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                                          Using The Internet To Earn Residual Income
                                                                 By Niels Bach

   For the savvy Internet entrepreneur, there has never been a more profitable time to be in business.

 Making money online in some ways is like shooting fish in a barrel and the fact that anyone can take
hold of one of the many business opportunities offered – whether they have a lot of business
experience or next to none – and with little or no investment build a small business empire is the stuff
of e-zines and e-books.

 To many, residual income is the name of the game and using the Internet to earn residual income is
surprisingly simple.

 For example, you already own and operate an online business, you will find that tapping into one of
the many available affiliate programs is a surefire way of creating a separate revenue stream that
requires next to no work on your part and complements the business you are already running.

 Becoming an affiliate is easy to do, usually free of charge, and there is little more required than placing
a merchant’s link onto your website.

 When a consumer visits the merchant via your link and makes a purchase, you earn money. If you are
very successful, you will find that before long you will qualify to receive payment not only for the sales
made through your website link but you may also receive the option to sign up for a program that will
remunerate you for the visitors you send to the merchant’s website.

 If you are just starting out online and do not already operate an established business, remember that
patience is a virtue, and anyone who tells you that you can get rich overnight on the ‘Net is lying to you.

 Driving traffic to your website is a gradual process – if you do it right – and not a feast or famine kind
of activity. Spend time, effort, and perhaps even some money in making sure that the search engines
like your site and then make it user friendly.

 Those in the know have found that the best way to consistently make money off the Internet is to
create a number of separate revenue streams that will always be ongoing.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Remember that small streams will eventually combine to make a raging river and just because in and
of itself an income opportunity might look modest, when combined with your other income generating
methods of making money you stand the chance of making a decent living online.

 Join desirable and reputable affiliate programs and keep an eye to cultivating long term relationships
with these vendors rather than hopping from merchant to merchant in an effort to ride the latest fad.
 Consistency pays off with residual income, while short term linkage can only produce short term
income, which it extremely limiting.

 As the money begins to pour in, consider reinvesting it in your online efforts and increasing the
strength of your web presence to eventually commandeer a larger portion of the daily visitor numbers
that are found on the World Wide Web.

 ou may consider doing so with your own personal store front and thus adding products as well as
affiliate networking to your income portfolio.

Niels Bach is an internet entrepreneur. He has a site with tested programs for making money online.
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                         Residual Income Opportunities Generates More Money For You
                                                                 By Jim Suzak

 At times we all are in the need for more money. Whether to buy a house or a new car we all have
experience the gap between our desires and our financial situation. If we are ever going to be able to
live a life free from financial constraint then we are going to need more money in the form of residual
income. So, how do we earn that extra income?

The only way to make more money nowadays is to work for it. Either you get a new job that brings a
much higher income or you just have to get a second job. Today, people are now working two jobs in
order to earn more money. However, this seriously limits the amount of money you are going to make
even though you are working those two jobs. Think about it the amount of money that you are going to
make will depend on your skills and qualifications and more importantly on the amount of time that you
will be able to invest. This is why it is more lucrative to focus on a residual income opportunity.

Residual income also known as passive income is a type of income that will bring you money even if
you do not work continuously for it. This means that the income will keep on flowing in. You have more
free time or more interestingly try to find new ideas to earn more money. In this article two types of
residual income will be discussed, reality real life and online residual income.

In reality real life, you could be earning extra income with many opportunities. For example, you can
have some stocks and bonds at the stock exchange that could be bringing you money in the form of
interests and dividends while you are asleep. Alternatively, you can be earning money from the
licensing of one of your products. Residual income is much more common than you think in real life but
you certainly need a form of initial investment in the very beginning.

How to earn residual income online?

If you are searching to find a residual income opportunity and earn a residual income for the first time
then the Internet is the place to begin. This is so because of the amount of opportunities that are
available. For example, if you have a website that has many visitors, you can be earning big with
advertisements and affiliates program. In fact, there are numerous online residual income opportunities
that exist and it is only to you to find out the one that most suit you.

Residual income is highly recommended for all those that are looking to break free from financial
constraint. Certainly, you will have to do some investment in the first place either in the form of money
and capital or in the form of time and effort. However, once set up, you will have nothing or very little to
do. You can then sit back and enjoy the dollars rolling in.

The author is a professional internet marketer that uses several quality affiliate marketing programs
and has achieved residual income success through this method. Check-out his website Residual
Income Opportunities for more details and get your FREE residual income opportunity newsletters so
you can also realize your dreams while working in the comfort of your home. -->

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