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        Web hosting is part of the World Wide Web to store website information. Choosing the right web hosting
     provider is an important step for your business. Make the right choice and you will enjoy a quality service that
                                            will be an asset to your business
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                                    The Best Web Hosting Service – What Will It Offer Me?
                                                                     By Don Break

   If you are looking for the best web hosting service, what factors should be the most important?

 Usually when someone is looking for good web hosting they will compare the same sort of things for
each hosting service – the monthly price, the bandwidth and disk space available, features like
MySQL, good statistics, domain parking, FrontPage extensions and so on.

 While these are important, and everyone will have different requirements depending on the scripts and
software they intend to run for their web site, there are a couple of things which if done well can turn an
average web host into the best web hosting service available. These are issues which are not apparent
from the hosting feature lists which hosting services use to entice you to sign up.

 The first of these critical issues is reliability. There is nothing more frustrating than finding that a web
site you have been building and promoting for months is regularly not available, either to visitors or to
search engine spiders, due to server downtime. Most hosting services will prominently feature uptime
guarantees, but there is no industry standard for what 'uptime' actually means. Some hosts consider
the server to be 'up' is the power is on, even if is not serving pages. In addition 'scheduled
maintenance' time is often excluded from the guarantee. If the company's guarantees are meaningless,
how to you assess the real reliability of a host?

 You can only do this by getting information about a given host by its actual users, by searching blogs
and forums, or by looking for reviews. If you are just starting with hosting for the first time, check how
long the host you are considering has been in business too – poor hosts don't usually last long. The
best web hosting service is the most reliable hosting service.

 The next critical issue to consider is the support on offer. Here we are talking only about shared
hosting (the most common type). With dedicated hosting, you are likely to be paying for support at
various levels anyway.

 You may believe that you have sufficient webmaster skills to cope with most issues already, and that
support is not vital. But consider this: most support issues which affect hosting customers who are not
absolute newbies are to do with server configurations, downtime, file paths, file permissions, and
hosting restrictions, which are all specific to the particular host service itself. You will inevitably need

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the help of a human being with your hosting at some point; if they don't reply to emails or answer the
phone your website or your business will suffer.

 The best web hosting service will have the best support, and will be putting just as much effort into
keeping customers happy as they do into recruiting new customers. Again, it is hard to assess what the
support is going to be like before you sign up with a web host, but you can get a sense of how good it
is by doing some research on the hosting service's name.

Don Break writes about web hosting and where to find the best possible host. See
http://www.hostingbreak.com .

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                                       How to Find the Best Web Hosting Provider?
                                                        By Anand Maheshwari

Due to ever increasing demand of internet and websites it’s general for every business firm today in
market to have a website and thus need of web hosting arises where business firms need web hosting
for their official websites and on other hand personal blogs and other activities also needed for
personal websites.

 There are a lot of web hosting companies and web hosting service providers thus first thing you need
to do is to choose the best web hosting company for hosting concern of your website or blog and which
may not be an easy job. How to find the best web hosting service provider is the biggest question
which comes automatically when you start search for good web hosting company. Never to go for price
barging is the first thing to get concern with as sometime cheapest is not the best for anything you
need no matter thinking about web hosting or any other concern.

 First decide that what you need in term of technical requirements for your web hosting account for e.g.
for a blog approximately 1 gb web hosting over Linux server can be the best choice on the other hand
for a business or ecommerce website from 1gb to 5gb web hosting package can be the best one some
provider do locks like fixed no. of MySQL databases allowed, fix no of email ids allowed on the other
hand there are a lot of providers which also offer databases and no. of email ids sort of things as

 A lot of web hosting companies do also offer live chat support thus you can logon to internet and just
put web hosting along with your area name to find nearest web hosting provider in this manner you get
the local web hosting provider's websites list in front of you and you can easily surf their websites for
their web hosting packages to get information that which plan cost what and then to make a sheet for
comparison purpose of the same. On the other hand some of web hosting provider as offer live chat
support also thus it’s better to clear you all of the doubts before you make any company as a winner for
your web hosting needs.

 There are a lot of web hosting providers also in the market which offer free web hosting sort of nice
packages but remember in their free web hosting service some ask for back link to their websites and
some puts automatic advertisement of their own on your all web pages. So when you going to think for
free web hosting service provider clear the things before making decision to opt it.

 It is not thing to worry that you are not a technical person then how you can judge that which web
hosting provider is best only thing you need to do is a few minutes research over the internet itself to
know the best of web hosting provider on which you can trust and stay for your web hosting needs.

Anand is a webmaster for Web Hosting India visit: http://hosting.b4uindia.com/

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