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					                                                 Brandon A. Miller
                           Orlando, Florida / /


      Cameras: Canon 7D, XH-A1, XL-1/XL-2. Panasonic HPX 500, HVX 200, ENG 400.
      Audio: Lavaliere Mic, Wireless Lavaliere Mic, Handheld Mic, Boom Mic, TASCAM Portable Audio Recorder
      Lighting: Arri Light, Kino Flo Light, Ikans LED Light Kit, Mole Richardson Lights
      Production: Director, Script Writing, Cinematography

      Editing: Final Cut Pro (5.0 – 7.0), AVID (3 - 4), Adobe Premiere (CS3 and CS4), Adobe Encore (CS3)
      Graphics: Adobe After Effects (CS3 and CS4), Adobe Photoshop (CS3 and CS4)
      Audio: Pro Tools (LE 8 and HD 8), Adobe Soundbooth (Versions CS3 and CS4), Soundtrack Pro
      Other: Compressor, Windows Office Applications 2007, DVD Studio Pro.


      Camera Operator                                      Catch Ride
      2012                                                 Ocala, Florida

          At the 2012 Ocala Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) horse jumping competition, my responsibility was to film equine
          exhibitions at the HITS Post Time Farm. At the farms 10 exhibition rings, I filmed over 400 performances from various
          ages and classes of equine riders.

      Editor- Internship                                   U.S. Media
      2009                                                 Coral Springs, Florida

          Responsible for editing a variety of news and business oriented reels that would air on broadcast television. Assisted
          with in-house productions, which included set design, setting up audio and video equipment, and client interview areas.
          Also helped to organize the company’s large library of archived video tapes and reels from past productions.

      Custodian                                            Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District (WECMRD)
      2007                                                 Gypsum, Colorado

          Served on a custodial team that maintained a 56,000 square feet recreation facility. Primary responsibility was to
          hygienically clean a fitness environment for members of a multi-use facility. The upkeep of various rooms, exercise
          equipment, indoor pool maintenance, and outdoor areas were completed on a daily basis by our team.

      Temp Work
          While enrolled in school I completed several temporary odd jobs such as: lawn care, holiday resort performance acting,
          dog-sitting, and storage unit cleaning.


      Bachelor and Associates of Science: Digital Film and Video Production
              The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
              Graduated Magna Cum-Laude in Associates and Bachelors Programs
              Classes: Short Form Media, Digital Video Effects, Digital Film and Documentary, Digital
              Cinematography, Digital Interactive Authoring, Advanced Sound Design, Event Production
              Script Writing, Television Studio Production, Advanced Non-Linear Editing

               Maintained 12 consecutive semesters of high honors at The Art Institute

      Nova South Eastern University
             Marine Biology

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