Latest Web Based & Customer Services Features in EPOS Systems

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					        Latest Web Based & Customer Services
               Features in EPOS Systems
Due to the increasing competition and more manufacturers coming into the electronic point of sales
industry, several electronic point of sales systems suppliers are now offering EPOS systems at much
lesser prices and with the flexibility to run through off-the-shelf EPOS systems. Now EPOS software
offered by EPOS manufacturers can be used on EPOS systems machines as well as generic PC

Newest EPOS systems equipped with latest features and technology have been offering several
business solutions for retail and small scale businesses. Some of the added features in latest POS
systems are opportunities to take orders and sale products and services online. This web based
feature of electronic point of sales systems offers an excellent opportunity to increase sales online
and access new potential customers through web. One more extraordinary feature available on dry
cleaning epos is integration of EPOS software with receiving calls and customer support services.
Usually customer support facility at most of the retail businesses is available at phones and such
organizations avail services of a third party usually located in an Asian country like India, Pakistan

All this non-integration between POS system and phone creates a bit complexity for businesses as
third party placed for receiving does not belong to the native language of customers. Also customer
queries and questions asked cannot be properly entertained and served due to the physical absence
of representatives receiving the call. This situation makes the work of business management and
customer order processing complex for managers as their work load increases because they have to
manually process all phone call orders by customers.
Latest Restaurant EPOS systems offer customers ease to manage phone calls and process orders
simultaneously. These systems save time and resources for business administration to a significant
extent which can be used to increase business efficiency and sales. Although such modern electronic
point of sales systems with local customer support services features are a bit expensive for middle
and small scale retail business but benefits obtained from this feature can be much cost-effective for
any business in the long run.

Such latest POS systems also benefit businesses in several other ways as these Pharmacy point of
sale solutions increase customer satisfaction for your business as customers do not need to wait for
long time for their orders to be processed. Customer orders can be taken through phone calls and
quickly forwarded to staff members for processing. Also business resources can be saved as daily
wages can be saved paid for hiring services for customer services representatives over the seas. In
the current business environment of economic backlash and increasing competition in various
business segments, POS systems have become a vital resource to survive and succeed in business
workplace. Installation of EPOS systems in business is an important way to boost sales, save business
resources and increase customer satisfaction.

E-till Solutions is one of the most experienced Wholesale point of sales systems suppliers in UK
which has been providing Pharmacy EPOS systems, Restaurant EPOS systems, Dry Cleaning EPOS
systems for the last 11 years.

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Description: This article illustrates some added features and benefits of latest web based EPOS systems and how such modern EPOS solutions can be used for gaining extra benefits for businesses.