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					Baby Gift Dish Sets
Very few baby gifts are cherished as much as an infant or baby feeding set and our new Child and Toddler Baby Cutlery sets make a perfect gift for a growing child. Whether it's a birthday you're celebrating, a christening or a holiday, our child cutlery gift sets will help to mark the special celebration. What a wonderful way to celebrate the milestone when your baby is ready to start solids than with their very own baby fork and spoon set.

With the picture-taking excitement that comes when your baby is ready to take his or her first taste of solid food, you will be marking this momentous event with a gift that can be cherished for generations. It's a little known fact that when a child can "do it myself!" they are motivated to eat more of what's on their plate - including their vegetables.

Finding cutlery to suit children's small, inexpert hands can be a struggle, particularly when it comes to child cutlery that contains a small knife that is not only safe for a young child to use, but can also actually cut food. This special child cutlery set is perfect for young hands. The gentle curved blade on this child's gift set is safe, kid-friendly and will allow your child to learn to cut food on their own with ease.

Using their own cutlery set, your child will be taking their first steps towards more independence at mealtime. Our baby spoon sets are specially designed for small hands and small mouths, and make the perfect gift for a new baby on the way, a child about to explore his first foods or a toddler ready to take charge of their own independence. Each baby feeding set is beautifully gift-boxed for a perfect presentation. Baby feeding sets are always a treasured baby keepsake gift. For more details

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