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PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (Elected by Acclamation)
     M K (Margaret) Li PEng

                                                                                                               BSc (Electrical Engineering), University of Hong
                                                                                                                Kong 1973
                                                                                                               Master of Electronic Engineering, Philips
                                                                                                                International Institute, Netherlands 1975
                                                                                                               PhD (Engineering), University of Hong Kong 1981
                                                                                                               Certificate in Telecommunication Engineering,
                                                                                                                Simon Fraser University 1991
                                                                                                               MBA, University of British Columbia 1993
                                                                                                               Master Certificate in Project Management, George
                                                                                                                Washington University 2002

                                                                                                               Professional History
                                                                                                               Manager of Design Services, Service Architect,
                                                                                                                Network Planning Manager, TELUS 2000-2007
                                                                                                               Marketing Analyst, Infrastructure Planner, Customer
                                                                                                                Systems Engineer, BC TEL 1994-1999
                                                                                                               Service Development Manager, Stentor Resource
                                                                                                                Centre Inc 1993-1994
                                                                                                               Programmer Analyst, Traffic Analyst, Data Equipment
                                                                                                                Engineer, Customer Systems Engineer, BC TEL 1981-
                                                                                                               Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering,
  1. Raise the level of professionalism - to ensure the privilege of self-regulation and fulfill the mandate
                                                                                                                University of Hong Kong 1975-1981
      of protection of public safety. The Professional Renewal Task Force is incorporating the survey
      feedback from members to formulate strategies for professional excellence.                               APEGBC Activities
  2. Increase effectiveness of communications with government - to increase the level of recognition,          Vice President 2007-Present
      clarity of roles in engineering/geoscience teams and policy consultation (e.g. seismic retrofit          Member of Council 2002-2007
      guidelines for BC schools, slope hazard guidelines.) APEGBC established an engagement model              Governance Committee 2003-Present
      with government counterparts for timely input into the legislative process.                              Registration Committee 2003-2006
  3. Improve positioning of the professions with the public - to achieve elevated recognition of the           DAWEG (Chair 2000-2002), (Vice-Chair 1999-2000),
      value of our highly qualified professionals and quality projects.                                         (Social Coordinator 1998-1999)
                                                                                                               Communications Committee 2000-2002
  4. Enhance public awareness of the professions - to attract the best and brightest young people
      to the professions by public relations activities in schools and the community (e.g. newspaper           Community Involvement
      insert during Engineering and Geoscience Week, popsicle-stick bridge building competition, etc.).        Board, Parkinson Society British Columbia 2006-
      In 2007, APEGBC Foundation granted 46 scholarships. APEGBC is working with Engineers Canada               Present
      on a national public awareness strategy.                                                                 Campaign Chair, Civic Elections for School Trustee
  5. Incorporate emerging disciplines in the registration process - to ensure appropriate regulation of         1996, 1999
      new professions for protection of public safety.                                                         Toastmasters, 1986-Present, (Charter President,
  6. Continue to promote effective governance of APEGBC council and operations - to be an efficient             Centennial Toastmasters 1986)
      organization carrying out the primary responsibility of self-regulation in a cost effective way.         Facilities Chair, Toastmasters International Region 2
                                                                                                                conference 1998
  7. Continue to improve communication and member engagement - to liaise with branches and
                                                                                                               Area Governor, Toastmasters International 1996
      divisions and provide leadership training for volunteers.                                                Coordinator, Youth Leadership programs 1994-1998
  8. Enhance national and international mobility - to provide flexibility for members practicing in            Program Chair, Women and Work Conferences 1986
      different jurisdictions in this global economy.                                                           and 1988.
  9. Work with government to modernize the Engineers and Geoscientists Act - to provide greater                Board, United Chinese Community Enrichment
      flexibility and cost effectiveness in this changing industrial world.                                     Services Society (SUCCESS) 1986-1988
  10. To continue to implement the communications strategy to strengthen relationships with
      government, the public, and our membership.

I ask for your trust and support to continue working on these issues for the benefit of the public, the
professions and the members.
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                                                       VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (one to be elected)
                                                       H C (Herman) Hui PEng
                                                       This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee

                                                       My sincere thanks to the 2008 Nominating Committee for nominating me as a Vice Presidential
                                                       candidate. It is indeed a great honour for me.

                                                       I sat on the Council for two years (2001-2003) and proved that I can work with other members of the
                                                       Council and the staff. In addition, the experience I gained in my involvements with other voluntary
                                                       boards and community organizations over the past ten years has been a valuable asset and I have
Education                                              learned tools to help lead the Association.
BSSc (Journalism), Chinese University of Hong Kong
 1976                                                  APEGBC is both a regulatory body (registration & disciplinary responsibilities) and an association (with
BASc (Electrical Engineering), University of British   affinity and education programs). There are advantages and operational efficiency in having both
 Columbia 1988                                         functions under one organization. It is important for APEGBC to demonstrate that we are carrying
                                                       out both functions diligently and without any conflict. Otherwise there could be an external push to
Professional History                                   separate APEGBC into a regulatory body and an affinity association.
Project Manager, Engineering Projects, Vancouver
 International Airport Authority 1990-Present          Relationships with the provincial government at the regional level should be continued. APEGBC
Electrical Design Engineer, Sandwell 1989-1990         currently has an excellent program in place that reaches out to our MLAs. This program is coordinated
Electrical Design Engineer, Stothert Engineering
                                                       through the branches and very specific training and guidance is included. I would encourage more
                                                       members to join in to help with this cause.
APEGBC Activities
Member of Council 2001-2003
                                                       The licensing process is undergoing extensive review as part of the professional renewal process. I fully
Audit Committee 2002-2003                              support the continued efforts to review and improve the licensing process.
Communications Committee 2001-2002
                                                       As one of the baby-boomers, I feel that it is part of my duty to help bring in young people to the
Related Professional Activities                        profession. In past years, I have encouraged the ones I came across to consider engineering as their
Founding President and Director, Canadian Airports     future profession. As Vice President, I will continue to do so and will use every opportunity to influence
 Electrical Association 2000-2007                      their career choice.

Community Involvement                                  One thing that I feel is lacking in university training is the real world requirements. After graduating
Secretary, Rotary Club of Vancouver Chinatown          from UBC and learning about electrical engineering design, I found that I had to often use the Canadian
 2001-2004                                             Electrical Code. Since I worked as an electrician before studying my engineering degree, I was quite
Board Director and Treasurer, Collingwood              familiar with the Code and applying it was not a problem for me. However, I presume that it must have
 Neighbourhood House 2001-2004                         been a challenge for others to study the Code. Over the course of my career, I have come in contact with
Director, Vancouver Richmond Health Board 1999-        the Building Codes, the NFPA fire codes and the MMCD municipal construction standards. Other related
 2000                                                  topics are writing business proposals and the tendering process. I hope that through APEGBC, the
Board Director, College of Licensed Practical Nurses   curriculum could be modified slightly to include some of these important materials.
Board Trustee, Vancouver General Hospital 1996-        Through my past involvements in the Vancouver General Hospital and the Health Board, I learned
1999                                                   about health issues that we are facing. I toured hospitals and rehabilitation centers and saw patients. I
Chair, Community Health Committee of Vancouver         started to think about ways to stay healthy and I try to encourage others to lead a healthier way of life.
 1995-2000                                             As for APEGBC, our Innovation magazines should carry some articles on health issues. I would like to
                                                       encourage all engineers and geoscientists to consider healthier options.

                                                       During my two years in the APEGBC Council, I attended dinners at the Vancouver, Richmond & Delta, Sea
                                                       To Sky, Tri-City and Fraser Valley Branches. Most branches are very good at organizing successful events,
                                                       but others face difficulties. I think that the Association should continue to provide some staff time to
                                                       help branches that request its help.

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    VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (one to be elected)

    I am honoured to be nominated for Vice President of APEGBC. My past two terms on Council have
    provided excellent experience with issues facing our association and the basis for leading APEGBC

    Moving forward requires a phased approach. Members are engaged at each step such that no decisions
    are put forward to the membership without grass roots direction to the proposed course of action.
    We do not need change for the sake of change but rather we need innovative change that facilitates
    protection of the public interest and, at the same time, provides benefits to our members.

    Professional Practice Renewal:
    The primary role of APEGBC is to protect the public and serve the public’s interest. That role can be
    enhanced without creating needless bureaucracy through:
     • Supporting members’ practices by developing more practice guidelines, including optional
       guidelines for smaller companies that wish to implement standard quality assurance procedures.
       Guidelines for sustainability in specific areas of practice will encourage better integration of
       sustainable practice in our professions.
     • Incorporating professional development review with practice reviews rather than requiring annual
       reporting. Further expansion of available technical professional development will assist members to
       remain current without needing to be told to do so.
     • Working with government to modernize our Act to ensure that liability insurance can be purchased
       for all areas of practice. If members can be insured, the public can remain protected.
     • Build the engineering and geoscience team to qualify all practitioners in our fields of practice. The
       public interest must be protected through deterring unlicensed (and unqualified) practitioners
       from tarring our professions with a bad name.

    Registration Renewal:
    The registration process must be updated because:
     • Internationally trained engineers are over half of the total applicants (it was 1/3 or less), taking
       twice the effort to verify credentials as Canadian-trained and accredited engineers
     • The tremendous demand for engineers and geoscientists must be met in a timely manner while
       maintaining quality standards.
     • Registration of Professional Geoscientists must facilitate mobility, particularly to other parts of

    Time required for registration and consistency of process may be improved through optional use of
    examinations or involvement of firms in the registration process.

    Communication Teamwork:
    APEGBC communications have come a long way in the past few years. Further involvement of the
    Branches in this effort will build a team that:
      • Builds public trust in our professions
      • Reinforces the value that we provide, thus leading to improvement of remuneration for our services
      • Provides visibility of our diligence, thus reducing the probability of negative media coverage and
        APEGBC having to deal with inappropriate attacks after the fact.
    Further to the above, it is Council’s fiduciary responsibility to:
     • Provide leadership through ongoing engagement of members in critical decision processes so that
       members can take pride in our association and what it stands for.
     • Develop and publish an annual work plan, fulfill that plan through the year and be held
       accountable for it’s adherence to the plan through reporting on progress at the end of the year
     • Oversee the budget and expenditures of APEGBC’s money with fiscal prudence within the bounds
       of sustainable funding for the long term

    Many of these issues have been on Council’s agenda and progress has been made. However, a stronger
    commitment is required. I am committed to continue to apply my broad background in business (from
    working in engineering and management for large corporations as well as being a sole proprietor) in
    leading on these issues on behalf of the members of APEGBC.

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COUNCILLORS (five to be elected)
E A (Emily) Cheung PEng
This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.
                                           I am honoured to be nominated for another term on Council. In preparation for seeking your support, I have learned from members
                                           around BC which issues are priorities for our professions. Some of the issues which I consider vital to our development include:
                                              • Moving forward with professional renewal in the pursuit of excellence within our professions.
                                              • Ensuring all members develop an understanding of quality management as we move forward to a new era of excellence in our
                                              • Continue government relations to strive toward better self governance including modernization of the Act and Bylaws.
                                              • Improving fairness, mobility and efficiency of the registration process.
                                              • Registration of all practicing engineers and geoscientists and additional guidance for EITs.
                                              • Streamlining the use of funds and assuring fiscal responsibility.
                                              • Continue offering quality professional development opportunities with more input from members.
                                              • Making practice reviews a positive experience for all practitioners, ensuring protection of the public and excellence in geoscience and
                                           I will bring your issues to the forefront of Council agenda. My commitment is to the membership and your needs in order to improve our
                                           professions, better protect the public, and advance our careers to the best level possible in the pursuit of excellence within our professions.
Education                                  In this time of economic growth, we would expect that your representatives on Council will work for you to be a driving force in BC’s
BASc (Civil), University of British        exciting growth and development. Council needs to stay focused on the issues that are important to the membership. I would be pleased
 Columbia 1988                             to work on council on behalf of all APEGBC members.
MASc (Environmental Fluid Mechanics,
 Civil), University of British Columbia
 1990                                      APEGBC Activities                                  Various positions within Central Interior       Pro Shop Assistant, Prince George Gymnastics
                                           Member of Council 1998-1999, 2006-2008              Branch 1993-Present                             2005-2006
Professional History                       Professional Renewal Task Force 2007-Present                                                       Board Member, PGCM 2004-Present
Allnorth Consultants Ltd 2005-Present      Standing Awards Committee 2006- Present            Community Involvement                           Volunteer, Tabor Lake Rehabilitation
DWB Forestry Services Ltd 2005-Present     Audit Committee 2006-Present                       Prince George Chamber of Commerce, ATEEC         Committee 1999-2000
HCJB World Radio, Ecuador 1999-2005        Communications Committee 1998-1999                  Committee member                               Treasurer, First Baptist Church, Prince
DR Estey Engineering Ltd 1991-1999         Chair, Central Interior Branch 1996-1997, 2005-    Building Committee Chair, Prince George          George 1997-1999
Peter Ward & Associates 1988-1991           2006                                              Conservatory of Music (PGCM) 2007-Present

R F (Bob) Gerath PGeo
This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.
                                           I am honored to be nominated as a Council candidate and hereby introduce myself. After completing university and moving to British
                                           Columbia, I took a position with Thurber Engineering. While specializing in terrain mapping, geological problem-solving for engineering
                                           works and landslide hazard and risk assessments, I collaborated with and was mentored by some remarkable geological and civil-
                                           geotechnical engineers. I have worked as an engineering geologist for industrial and government clients, hundreds of small landowners
                                           and several permitting and emergency-response agencies. Some work required the presentation of challenging geological hazard findings
                                           to affected citizens in public forums.

                                           Having worked as APEGBC’s Assistant Director of Professional Practice in 1995 and 1996 and as a long-time volunteer, I’m prepared for
                                           the range of work and workloads assumed by Council members. I will, as requested by Council, be involved with APEGBC members and
                                           committees on matters of interest.

                                           Annual reports from the Practice Review Committee show that APEGBC members work in many realms and at high levels of competence.
                                           Evolving professional challenges and accelerated levels of globalization mean our work now extends well beyond BC’s borders. In
                                           my judgment, professional and environmental sustainability issues and our practice review program are linked and are amongst the
Education                                  most important matters to be taken up by members and Council. As an advisor to the Professional Renewal Task Force, I am pleased
BA (Geography), Central Connecticut        that professional sustainability topics were assessed in an initial survey of APEGBC members and are being evaluated for continuing
 State College 1973                        consultations with members.
MSc (Geography), McGill University 1978
                                           I look forward to serving APEGBC members. Thank you for your consideration.
Professional History
Proprietor, Qcd Geotechnics 2006-Present Task Force on Seismic Slope Stability                Executive, Sea to Sky Branch 1996-1997 and      Community Involvement
Project Geoscientist and Associate,           2007-2008                                        2000-2002                                      Executive Positions, Friends of the North
 Thurber Engineering Ltd. 1976-1995;         Consulting Practice Committee 2006-Present       Geoscience Committee 1992-1995                   Vancouver District Public Library 1996-
 1996-2006                                    (Vice-Chair 2007-Present)                                                                        2005 and 2007
Assistant Director of Professional Practice, Co-Author, Guidelines for Legislated Landslide   Related Professional Activities
 APEGBC 1995-1996                             Assessments for Proposed Residential            Member, District of North Vancouver Natural
                                              Development in BC 2005- 2006                     Hazards Task Force 2007
APEGBC Activities                            Practice Review Committee 1997-Present (Chair    Panel member, BC Environmental Appeal
Advisor, Professional Renewal Task Force      2000-Present)                                    Board 2004-Present

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COUNCILLORS (five to be elected)
H G (Harlan) Kelly PEng
This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.
                                                  I do not have any preconceived views of the Association and do not at this time have any key issues that need to be presented.
                                                  However, I have obtained a strong background in my 35 years of practice that includes engineering and administrative skills
                                                  acquired with consultants, a regional government and a local environmental association that will allow me to contribute my
                                                  knowledge and skills through learning and working with the Association employees and members.

Education                                         Project and Senior Project Engineer, Dayton &   Community Activities
BASc (Civil Engineering), University of British    Knight Ltd 1977-1990                           Hockey Coach, Delta Atom to Pee Wee 1982-
 Columbia 1970                                                                                     1984
MEng (Environmental Engineering), University      Related Professional Activities                 Chair, Northbrook Langley Lions Annual
 of British Columbia 1970                         Executive positions, British Columbia Water      Hockey Tournament 1982
                                                   and Waste Association 1990-2005 (President     President, Parent Organization for Fraser
Professional History                               2004-2005)                                      Academy 1981-1982
Vice President Technologies, Dayton & Knight      Biosolids Committee, American Society of
 Ltd 2006-Present                                  Civil Engineering 1973
President and CEO, Dayton & Knight Ltd            Wastewater Treatment MOP #8 Committee,
 2001-2006                                         Water Environment Federation 1970
Senior Process Engineer & Project Manager,
 Dayton & Knight Ltd 1990-2001

M (Mahmoud) Mahmoud PEng
This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.
                                                  I am honoured to have been nominated again to run as Councillor.

                                                  I am of the view that enhanced dialogue between members and Council/Administration will help move us to a more engaged
                                                  membership. A more engaged membership will help us develop into an even stronger Association. This is our Association and we
                                                  will all benefit through our increased participation in the Association’s affairs at any level, including the branches, committees and
                                                  divisions, as well as any other volunteer activity targeting the Association’s areas of focus. By engaging our professional members
                                                  who have been elected to government, the Sea to Sky branch have been keeping our membership up-to-date on the public’s
                                                  perception of our roles.

                                                  We are facing a number of challenges including mandatory reporting of professional development hours, practice reviews,
                                                  registration of internationally trained engineers and geoscientists, possible change to the Act, and member remuneration. These
                                                  topics are encapsulated within the Association’s focus on Professional Renewal. I am committed to staying actively engaged in
                                                  moving forward on these fronts, while always ensuring that the membership’s perspectives are taken into account in meeting our
                                                  mandate of protecting the public’s interest. To that end, I would encourage the membership to elevate their engagement to help
Education                                         the professions enhance our public image and hence our profile as significant contributors to our communities and to society at
BSc Eng (Civil Engineering), Queen Mary           large.
 College, University of London 1983               Manager of Engineering & Associate, Golder      Related Professional Activities             Community Involvement
MSc (Soil Mechanics & Engineering                  Associates 1997-2003                           Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary    Invited Member, Advisory Committee, William
 Seismology), Imperial College of Science,        Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Terra              2003-2006                                   Griffin Recreation Centre 2005-2008
 Technology & Medicine 1984                        Engineering 1995-1997                          Member, APEGGA 1997-Present                 Invited Member, Advisory Council,
PhD (Geotechnical Engineering), Imperial                                                          Executive Member, International Business     Department of Civil Engineering, University
 College of Science, Technology & Medicine        APEGBC Activities                                Development Committee, Petroleum Society    of Calgary 2001-2003
 1990                                             Fairness Panel 2007-Present                      1997-2003
BA (Systems & Management Sciences), Open          Professional Renewal Task Force                 Certified Member, Institution of Mining &
 University 1992                                   2007-Present                                    Metallurgy 1992-1995
                                                  Registration Interviewer 2005-Present
Professional History                              Executive, Sea to Sky Branch 2005-2008
President, GES Geotech – Global Earth              (Chair 2007-2008)
 Solutions 2003-Present

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COUNCILLORS (five to be elected)
M L (Claudia) Ng PEng
This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.

                                              I am proud to be an engineer because as a profession, we do more than add value to our society. Through our innovations and ability
                                              to overcome challenges dictated by the laws of nature, we greatly influence how society operates in its day-to-day activities. We truly
                                              build a better world for everyone. However, an engineer’s passion alone isn’t enough to gain the recognition for the Association that
                                              it deserves and I would appreciate the opportunity to improve that. In recent years I’ve noticed a growing sense of detachment from
                                              the Association among several of my engineering colleagues. Since a high level of engagement is always necessary for a profession to
                                              thrive it is vital that the governing body receives full support and involvement from its members. The Association needs to revitalize
                                              itself and increase its exposure not only among its members, but more importantly among the public who deserves to gain a greater
                                              appreciation and respect of our profession and hold it in much higher esteem. If I am fortunate enough to be given the opportunity
                                              to serve on Council, I will work with my fellow Councillors to make this happen. I will also propose a focussed and strategic approach
                                              for the Association so its members recognize an increase in the value that it provides to them. I envision an Association that is
                                              regarded by both members and the public alike as a beacon of attraction, excitement, intelligence, and as a profession that is sought
                                              after by many, but only successfully achieved by a fortunate few! We are engineers, we are proud, and our expertise deserves to shine.

Education                                     APEGBC Activities                            Professional Activities                      Community Involvement
BASc (Electrical), University of British      Selected to provide my views on “Wireless    Engineers Canada Award for the Support of    Women’s Executive Network (WXN), Mentor
 Columbia 1993                                 Industry in BC” 2002                         Women in the Engineering Profession 2007     2007–2008
MBA, Simon Fraser University 2001             Promotion model for the Professional         Top 100 – Most Powerful Women Award, by      United Chinese Community Enrichment
                                               Engineer 2000 campaign 2000                  the Women’s Executive Network 2007           Services Society (SUCCESS), Mentor
Professional History                          APEGBC Computer and Software Engineering     YWCA Women of Distinction Nominee and         2005–2007
Founder, President and CEO, 818Channel         Registration Task Force Member 1999          finalist 2006
 Media Inc. 2008-Present                                                                   Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40
Sr. Vice-President, Products and Services,                                                  Recipient 2005
 Infowave Software, Inc. 2006-2007
Co-Founder, President and CEO, FatPort
 Corporation 2002-2006

D G (Don) Osman PEng
This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.
                                              I bring to APEGBC a wealth of experience (more than 80 committee years of service in APEGM) that will serve to provide a perspective
                                              and understanding of many of the issues before APEGBC. Issues that will benefit from my experience include mandatory professional
                                              development and reporting, negotiations with architects, technologists to reshape the process to serve the public better. An issue
                                              that must be better addressed is dealing with the forecast shortage of professionals as the “boomers” retire. We must have an
                                              improved process that will enable the qualified professional immigrants to become readily licensed to practice.

                                              I have a BSc. Civil Engineering degree from the University of Manitoba and have been practicing, as a professional engineer, since
                                              licensed in 1976. I have been employed in the consulting, contracting, contract management and administration of civil works for
                                              most of my career. I have also been employed in public and private sector.

                                              I have been actively involved (in many cases as the chair of the committee) in the self governance of the APEGM as noted below. I am
                                              currently involved as an interviewer for the APEGBC registration process.

                                              Reaching consensus to resolve challenges in an effective and lasting manner requires innovation and good judgement; I employ
                                              both in an inclusive manner. I will undertake to serve APEGBC to the fullness of my capabilities in a professional and ethical manner.
BSc (Civil), University of Manitoba 1974

Professional History                          Related Professional Activities              Nomination Committee, APEGM 1993-2001        Community Involvement
Technology Manager, Simon Fraser University   Member, Association of Professional          Executive & Finance Committee, APEGM         MS Campaign 2007
 2006-2008                                    Engineers of Manitoba (APEGM)                 1993-1996                                   Heart and Stroke Campaign 1997-2000
Technology Manager, University of Victoria    President, APEGM 1994-1995                   Women in Engineering Action Committee,       Neighbourhood Watch 1988-2001
 2002-2006                                    Vice President, APEGM 1993-1994               APEGM 1990-1992                             Salvation Army Campaign 1988-2000
Technology Manager, University of Manitoba    Member of Council, APEGM 1990-1992           Discipline Committee, APEGM 1989-2003        Siberian Husky Club of Canada 1983-2000
 1994-2002                                    Past President Committee, APEGM 1998-2003    Environment and Sustainable Development      and several other school related, sports
Engineering Manager, Industrial Technology    Premises Committee, APEGM 1998-2000           Committee, APEGM 1989-1991                   related activities
 Centre 1991-1993                             Awards Committee, APEGM 1996-2001            Registration Board, APEGM, 1983-2003
                                              Restructuring Committee, APEGM 1996-1999     R & D Committee, APEGM 1980-1994
APEGBC Activities                             Long Range Planning Committee, APEGM         and several other task groups and
Registration Board interviewer 2007-2008       1996-1998                                    committees

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COUNCILLORS (five to be elected)
 R A (Bob) Patrick PEng
 This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.

                                              Professional Engineers in most market sectors in British Columbia are currently enjoying an extended period of exciting, challenging
                                              projects. Due to the demands created by this economic environment, including greater focus on our profession, we must strive
                                              to maintain the high standards expected of Professional Engineers by ourselves, our clients and the public. I feel that diligence is
                                              required by APEGBC to continue efforts in the following areas:
                                                • Reminding members not to take assignments for which they are not qualified;
                                                • Ensuring that the requirements for interprovincial registration are appropriate and clear;
                                                • Ensuring that the assessment of international engineers for registration is appropriate, unambiguous and timely; and
                                                • Encouraging awareness, by our members and the public, of our discipline and practice review processes.

                                              My perspective on the profession of engineering has been developed during the 28 years of consulting experience that I have gained
                                              throughout western Canada and internationally. During this time, I have continuously challenged myself and my colleagues to work
                                              with the highest level of professionalism and ethical behaviour.

                                              I look forward to learning more about the items noted above, as well as the other issues facing APEGBC, such that I can use my
 BESc (Civil), University of Western Ontario
                                              knowledge and experience to provide input during council discussions.
 MSc (Geotechnical), University of Newcastle- Project Geotechnical Engineer, Cochrane   Related Professional Activities
  Upon-Tyne 1979                               Lavalin/Geocon 1986-1988                 CEBC Education Committee 2002-2004

 Professional History                         APEGBC Activities                               Community Involvement
 Principal Engineer, EBA Engineering          Task Force on Seismic Slope Stability 2007-     Director, Runners of Compassion Nanaimo
  Consultants Ltd 1991-Present                 2008                                            2003-Present
 Project Geotechnical Engineer, Beca Carter   Joint Practice Board 2004-2006 (Chair 2006)     Race Director, Harbour City Half Marathon
  Hollings & Ferner 1988-1991                 Editorial Board, DEGIFS Newsletter (Aspect)      and 10 km Road Race 2003-2006
                                               1998-Present (Editor 1995-1998)                Malaspina Toastmasters 1996-2004
                                                                                              Rotary Club of Nanaimo 1992-Present

 K P (Kevin) Turner PEng
 This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.

                                              Council approved a Strategic Service Plan to ensure the public interest remains protected; to build appreciation for the geoscience
                                              and engineering professions; and to support and engage the Members with good governance, transparency, and communication. To
                                              achieve this, I believe we must:
                                                • continue our government relations strategy to achieve modernization of our Act;
                                                • advance the professional renewal initiative, as generally supported by Members in the recent survey;
                                                • firmly defend the engineering and geoscience professions from practice infringement; reduce the numbers of unregistered
                                                  practitioners; and recognize emerging discipline opportunities;
                                                • maintain involvement in national affairs to facilitate mobility, and examine the utility of competency-based registration; and
                                                • enhance Branch involvement.

                                              These initiatives will most certainly challenge APEGBC given its fiscal constraints, and this will require tough decisions by Council and
                                              the Membership these coming years. We must continue to review and streamline our business processes, and invest in technology to
                                              reduce operational costs.

 Education                                    My first term as Councillor has strengthened my appreciation of the professions, and I continue to be inspired by the dedication
 BEng (Civil Engineering), Technical          exhibited by the many volunteers whom underpin our Association. I thank the Nominating Committee for the opportunity to seek
  University of Nova Scotia 1987              re-election and I respectfully ask for your support to serve you again. I invite you to send any questions you may have to
 Professional History
 Geotechnical Engineer, Westrek               Chair, Forest Engineering Task Force 2008        (Chair, 2004)                                  Community Involvement
  Geotechnical Services 2008-Present          Technical Reviewer, Practice Review Program     Executive, DEGIFS 2001-2003 (Secretary          Canvasser, Kidney Foundation 2003-2004,
 Regional Geotechnical Engineer, BC            2007-Present                                    2001-2002, Past Chair 2003)                     2006-2008
  Ministry of Forests 1996-2008               Registration Committee 2006-Present             Reviewer: Guidelines for Legislated Landslide   Board Member, Children’s Circle Childcare
 Geotechnical Engineer, AGRA Earth &          Geoscience Committee 2006-Present (Chair         Assessments for Proposed Residential            Centre 2002-2006
  Environmental 1989-1996                      2007-Present)                                   Development, 2006; Landslide Risk Case         Guest Lecturer, Natural Resource Science
 Junior Engineer, Nolan Davis & Associates    Review Panel, Engineering Limited License for    Studies in Forestry Development Planning        Program, Thompson Rivers University
  1987-1989                                    PGeos 2006                                      and Operations, 2004; Guidelines for Terrain    1999-2008
                                              APEGBC/ABCFP Joint Practices Board               Stability Assessments in the Forest Sector,
 APEGBC Activities                             2005-2006                                       2003
 Member of Council 2006-2008                  Executive, South Central Branch 2004-2007

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COUNCILLORS (five to be elected)
A A (Met) Ulker PEng
This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.

                                                 There is currently more pressure/change in our profession, than any other time in its history. Globalization is threatening to
                                                 provide remote and lower fee competition, while presenting opportunities to offer our services to unseen clients miles away. Non-
                                                 professionals are knocking on our door asking for a portion of our traditional work. New professions with less stringent education
                                                 requirements are taking over the lead in our traditional scope. Whilst engineers are improving the standard of living for humankind,
                                                 due recognition is not given. Whereas other professions are glorified in the media, engineers are the subject of comics.

                                                 We, engineers, need to adapt to the new environment and use it to our advantage. We need to participate more in our communities,
                                                 politics, and other non-technical issues beyond our profession.

                                                 APEGBC members need to elect councilors, who will provide leadership in these issues.

Education                                        APEGBC Activities                              Member and Speaker, International Facility      Respite support for foster parents
BSc (Electrical Engineering), Middle East        Fairness Panel 2008                             Managers Association 1995-Present               2007-Present
 Technical University 1976                       Sustainability Committee 1998-2000             Consulting Engineers of BC 1994-Present         Business Participant, Organizational Behavior
                                                 Registration Interviewer 1997-Present          Member and Speaker, Building Owners and          Class, Capilano College 2002-Present
Professional History                             Professional Development Committee 1986-        Managers Association 1990-Present              Volunteer, Air Cadets 1995-2001
Senior Principal – Practice Leader Vancouver      1988                                                                                          Soccer Referee 1984-1997
 Building Engineering, Stantec Consulting Ltd    Power Smart Awards Judge (APEGBC               Community Involvement                           Rotary Club 1991-1997
 (Keen Engineering) 2002-Present                  representative)                               Mentor for Foreign Trained Engineers with the
Principal, Vice President, Technical Director,                                                   following Associations:
 Earth Tech (Reid Crowther) 1984-2002            Related Professional Activities                  • Site BC 2007-Present
                                                 Guest Lecturer, Electrical Engineering, UBC      • MOSAIC 1995
                                                  School of Architecture 2003-Present             • Arrive BC January 2008–Present

M C (Michael) Wrinch PEng
This candidate has been nominated by the Nominating Committee.

                                                 I consider it a great honour to be nominated for council by the nomination committee. I have had the pleasure of serving the
                                                 Association as Branch Representatives Chair and on several APEGBC committees. Through these activities, I have become very
                                                 familiar with APEGBC’s business and core issues, and I look forward to contributing my efforts on council.

                                                 It is important that we are recognized for our inherent value and contributions by decision and policy makers. The Association
                                                 must continue to foster initiatives in collaboration with industry and government, such as, the innovative BC green building code.
                                                 I will continue to support and be actively involved in the efforts of the Association to raise the profile and status of engineers and
                                                 geoscientists in the province by promoting our high standards of professional practice and ethics.

                                                 Protecting the public requires more than simply exerting our technical expertise. As professionals, we must link this expertise with
                                                 broader social and environmental priorities. In this, I will support the Association to update the Act. These revisions would serve to
                                                 address the challenges of an increasingly diverse membership, professional liability and the aforementioned social-environmental
BSc (Physics), University of British Columbia
                                                 To improve our standards of excellence, it is crucial for us to address creative solutions for updating practice guidelines and
 1995                                            broad-based professional development opportunities available throughout the province, and not just focusing in our larger
BEng (Electrical Engineering), Memorial          metropolitan areas.
 University of Newfoundland 2000
MEng (Electrical Engineering), Memorial          It is only through our combined forward thinking efforts that we can gain the confidence of government, while protecting the
 University of Newfoundland 2002                 public to enable the continued practice of professional engineering and geoscience.

Professional History                             APEGBC Activities                              Related Professional Activities                 Treasurer/Member, Toastmasters International
President, Hedgehog Technologies Inc 2001-       Chair, Branch Representatives 2007-Present     Technical Chair, IEEE Oceans 2007                1999-Present
 Present                                         Registration Committee 2007-Present             International Conference 2007
Systems Engineer, Intrignia Solutions Inc        Professional Renewal Task Force                Board Member, Pacific Club 2005-2007            Community Involvement
 2000-2001                                        2007-Present                                  Canadian Society for Marketing                  Engineers Without Borders 2001-2003
                                                 Nominating Committee 2005-2007                  Professional Services 2004-2006
                                                 Executive, Vancouver Branch 2002-Present       Vancouver Board of Trade 2004-2005
                                                  (Chair 2006-2007)                             IEEE Power Engineering Society 2001-Present

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  The 2008 Annual General Meeting of the Association of
  Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia
  will be held at 8:30 am on Saturday, October 18, 2008 at the
  Grand Okanagan Lakefront Resort & Conference Centre,
  Kelowna, BC.

  Candidates’ election statements are included in the election material as a service for the information of members. All candidate statements must comply with the APEGBC Election
  Policy which can be found at www.apeg.bc.ca/electionpolicy or can be obtained by contacting the APEGBC office. Statements are not edited for grammar or typographical errors, but
  have been formatted for consistency.
  - Registrar

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