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									How to transfer all iPod music to computer
“I have an iPod mini (yeah the really old one) and I am finally getting a new iPod nano. I have music on my iPod mini and some of the songs were given to me and some were from like lime wire and they were on my old computer and that computer totally broke so I lost all those songs. ITunes will unfortunately not allow me to put those songs into my library, but is there a way I can transfer my iPod music to computer so that then I can add them to my library?” Yeah, almost anybody who has an iPod would encounter the same problem, for this or that reason they need to transfer their iPod music to computer. But transfer iPod music to computer is a difficult matter. When you want to transfer music from computer to iPod, it is a rather easy thing, just sync your iPod with your computer’s iTunes automatically, or for manually transferring music from your computer’s iTunes library onto your iPod. When it comes to transfer your iPod music to computer, it needs a more complex process. As we all know, the reason is that Apple want to prevent piracy and protect music companies selling their songs to Apple’s iTunes. It sounds reasonable, but it is plenty unfair to those honest consumers. In reality, there are many legitimate reasons why a user may want to transfer iPod music to computer. So, you want to transfer your iPod music to computer but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, it is the time to fix it now – before you lose your iPod with all of your music, or iTunes automatically sync your entire library and starts deleting all of the songs you have on your iPod. Here’s how: Tool: iPod to Computer Transfer – Copy your iPod music to Computer

Step 1: Connect your iPod to computer, launch the program. The program will search the device automatically. Step 2: Choose the files you want to transfer, click the ‘Start Transfer’ button.

Step 3: When the following window pop up, you can choose transferring to computer or iTunes directly.

Step 4: When the transferring finished, click the ‘Yes’ button to view the output files.

Well, that’s it! As you can tell, it is very easy to transfer iPod music to computer. Now you can backup your own iPod music to computer with above guide! Download iPod to Computer Transfer Now (Windows Version) Get iPod to Computer Transfer for Mac OS Summary: So there you have it – no more excuses for not having your iPod music on your computer. Transfer your iPod music to computer before something tragic happens to your iPod. Backup early, backup often!

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