Are traditional toys making a comeback?

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					Are traditional toys making a comeback?
Traditional Toys are long overdue for a come back. With video games and computers being so prevalent sometimes it is hard to believe that children ever had fun by simply playing in the dirt or playing a board game. It is true, though; children can have a perfectly good time without any electricity involved. Any parent who has watched their child spend three hours playing with a jack in the box can attest to that.

Traditional children's toys were made out of wood and in the 1700s, German woodworkers had started to make wooden toys and sell them to their customers. Not only did they sell their simple toys to local customers, but they had travelling salesmen peddling the toys all over Europe. The toymakers also made toys to order for customers all over 'the continent.'

Over the last three centuries, wooden toys and simple games have become incredibly popular among the world's children. Simple games and toys like marbles and wooden blocks are still managing to hold their own on the toy market.

Traditional toys are far better than the electronic 'toys' that are available today. Modern toys leave little for children to create on their own and seem to push a 'follow the directions' approach to life whereas traditional toys left most of the story line up to the child playing with the toys. Kids could build entire cities out of the blocks and act out adventures within the borders of that city or, if they chose, the world beyond it. A simple game encouraged children to use their reasoning skills, create their own imaginary worlds and learn to work with others.

Traditional toys encouraged the values that we still hold dear: creativity, teamwork and reason. Who knew that a simple set of wooden blocks painted with alphabet letters would spurn such development in such small people? Now, that isn’t to say that the newer games don’t also have their merit, but nothing really beats playing in the dirt with a train set.

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