SendThisFile frees user data with exportable file transfer reports by sendthisfileco


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									    SendThisFile frees user data with exportable file transfer reports

SendThisFile® today is announcing the ability to export file transfer activity logs for Custom Upload

Custom Upload Forms allow SendThisFile customers to embed file sending capabilities into their public
website or private intranet, allowing visitors to upload and send large files from the web browser without
special software. SendThisFile's Enterprise plans include a powerful Transfer Log reporting option,
allowing customers to monitor and record user activity within Custom Upload Forms.

"Transfer Log reporting was a highly requested auditing feature from our Enterprise customers," said
John Stephens, SendThisFile VP of Operations. "Now detailed records can be easily generated for record

Transfer Logs can be exported in either Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format. Users can choose to
record file uploads and downloads for any month since the Custom Upload Form was created. Each time
a user chooses to send large files with a Custom Upload Form, the date, file size, file name, sender and
recipient email addresses are recorded.

"Many of our customers operate in heavily regulated industries and environments that require detailed
record keeping," said Scott Sexton, SendThisFile VP of Business Development. "By offering the ability to
create records for auditing using popular file formats, we solve their problem without tying them to a
proprietary system."

Transfer Logs reporting is available today to all SendThisFile Enterprise Plan customers.


Since 2003 SendThisFile, Inc. has been an industry leader in providing managed file transfers to its
clients. Its service provides an uncomplicated and secure way for computer users to send large files that
are too big for typical email servers. With over 1.5 million users served and more than 63 million files
transferred and customers in over 160 countries, SendThisFile is a proven and reliable partner for
Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and individual users.

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