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									                                                                February 27, 2009

                                                                SENIORITY LIST
                                                                The BTA has filed a grievance regarding the late appearance of the Seniority List, the mul-
                                                                tiple copies sent to schools, and the many inaccuracies in qualifications. On the front page
                                                                of the list, Bonda Bitzer, Human Resources Director has included the following note:
                                                                "Please check the list carefully and report any errors or omissions to Human Resources. Requests
                                                                for review of qualifications should include supporting documentation. Please note that all chal-
                                                                lenges to the seniority list must be made in writing and must be received by Human Resources by
                                                                4:00 p.m. on January 30, 2009."

                                                                Please note that the Human Resources Department is continuing to receive appeals
                                                                regarding the list. If you have not checked the list yet (with pink cover), it is important
                                                                that do so IMMEDIATELY and email Bonda at to appeal any

                                                                discrepancies in your years of service or qualifications. Please also send your appeals to
                                                                our Grievance Coordinator, James Sanyshyn, at HR has also circulated a
                                                                memo dated February 12, 2009, to clarify some of the issues.
MARIANNE NEILL, President and RICHARD STORCH , Vice-President

                                                                SB-1 UPDATE
                                                                At this point, BCTF lawyers are recommending we withdraw our grievance regarding SB1
                                                                without prejudice, as the arbitration ruling is binding. The Burnaby Board of Education has
                                                                tried negotiating with Simon Fraser University for recognition of credits from the Graduate
                                                                Diploma towards a Master’s Degree, but has made little progress. The BTA will pursue with
                                                                the Board the possibility of transfer recognition of credits to other institutions. Please en-
                                                                sure that if you have a Master’s Degree, a copy of your TQS card is in your file at the
                                                                Board Office. There have been some problems lately with payroll and category classifica-

                                                                BC POVERTY REDUCTION REPORT
                                                                BTA Executive Council voted to sign the BC Poverty Reduction Report.
                                                                To sign as an individual, go to

                                                                DUTY TO ACCOMMODATE
                                                                Further to the last Presidents’ Report, the Board is not entitled to prognostic or diagnostic
                                                                information for Board medical forms. They are entitled to know general impressions of an
                                                                illness - an example would be “recurring and chronic condition” rather than disease or
                                                                affliction. While there is a requirement to indicate the expected duration of leave, there is
                                                                no need to prove the details of the prognosis. If you are filling out a medical form and have
                                                                questions, contact the BTA Office (604-294-8141.

                                                                NEW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL
                                                                The New Westminster District Labour Council Executive wrote a letter to the School
                                                                Trustees and Superintendents in our region, the Minister of Education and the
                                                                Opposition Critic supporting the BCTF's position on Foundation Skills Assessment Tests.

                                                                Clarification of the distinction between preparation for administration of the test, and prepa-
                                                                ration for the test:

                                                                Preparation for the administration of the FSA means those activities involved in the
                                                                administration of the test - eg. log in, pen numbers, booklets. Practice tests are preparation
                                                                for the test and have nothing to do with the actual administration. The union will file
                                                                grievances if teachers have been directed to administer practice tests.

                                                                DR. CHARLES BINGHAM ON “YOUR EDUCATION MATTERS”
                                                                You may recall that Dr. Charles Bingham, SFU, spoke on a panel about the FSA at the
                                                                BCTF summer conference last year. Mike Zlotnik is currently the President of the Charter
                                                                for Public Education Network, and was the Director of the BCTF Professional Development
                                                                Division for many years Bingham and Zlotnik are featured on ‘Your Education
                                                                Matters’. You will be able to view the episode online at .

                                                                BCTF TV ADS RUNNING FROM JANUARY 12 TO FEBRUARY 12
                                                                1. LATEST BCTF TELEVISION AD
                                                                The latest BCTF television ad aired on channels through the province from Monday,
                                                                January 12th to February 12th. the ads were also shown on ethnic TV channels.
                                                                2. PRINT ADS UNDER WAY
                                                                As previously reported, the Federation sponsored print ads on the FSA in community
                                                                papers, major dailies, commuter papers, and ethnic papers for last week and this week.
                                                                The ad is designed to highlight teachers’ opposition to the FSA, connect funding, class
                                                                size and class composition with the FSA campaign, and encourage interested parents
                                                                and public to talk to teachers about the issues.
                                                                3. FSA DVD
                                                                The DVD “The FSA. Failing our Students”, for use in presentations to parents, trustees,
                                                                and the public is being couriered to locals early this week. It will also be posted to http://
                                                       on Tuesday, so you will be able to view it online and use it in this
                                                                format, if necessary.
Please be aware that Federation ads and campaign materials often use images for which the BCTF has purchased the
use and committed to specific conditions under which they will be used. For example, licensing agreements may disal-
low the use of the images on websites, specify a limit to the number of copies, or prevent modification of the image.

On February 4, 2009 the BCTF received a ruling from the B.C. Court of Appeal on the constitutionality of the definition
of strike in the Labour Relations Code. The decision is available on-line at:

The BCTF and the HEU had challenged the definition of strike as being overly broad by including "political protests".
They argued that this broad definition infringes the guarantee of freedom of expression in s. 2(b) of the Charter and is
not saved under s. 1 as a reasonable limit in a free and democratic society.

Ottawa, February 10, 2009 – Media Awareness Network (MNet) today launched the classroom resource Cyberbullying:
Encouraging Ethical Online Behaviour to meet the growing need for educational materials that address the issue of
cyberbullying in Canadian schools. The launch coincides with Safer Internet Day—an international event to promote
safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones among children and young people. The resource,
developed with funding from the Government of Canada, comprises a series of bilingual lessons intended to support
and enhance school-based anti-bullying and empathy-building programs. The lessons are available on MNet’s website
at More information on Safer
Internet Day can be found at

Media Awareness Network is a Canadian not-for-profit centre of expertise in media education. Its vision is to ensure
children and youth possess the necessary critical thinking skills and tools to understand and actively engage with
media. MNet's programs are funded by its public and private sector sponsors, donors and partners, who include: Bell
Canada (Founding Sponsor) · CTVglobemedia · Canwest· TELUS· National Film Board of Canada · Government of
Canada. For more information, contact: Ann Marie Paquet, Communications Officer. Media Awareness Network,
Tel: (613) 224-7721, Ext. 231

Early bird rates and online registration are now open. Vancouver Island University is pleased to host the 2009
Child and the Book International Graduate Student Conference in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada from May 1-3, 2009. Key-
notes are Perry Nodelman and Mavis Reimer, acclaimed Canadian scholars and writers in Children's Literature. The
website is The theme of the conference is "This Land is Our Land." Early bird registration
closes Feb. 28, 2009 after which registration costs rise. Registration can be done online. See website for more details.

This is a Ministry of Education approved resource. The guide was released officially last fall, and can be found on-line
at It has already been released to schools across the province.

As confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2002 (Chamberlain et al. vs. Surrey School District No. 36), the Char-
ter and the requirement in the School Act are for the public school system to be conducted on a strictly secular basis.
The school system’s mandate under the School Act is to provide a nurturing and validating learning experience for all
children regardless of the types of families they come from. Teachers who require ideas on how to respond to religious
opposition to anti-homophobia education materials are encouraged to log onto the BCTF webpage at http:// Scroll down to the resources section on the above webpage to find how to
handle: Objections to Anti-homophobia Curriculum in Schools. When there is a tension between the onus on inclusion,
and the beliefs of families at home, the onus on inclusion prevails under the law.

This is a reminder that the Federation will be hosting its Twelfth Annual New Teachers’ Conference on Friday, February
27th and Saturday February 28th, 2009. The conference is a professional development opportunity designed specifi-
cally for new teachers—those in their first five years of teaching, and for student teachers. The conference will be held
at: Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport, 8181 Cambie Road , Richmond B.C. Canada V6X 3X9; Reservations: (888)
201-1718 US Toll Free; Telephone: (604) 276-8181 Fax: (604) 279-8381;
E-mail: As of February 9th, there were only 174 openings remaining. Please
register ASAP. For more information or registration contact Cecilia Huard de la Marre 604-871-1869 or 1-800-663-
9163, Local 1869; Marion Shukin 604-871-1804 or 1-800-663-9163, Local 1804. Please contact the BTA regarding
funding opportunities.

                                       UPCOMING EVENTS
        FEBRUARY 19TH                BTA HEALTH AND SAFETY REP TRAINING, Schou Education Centre,
                                     8:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
        FEBRUARY 20TH                DISTRICT-WIDE PRO-D DAY
        MARCH 4TH                    INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY DINNER. LOCATION: TBA, 5 - 8 p.m.
        MARCH 9TH                    NEW TEACHERS’ INDUCTION
        MARCH 10TH                   BTA REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY

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