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									           Criminal Justice
                          2+2 Bachelor’s Degree Program*

Columbia State Community College and Tennessee State University Partnership
Columbia State and Tennessee State University (TSU) have teamed up to provide
Associate’s Degree students the opportunity to complete the TSU Criminal Justice
Bachelor’s Degree directly from Columbia State campus in Columbia, TN rather than on
the TSU campus in Nashville, TN. In cooperation with the Tennessee Board of Regents,
students complete the General Transfer A.S. (or A.A.) Degree with a Criminal Justice
emphasis through Columbia State and then “transfer” to TSU for completion of the B.S. (or
B.A.) Degree (see reverse side for program requirements).

Quality Education and Student Advisement
By offering all courses through Columbia State, students can maintain their local
residences, continue to work, and avoid the anxiety and hassle of relocation. TSU provides
the same high value, affordable, educational experience and main campus quality
instruction in traditional classroom, online, and hybrid formats. In addition, students receive
individual assistance and advisement via a TSU Off-Campus Program Coordinator and Off-
Campus Counselor, who strive to ensure the students enjoy all of the benefits of the TSU
Criminal Justice Program, but from a distance.

2011 Cohort Now Forming
A cohort for Fall 2011 is now forming - contact one of the 2+2 Program representatives
below to get more details and to schedule an advisement appointment!

2+2 Program Contacts
Dr. Cyndi Koller                Adrian Miller              Dr. Robert Grubb, Jr.
TSU Off-Campus Program          TSU Off-Campus Program     Columbia State
Coordinator                     Counselor                  CJ Program Director
(615) 963-7040                  (615) 963-7182             (931) 540-2758                             

*Program availability contingent upon minimum enrollment requirements.

                               Columbia State Community College
                                  Tennessee State University

                              In partnership ... bringing TSU to you!
               Tennessee State University & Columbia State Community College
                      2+2 Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree Program
                                   Course Requirements*

                                Columbia State Community College*

English                                                Natural Science
□ ENGL 1010 Composition I               3              □ Natural Science Elective                          4
□ ENGL 1020 Composition II              3              □ Natural Science Elective                          4
                                                       Electives must meet general requirements.
Speech (Choose One)                3
□ COMM 1120 Intro to Communication                     Major Core Courses                                19
□ COMM 2100 Argumentation and Debate                   □ CJT 1000 Introduction to Criminal Justice
                                                       □ Criminal Law Class (Choose One)
Humanities/Fine Arts                   9                  CJT 1010 Criminal Law
□ Literature Elective                                     CJT 201 Constitutional Rights of Prisoners
□ Humanities Elective                                     CJT 207 Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure
□ Humanities Elective                                  □ CJT 1100 Introduction to Law Enforcement
Electives must meet general requirements.              □ CJT 1200 Introduction to Corrections
                                                       □ CIS 109 Computer Applications
History** (Choose Two)                  6              □ PSY 205 Psychology of Adjustment
□ HIST 2010 Survey of Am History I                     □ CJT or University Parallel Elective (One Credit
□ HIST 2020 Survey of Am History II                      Minimum)
□ HIST 2030 Tennessee History
                                                                Total Credits                              60
Social/Behavioral Sciences
□ PSY 203 Introductory to Psychology    3              *General Transfer A.S. Degree with Criminal Justice em-
□ SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology     3              phasis. A.A. Degree has foreign language requirements.
                                                       Please see Columbia State Catalog.
Mathematics                                            **See advisor regarding World Civilization course option
□ Math Elective                        3               if High School history courses completed.
Elective must meet general requirements.

                                       Tennessee State University
                     Junior Year                                               Senior Year

English                                                Sociology
□ ENGL 3106 Technical Report Writing 3                 □ SOCI UD Elective                         3

Psychology                                             Criminal Justice
□ PSYC 3210 Abnormal Psychology         3              □ CRMJ UD Elective                         3
□ PSYC 3410 Social Psychology           3              □ CRMJ UD Elective                         3
□ PSYC UD Elective                      3              □ CRMJ UD Elective                         3
                                                       □ CRMJ UD Elective                         3
Sociology                                              □ CRMJ 4500 Senior Project                 3
□ SOCI 2300 Social Problems             3              □ CRMJ 4000 Senior Practicum              12
□ SOCI 3000 Statistics                  3
□ SOCI UD Elective                      3                      Total Credits                     60
□ SOCI UD Elective                      3
                                                       *Upper Division (UD) CRMJ Electives may be substituted for
Criminal Justice                                       UD Psychology and Sociology Electives with Departmental
□ CRMJ 3000 Research Methods            3              Approval.
□ CRMJ UD Elective                      3
*Courses subject to change based on Tennessee Board of Regents’ transfer and degree requirements. Minimum
 GPA requirements for admission and degree. See current TSU Undergraduate Catalog at

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