Some Useful Advice On How To Dress For A Job Interview

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					Tips On How To Dress For A Job Interview

Possibly even more stressful than the questions you are going to have to answer, you are going to
have to find the perfect outfit to wear to a job interview. You want to look professional and like you
are going to fit in with the company. You will find all kinds of advice on job searching sites. However,
a good rule of thumb for Men is that you can’t overdress for the interview. Shirt and tie or a suit is
always a safe choice. For women, picking the clothes is more challenging.

For both men and women, try to pick an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that fits you
properly. You don’t want pants that are too tight or a shirt that is too snug across the chest. It can
be a distraction for both you and your interviewer and that is the last thing you want. In the same
light, endeavour to pick colours that suit you but aren’t too bright. If you decide to wear cloths with
patterns ensure that the patterns are not too bold for a professional engagement. As much as
possible wear something that is subtle in colour, flattering but not too loud. Remember that you are
there for an interview and not for a night out. You want the interviewer to focus on your answers,
not what you are wearing.

For ladies, when you are out for a job interview, do not bring with you a heavily printed bag. A purse
would be a better option and as always choose a conservative colour that would go along with your

Remember too that your overall appearance is going to be judged, and this includes more than the
clothes you are wearing. It is also important to pay attention to hygiene and grooming. This is even
more important if you are going for jobs in London. To this end, make every attempt to be clean,
neat and tidy. It is probably best not to wear a strong scent. There is every chance that the
interview will be conducted in a small room and a strong smelling perfume could make others
uncomfortable. Your finger nails should be short and clean. Similarly, your hair should be clean and
tidy and brush your teeth immediately before leaving for the interview. Carry mints or breathe
freshener with you if possible.

You might be wondering what all of these details has to do with your qualifications and getting the
job on offer. It has a lot to do with it, especially if you are going to be dealing with a Company’s
customers face-to-face. The company will want to hire employees who are going to represent the
establishment in the best possible light. In addition, many people believe that the way you present
yourself is an indication of the way you work. Consequently, if a person is perceived as untidy, that
person will most likely be expected to produce untidy work. That will obviously not encourage an
employer to offer you that wonderful office job.

You do not have to be a power dresser or a head turner when you get set for a job interview. You
just need to follow the basic rule of looking professional and presentable.

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Description: In some cases even more nerve-wracking than the questions you will be expected to respond to, you'll have to buy the suitable clothes to wear for a job interview. You need to look like a skilled professional and make an impression that you are likely to fit well within the company. You will find all different kinds of help and advice on job sites. However, a good rule of thumb intended for guys is that you can’t overdress for the job interview. Shirt plus a tie or even a suit is usually a safe option. For ladies, selecting the clothes is far more complicated.