MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT Between Texas AM University-Kingsville by WoodyWoodcock


									                  MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT
        Between Texas A&M University-Kingsville System Center
                The Alamo Community College District

The following agreement between Texas A&M University-Kingsville System Center - San
Antonio (TAMUK-SCSA), acting through Texas A&M University-Kingsville, and Alamo
Community College District (ACCD) defines a transfer and co-enrollment program for students
who wish to attend both institutions. The program will be known as the TEAMSA Program. The
agreement provides two tracks - TEAMSA Option 1 will guarantee admission to TAMUK-SCSA
for the student successfully completing the transfer program requirements and Option 2 is for
those students who want to co-enroll at both institutions. Students participating in the program
will designate a choice of Option 1 or Option 2.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville System Center-SA and ACCD agree to the following terms and

Option 1: TEAMSA Transfer Option

   1. Successful completion of the TEAMSA Option 1 guarantees admission and choice of
      major to TAMUK-SCSA through Texas A&M University-Kingsville.
   2. Successful completion of the program requires TEAMSA Option 1 students to complete
      the required core curriculum from the Alamo Community Colleges with a minimum GPA
      of 2.0 while remaining in good academic and social standing. Program participants
      meeting these requirements will be certified by the appropriate college as program
   3. TEAMSA students who complete Option 1 requirements may fulfill the remaining
      associate degree requirements at an Alamo Community College before enrolling at
      TAMUK-SCSA or as co-enrolled students at both institutions.
   4. TEAMSA students who fulfill the Option 1 requirements and wish to co-enroll may
      continue as TEAMSA students under Option 2 as defined in this agreement.
   5. Upon completion of the Option 1 requirements, TEAMSA students will be required to
      participate in an orientation program at TAMUK-SCSA before transferring to TAMUK-

Option 2: TEAMSA Co-Enrollment Option

   1. Students who complete the application process at each institution, are admitted to both
      institutions, and maintain enrollment in at least three hours at each institution are eligible
      to sign a TEAMSA Option 2 agreement.
   2. Students entering the TEAMSA program with college level credit resulting from transfer,
      dual-concurrent enrollment, Advanced Placement, CLEP, or other recognized means by

TAMUK-SCSA Memorandum of Agreement                                                            Page 1
       which credit is awarded by examination shall receive credit as appropriate and are
       subject to each institution’s respective transfer policies.
   3. A Financial Aid consortium agreement between TAMUK-SCSA and ACCD will be
       updated through a separate document from this memorandum of agreement. The
       agreement will be based on the current financial aid agreement between TAMUK-SCSA
       and ACCD.
   4. TEAMSA Co-enrollment students must be in compliance with Texas Success Initiative
       requirements and will complete required developmental courses at the Alamo
       Community Colleges. Courses required for remediation shall not be counted toward the
       minimum degree requirements at either institution.
   5. Co-enrollment TEAMSA students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours
       toward an associate’s degree before full transfer to TAMUK-SCSA excluding any
       developmental education requirement.
   6. Students in the TEAMSA Co-Enrollment Option will be required to participate in the
       mandatory orientation at each institution.
   7. A GPA will be calculated at each institution based on the courses taken by the student at
       that institution and in accordance with the methodology used to calculate the GPA at
       each institution.
   8. To the extent possible, all student services, student activities, student organizations,
       etc., will be available to TEAMSA students on both campuses. Facilities such as
       dormitories, libraries, athletic fields, classrooms and other campus facilities at both
       ACCD and TAMUK-SCSA will be made available to the TEAMSA students. Each
       institution will provide a Student ID to the TEAMSA Co-enrollment student.
   9. TEAMSA students must meet the respective institution’s payment deadlines for all
       appropriate fees and tuition payable to each institution.
   10. TEAMSA students are expected to be knowledgeable of the TAMUK-SCSA Student
       Rules and the ACCD Colleges’ Student Rules and will agree to comply with said rules.

      a. TEAMSA students appealing academic or disciplinary issues will be directed to the
         institution under whose jurisdiction the matter falls and will follow established
         procedures at that institution.
      b. Appeals regarding continued participation in the TEAMSA Program will be heard by
         the TEAMSA Oversight and Coordination Committee (defined below) whose decision
         is final.

   11. Students removed from the TEAMSA Program for either academic or disciplinary
      reasons will no longer by guaranteed admission to either institution. A TEAMSA student
      who is removed from the TEAMSA Program for academic or disciplinary reasons may
      continue at ACCD or TAMUK-SCSA with the approval of appropriate officials.

Terms for both TEAMSA Options:

   1. Both institutions will designate a specific office/advisor to which TEAMSA students will
      report for advising.

TAMUK-SCSA Memorandum of Agreement                                                        Page 2
   2. TEAMSA students’ academic records will be maintained and kept current on both
      campuses with appropriate periodic exchange of information upon request between the
      two institutions.
      To facilitate the transfer of student records and the appropriate application of course
      work toward the fulfillment of degree requirements, TEAMSA students will be asked to
      sign a document that will permit the release of their academic records and allow the
      bilateral sharing of those records between the two institutions. Students who choose not
      to sign will be regular transfer students but not a part of the TEAMSA Program.
   3. Students in the TEAMSA Program shall be permitted to transfer course credits between
      the two institutions in accordance with the policies of the institutions.
   4. TAMUK-SCSA and ACCD will collaborate to determine when students in either option
      have fulfilled the requirements for an associate’s degree. TAMUK-SCSA will provide a
      transcript to the ACCD when students earn 72 semester hours and upon graduation.
      ACCD will ascertain if and when degree requirements are fulfilled, and a reverse transfer
      degree will be awarded by the appropriate Alamo Community College to students
      meeting requirements.
   5. ACCD and TAMUK-SCSA are committed to sharing resources such as faculty,
      instructional strategies and materials, research efforts, and student success initiatives in
      order to improve the retention and completion rates of ACCD/TAMUK-SCSA students.
   6. TEAMSA Oversight and Coordination Committee:

      a. A committee responsible for the oversight and coordination of the TEAMSA Program
         will be formed with representatives from each campus consisting of:
         1. Academic Affairs (one from each campus)
         2. Admissions (one from each campus)
         3. Financial Aid (one from each campus)
         4. Student Affairs (one from each campus)
      b. This committee will be co-chaired by the TAMUK-SCSA Dean of Academic Affairs
         and the ACCD Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Partnerships and Initiatives.
      c. The committee will be responsible for the periodic evaluation of the program, the
         assessment of its success through review of enrollment and student success data,
         and recommendations for its future continuation.
      d. This committee will serve as an appeal panel for students whose continued
         participation in the TEAMSA Program has been denied.

   7. Termination and renewal of this memorandum of agreement:
      a. This agreement shall commence on October 10, 2008 and terminate on October 10,
      b. Prior to its termination date, this agreement may be renewed, for a period not to
         exceed five years, upon the mutual written consent of both institutions.
      c. Prior to its termination date, this agreement may be terminated by either institution
         when written notice of its intent to terminate is provided by one of the institutions to
         the other institution.

TAMUK-SCSA Memorandum of Agreement                                                         Page 3
       d. The notice of termination must be provided no later than one year prior to the desired
          date of termination.
       e. In the event this agreement is terminated, for students admitted to the program prior
          to the termination, both institutions agree to abide by the TEAMSA Program
          practices in effect when those students were admitted and, furthermore, agree that
          those students will be allowed to complete the remainder of their time in the program.
       f. Amendments may be made to this agreement by the mutual written consent of both

Agreed to this 10th day of October 2008, by:

Micheal D. McKinney, M.D., Chancellor                           Dr. Bruce Leslie, Chancellor
The Texas A&M University System                           Alamo Community College District

TAMUK-SCSA Memorandum of Agreement                                                       Page 4

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