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									A Day in the Life of a Newsroom Journalist

We asked one of our Newsroom Journalist to sum up a typical day working in the ITV
newsroom, the hub of our dynamic news service. Here’s what they said:

It's challenging to summarise a typical day as a Newsroom Journalist - because there simply
isn't one. Not only is each day different due to the very nature of news, but the Newsroom
Journalist job encompasses a variety of roles - and with them a vast range of skills and tasks.

If someone had told me on my first day at ITV that I'd soon be producing my own news
bulletins, I'd have been sceptical - yet that's a key part of the job. Not only do we oversee
the production of bulletins, we also fill them, involving anything from writing scripts to
editing footage and cutting packages. Then it's off to the gallery where we time the entire
production to the very last second. Bulletins usually run smoothly, but when they don't it's
the responsibility of the Newsroom Journalists to implement a plan B so the programme
appears seamless to the viewer.

When we're not producing bulletins, we're reporting for them. This generally involves
conducting interviews, helping to gather footage and occasionally appearing on camera.
Some of the more experienced Newsroom Journalists even stand in as news and weather

Away from the lights and cameras, but no less important, is the ITV website. A vital part of
the Newsroom Journalist role is curating online content – writing articles and updates,
choosing interesting clips from interviews and uploading eye-catching images. The ability to
react swiftly to breaking news is important for everyone in the newsroom, but particularly
for the online journalist. Our viewers rely on us to keep them up to the minute with all the
latest developments.

As rewarding as it is being involved with on-the-day output, it’s often said that the planning
desk is where our journalism skills are really put to the test. Sourcing, researching and
setting up stories are at the heart of everything we do - and Newsroom Journalists play a key
part in this. News planning requires an in-depth knowledge of our patch and how it
operates, plus a strong news sense for sorting the metaphorical wheat from the chaff.

Like any job, there are occasional frustrations: sometimes your carefully-planned item falls
down or you can't get to the scene of a news story as quickly as you want. But the chance to
meet an inspiring person, see a once in a lifetime event or make a difference to someone
through our work makes everything worthwhile – that’s when we realise just how privileged
we are to be in this industry.

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