BUSINESS LEADER
                                                                                                                                       FALL 2009

In the last issue of the Business Leader, we    over 1,000 to date--whose input helped in-
reported on the initiation of a consensus       form our strategic planning process.
strategic planing process for economic de-
velopment in Los Angeles County.                Through local stakeholder consultations,
                                                community outreach, a review of best eco-
Increasingly across the world, cities, coun-    nomic development practices of counties
ties, and entire regions are adopting           and cities throughout the world, regional
strategic plans to guide their economic         industry cluster focus groups and a survey
development. They all understand that a         of over 5,000 businesses operating in L.A.
thoughtful strategic plan is essential to       County, the LAEDC has helped facilitate
making informed decisions and anticipating,     the creation of an economic development             LAEDC proudly introduces
managing and navigating complex and un-         strategic plan that is reflective of the distinct
predictable economic, social and develop-
ment challenges by getting stakeholders
to come together, invest, and behave ac-
                                                needs of the L.A. County economy--a
                                                $490 billion economy that is larger than
                                                the economies of Taiwan or Hong Kong.
cording to a shared vision.

In development of such a plan for L.A.
                                                More than two dozen public forums held
                                                throughout the County have been vital to
County, for the past year, the LAEDC has        developing and building support for the                   .COM
been engaging stakeholders including            county-wide economic development strategy.            Your online resource
business, government, labor, education,                                                             guide to doing business
environment, and community leaders--                                 > Continued on page 4
                                                                                                     in Los Angeles County
                                                                                                                   (See page 4)

                                                                                                    INSIDE THIS ISSUE
MOST BUSINESS-FRIENDLY CITY                                                                         CaTLI, L.A. PLAN Updates ........... Page 2
                                                                                                    CleanTech L.A.; BT&H Survey...... Page 3
Bell Gardens • Commerce • La Mirada • Santa Fe Springs
                                                                                                    Access to Capital .........................Page 4
Alhambra • Downey • Lakewood • Long Beach
                                                                                                    Mid-year Economic Forecast ...... Page 5
Torrance • Whittier
                                                                                                    Most Business-Friendly City ........Page 6

Ten L.A. County cities have been selected as   strate each city’s commitment to facilitating        Eddy Awards® ............................. Page 7
finalists for the LAEDC’s Most Business-       economic development and growth of busi-             International Trade Outlook ........Page 8
Friendly City in Los Angeles County Awards.    nessess and jobs in their communities.
The finalists were chosen by a blue ribbon                                                          Orange Line Extension ................Page 9
panel of economic development leaders                                                               Recent Awards; Staff Updates.....Page 10
based on a number of criteria which demon-                           > Continued on page 6
                                                                                                    Membership Updates ................. Page 11

   MISSION                                     L.A. PLAN WORKS WITH
   The California Transportation &
   Logistics Institute (CaTLI), a subsidiary   COUNTY ON MASTER PLANS
   of the LAEDC, has been selected as
   the workforce intermediary under a
                                               LAEDC subsidiary helps L.A. County with land use development
   Department of Labor funded project
   for the California Space Authority.
                                               Since its beginning more than one year          MARTIN LUTHER KING MEDICAL CAMPUS
   CaTLI will receive $45,000 as part          ago, L.A PLAN, a subsidiary of the LAEDC,
   of the 6-month grant. The objective         has been working with Los Angeles County        L.A. PLAN recently helped the County of
   is to create and sustain a regional         and other public entities to bring creative     Los Angeles and the Urban Land Institute,
   innovation strategy with initial focus      solutions to their real estate challenges.      Los Angeles (ULI-LA) produce a two-day
   on the aerospace industry by building                                                       Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) that was
   infrastructure to support the growth        L.A. PLAN has been laying the groundwork        tasked with analyzing and providing rec-
   of education and workforce develop-         upon which it will build strong working         ommendations for the redevelopment of
   ment programs with the aerospace            relationships with various Los Angeles          the medical center and surrounding area.
   industry and community leadership.          area public entities and develop public-
                                               private partnerships (P3s), which have          The medical center is comprised of 38 acres
   Project partners include the South Bay      become important economic and commu-            and is surrounded by another 60 acres
   Economic Development Partnership,           nity development drivers during these dif-      owned in part by the Community Develop-
   South Bay Workforce Investment              ficult economic times.                          ment Commission of Los Angeles, Compton
   Board, Los Angeles Harbor College,                                                          Unified School District, Los Angeles Unified
   El Camino College, and California           Over the past year, L.A. PLAN has worked        School District, and Charles Drew University.
   State University Dominguez Hills,           closely with Los Angeles County staff on a      The panel’s recommendations were pre-
   and will be expanded to include             number of County projects. These projects       sented on the evening of the second day
   South Bay aerospace employers.              include:                                        and will be formalized in a booklet to be
                                                                                               released soon. The TAP was the begin-
   CaTLI was also selected by the                • Working with Regional Planning staff        ning of what will hopefully be an effective
   Community Development Department              on the land use and economic devel-           dialogue between all of the shareholders
   of the City of L.A. through a competi-        opment elements of a draft revised            in the area.
   tive Request for Information to               County General Plan
   receive a one-year, $49,500 grant             • A Los Angeles County Industrial             LAC+USC
   to provide logistics sector intermediary      Land Use Analysis Study
   services. CaTLI will bring together                                                         L.A. PLAN has also worked with Supervisor
                                                 • A mapping project laying out all of the     Gloria Molina’s office on developing a strat-
   employers and workers, public and
                                                 County-owned property, as well as all the     egy to master plan the LAC+USC campus
   private funding streams, and relevant
                                                 publicly-owned property in the County         and surrounding area.
   partners to create and implement
   pathways to career advancement                • A study of potential re-use of the for-
   and employment in the logistics               mer County General Hospital building          L.A. PLAN will soon issue a general request
   industry for the City of Los Angeles.         • A development analysis for a 200-           for qualifications in an effort to attract and
                                                 acre, County-owned parcel                     qualify the best land use and real estate
   For more information about CaTLI,                                                           consultants in the Los Angeles County region
   contact Al Shepetuk, President, at                                                          to assist L.A. PLAN as it moves forward
                                               Currently, L.A. PLAN is involved in visioning   with its projects. or visit
                                               and master planning strategies for Martin                              Luther King Medical Campus and L.A.             For more information, contact Rob
                                               County + USC Medical Center (LAC+USC).
                                                                                               Gilmore, President, at (213) 238-4856.

Page   2
                                                                                                                            BUSINESS LEADER

LAEDC partners with government, education and business groups to establish Los Angeles as a
clean technology capital

                                                                                                         new technologies. CleanTech Los Angeles
                                                                                                         will focus on four key areas: Testing, R&D,
                                                                                                         and Commercialization; Advocacy for
                                                                                                         Funds; Education and Outreach; and Eco-
                                                                                                         nomic Development Strategy.

                                                                                                         “Los Angeles is leading the nation with its
                                                                                                         commitment to reducing its environmental
                                                                                                         footprint and this collaboration will un-
                                                                                                         doubtedly stimulate innovation in our region
                                                                                                         and provide opportunities to create and attract
                                                                                                         clean tech companies who wish to capitalize
                                                                                                         on the region’s enormous public demand
                                                                                                         for their innovative solutions,” said Allen.

                                                                                                         The partnership is currently working together
                                                                                                         on initiatives such as,
                                                                                                         the California Climate Change Institute, the
                                                                                                         CleanTech Manufacturing Center, and the
                                                                                                         Clean Technology Research Center. Planned
L-R: LAEDC President and CEO Bill Allen; University of Southern California Executive Vice President      future programs include the CleanTech Cor-
and Provost C. L. Max Nikias; California Institute of Technology President Dr. Jean Lou Chameau; Los     ridor, advocacy for federal and state funding,
Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; and University of California Los Angeles Chancellor Gene Block.      and greater collaborations and partnerships.

                                                                                                         Signatories of the Memorandum of Under-
In a collaboration that officials expect will         Los Angeles as a global capital of clean           standing are Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa,
boost environmental research and bring                technology.                                        California Institute of Technology President
green jobs to Los Angeles, LAEDC President                                                               Jean-Lou Chameau, University of California
and CEO Bill Allen joined City of Los Angeles         The mission of CleanTech Los Angeles is to         Los Angeles Chancellor Gene Block, University
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and representa-            establish the L.A. region as a global leader       of Southern California President Steven
tives from government, education, and                 in the research, commercialization, produc-        Sample, LAEDC President and CEO Bill Allen,
business to formally sign a partnership               tion, and deployment of clean technologies         Los Angeles Business Council President
known as CleanTech Los Angeles. This part-            as well as to promote the development of           Mary Leslie, and Los Angeles Area Chamber
nership, the first of its kind, aims to establish     capital, talent, and workforce to drive these
                                                                                                         of Commerce President Gary Toebben.

                                                        priority opportunities for economic             and in a number of cases improve our
    LAEDC COMPLETES                                     recovery and sustainable long-term eco-         environment as well.
                                                        nomic growth. The LAEDC was one of
    A COUNTYWIDE                                        twelve organizations in the state asked to      BT&H’s operations address myriad
                                                        do this for their region.                       issues that directly impact the state’s
    SURVEY FOR BT&H                                                                                     economic vitality and quality of life
                                                        For its part, the LAEDC solicited information   including transportation, public safety,
                                                        from 218 public entities in L.A. County         affordable housing, international trade,
    In March, the LAEDC was asked by the                                                                financial services, tourism, and managed
                                                        and received information on over 1,048
    California Business, Transportation &                                                               healthcare.
                                                        projects--more than 480 of them “shovel-
    Housing Agency (BT&H) to facilitate the
                                                        ready”--worth approximately $38.8 billion.
    compilation of a Regional Economic                                                                  To view the full report, visit
                                                        Together, these projects have the potential
    Recovery Work Plan for Los Angeles                                                         Select “Regional
                                                        to create tens of thousands of critically-
    County in order to maximize the effect of                                                           Economic Recovery Work Plans” and
                                                        needed jobs, significantly stimulate our
    the federal stimulus and identify high-
                                                        county, state and national economies,           click on L.A. County on the map.

                                                                                                                                                Page   3

COUNTY STRATEGIC PLAN                           ment and business leadership adopt and
Continued from page 1 >                         implement the recommendations within the
                                                plan to ensure our region’s sustained eco-
                                                nomic growth and competitive advantage.        ACCESS TO
The primary goals of the economic devel-
opment plan are to grow more and better
                                                The Los Angeles County Board of Supervi-       CAPITAL
jobs and to stimulate, support, and sustain
economic prosperity for all Los Angeles
                                                sors will consider the plan for adoption in
                                                the fall and implementation is scheduled       RESOURCES
County residents. To accomplish this goal,
the Consensus Strategic Plan for Economic
                                                to begin in January.
                                                                                               AVAILABLE AT
Development contains five components:
                                                The LAEDC will champion and facilitate the
                                                implementation of this new five-year plan by   CHOOSELACOUNTY
  1. Creating a business-friendly envi-
                                                encouraging strategic partners throughout
                                                the county to accept leadership roles in       WEBSITE
  2. Enhancing our quality of life.             implementing each of the plan’s major ob-
  3. Preparing an educated workforce.           jectives. Measures of progress are being
                                                                                               Finding sources of capital may be
                                                developed and will be regularly published
  4. Implementing smart land use.                                                              one of your company’s biggest con-
                                                during the implementation years of 2010
  5. Creating 21st century infrastructure.                                                     cerns or challenges. Los Angeles
                                                through 2014.
                                                                                               County is home to a wealth of capi-
Now that our regional stakeholders have                                                        tal resources for small, medium, or
                                                For more information on the Strategic
come together to develop a comprehensive,                                                      large businesses.
                                                Plan, please contact Gregory Freeman,
collaborative, consensus strategic plan for     Vice President of Economic and Policy
economic development in Los Angeles                                                            The LAEDC’s new website,
                                                Consulting, at (213) 236-4846.
County, it is vital that our regional govern-                                        , has a com-
                                                                                               prehensive list of financial firms
                                                                                               throughout Southern California for
             5 ASPIRATIONAL GOALS OF THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY                                    companies seeking capital and other
                                                                                               financing options, as well as the
           CONSENSUS STRATEGIC PLAN FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                                   services provided by equity firms,
                                                                                               investment banks, and debt
    CREATING A BUSINESS-                         PREPARING AN
                                                                                               In an effort to provide information to
    FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT                         EDUCATED WORKFORCE                            businesses seeking to relocate or
                                                 Make improved educational outcome             expand in Los Angeles County, the
    Make L.A. County and all its stakehold-                                                    LAEDC recently launched
    ers more business-friendly and en-           an imperative and align workforce and
                                                 economic development strategies to  , a website
    sure that the state, county, and city                                                      designed to promote the County, the
    governments are more customer-dri-           promote, nurture, and advance our
                                                 county’s most important resource in           resources available to businesses in
    ven in their interactions with busi-                                                       the region and to showcase the
    nesses and that government                   the global economy – human capital.
                                                                                               many industry clusters that drive
    processes are more predictable, un-                                                        the economic growth of the area.
    derstandable, and timely. Public
    and private stakeholders should                                                            Some of the important features of
    help attract, incubate, grow, and re-        IMPLEMENTING SMART                   include infor-
    tain businesses, jobs, research fund-        LAND USE                                      mation about the region’s many
    ing, capital investment, and tourism.                                                      industry clusters, Enterprise Zones,
                                                 Align land use and economic develop-          major modes of transportation, for-
                                                 ment strategies to ensure an adequate         eign direct investment and, in par-
                                                 supply of land for job creating uses.         ticular, access to capital resources.

    ENHANCING OUR                                                                              Visit the Business Resources section
    QUALITY OF LIFE                                                                            of to download
                                                 CREATING 21ST CENTURY                         the free listings of financial firms and
    Improve the quality of life in Los           INFRASTRUCTURE                                for other business resources to help
    Angeles County in order to attract                                                         your business make it big in Los
    and retain employers and employees.          Maintain, improve, and add critical in-       Angeles County.
                                                 frastructure to accommodate and cat-
                                                 alyze economic growth in L.A. County.

Page   4
                                                                                                                              BUSINESS LEADER

Government finance panel painted grim picture of the budget with rallying call for change

On July 22, over 350 business                                                                                         Ph.D. “At mid-year 2009,
executives converged at the Los                                                                                       California, too, is in a serious
Angeles Marriott Downtown for                                                                                         recession, and the economic news
the LAEDC’s Mid-year Economic                                                                                         during 2009 has been dismal,”
Forecast as a distinguished panel                                                                                     said Sidhu. “The state’s econom-
of state, county, and city elected                                                                                    ic downturn also should hit bot-
leaders discussed our govern-                                                                                         tom by the end of 2009, but the
ment finance issues, while the                                                                                        recovery will be moderate at best.”
second panel of economists
unveiled the updated Economic                                                                                         “The five Southern California metro
Forecast for 2009-2010.                                                                                               areas are struggling in 2009,” said
                                                                                                                      Jack Kyser, Founding Economist
California State Controller John                                                                                      of the Kyser Center for Economic
Chiang addressed recent devel-                                                                                        Research. “Job losses will continue
opments regarding the budget                                                                                          in construction, manufacturing,
deal between the Governor and                                                                                         retailing and leisure and hospi-
legislative leaders and the overall                                                                                   tality services. Almost all major
budget deficit problem. He noted                                                                                      Southern California industries
that there are principally three        L-R: LAEDC President and CEO Bill Allen, Chairman of the Los Angeles County   are struggling during 2009.”
revenue sources for the state:          Board of Supervisors Don Knabe, California State Controller John Chiang, City
income, sales, and corporate            of Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, and LAEDC Chairman Lloyd Greif                   John Burns, Founder & CEO,
taxes. As unemployment                                                                                                   John Burns Real Estate
increases, which is projected to                     there are talks about reducing or eliminating                       Consulting, believes the housing
continue into 2010, all three sources of             Enterprise Zones which have been extremely              industry is bouncing back. He pointed out
revenue will continue to fall.                       beneficial for his city. It will become more            that there are many perks for buyers such
                                                     challenging for businesses to thrive if job             as tax credit programs from the FHA, and
Chairman of the L.A. County Board of                 creation and retention is not a state priority.         that the cost of owning is cheaper than
Supervisors Don Knabe addressed the                                                                          renting in some areas. He also sees hous-
impact of the state budget issues on local           All three officials emphasized that the state           ing prices going back to 2003 levels.
municipalities. The State’s deficit is “cata-        should cut its spending and to turn its
strophic” for the County as many services            attention instead to promoting business                 Kyser and Sidhu predict a “lazy L” recovery,
will be cut. He expressed his frustration            development in order to retain existing                 a very slow comeback, while Burns sees
that counties and cities do not have any             businesses and attract new ones. They                   more of a “W with a long tail”, a quick
input on this budget.                                also stressed that California should focus on           upturn followed by another dip later in 2010.
                                                     its human capital and draw from the talented
From the city perspective, City of Long              workforce and innovative spirit to reinvent             LAEDC Associate Economists Ferdinando
Beach Mayor Bob Foster also expressed                and resurrect the state.                                Guerra and Kimberly Ritter contributed to
his frustration as the city has responsibly                                                                  this article. To download the full Mid-year
reduced their budget over the years only to          Kicking off the economic overview panel                 Forecast Update, visit
now have more taken away by the state’s              was LAEDC Kyser Center for Economic                     Save the date for the Annual Economic
budget process. He is also concerned that            Research Chief Economist Nancy D. Sidhu,                Forecast on February 17, 2010.


                                                                   MEDIA PARTNERS
    KNX 1070 • Los Angeles Times • LA Daily News • LA Downtown News • San Marino Tribune • Business Life Magazine

                                                                                                                                                  Page   5

10 L.A. County cities vie for the top spots in 2 categories: population under and over 60,000

The Most Business-Friendly City in Los           City of Santa Fe Springs: A Most Business-        City of Long Beach: Named a Most
Angeles County Awards were created in 2006                            Friendly City finalist in                          Business-Friendly City
to recognize cities that are doing their part                         2008, the city strategi-                           finalist since the
to ensure healthy economic growth and                                 cally invests in infra-                            inception of the
prosperity for their communities. Each of                             structure, public safety,                          awards in 2006,
the finalists has created a business-friendly                         and other services to                              Long Beach has
environment that encourages businesses                                help businesses pros-                              demonstrated its
to locate or expand in their cities.                                  per. They created a                                commitment to
                                                                      five-year redevelopment                            retaining jobs in its
CITIES WITH POPULATION UNDER 60,000              implementation plan to highlight strategies                             region through invest-
                                                 for their economic development efforts and        ment in the local business community by
City of Bell Gardens: Its community devel-       business and job expansion activities.            offering Enterprise Zone benefits, expedit-
                      opment staff has                                                             ed permit processing, and a transparent,
                      recently taken on the                                                        proactive government.
                                                 CITIES WITH POPULATION OVER 60,000
                      challenge of delivering
                      a comprehensive                                                              City of Torrance: The city is committed to
                                                 City of Alhambra: The city offers financial
                      property improvement                                                                                reducing red tape by
                                                                      assistance to targeted
                      program encompassing                                                                                guaranteeing a two
                                                                      redevelopment areas,
                      the major thorough-                                                                                 week turn around
                                                                      commercial businesses,
                      fares throughout the                                                                                time for initial review
                                                                      and property owners
city. In order to demonstrate its partnership                                                                             of projects and pro-
                                                                      who meet specific crite-
with businesses, the city’s staff fast tracks                                                                             viding over-the-
                                                                      ria. The city’s finance
business licensing, planning reviews, building                                                                            counter approval for
                                                                      department also pro-
permits and inspections, and advocates for                                                                                minor projects.
                                                                      vides business incen-
them with local utility companies.                                                                                        Torrance is proud to
                                                                      tives by waiving license
                                                                                                   have the second lowest rate of property
                                                 fees for nonprofit and religious organizations,
City of Commerce: The city offers free                                                             crime and third lowest rate of violent crime
                                                 as well as banks.
                      employment recruit-                                                          among 15 L.A. County cities with popula-
                      ment services. To                                                            tions of 100,000 residents.
                                                 City of Downey: The city fosters effective
                      retain its employees,                            communication with
                      the City of Commerce                                                         City of Whittier: The city is enhancing its
                                                                       and about business
                      provides a free bus                                                                                  economic develop-
                                                                       by regularly using cus-
                      system, four recre-                                                                                  ment practices by
                                                                       tomer service surveys
                      ational parks,                                                                                       delivering personalized
                                                                       to make process
                      Metrolink access to                                                                                  service and promptly
                                                                       improvements. Downey
the Inland Empire, ample parking, and low-                                                                                 responding to business
                                                                       promotes its successes
cost gym memberships. Commerce has no                                                                                      needs through the use
                                                                       by featuring city proj-
city property, gross receipts or utility taxes                                                                             of Regional Economic
                                                 ects in its marketing materials and regularly
on businesses.                                                                                                             Development (RED)
                                                 distributing these materials at various public
                                                                                                                           teams, as well as uti-
City of La Mirada: La Mirada was recog-                                                            lizing its economic development staff as
                     nized as one of the                                                           primary ombudsman services. Whittier
                                                 City of Lakewood: Established in 1999, the
                     least expensive cities                                                        developed an in-house economic develop-
                                                                     Lakewood Business
                     in which to conduct                                                           ment program in 2006.
                                                                     Development Loan
                     business by the                                 Program is a revolving
                     Kosmont-Rose                                                                  One winner from each category will be
                                                                     loan fund that provides
                     Institute “Cost of                                                            announced live at the 14th Annual Eddy
                                                                     access to capital for
                     Doing Business                                                                Awards® on November 12, 2009. (More
                                                                     small- and medium-
                     Survey.” Its Dedicated                                                        information on the next page.) Past win-
                                                                     sized businesses. An
to Service philosophy includes onsite visits                                                       ners of the Award include the City of El
                                                 economic development element has been a
by the Mayor and staff, bi-annual business                                                         Segundo (2006), the City of Lancaster
                                                 component of Lakewood’s General Plan
surveys, and group luncheons to recognize                                                          (2007), the City of Santa Clarita and the
                                                 since 1996.
leadership within the business community.                                                          City of Vernon (2008).

Page   6
                                                                                                                      BUSINESS LEADER

Join us on November 12, 2009 at the Beverly Hilton to celebrate bioscience and aerospace greats

The Eddy Awards®, the premier Southern                                                             As the world’s leading aerospace company
California event celebrating economic                                                              and the largest manufacturer of commer-
development leadership in business and                                                             cial jetliners and military aircraft combined,
government, is proud to announce Patrick                                                           Boeing is the cornerstone of our aerospace
Soon-Shiong, M.D., Executive Chairman of                                                           defense industry, directly employing more
Abraxis Bioscience and CEO of Abraxis                                                              than 15,000 people in L.A. wCounty and
Health, as our individual honoree and The                                                          thousands more in the supply chain network
Boeing Company as our corporate honoree.                                                           to the various programs including production
                                                                                                   of the C-17 Globemaster aircraft.
Dr. Soon-Shiong has revolutionized the
treatment for those battling critical illness. A                                                   Nearly 5,500 skilled workers are employed
gifted surgeon and a visionary entrepreneur,                                                       on the production of the aircraft in the City
he is forging a new paradigm for healthcare                                                        of Long Beach where the C-17 is manufac-
delivery through his innovations in cancer                                                         tured. The production of this aircraft also
research and is empowering patients                                                                provides employment to more than 14,000
through health information exchange.                                                               skilled workers at 384 manufacturing and
                                                                                                   supply firms throughout the state, and the
Dr. Soon-Shiong is a co-inventor of over 50                                                        C-17 program contributes about $2 billion
issued U.S. patents, has published more                                                            to the California economy each year.
than 100 scientific papers, and is the
founder of two publicly-traded, multi-billion         Health Institute, and is Professor of        Boeing is also committed to being a good
dollar pharmaceutical companies,                      Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular      corporate citizen. The company and its
American Pharma Partners and Abraxis                  Genetics Professor of Bioengineering at      employees work in partnership with com-
Bioscience. His research has been recog-              UCLA. In 2009, he was appointed to the       munities globally to enhance the quality of
nized both nationally and internationally             President’s Council at RAND Corporation,     life for the people they serve through gift-
and his innovations in the medical field              Chairman of the Steering Committee of Life   matching programs and volunteering of
have saved countless lives.                           Sciences of the X-Prize Foundation, and is   personal service hours.
                                                      the Founding Board member of the Dossia
Dr. Soon-Shiong was recently appointed                Foundation.                                  For more information, visit our event web-
Executive Director of the UCLA Wireless                                                            site at

                                                   Eddy Awards® Sponsors To Date
                                     Pledge your sponsorship today! Contact Nhien Barros at (213) 236-4816.

        - Diamond Sponsors -                                   - Platinum Sponsor -                           - Silver Sponsors -
                                                                                                           City National Bank
                                                                                                    Foley & Lardner • NBC Universal
                                                                                                         Watson Land Company

                                                                 - Gold Sponsors -                          - Bronze Sponsors -
                                                                                                   Bank of America • City of Santa Fe Springs •
                                                                                                   Greenberg Traurig • Kaiser Permanente •
                                                                                                   LA INC. • Loyola Marymount University •
                                                                                                   Majestic Realty • Mayer Brown • McKenna
                                                                                                   Long & Aldridge • Port of Long Beach •
                                                                                                   Seyfarth Shaw • Southern California Gas
                                                                                                   Company • State Farm Insurance • Tejon
                                                                                                   Ranch • US Bank • USC • Verizon

                                                                                                                                         Page     7

L.A. County poised to receive $160 million in investment

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael                                                                         the County’s leadership in green tech-
Antonovich led a delegation of business                                                                       nology and innovation.
leaders from L.A. County to attend the
World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting                                                                         The LAEDC representatives also visited
of the New Champions in Dalian, China                                                                         the cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, and
from September 10 -12, 2009.                                                                                  Shenzhen this summer to discuss
                                                                                                              attraction opportunities and met with
In attendance were more than 1,300                                                                            the Party Secretary for Liaoning and
influential stakeholders from the world’s                                                                     the Mayor of Dalian, both of which are
leading companies representing sales                                                                          important destinations for foreign
of over $200 million or more as a qual-                                                                       attraction opportunities.
ification to attend the global business
conference.                                                                                                  To date, foreign direct investment projects
                                                                                                             generated in China and this conference
Supervisor Antonovich’s delegation                                                                           represent an initial investment potential
included business leaders from L.A.                                                                          of over $160 million and 4,500 jobs. A
                                               L-R: Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich,        recent survey by the LAEDC revealed that
County who supported this mission to
                                               LAEDC President and CEO Bill Allen, and World Trade Center
attract much-needed foreign investment                                                                       foreign direct investment generates over
                                               Association Los Angeles - Long Beach President Vance
and jobs to the region. The Supervisor         Baugham.
                                                                                                             $7.6 billion annually in salary and is
was accompanied by LAEDC President                                                                           responsible for creating over 359,000
and CEO Bill Allen, World Trade Center                                                                       direct and indirect private industry
Association L.A. - Long Beach President               Linda Du, and Visco Financial Insurance             employees, or 1 in every 10 jobs in Los
Vance Baugham, LAEDC member and                       Services Chairman Frank Visco.                      Angeles County.
gkkworks President and CEO Praful Kulkarni,
JM Eagle President and CEO Walter Wang,             The Supervisor participated as a speaker             With an increasingly competitive global
Operation Hope Chairman and CEO John                in two panels promoting the value of L.A.            market, our ability to attract and retain foreign
Bryant, Symtec Group Inc. President Cole            County as the leading business and manu-             investment requires that our leaders pro-
Harris, Tianjin Jia Sheng Group President           facturing center in America to CEOs from             vide a focus and effort with this important
                                                    around the globe. He further highlighted             source of jobs for Los Angeles County.

                                                      total value of two-way trade through the          the results of a survey of foreign-owned and
    MODEST                                            Los Angeles Customs District should fall          affiliated companies with operations in the
    RECOVERY IN                                       by 15.8 percent to $300 billion,” said
                                                      Nancy D. Sidhu, Ph.D., Chief Economist for
                                                                                                        L.A. area to learn why they chose to invest
                                                                                                        in the region. Some of the key attractions
    INT’L TRADE                                       the Kyser Center for Economic Research
                                                      at the LAEDC.
                                                                                                        were the size of the regional consumer
                                                                                                        market, availability of skilled labor, proximity
    EXPECTED                                          Despite the decline in container traffic in
                                                                                                        to industry clusters, and international
                                                                                                        access such as local airports and seaports.
                                                      2008, the Los Angeles/Long Beach port             The 2008 report had identified 4,521
    Southern California’s key international
                                                      complex was able to maintain its number           foreign-owned and affiliated business
    trade industry will see more declines in
                                                      five ranking among the world’s top ports.         establishments in L.A. County, or 1.8
    activity during 2009 after a dismal per-
                                                      “International trade activity in Southern         percent of all private-sector establishments.
    formance in 2008, according to the
                                                      California will start growing again in 2010,
    International Trade Trends & Impacts
                                                      an increase of 1.6 percent in the number          One of the countries with significant for-
    report released at the International
                                                      of containers moved,” said Jack Kyser,            eign-owned establishments in L.A. County
    Trade Outlook event on May 13, 2009.
                                                      LAEDC Founding Economist.                         is Australia which was represented at the
                                                                                                        Outlook event by Queensland’s Minister
    “The number of containers moved at the
                                                      The LAEDC and the World Trade Center              for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
    ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in
                                                      Association L.A. - Long Beach also released       and Trade, Stephen Robertson.
    2009 will drop by 13.5 percent, while the

Page   8
                                                                                                                             BUSINESS LEADER

LAEDC consulting’s report says Metro Orange Line project will create 3,000 Jobs

The LAEDC Consulting department recently            Busway; a new park-and-ride lot at the Sher-        are sustained by both direct and indirect
completed an economic impact report of the          man Way Station; additional parking at the          spending.
Metro Orange Line Extension which is the            Chatsworth Station; and overcrossing of
first project to be undertaken with Measure         Lassen Street and the railroad tracks on an         The Metro projects will generate $1 billion
R funding.                                          elevated bridge.                                    in state and local taxes over a 30-year period.
                                                                                                        The vast majority of taxes ($800 million)
The Metro Orange Line Extension project             The $15 billion in construction spending on         will go to the state of California, and the
involves the extension of this dedicated            transportation projects in L.A. County will gen-    rest ($200 million) will be captured by local
transit line to Chatsworth. The Orange Line         erate a total economic impact of $32.1 billion      municipalities including Los Angeles County
began operation in October of 2005 and              over the 30-year period. On average, annual         and cities with the County.
travels between the Warner Center and the           output will be an estimated $1.07 billion.
North Hollywood Metro Red Line subway                                                                   In total, Metro’s transportation programs
station in the San Fernando Valley. Plans to        The total economic output includes direct,          will generate more than 210,000 annual
extend the line to Chatsworth were approved         indirect, and induced business revenues.            full-time jobs with $8.7 billion in total earnings.
in September of 2006.                               Direct revenues are captured by construction,
                                                    architecture, and engineering firms hired by        For more information, contact Gregory Free-
The project will involve the construction of four   Metro. Indirect revenues stem from the pur-         man, Vice President Economic and Policy
new stations; a new bikeway and pedestrian          chases made by Metro and those generated            Consulting, at (213) 236-4846 or email
path that will run parallel to the dedicated        by the spending of employees whose wages  

                                                                     IMPACT OF ORANGE LINE EXTENSION MEASURE R SPENDING
                                                                          IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY BY INDUSTRY SECTOR
                                                                                                             Output            Jobs           Earnings
                                                                                                           ($ million)        (FTEs)         ($ million)

                                                      Agriculture                                              $ 1.0                   9          $ 0.2
                                                      Mining                                                     1.5                   2            0.2
                                                      Utilities                                                  6.0                   7            0.8
                                                      Construction                                            216.5             1,430             64.0
                                                      Manufacturing                                             53.2              165               8.1
                                                      Wholesale trade                                           16.2               68               4.2
                                                      Retail trade                                              23.7              280               6.9
                                                      Transportation and warehousing                            10.1               61               2.7
                                                      Information                                                9.4               33               2.1
                                                      Finance and insurance                                     20.7               71               5.0
                                                      Real estate                                               28.5               60               1.8
                                                      Professional, scientific and technical services           24.5              175               9.8
                                                      Management of companies                                    6.0               28               2.3
                                                      Administrative and waste management                        8.0              112               3.1
                                                      Education services                                         2.7               39               1.1
                                                      Health care and social assistance                         14.4              145               6.2
                                                      Arts, entertainment and recreation                         2.6               41               1.0
                                                      Accommodations and food services                            7.5             160               2.7
                                                      Other services                                             8.9               84               2.5
                                                      Households                                                 n/a               20               0.2
                                                      Total *                                                 $ 461            3,000             $ 125
Map of Orange Line Extension                                                                            Source: LAEDC     * May not sum due to rounding

                                                                                                                                                  Page     9

                                              BAP, KYSER RECEIVE AWARDS
                                              LAEDC Business Assistance Program and Jack Kyser honored
   ECONOMISTS                                 LAEDC BUSINESS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM               For free business assistance, contact the
                                              RECEIVES NATIONAL AND STATE RECOGNITION         LAEDC’s award-winning Business Assis-
                                                                                              tance and Development program at (888)
   FERDINANDO GUERRA                          Following on the heels of our International     4-LAEDC-1 today.
   ASSOCIATE ECONOMIST                        Economic Development Council (IEDC)
                                              Award for Business Retention and Expan-
                     Prior to joining the     sion efforts in Los Angeles County, the         JACK KYSER RECEIVES ROBERT T. PARRY
                     LAEDC in April           LAEDC’s Business Assistance and Devel-          AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP IN ECONOMICS
                     2009, Ferdinando         opment program was recognized at the
                     served as an econo-      California Association for Local Economic
                     mist for David Taus-     Development’s (CALED) 2009 Annual
                     sig & Associates, an     Conference with an Award of Merit.
                     economic consulting
                     firm, preparing eco-     This award honors economic development
   nomic and fiscal impact reports for        initiatives that focus on retaining and
   private sector clients and public          growing existing businesses within com-
   agencies. He has also worked in the        munities and regions and recognizes ef-
   financial services industry for MSCI       fective, innovative business retention and
   (Morgan Stanley Capital International)     expansion programs or initiatives which
   and the American Stock Exchange.           have been established for a minimum of
                                              three years.
   Ferdinando earned his B.A. in Eco-
   nomics and International Relations         CALED is the premier statewide professional     Jack Kyser and Bob Parry, former President of
   from USC. He received his M.A. in          economic development organization dedi-         the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
                                                                                              and President of national NABE in 1979-80.
   International Economics and Interna-       cated to advancing its members’ ability to
   tional Relations from the Johns Hop-       achieve excellence in delivering economic
   kins University School of Advanced         development services to their communities       LAEDC’s Kyser Center for Economic Re-
   International Studies (SAIS).              and business clients. CALED's membership        search Founding Economist Jack Kyser
                                              consists of public and private organizations    was honored with the Robert T. Parry
   KIMBERLY RITTER                            and individuals involved in economic de-        Award for his many positive contributions
   ASSOCIATE ECONOMIST                        velopment.                                      to the field of economics.

                     Kimberly joined the      The LAEDC was also named one of three           Established in 2007, the Robert T. Parry
                     LAEDC in January         finalists in the nation for the Excellence in   award recognizes a local economist for his
                     2009. She recently       Urban or Suburban Economic Development          or her contribution to the economy and
                     earned her Bache-        category of the 2009 Excellence in Eco-         the Los Angeles Chapter of the National
                     lor’s and Master’s       nomic Development Awards by the Eco-            Association for Business Economics (L.A.
                     degrees in Econom-       nomic Development Administration of the         NABE).
                     ics from California      United States Department of Commerce
                     State University,        (EDA).                                          Kyser has been the called the “guru” and
   Long Beach while working full time.                                                        the voice of the Los Angeles economy. He
   Concentrating in environmental and         The finalists were selected by a distin-        is responsible for interpreting and fore-
   transportation economics, she co-au-       guished panel of economic development           casting economic trends in the Los Angeles
   thored a study on employment in            practitioners, academics, and government        region (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside,
   international trade-related industries     representatives for their efforts in urban      San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura
   in Southern California. Prior to joining   economic development.                           counties), and for analyzing the major in-
   the LAEDC, Kim worked in the auto-                                                         dustries of the region.
   motive industry and managed the in-        The LAEDC’s Business Assistance team
   ternational division of a forest           includes six regional managers who are          L.A. NABE was founded in 1968 by promi-
   products company.                          assigned to specific geographic territories     nent local economists to provide Southern
                                              of Los Angeles County. They provide as-         California a forum for business and eco-
   Visit to         sistance for businesses seeking to grow or      nomic issues and a network for local
   read their complete bios.                  expand their operations.                        economists and those interested in busi-
                                                                                              ness economics.

Page   10
                                                                                                                         BUSINESS LEADER

Welcome new board and executive committee members and new member companies

AFFILIATE MEMBER                     Darren Schulman • Anthem               Jose Gomez • California State          Stephen Perl • 1st PMF
COMPANIES                            Blue Cross, Managing Director          University, Los Angeles, Assistant     Bancorp/China Mart, CEO
                                                                            VP for Administration and Finance
• Akerman Senterfitt Attorneys       Stender Sweeney • Wells Fargo,                                                Teresa Powell-Caldwell • WET
  at Law                             SVP & Regional Manager                 Cheryl Horn • Northrop                 Design, Vice President of
• CenterPoint Properties                                                    Grumman Corporation,                   Business Development
• Executives Unlimited               Tom Wingard • Alston & Bird,           Corporate Manager,
• HSBC Bank USA                      Partner                                Community Relations                    Bruce Russell • Jacobs
• Keesal, Young and Logan                                                                                          Engineering Group Inc.,
                                     BOARD OF GOVERNORS                     Sandy Kotch • Truion/Ion               Managing Principal
                                     MEMBERS                                Objects, CEO
                                                                                                                   Michelle Rochwarger •
MEMBERS                                                                     Cynthia Kurtz • San Gabriel            Strategic Resources Alliance Inc.,
                                     Barbara Bundy • FIDM, Vice
                                     President of Education                 Valley Economic Partnership,           President and CEO
Raul Anaya • Bank of America,                                               President and CEO
Senior Vice President,                                                                                             Jon Sanabria • Los Angeles
                                     Gabrielle Bullock • Perkins +
Commercial Banking Executive                                                Robert Leighton • Beverly              County Department of Regional
                                     Will, Managing Principal
                                                                            Hills/Greater L.A. Association of      Planning, Acting Director of
Jeff Assaf • ICG Advisors,                                                  Realtors, Past President               Planning
                                     Dr. Rhea Chung • Los Angeles
Senior Managing Director
                                     Trade-Technical College
                                     Foundation, Associate Dean of          Yvonne Mallory • City of               Christopher Smith • Miyamoto
Glenn Barney • COM DEV USA,                                                 Gardena, Economic                      International, Principal
                                     Advancement, Community and
VP, Business Development                                                    Development Manager
                                     Government Relations
                                                                                                                   Jennifer Taylor • City of Santa
Lee Fossey • Manpower,                                                      Yoshifumi Nakata • Japan               Monica, Senior Development
                                     Whitley Collins • Jones Lang
Regional Director Metro Los                                                 Business Association, Chief            Analyst; Economic Development
                                     LaSalle, Senior Managing
Angeles                                                                     Representative
                                     Director, L.A. Region Brokerage
                                                                                                                   Dr. Mike Walter • Port of Long
Mark Griffith • Leo A Daly,                                                 Keith Norris • Charles Drew            Beach, Commissioner
                                     Jan Curtis • Swinerton Builders,
VP, Managing Principal                                                      University of Medicine and
                                     Senior Business Development
                                     Manager                                Science, President                     Kevin Yardumian • Gumbiner
John Palinkas • Pechanga                                                                                           Savett, Vice President
Development Corporation,                                                    Scott Ochoa • City of Monrovia,
                                     Michael Fox • Towers Perrin,
President                                                                   City Manager                           For more information, contact
                                     Managing Principal
                                                                                                                   Gina Barro, Director of Member
Thomas Sayles • University of        Luis Garibay • City of Lancaster,      Keith Parker • University of           Relations, at (213) 236-4815 or
Southern California, Vice                                                   California, Los Angeles, Assistant
                                     Redevelopment Projects
President                                                                   Vice Chancellor

    AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN                                          FEATURED MEMBER
                                                  would fit into everyday life, including the      The Auto Club’s service to the region extends
    Founded in Los Angeles in 1900 by ten         first license plates, the first road signs,      beyond the vehicles it tows and the insurance
    motoring enthusiasts, the Automobile Club     and the first touring maps.                      it provides. As a membership organization,
    of Southern California has grown to be-                                                        the Auto Club places a high priority on
                       come the largest mem-      Today, the Auto Club and its 10,000 em-          serving its communities by providing effective
                       ber of the AAA             ployees provide more than 10 million             traffic safety and education programs, in-
                       federation. Along the      members in 15 states with a broad spec-          cluding teen driver safety, advocating for
                       way, the Auto Club pro-    trum of services, including roadside assis-      improved transportation systems, and as-
                       duced many innova-         tance, insurance, credit cards, full service     suring that the taxes and fees imposed on
                       tions that helped          travel agency, automotive buying pro-            motorists are fair, reasonable, and properly
                       define how the car         grams, and member discounts.                     spent.

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LAEDC                                       LAEDC would like to thank the following Economic Leaders:
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