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									Tips for nanny to ensure the safety of kids
Nannies seem to be multi-activity caretakers of babies and children. Initially parents find it difficult to enhance the nanny-child bonding. But some trained nannies better understand and support the child, approach them with a motherly touch, take care of day-to-day activities of your kids. Most nannies are very family-oriented and serve as a lifeguard for the children. Parents/guardians expect trustworthy and competent nannies. On the other hand, nannies expect parents/guardians who will respect them as a professional.

It is essential for the nannies to know some tips to ensure safety of the kids. The nannies should first educate themselves, and then educate the kids they are taking care of.

Water safety tips - Nannies must pay special attention when children are playing in the water. They must accompany the child to the beach or swimming pool regardless of their age. The nannies should educate the children about the safe and unsafe measures of swimming or playing in the water. Also they should ensure teach what to do in case of water accidents. With such safety information, the child can be better equipped to handle and avoid water accidents.

Sun and heat exposure safety tips - Nannies must teach kids about the harmful effects of sun and heat such sunburns and heat exhaustion. Children should also be advised to wear sunscreen and nannies should carefully watch whether the kids have any symptoms of heat exhaustion which include paleness, cool/moist skin, sweating, headaches, nausea and an increased pulse rate.

Internet usage safety tips - Nannies can ask the parents of the kids to install an internet filter or family safety software, limit the amount of time the kid spends on surfing or chatting. It is better to avoid kids from downloading illegal files. Educate the child on how to make safe use of internet in order to utilize the online world safely, without giving personal information such as photos, names, addresses, phone numbers, schools, or other personal information to a site.

Fire and electricity safety tips - Nannies must teach kids about the hazards of playing with fire and electricity. They should teach the safety measures and the first-aid to be given in case of fire and electricity accidents.

Kid's health care tips - Nannies must watch the health condition of the child regularly. They should be alert if the kid shows some abnormal behavior, or if the kid is unusually inactive. They should take the child to the doctor prescribed by the parent, in case of emergency situations, and be careful such that the parents are aware of this.

The few weeks are very critical period for the nannies in building a relationship with the kids. The nannies should introduce themselves to the kid in a polite way so that the kid never neglects her advices. The nannies should converse with the kids about their interests, hobbies, and other personal problems. They may try to solve the problem if possible, or inform the parents to do the need.

There are many good things that a nanny can do to help the kids to lead a safe life. The nannies must develop positive, clear communication which is free from emotion and judgment, and should be aware of many more tips to take care of the kids in a safe and encouraging environment.

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