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									  New Blackberry Curve Models – Sturdy Performers with
                  Satisfactory Features

The new BlackBerry Curve models 9220 and 8900 have helped stabilize the brand in the market.
The huge success of Android and iPhone caused a setback for BlackBerry. However, with the
launch of these two models, BlackBerry has made a comeback and given something of interest to
loyal RIM patrons.

BlackBerry Curve 9220 is not much different from the previous model Curve 8520 in terms of
physical appearance. These two phones look almost like identical twins. Besides the look, there
is nothing much common between them. For one, Curve 9220 is much stronger. So, if you are a
kind of person who is careless about where you place your phone and how beaten the phone gets
on the dashboard of your car, this phone is good for you. The sturdy body withstands severe
shocks. The battery on this phone is larger than its predecessor but the phone is thinner by 1.2
The highlight of this model is the presence of a BBM shortcut on the left side of the phone. The
media keys which are present in other models are absent in this one. So, you get a lot of clear
space. For functionality, screen lock key remains at the top of the body. BlackBerry Curve 9220
comes with the trademark QWERTY keyboard. The phone also brings more color options
besides black and white. You can show off a teal blue and fuchsia pink mobile as well.

The 2.44” TFT LCD display is a high resolution screen and is clearer than almost all the other
models. The phone is equipped with 2.0MP camera, which performs well, but there is scope for
improvement. For one, the camera is not auto-focus type. Curve 9220 comes with BlackBerry
OS7.1 and is the cheapest model to have this operating system. In fact, more expensive models
of Curve still use older OS. FM Radio is another feature in the phone. In all, the latest offering
from BlackBerry is a good performer and offers a good return for your money. But if you are
looking for a phone which can be loaded with apps, this phone can only offer limited scope.
Apps apart, the phone is great for all other functions.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a classy and elegant phone which has been stated to be perfect for
business use. In fact, this is the classiest looking phone ever to be produced by RIM. One of the
“firsts” in this phone is the presence of both GPS and Wi-Fi, which was hitherto unavailable in
any BlackBerry mobiles. The screen resolution is doubly better. In terms of look, this one is
slimmer and better looking than all other models.

Features include 2.4” 480 x 360 pixel HD screen, QWERTY keyboard, OS 4.6, trackball
navigation, pre-loaded BlackBerry and GPS maps, autofocus camera of 3.15 MP and LED flash,
good audio and a sturdy body among others. If you use a lot of internet on your phone, this is a
great option to buy. The phone comes loaded with functional features. Battery performance for
both the phones is good. BlackBerry batteries and battery chargers are available easily. So,
replacements are not an issue.


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