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									    Getting a loan with bad credit can be
difficult, but if you put in the effort in raising
your credit score and shop for a good loan,
       then you can still be successful.
If you were a lending institution, would you want to lend money to
someone who has a poor financial history? This is why it is difficult to
get a loan with bad credit  People with bad credit has a history of not
paying bills on time, buying things that they cannot afford, and other
negative qualities that scare away lenders
 But just because you have bad credit does not condemn you from ever
being able to get a loan In todayÂ’s economy, a large percentage of the
population has marginal or poor credit, because people were spending a
lot more than they could afford to
 They were defaulting on mortgages, declaring bankruptcy and leaving
their lenders hanging in the wind  The banks were losing money and
the only way that they could see to this was reduce the loans they just
handed out and raise the interest rates on all of them
 Banks make money off of lending money and through the interest you
pay  Because they want to make sure they get some kind of income
return for their investment in you via the loan, they charge a higher
interest rate
 That way, even if you default on the loan, they would have gotten more
money from it than they would have So while it is much more difficult to
get a loan with bad credit, it still happens every day around the country
 You can take several steps to make yourself more attractive to the
lenders Pay your bills and payments on loans on time and build your
 As you build your credit, you can get reduced interest rates and
become the kind of borrower that banks want to give
money to  So the next time you buy a car or house or expensive
television, you can get a better deal on your loan

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