463-9909                                 Fax: (905) 625-9815
Darren Meek                              B17 6020 - 2 St SE T2H 2L8                  Jeff Kok                                  reFrigerAtion                      
5, 411 – 1 St SE T2G 4Y5                 873-1091 Fax: 873-1092                      403-700-3293                              reggin technical services Ltd.               the Pascoal group
530-4702 Fax : 269-1197                  simplexgrinnell                             vogogo inc.                               Steve Richards                               John Pascoal
ConsUmer ProteCtion orgAnizAtions        Dave Chapman                                Geoff Gordon                              Bay 24, 21 Highfield Circle SE T2G 5N6       Ph: (403) 245-9153
                                         431 Manitou Rd SE T2G 4C2                   #100, 1035 7 Ave SW T2P 3E9               287-2540 Fax : 287-2519                      Fax: (905) 625-5351
Better Business Bureau                   287-3202 Fax: 243-6966                      648-9106                                                                     
Nancy Brown                                                                                                                    renovAtions/WindoWs/doors/ siding
350 7330 Fisher St. SE T2H 2H8           sprouse Fire & safety                       overHeAd doors                            All Weather Windows                          WAste/reCYCLing
531-8791 Fax: 640-2514                   Perry Richelhoff                            Creative door services Ltd.               David Cree                                   BFi Canada inc.
                                         1323 - 9 Ave SE T2G 0T2                     John Silcox                               Bay 4 3900 - 106th Avenue SE T2C 5B6         Cora Dawson
ContrACtors, generAL                     265-3891 Fax: 237-7861                      #8, 3740 - 27 St. NE T1Y 5E2              720-8055 Fax: 720-0084                       5566 - 54 Ave SE T2C 3A5
Artec Construction                       FLooring/CArPets/instALLAtion               291-2375 Fax: 291-4969                                                                 236-3883 Fax: 720-0515
Marvin Boyko                                                                                                                   Artec Construction
                                         Fitz Flooring Ltd.                          PAint/PAinting                            Marvin Boyko                                 City of Calgary Wate & recycling services
11435 Wilkes Rd SE T2J 2E5
                                         John Fitzsimmons                            Benjamin moore Calgary north decorating   11435 Wilkes Rd SE T2J 2E5                   Phillipa Wagner
242-1861 Fax: 225-9550
                                         201, 1610 37 street SW T3C 3P1              Alex Cheslock                             242-1861 Fax: 225-9550                       Waste Diversion Specialist
national Construction design
                                         246-1477 Fax: 246-0137                      920 Northmount Drive NW T2L 0A9           economy glass/superior                       PO Box 2100, Stn M, #27 T2P 2M5
Joe Pagano
                                         iso Canada Ltd.                             289-6227 Fax: 289-6223                    Paint & Body service                         268-8478 Fax: 268-8481
Ph: (800) 500-7155
Fax: (905) 625-9815                      Scott Berry                                 Big Al’s texturing & drywall              Glenda Geisler                               Harvest recycling           Unit H, 7003 5th Street SE                  Bay 113 1324 - 44 Ave NE T2E 6L6          101 17 Avenue SW T2S 0A1                     Peter Ogundimu
                                         403-385-4273                                210-1352 Fax: 210-1867                    228-6961 Fax: 228-7954                       100, 111 5 Ave SW, Unit 273 T2P 3Y6
the Pascoal group
                                         kBm Commercial Floor Coverings inc.                                                   greg martineau Projects                      700-7780
John Pascoal                                                                         mv Painting
Ph: (403) 245-9153                       Michael Kulyk                               Victor Mansilla                           Greg Martineau                               WAter ConservAtion
Fax: (905) 625-5351                      1260 - 26 Ave SE T2G 5S2                    403-667-3064                              #5 - 2816 - 21 ST NE T2E 6Z2                 exactet systems inc.         403-274-5292                                national Construction design              250-8201 Fax : 250-8285                      Bill Poole
Credit rePorting                         kraus - Floors with more                    Joe Pagano                                Lux Windows and glass Ltd.                   Suite 278, 339 - 50 Ave SE T2G 2B3
                                         Val Kilback                                 Ph: (800) 500-7155                        Norma Ambrogiano                             888-2467
Landlord 911
Melissa Costea                           #116, 7139 - 44 Street SE T2C 4E9           Fax: (905) 625-9815                       6875 – 9 St NE T2E 8R9                       WAter mAnAgement/ProdUCts/
126, 1111 – 6 Ave SW T2P 5M5             403-852-8543                                  276-7770 Fax: 276-7792                       HYdro sUB-metering
259-0029 Fax: 215-5776                   maple Leaf Flooring Ltd.                    Pascoal Painting & decorating (2004)      national Construction design                 City of Calgary Waterworks division
                                         Vincent On                                  John Pascoal                              Joe Pagano                                   Aaron Boulton-Chaykowski
rent Check Credit Bureau
                                         1667 - 32nd Ave NE T2E 7Z5                  Ph: (403) 245-9153                        Ph: (800) 500-7155                           Location 433
109, 120 – 2 Ave NE T4B 2N2
                                         403-230-2293                                Fax: (905) 625-5351                       Fax: (905) 625-9815                          2100 Stn M T2P 2M5
(403) 945-2011, 1-800-661-7312
                                         national Construction design                     268-5247 Fax: 268-5709
Fax : (403) 945-2012, 1-800-871-3380
                                         Joe Pagano                                  PArkAde resUrFACing                       s.i.s. supply install services (1994) Ltd.   enercare Connections inc.
tvs tenant verification service inc.
                                         Ph: (800) 500-7155                                                                    Jody Roberts                                 Rob Filyk
Marv Steier                                                                          Artec Construction
                                         Fax: (905) 625-9815                                                                   3517 64 Avenue SE T2C 1N3                    235 Slopeview Drive T3H 4G6
1-604-576-3004                                                                       Marvin Boyko
                                                                                       604-1334 Fax: 604-1337                       461-6040
disAster restorAtion                                                                 11435 Wilkes Rd SE T2J 2E5
                                         the Pascoal group                           403-242-1861 Fax: 403-225-9550            the Pascoal group                            exactet systems inc.
First on site restorations LP            John Pascoal                                                                          John Pascoal                                 Bob Poole
Ian Newman                                                                           Pest ControL                              Ph: (403) 245-9153
                                         Ph: (403) 245-9153                                                                                                                 Suite 278, 339 50 Ave SE T2G 2B3
3016 21 St NE T2E 6Z2                    Fax: (905) 625-5351                         Cal-rid exterminators inc.                Fax: (905) 625-5351                          542-2055
520-7778 Fax: 520-7779                     Keith Petrie                    
gus restoration Calgary inc.                                                         2508 – 76 Ave SE T2C 0H5
                                         Universal Flooring systems                                                            Window Works inc.
Michael Newton                                                                       233-0646 Fax : 236-1528
                                         Susan Shipley                                                                         Robyn Carrier
Bay #2, 6303 Burbank Road SE T2H 2E1                                                 Japco Pest Control Ltd.
                                         1, 1820 - 30 Ave NE T2E 7M5                                                           101 1915 - 27 Ave NE T2E 7E4
403-255-0002                             250-3900 Fax: 250-3939                      John Patton                               291-5200
magiclean Cleaning                                                                   1550 246 Stewart Green SW T2N 3C8
                                         FUrnACe FiLters/vents                       242-2467 Fax: 949-4986                    rooFing
1700 - 10 Ave SW T3C 0J8
229-3323 Fax: 228-2499                   Ultimate vent inc.                                                                    Claw Construction & Coverings
                                                                                     Peregrine general Pest Control inc.
                                         John Tocher                                                                           Peter Gerrard
Prostar Cleaning & restoration                                                       Nicholas Holland
                                         Bay 212, 2835 23 St NE T2E 7A4                                                        903-4555 Varsity Ln NW T3A 2V6
Jodi Scarlett                                                                        PO Box 89019
                                         219-3381 Fax: 219-3354                                                                969-2439 Fax: 284-2204
15- 2916 5th Ave NE T2A 6K4                                                          829-6619 Fax : 452-9068
                                         HAndY gUY/renovAtions                                                                 goodmen roofing (Calgary) Ltd.
234-7827 Fax: 204-1375                                                               Poulin’s Pest Control
                                         Lt Framing & renovations Corp.                                                        Rob Christensen
red dot services inc.                                                                Don Faulds
                                         Valerie McQuaid                                                                       #1 421- East Lake Road Airdrie T4A 2J7
Chris Wardrop                                                                        1804 34 Street SE T2B 0W4
                                         509 Edinburgh Road W                                                                  948-4433 Fax: 948-4481
Bay #2, 6303 Burbank Road SE T2H 2E1                                                 272-6006 Fax: 569-2560
403-255-0002                             Lethbridge T1J 5A8                                                                    Peddie roofing & Waterproofing
                                         403-320-1082                                PLUmBing/drAin serviCe                    Ken Cotterill
                                                                                                                                                                                      Your Name
servicemaster of Calgary
920 – 26 St NE T2A 2M4                   that Handy guy                              Commercial mechanical services            3352 - 46 Ave SE T2B 3J2
287-7700 Fax : 536-4556                  John Ashton                                 Gary McLeod                               273-7000 Fax: 273-7701

                                                                                                                                                                                       Could Be
                                         132 Templeby Place NE T1Y 5G9               Suite 4038, 614-33 Heritage Meadows SE    renaissance roofing & siding
eLeCtriCiAns                                                                         T2H 3B8
                                         403-860-3043                                                                          Roger Leslie
Bar electric                                                                         219-110 Fax: 219-1011                     408 Douglasbank Court SE T2Z 1X1
Bruce Crawford
Cougar technical services Ltd.
                                         BFL Canada insurance services inc.
                                         Eddie Fung
                                                                                     Cougar technical services Ltd.
                                                                                     Rod Stagg
                                                                                                                               royal roofing Ltd.
                                                                                     2435 81 Street SW T3H 3V8                 Ilia Pengu
Rod Stagg                                #200, 1167 Kensington Crescent NW T2N 1X7   403-255-3555                              #218 - 2 3012 17Ave SE T2A 0P9
2435 81 Street SW T3H 3V8                403-451-4132                                Hank’s Plumbing & gas Fitting Ltd.        (403) 248-6397 Fax : (403) 248-6300
403-255-3555                             Canada mortgage & Housing Corp.             Terry Froese                              United roofing inc.
reggin technical services Ltd.           Yannick Monaghan                            259-0049 Fax: 217-9725                    Patrick Genest
Steve Richards                           200, 1000 – 7 Ave SW T2P 5L5                reggin technical services Ltd.            1010-8th Ave NE T2E 0S3
Bay 24, 21 Highfield Circle SE           515-2985 Fax: 515-2935                      Steve Richards                            403-870-2753
T2G 5N6                                  Canada iCi Capital (CgY) Corp.              Bay 24, 21 Highfield Circle SE T2G 5N6
287-2540 Fax: 287-2519                   Yvan Repka                                                                            sCreens & gLAss rePAir
                                                                                     287-2540 Fax : 287-2519
eLevAtors/esCALAtors                     1630, 717 - 7th Avenue SW T2P-0Z3                                                     Lux Windows and glass Ltd.
                                                                                     rPr industries                            Norma Ambrogiano
AedArsA                                  297-9320 Fax: 297-9325                      Remi Paradis
                                         renfrew insurance Ltd.                                                                2620 Centre Ave NE T2A 2L3
Gord Pattison                                                                        552 – 42 Ave SE T2G 1Y6
                                         Bill Jeffray                                                                          276-7770 Fax: 276-7792
209, 264 Midpark Way SE T2K 1J6                                                      243-7740 Fax : 243-7520
216-5750 Fax: 216-5775                   300, 334 11th Ave SE T2G 0Y2
                                         299-1002 Fax: 266-5177

Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012                                                                                                                                                            21
                                                               TS www.crr
                                                              N r.
                                                 VEto Registe
                                                E e
                               G bsit
                           M INon our We
                O end                ar
              PC ent Cal
         U t the Ev
                                                             APRIL 2012
     Che                                              seminAr & LUnCHeon
                                               Thursday, April 19, 2012 • Blackfoot Inn
                                          “CHAnging times, CHAnging tenAnts, CHAnging rents”
                                                         Presented By: Saadat Keshavjee CPM, CMOC

                      toPiC: “9 oUt oF 10 mULti-FAmiLY residents WAnt reCYCLing: WHAt CAn We do ABoUt it?”
                                                             Keynote Speaker: Phillippa Wagner
                                             Waste Diversion Specialist, City of Calgary Waste and Recycling Services

                   inFomerCiAL ComPAnies tHis montH: All Weather Windows renovations & enercare Connections inc.

                                                               MAY 2012
                                                       seminAr & LUnCHeon
                                                Thursday, May 10, 2012 • Blackfoot Inn
                          “sPring CLeAn UP – Begin noW! ControL Pests And imProve YoUr LAndsCAPing”
                                                     Presented By: Keith Petrie, CAL-RID Exterminators Inc.

                        toPiC: “ALBertA’s CHAnging eConomY: tHe imPACt And WHAt it meAns For ALL oF Us”
                                                Keynote Speaker: Todd Hirsch, Senior Economist, ATB Financial

                    inFomerCiAL ComPAnies tHis montH: goodmen roofing (Calgary) Ltd. & Creative door services Ltd.

                                                              JUNE 2012
                                                      seminAr & LUnCHeon
                                               Thursday, June 14, 2012 • Blackfoot Inn
       “minimUm HoUsing And HeALtH stAndArds: WHAt YoU need to knoW ABoUt HoW tHeY imPACt YoUr BUsiness”
                           Presented By: Heather Langemann, Environmental Health Inspector, Executive Officer Alberta Health Services

                                     toPiC: “PoLiCing in CALgArY: CALgArY CHiLd AdvoCACY Centre
                                    HeLPing ABUsed CHiLdren And WHAt tHis meAns to CALgAriAns”
                                               Keynote Speaker: Police Chief Rick Hanson, Calgary Police Service

                      inFomerCiAL ComPAnies tHis montH: Coast Whole sale Appliances & kraus Floors With more

22                                                                                    Calgary Residential Rental Association - Spring 2012

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