SLV RETAC Minutes San Luis Valley RETAC by alicejenny


									                                    SLV RETAC Minutes
                                     September 14, 2006

Meeting called to order by J. Babcock, chair.

      Beverly Martinez                 Rio Grande Hospital
      Pam Gripp                        Baca Crestone Ambulance
      Jackie Montano                   Monte Vista Ambulance
      Todd Wright                      Del Norte Community Amb/SEMTAC
      Mona K. Lovato                   N.Saguache Co Ambulance
      Wesley Moores                    SLV Firefighters Assoc
      Mark Werts                       Saguache Sheriff
      Denise Stong                     Conejos County Hospital
      Phyllis Uribe                    Swedish Hospital
      Lon Sawyer                       Costilla County EMS
      Ted Anderson                     Alamosa Ambulance
      Jim Felmlee                      Center Fire and Ambulance
      Lora Hughes                      South Fork Ambulance
      Deb Haverfield                   TSJC
      J.B. Alexander                   Mineral County Ambulance
      Doug Davie                       Rio Grande County Commissioner
      Rodney King                      Conejos County EMS
      Jeff Babcock                     Homeland Security
      Pam Stewart                      CSP - 911
      Grant Hurley                     EMS Physician Advisor
      Norman Haug                      Rio Grande Hospital
      Lisa Werts                       American Red Cross

Members absent from meeting: Phil Leggitt, Denise Trujillo and Dr. Wheeler.

Guest Present:
      Danny Fox                         American Red Cross
      Moira Howard                      SLVEPR-PH
      Mike Narres                       Saguache Sheriff
      John Gilmore                      Flight for Life Colorado
      Shannon Odiet                    Eagle Air Medical
      Beth Quinlan                     SLVEPR-PH
      Bill Brinton                     SLVEPR-PH
      Lorrie Crawford                  USFS
      Ruby Favela-Garcia               Citizen Corp
      Dave Pote                        SLV Exercise Design Team

Approval of minutes without changes M/S/P Alexander/Gripp.

  1. A moment of silence was recognized for Larry Zimmer, a long standing member of
     RETAC and our communities who recently died from cancer,
    2. Shannon from Eagle Air discussed the possibility of Eagle Air offering continuing
       education for ambulances. The program would offer one topic each month and the site
       would rotate through each agency. For more information or if you are interested, contact
       Shannon with Eagle Air.
    3. Financial Report was review by Rodney. The profit/loss statement was in the agenda
       packet. Income was $27,500.00, expenses were $11,687.01, and other income from
       interest was $5.12 with the net income of $11692.13. The financial report was approved
       M/S/P Gripp/Lovato. The second report in the agenda packet was the financial report for
       the fiscal year July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006. The report was reviewed by Rodney with
       clarification made on dates. Approval of the Financial Report from July 1, 2005 to June
       30, 2006 M/S/P Gripp/Lovato.

                                 Agency/Facility Reports
Exercise Design Team: Rio Grande County will be having their DTR exercise on December 9th.

Conejos County Ambulance: Rodney reported that they had total of 58 runs in July and 41 runs in

Citizen Corp: Continuing recruiting and training. They are setting their goals for the coming

County Commissioner: Doug Davie reported that the Valley Commissioner meeting is coming
up. No further news to report.

Mineral County Ambulance: J.B. reported that they had about 20 runs a month this summer with
mainly medical patients. They did have a couple of ATV accidents last month.

South Fork Ambulance: Lora reported nothing new.

TSJC: Deb handed out fliers for upcoming ACLS and PALS classes. There will be a paramedic
course started in January on Tues, Wed and Thurs nights from 6-10 in conjunction with Pueblo
Community College.

Del Norte Community Ambulance: Darren reported that it has been relatively quiet with some
increase in runs. Del Norte is starting an addition to the ambulance barn and hope that it will be
completed in a few months.

SLVEPR – PH: Beth reported that the NIMS certificates are coming and she will pass out
temporary certificates to agencies tonight. Moira reported that public health is going to start
going over Pandemic Flu tabletop exercises in each county. Health care providers are invited to
attend. If someone is unable to attend the tabletop in their county, they may attend a tabletop in
another county.

Center Ambulance: Jim reported that they have had 160 runs total this year. They recently had an
agriculture related accident.

Alamosa Ambulance: Ted reported that they are up about 30 calls/month to about 1300 calls a

Costilla County Ambulance: Lon had nothing new to report.
Eagle Air Medical: Shannon reported that about 90% of the flights out are medical with 40%
going to Denver and about 40% going to Pueblo. There is a new paramedic joining the flight
team this month.

Swedish: Phyllis reported no new.

Conejos County Hospital: They had their trauma review this week and received 2 met with
reservations with notifying RETAC of divert status and trauma activation documentation. In July
they had 88 traumas with 6 transfers and in August they had 49 traumas with no admissions or

Saguache County Sheriff: Mike and Mark reported they had another plane crash and they also
had a fatal search and rescue.

SLVFFA: Wesley reported that the next meeting is coming up on Monday noc in Center. The
firefighters are gearing up for Fire Prevention Week.

Saguache County Ambulance: Mona reported that they have had mostly medical runs.

Flight for Life: John reported that they recently assisted with Alamosa for search and rescue at
Zapata Falls.

Monte Vista Ambulance: July they had 102 runs with 6 trauma ad in August they had 78 runs
with 11 traumas.

Physician Advisor: Dr. Hurley had nothing new to report.

American Red Cross: Danny reported that they are building their DAT teams.

Baca Crestone Ambulance: Pam reported that they had 5 calls. They are hosting a benefit dance
on October 13, 2006 at the Silver Crest Palace at 7pm.

Rio Grande Hospital: Beverly reported that they had one Level I trauma in the month of August,
but otherwise have had trauma’s involving lacerations, broken bones, etc. There is a TNCC class
in Walsenburg Monday and Tuesday. RGH is hosting an ACLS/PALS classes in October.

RETAC: Jon wanted to thank Jackie for the meal tonight. He is looking into reprogramming the
radios for those persons who wear more than one hat so that they only have to carry one radio
instead of a radio for fire and a radio for EMS for example. Jon reported that Denise was unable
to attend the meeting and SLVRMC had during the month of July they had 5 level I trauma
patients and 10 level II trauma patients with 10 FFL transfers. In August they had 5 level I
trauma patients and 8 level II trauma patients with 8 FFL transfers. They did divert 2 patients to
RGH due to full capacity.

  1. AED’s: In the packet there was a list of agencies/places that requested AED’s. The list
     was reviewed without changes at this time. The AED’s are not with the new
     programming and will be sent out with the old protocols and should be reprogrammed
     when the new protocols when available. The AED’s are Medtronic
  2. Grant update: The SLV received $480,000 in awards but the Life Pak and the other
     trailers were refused in the grant.
   3. RETAC Vehicle: a discussion regarding the contribution of funds from each agency to
      contribute to a new vehicle occurred. Costilla reported that they do not have a board
      meeting coming up; Alamosa reported that their board meeting is coming up; Monte
      Vista reported that their board requested more information; Saguache and Baca both
      stated willingness to contribute. Jon will present a proposal to the agency boards for
      review requesting the funds for a ¾ ton used vehicle. Issued tabled for next meeting.
   4. The retirement survey sent over the email is currently at EMSAC.

  1. Larry Zimmer current vice chairman position needs to be filled by an active RETAC
     member. There is some time and travel that will be involved with this position of vice-
     chair. Mona Lovato was nominated and accepted the nomination. M/S/P Sawyer/Hurley
     to accept Mona as the new vice chairman to RETAC council and executive committee.
     Pam discussed each service maybe donating to his memory for possible scholarship to
     interested persons for conferences, continuing education. The discussion was tabled until
     next meeting to allow agencies to discuss with services and boards.
  2. Membership terms on RETAC are appointed by the county commissioners. Currently
     some terms are expiring and need to be reappointed to the council. Beverly will assist
     Jon with a form and letter to the commissioners to appoint or re-appoint members to
  3. EMS Grant Review committee: a new cycle for the grants is coming out with a new
     template for scoring. Jon asked for volunteers to sit on the review committee and the
     following volunteered: Ted, Moira, J.B., Rodney, Beverly, Pam and Mona.
  4. The state has their new data entry on the web. Jon asked that services start sending
     information to the state via the web. Creede, Saguache and Baca are currently using this
  5. The combined communication network needs a representative from the SLV region to
     represent the interest of the valley regarding DTR radios. Pam Stewart currently attends
     the meetings and is looking for other volunteers from EMS and Fire to represent the SLV
     at these meetings and bring back the information.
  6. The needs assessment/online grant form for the state needs to be completed with profile.
     The grant and scoring is now online. For more information, contact Jon.
  7. DTR service agreement was discussed. Currently, the cost for service on the new radios
     will cost $10.00/month/radio for repairs and maintenance. Radios belong to the agency
     and the agency is responsible for the radios. The mobile mounts should be on fast track
     but there is no date yet. Hopefully, they should be shipped at the end of the month to
     SpectraCom for programming.

  1. Information to order the EMSAC decal is in the agenda packet.
  2. New flu information is in the agenda packet.
  3. 911 involvements: Jon asked Pam Stewart to sit on RETAC meetings to give information
     to and from the 911 board.
  4. Physician Advisor contact information: Jon would like email address to make sure that
     everyone is receiving updated information.

Meeting was adjourned at 2000. Next meeting is November 9th, 2006.

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