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					Medical College of
Wisconsin Libraries
  Annual Report

                         THANKS TO YOU!
The Library wishes to acknowledge the following people for their
      generous monetary donations during the past year.
                               Christine Badano*
                       Mary Brennan-Druml (ALS Society)
                                Donald Chisholm
                               Jessica DiMaggio*
                                Richard Foregger
                           Dr. Debebe Gebremedhin
                              Dr. Vincent Graffeo
                               Kathleen Grande*
                                 Karen Hanus*
                               Mary Holtz, PhD*
                                 Tammy Hosch*
                               Shantha Jhansale*
                                William Klitzkie
                               Dr. Mario Laguna*
                              Dr. Ravindra Misra*
                             Dr. Vladmir Osipov*
                                 Sandra Pierce*
                                Carol Porth, PhD
                                  Henry Quade
                           Elizabeth Roth-Wojcicki*
                             Ms. Lyniece Rzepka*
                              Mr. Michael Sauer*
                             Sara Sazbo, MD, PhD
                             Robert Schum, PhD*
                                 Michael Sirken
                            Anna Stadnicka, PhD*
                            David and Julia Uihlein
                              Ms. Mary Beth Vrba
                           Anne Warwick, MD, MPH
                               Todd Wesolowski*
                             Hsiang-En Wu, MD*
                            Dr. Michael Zacharisen*

                                 *MCW Faculty/Staff

                                         Design by
               Kathleen Darlington, Administrative Assistant III, MCW Libraries
July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226
               MCW Libraries Mission Statement

 The MCW Libraries provides access to information to promote the Medical
   College of Wisconsin’s goals of improving the quality of patient care,
               education, research and community service.

The MCW Libraries provides information in traditional printed forms, as well
   as electronic formats, and promotes awareness and utilization of these

The MCW Libraries assumes the responsibility of staying at the forefront of
information transfer, and endeavors to make unique or unusual information
                        resources readily accessible.

   The MCW Libraries serves as a link in local, national, and international
                         information programs.

  The MCW Libraries’ Staff, collectively and individually, are dedicated to
  providing the highest standards of service and leadership in information
                                          Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries
                                                      Annual Report
                                                                     Table of Contents
Faculty Library Committee Report ............................................................................................................... 1
Overview of 06/07 and Goals for 07/08 .......................................................................................................... 2
Staff Roster ................................................................................................................................................ 5
Collection Development—Books and Databases ............................................................................................ 6
Collection Management
          Journal Format Usage Trends—Electronic and Print ...................................................................14
          Challenges of Providing Access to Electronic Journals and Full Text Linking ...............................17
Access Services
          Circulation ....................................................................................................................................20
          Reference/Information Services ....................................................................................................22
          Educational Programming ............................................................................................................24
          Interlibrary Loan ..........................................................................................................................25
          PRONTO .....................................................................................................................................26
Library Systems ..........................................................................................................................................27
          Remote Access Proxy Server.........................................................................................................31
          ANGEL (MCW Learning) .............................................................................................................33
          Children’s Hospital Library Branch ..............................................................................................34
          Froedtert Hospital Library Branch ...............................................................................................37
Instructional Computing Lab ......................................................................................................................41
Special Reports
          Public Relations and Marketing Committee ..................................................................................43
          Clinical Medical Librarian Services ...............................................................................................44
          PDAs ............................................................................................................................................45
          Outreach Activities .......................................................................................................................46
          Library on Request (LOR)............................................................................................................47
          Family Practice Inquiries Network ...............................................................................................51
          Art of Medicine Through the Humanities ......................................................................................52
          Julia A. Uihlein Bioethics & Medical Humanities Collection .........................................................53
          Library Display Cases ...................................................................................................................54
Statistical Highlights and Graphics
          Use of the Collection / Facility Highlights .....................................................................................56
          Internal Document Delivery .........................................................................................................57
          Use of Print vs Electronic Collections............................................................................................57
          Physical Collection Composite ......................................................................................................58
          Use of Licensed Electronic Books ..................................................................................................59
          Use of Licensed Electronic Databases ...........................................................................................60
          Use of Licensed Electronic Books (table).......................................................................................61
          Use of Licensed Electronic Databases (table) ................................................................................62
          Searches by Databases in OVID / Use of OVID/ Website Pages Viewed ........................................63
          Library Systems Help Desk Questions ..........................................................................................64
          Who Uses Proxy Access to Library Resources...............................................................................65
          Instructional Computer Lab Use / Total Application Launches on Public Computers ..................66
          Who Uses MD Consult ..................................................................................................................67
          Use Trends for Print and Electronic Journals ...............................................................................68
          Use of Library Print Materials ......................................................................................................69
          UNTITLED PAGE ......................................................................................................................70
          Patron Counts—Todd Wehr Library ............................................................................................71
          Reference / Information Service Questions ....................................................................................72
          MCW Libraries Educational Programs..........................................................................................73
          Attendees at MCW Education Programs by Status .......................................................................74
          Interlibrary Loan Transactions .....................................................................................................75
          Resource Libraries in the Greater Midwest Region ........................................................................77
          Budget Allocations .......................................................................................................................78
          Reaching Out to Wisconsin: Library Service Sites.........................................................................79
                            Faculty Library Committee

Marie Schulte, PhD (Anesthesiology-Research) served as Chair. Dr. Schulte reported on Library activities to the Faculty
Council and communicated with faculty regarding library services and resources.

The role of the Faculty Library Committee is to:
• Represent the needs of faculty and students regarding library policies, services and resources to Library Administration.
• Advise the Dean regarding support for the Library.
• Act as an advocate for the Library within the MCW community.
• Communicate with colleagues regarding library issues.

         Selected Highlights of Library Committee for 2007-2008:
The Library Committee met four times in person and once by email
over the year (Aug 29, Oct 3, Dec 5, April 2 and by email on May 7) to
review and provide input on the following items:
• Completed the annual journal solicitation process. 119 titles were
    suggested (many of which were already owned by the library).
    Analyzed the 206 votes/responses to the ballot, which contained 87
    titles, and based on the results and funds available selected 16 new
    titles for the library collection.                                      FACULTY LIBRARY COMMITTEE MEMBERS
• Reviewed low-use journal titles and requested input from faculty
    and staff regarding the need to retain these titles. Based on re-                       Faculty
    sponses, four low-use titles were cut.                                  ♦   Stephen Conley, MD, Otolaryngology
• Considered requests from a few faculty members who were dis-              ♦   Michael Dwinell, PhD, Microbiology
    pleased about the journal voting process and the fact that journals     ♦   Debebe Gebremedhin, PhD, Physiology
    they recommended were not selected. After full discussion decided       ♦   Sandra Haberichter, PhD, Pediatrics-
    that the present journal selection process is fair and transparent          Hematology
    and should stand as is.                                                 ♦   Vladimir Osipov, MD, Pathology
• In partnership with the Office of Postdoctoral Education, proposed        ♦   Marie Schulte, PhD, Anesthesiology
    to the Faculty Council that one or two postdoctoral fellows be rep-
                                                                            ♦   Mukut Sharma, PhD, Medicine-
    resented on the Committee.                                                  Nephrology
• Petitioned the Governance Committee of the Faculty Council to             ♦   Denise Uyar, MD, Ob/Gyn
    grant voting status to the Chair of the Faculty Library Committee.      ♦   Jo Weis, PhD, Psychiatry
• Participated in a review of the database Scopus and supported a           ♦   Kenneth Yen, MD, Pediatrics-
    database feedback survey carried out in September/October 2007.             Emergency Medicine
• Supported the Library’s role in assisting MCW investigators in            ♦   Heidi Zafra, MD, Pediatrics-Allergy
    complying with the NIH Public Access Policy. Recommended that
    the library contact investigators three months prior to the 12                            Students
    month compliance deadline to assist with submissions.                   ♦   M-1   Mark Splittgerber
• Affirmed the decision of the 06/07 Library Committee to cancel            ♦   M-2   Denise Babin
    membership support of BioMed Central (BMC) from the Library’s           ♦   M-3   Rubina Zahedi
    budget. Communicated to MCW authors that published in a BMC             ♦   M-4   Lucas Clark
    journal sometime in the last two years the rationale for the decision                   Advisory
    which was based on the change in the BMC membership/business            ♦   Mary Blackwelder
    model that passes on article processing charges to member libraries.    ♦   Karen Hanus
• Elected Vladimir Osipov, MD (Dept. of Pathology) Chair for the
    08/09 Academic Year.

The Library Director wishes to thank Dr. Schulte and all of the Committee
 members for their work during the past year. Their continued interest in
               and support of the Library is greatly appreciated.
1                                                                                       Medical College Libraries Annual Report
The Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries (MCW Libraries)          This overview will highlight a number of activities in FY
supports the educational, research, clinical, and community         07/08. Other accomplishments and more in-depth descrip-
service activities of the health sciences community of the          tion are included in the individual section reports. These
Medical College of Wisconsin, Froedtert and Children’s hospi-
                                                                                                   FY 06/07            FY07/08             %
tals through development and provision of innovative infor-                                                                             incr/
mation resources and services.                                                                                                           decr
                                                                     Use of Print/AV                  47,358             35,271          (26%)
MCW Libraries includes the Todd Wehr Library in the                  collection
Health Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin,          Use of electronic             1,755,860         1,928,391            10%
the Children’s Hospital Library on the first floor of Chil-          resources
dren’s Hospital and the Froedtert & Dynacare Community               Total                         1,803,218         1,963,662              9%
Resource Center on the second floor of the Froedtert East
Clinic building. MCW Libraries staff includes 14 FTE librari-       accomplishments are a testimony to the dedication and skill
ans, 2.50 FTE computer/ technical staff, 13.5 FTE senior            of the library staff and how cooperatively the various units
support staff, and .80 FTE part-time library assistants. The        of the library work together to provide excellence in library
library serves more than 10,000 primary clients, including          information services to the MCW Community.
health sciences faculty, staff, students, residents, and em-
ployees of MCW, Froedtert and Children’s hospitals. In addi-                      Selected Highlights from 2007-2008
tion, the libraries serve a number of patients/patients’ fami-      •    Conducted 23 classes around Milwaukee teaching com-
lies, students from other local colleges and universities as well        munity members to find accurate health information
as members of the general public.                                        online
                                                                    •    Carried out a National Library of Medicine Outreach
The Library Web site ( is the entry point to
                                                                         Grant with a community partner to provide training,
the wide range of Library resources and services. While ap-
                                                                         equipment, MCW Library resources, and support to
proximately 800 people physically enter one of the MCW
                                                                         facilitate the development of a health education clinic
Libraries every day, there is an average of 1,600 page views
                                                                    •    Implemented a 2nd remote access authentication
on the Library Web site.
                                                                         method using the Library’s Integrated Library System
                                                                         allowing CHW and Froedtert staff remote access
                    Library Visits Comparison                       •    Finished collection development projects in electrocar-
                                    In Person                            diography, parasitology, and statistical genetics
                                                                    •    Added 6 electronic databases to the e-collection: Access
         7 00,000                                                        Surgery; First Consult; Scopus PsycARTICLES; The
         5 00,000                                                        Senses; and USP-NF Online
         3 00,000
                                                                    •    Evaluated licensed databases using a feedback survey
         1 00,000
                         FY            FY          FY                    on ANGEL for input from the MCW Community. Re-
                       05/06         06/07        07/08                  sults assist the library in collection decisions
         In Person    280,569       291,227      287,082            •    Sponsored a two-day NCBI Field Guide genetics data-
         Virtual*     549,047       590,335      586,522                 base course. Day one was a 3- hour lecture attended by
                                                                         94 people from MCW, FH, CHW, and the Blood Re-
Overall use of the Library’s collection in FY (fiscal year)              search Institute. 53 researchers attended day two, an
07/08 increased by 9% over FY 06/07. Usage showed a con-                 optional 2-hour, hands-on workshop
tinuation of the trend in an increase in use of electronic re-      •    Established a new service and educational offerings to
sources and declining use of the library’s print resources. The          assist MCW authors comply with the NIH Public Ac-
trend is similar to usage patterns at all academic health sci-           cess Policy
ence libraries. At MCW Libraries, use of the print/AV collec-       •    Partnered with Public Affairs to launch new designs for
tion decreased by 26% while use of the electronic collection
increased by 10%.                                                   1A page view is a request from a visitor’s browser for a displayable Web page,
                                                                    generally an HTML file.

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                                              2
     InfoScope (MCW’s Intranet) and MCW Public Web Site               PIER, AHFS DI Essentials, BMJ Clinical Evidence,
•    Invented, assembled and deployed new privacy filter              Cochrane Library, DynaMed, Essential Evident Plus,
     system to support secure testing in the ICL                      MD Consult, and UpToDate).
•    Taught 6 classes in June to M-3 students highlighting       •    Library staff processed 17,359 inter-library loans (8,822
     PDA resources available through the Library                      borrows; 8,537 loans).
•    Worked with research staff at the Zablocki VA to imple-     •    The Library’s e-journal (A-Z) list was used 93,407 times
     ment training certification in ANGEL that retired a              in FY 07/08.
     largely paper process for tracking mandated certification   •    ANGEL recorded 603,235 user sessions, an increase of
     tests                                                            11% over FY06/07.
•    Library Resource of the Month promotions included:          •    Over 280,000 people entered the combined three Todd, OvidSP, PubMed LinkOut, Books@Ovid,                  Wehr, Froedtert and CHW Libraries and over 24,000
     Clinical Resources page, Safari Books Online, and PDA            people entered the Instructional Computing Labs. The
     Information page                                                 number of users entering Froedtert Library increased by
                                                                      29%, from 59,000 to 76,400.
It’s a common misunderstanding that libraries are disappear-
ing. Libraries are not disappearing, but they are changing                              Goals for 2008-2009
the way they acquire, organize and deliver information.          •    Configure and deploy MCW iTunesU for podcasting /
MCW Libraries usage numbers show that both the physical               multimedia distribution of approved educational/
and electronic resources of the library are increasing in use.        teaching content
• The MCW Commu-                                                 •    Complete reconfiguration of EZproxy remote access to
     nity consulted                                                   resources using Active Directory and the library’s user
     773,940 full text                                                database
     journal articles and                                        •    Launch new ILL and Document Delivery system
     logged 240,819 e-                                                (ILLiad); train staff/ users in its use
     book uses in                                                •    Move CHW library to a new location. Support /expand
     FY07/08, an in-                                                  services to families
     crease of 11% and                                           •    Lead InfoScope enhancement projects
     43% respectively.                                           •    Provide training/support for FCD* with the goal of
• Use of the Library’s                                                increasing faculty input profiles
     electronic databases increased by 25,578 (3%) from          •    Promote/ evaluate First Consult to determine benefits to
     06/07.                                                           library users and as a point-of-care resource
• 33 new electronic books were added to the collection.          •    Advocate for changes in vendor statistics to meet the
• The Library’s proxy server recorded 493,066 logons (an              needs of product usage evaluation
     increase of 6%) to remotely connect users to licensed       •    Continue administrative support to MCW Humanities
     library resources. Students –both medical and graduate -         program
     (42%), residents (23%) and faculty (19%) comprise the
                                                                 •    Finish a new web design for MCWCAT
     greater percentage of users.
                                                                 •    Execute a system to track MCW authored articles for
• The Library’s scheduled educational classes increased by
                                                                      NIH Public Access compliance
     32% over last year and attendance increased from 148 to
                                                                 •    Incorporate Web 2.0 technologies into reference and
     226 (53%). Total attendees at all scheduled, drop-in,
                                                                      research services
     seminar and orientations was 3,329.
                                                                 •    Increase the number of workstations in ICL to meet
• Library staff created four new online video offerings that
                                                                      academic requirements
     introduce MCW libraries services and locations. Com-
                                                                 •    Implement software controls to provide security for ICL
     bined with the online tutorial that existed last year,
                                                                      workstations that work with ANGEL
     these five online video tutorials were used over 600
     times.                                                      •    Upgrade ANGEL database to SQL 2005
• Library staff facilitated over 587 reservations for ICL        •    Migrate to new ANGEL Web servers/data storage
     (Instructional Computing Lab) events/sessions.              •    Test ANGEL v7.3 for potential upgrade in late summer
• Library Systems Help Desk answered 6,910 queries and                2009
     responded to 2,144 ANGEL help requests an increase of       •    Explore collaborating with Cancer Center to provide
     31% and 12% respectively over FY 06/07.                          one-on-one information assistance to patients and
• Library staff filled 14,407 Document Delivery requests              families
     from faculty, residents, students and staff at MCW,         •    Create and orchestrate a pilot MCW Archive digital col-
     Froedtert and CHW.                                               lection
• The MCW community consulted point-of-care resources
     more than 230,000 times in FY07/08, an increase of 29%                                   Mary B. Blackwelder, Library Director
     from FY06/07. (Point-of-Care resources included ACP
                                                                 *Faculty Collaboration Database

 3                                                                                          Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                Overview (continued)
                     Major Goal                                                         Accomplished
 Install, implement, and train staff on Patron /API              An ad hoc committee worked to install and configure the
 (remote access using the Library’s ILS) to allow remote         Patron API module of the ILS. New patron codes were set
 access for CHW and Froedtert employees. Reconfigure             up within the ILS. Access policies and procedures in line
 EZ Proxy to allow authentication via both the ILS and           with the library’s licensed resources were established.
 the College’s Remote Access Server.
 Offer more offsite classes at Children’s & Froedtert hos-       Additional classes were scheduled at Froedtert and
 pitals and the RPC.                                             Children’s. More classes need to be scheduled at these
                                                                 hospitals in addition to the RPC.
 Participate in the MCW Public website and upgrade to            Partnered with Public Affairs and the Web Council to up-
 the Content Management System (CMS) vers. 4                     grade to new version of the CMS for

 Lead the InfoScope (College’s Intranet) redesign                Linda LeMahieu was the Project Manager for the redesign of
 project                                                         InfoScope, completed in February 2008

 Support iPods in the Library Micro Lab                          Lectures downloaded to iPods increased by 100% from 15 to
                                                                 30 and is expected to continue increasing

 Upgrade to ANGEL 7.2                                            Upgrade completed at the end of July 2008

 Continue to promote the use of MCW/CHARTS web                   Conducted 23 classes around Milwaukee for community
 site as a quality/authoritative consumer web site                members, promoted use of MCWCHARTS to M-3’s

 Expand linking where possible and appropriate to                LinkSource was implemented in PubMed and Ovid. Other
 other library resources using LinkSource, the library’s         databases will be added in FY 08/09.
 OpenURL linkresolver
 Conduct a campus wide database survey to determine              Conducted a feedback survey on ANGEL. Results assisted in
 faculty/staff/student needs and recommendations                 database collection decisions.

                                                           In Progress

 Review, and if approved, implement iTunesU for pod-             Contract approved/signed by Sr. Vice President. Oversight,
 casting and distributing multimedia for Education/              technical specs and implementation to be completed in
 Training initiatives of the College                             FY08/09 in conjunction with Educational Services.
 Develop and implement a branding theme for library              A Branding sub-committee was formed early in the fiscal
 services and resources                                          year. The mission of the sub-committee is to identify and
                                                                 refine the library’s communications message and strategy.
                                                                 The process will continue through the next fiscal year.
 Collaborate with the Graduate School to update links            As the MCW Graduate School sends theses to Proquest/UMI,
 in the online catalog to theses authored by MCW                 theses can then be made available electronically. Approxi-
 students                                                        mately 46 theses covering 2005, 2006 and 2007 were sent to
                                                                 UMI in early Fall 2008 and will be added to the library cata-
                                                                 log before the end of CY 2008.
 Implement new ILL and Document Delivery system                  ILLiad system has been set up and workflow designed by
 ILLiad and train staff in its use                               Karen Hanus. Staff training will occur in November with
                                                                 December 2008 go-live date.
 Collaborate with the Web team in creating an                    MCW Public Web Site and InfoScope web servers are run-
 enterprise level SQL Server 2005 farm                           ning on the enterprise SQL server. Technical requirements
                                                                 for optimal running of ANGEL will require a separate SQL

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                          4
                        MCW Libraries Staff
                        (As of June 30, 2008)

               Linda Backus, M.L.S                               Mark Lebow
     Clinical Services Librarian, Froedtert           Sr. Library Assistant, Circulation

               Christine Badano                            Linda LeMahieu, M.L.I.S.
              Sr. Account Analyst                          Web Services Librarian

           Mary Blackwelder, M.L.I.S.                    Tatiana Miller, M. Ed, M.L.S.
            Director, MCW Libraries             Collection Mgmt & Resource Sharing Librarian

           Susan Coenen, MS, M.L.I.S.                           Steven Reitci
              Outreach Librarian                             Systems specialist II

              Kathleen Darlington                             Larry Roscoe
          Sr. Administrative Assistant                  Systems Specialist II, ANGEL

                Jessica DiMaggio                         Deborah Ruck, M.S., M.L.I.S.
       Sr. Library Assistant, Circulation             Information Resources Librarian

                  Alexis Divine                           Barbara Ruggeri, M.L.I.S.
       Sr. Library Assistant, Circulation             Clinical Services Librarian, CHW

                 Diane Eichholz                               Michael Sauer
    Sr. Library Assistant, Technical Services          Programmer Analyst III, ANGEL

           Jeffrey Hagedorn, M.L.I.S.                            Adam Scher
           Library Systems Manager                     Library Assistant II, Circulation

                  Paula Handel                              Rita Sieracki, M.L.I.S.
            Sr. Library Assistant, ILL                      Reference Librarian

          Karen Hanus, M.L.I.S.                                 Patrick Smith
Assistant Director-Services/Collections                Sr. Library assistant, froedtert

           Roberto Harrison, M.L.I.S.                           Jasmina Vasic
         Technology Support Librarian                     Sr. Library Assistant, ILL

            Barbara Jamieson, M.LS.                       Felicia Vastalo, M.S.L.I.S.
           Public Services Librarian                User Education/Reference Librarian

              Shantha Jhansale                                  Claire Wenzel
           Cataloging Coordinator                       Sr. Library Assistant, Serials

                  Jean Jolliffe                                Craig Zaffrann
           Sr. Library Assistant, CHW                   Library Coordinator-Evening

5                                                              Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                Collection Development-
                                    Books and Databases

                                                    Highlights of FY 07/08

•   Collection development projects were completed in electrocardiography, parasitology, and statistical genetics.
•   The book collection development and acquisitions processes were streamlined to improve efficiency and turnaround
    times. The number of patrons submitting requests for titles continues to increase.
•   A trial of the Scopus abstract and citation database was conducted in September and October 2007. A survey was cre-
    ated in the Content Management System for rating features and providing feedback. The highly positive feedback from
    users from a wide variety of departments resulted in the purchase of a subscription in May 2008.
•   Ovid released the new OvidSP precision search and discovery platform in October 2007. MCW Libraries posted an-
    nouncements and provided classes and demonstrations during the transition period in which both Ovid Web Gateway
    and OvidSP were available. The new platform features a more intuitive interface with improved navigation, natural
    language searching option, and tools such as RSS feeds and the capability to add annotations. The Ovid Web Gateway
    search platform was retired on February 4, 2008.
•   New platforms were released for Scriver’s OMMBID and the ISI Web of Knowledge suite of databases.
•   Accelrys, the vendor of the GCG database discontinued its updates and support for GCG and SeqWeb on January 1,
    2008. NCBI has some of the same databases as Accelrys GCG such as Genbank, RefSeq and Blast. Links to these NCBI
    databases were added to the MCW Libraries E-Resources Page. MCW Libraries sponsored an NCBI course on campus on
    October 31 and November 1.

                                                  Database Feedback Survey

A database feedback survey was conducted online via ANGEL from January 11, 2008 through January 31, 2008. Despite
extensive promotion, there were 157 respondents as compared to 201 respondents to the 2004 Web based database survey. It
was disappointing there were only 23 faculty respondents versus 154 in 2004. The diversity of the respondent pool was much
improved in the 2008 survey. There were 43 medical students and 21 graduate students in 2008 as compared to 11 students in
2004. The number of resident respondents increased from 11 to 26 in 2008. The 2004 survey only had 1 Froedtert staff respon-
dent as compared to 2 Froedtert staff, 2 Froedtert nurses, 4 CHW staff, and 8 CHW nurses in 2008. Numbers of MCW staff
and Fellows were similar in 2004 and 2008.

Ovid MEDLINE (122) followed by PubMed LinkOut MEDLINE (97) had the highest numbers of the Essential/Important
for My Work rating. Patrons still value having access to more than one MEDLINE interface. The rest of the top five data-
bases were UpToDate (69), Cochrane Library (63), and MD Consult (58). The databases with the lowest numbers of the Es-
sential/Important rating include (6), Faculty of 1000 Medicine (8), SPIN (9), ISI: Essential Science Indicators
(9), and BMJ Clinical Evidence (9). The comments indicate that the survey was a good awareness tool since several respon-
dents reported that they were not aware of many of the databases.

                                               New Paid Electronic Subscriptions

•   AccessSurgery - comprehensive resource for surgery education that provides textbooks, videos, animations, a differential
    diagnosis tool, interactive board review, and downloadable PDA content.
•   First Consult - authoritative evidence-based and continuously updated clinical information resource for healthcare pro-
    fessionals. Designed for use at point of care, it provides instant, user-friendly access to the latest information on evalua-
    tion, diagnosis, clinical management, prognosis, and prevention. First Consult is completely integrated with MD Consult.
    A site license for MD Consult and First Consult was negotiated so that patrons have unrestricted access to both products.
•   PsycARTICLES - full-text articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educa-
    tional Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe Publishing Group. The full text

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                             6
      links are incorporated within the citations of the data-   •    Visual Diagnosis in Pediatrics (added 2/08)
      bases that index these journals.
•     Scopus - abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed   DROPPED 3 TITLES:
      literature and quality web sources with tools to track,    • Cherry and Merkatz's Complications of Pregnancy
      analyze and visualize research. Coverage includes more     • Manual of Common Bedside Surgical Procedures
      than 15,000 peer-reviewed journals in science, technol-    • Medical Response to Terrorism: Preparedness and
      ogy, medicine and social sciences from over 4,000 inter-     Clinical Practice
      national publishers.
•     The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference - 6-volume set
      includes 300 articles from leading scholars providing
      current knowledge on the anatomy, physiology, and          STAT!Ref Annual Subscription Assessment
      molecular biology of sensory organs.
                                                                 (Changes effective 6/1/08)
•     USP-NF Online - The United States Pharmacopeia–
      National Formulary (USP–NF) contains standards for
      medicines, dosage forms, drug substances, excipients,          Top Five Titles                         Document
      medical devices, and dietary supplements.
                                                                     ACP PIER & AHFS DI Essentials                1,642

                                                                     ACS Surgery: Principles and                     903
Books@Ovid Annual Subscription Assessment                            Practice
(Changes effective 1/1/08 except as indicated)                       ICD-9-CM - Volumes 1, 2 and 3                   882

                                                   Sessions          Rudolph's Pediatrics                            858
     Top Five Titles
                                                                     The 5-Minute Clinical Consult                   751

     Head & Neck Surgery – Otolaryngol-               1,108
     (2 simultaneous users)
                                                                 ADDED 2 TITLES
                                                                 • Public Health & Preventive medicine (Official title is
     Greenfield's Surgery: Scientific Prin-             476         Wallace/Maxcy-Rosenau-Last Public Health & Pre-
     ciples and Practice
                                                                    ventive Medicine)
     (2 simultaneous users)
                                                                 • Textbook of Palliative Nursing
     ICU Book                                           224
     (2 simultaneous users)

     Danforth's Obstetrics and Gynecol-                 211      DROPPED 3 TITLES
     ogy                                                         • Delmar’s Fundamental & Advanced Nursing Skills
                                                                 • Skills Checklist to Accompany Delmar’s Fundamental
     Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology                 186
     & Infertility                                                  & Advanced Nursing Skills
                                                                 • Human Virology

• AJCC Cancer Staging Atlas (added 2/08)                                               Concerns/Challenges
• 5-Minute Pain Management Consult
• Atlas and Synopsis of Lever's Histopathology of the            Several vendors are making great state-of-the-art changes
  Skin                                                           in their searching platforms but unfortunately are not
                                                                 keeping up with the changes required in the statistics plat-
• Breast Imaging
                                                                 forms. The data needed is available but statistics cannot
• Designing Clinical Research
                                                                 be generated easily and efficiently for purposes such as
• Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care                         tracking usage, analyzing trends, completing annual sta-
• Feigenbaum's Echocardiography                                  tistics reports for national organizations, and presenting
• Lewis’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: A Comprehen-          data to justify purchases to academic administration.
  sive Textbook
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Orthopaedics and                 The set up and customization of databases is becoming
  Sports Medicine                                                increasingly complex and time consuming. Instead of ven-
• Manual of Obstetrics                                           dors taking primary responsibility for the platform as in
• The Only EKG Book You'll Ever Need                             the past, customers are burdened with too many choices
• Principles and Practice of Pediatric Surgery                   for customization to sort through, figure out, and manage.

 7                                                                                        Medical College Libraries Annual Report
It is also difficult to track the enhancements that are released on a continuous basis. Some of the enhancements are not com-
patible and create more problems for the users. For some vendors, requests for correcting settings that don't work properly de-
pend on demand tracking. What we see as a correction or bug that should be fixed right away is viewed by the vendor as an
enhancement request that might be changed if enough customers demand it.

Electronic book vendors need to improve communication about updates and new titles. Automation of the process such as pro-
viding RSS feeds for each of the titles selected by a customer would provide a more efficient way to communicate changes. This
concern becomes increasingly more important as electronic book collections increase in size.

                                                     Objectives for FY 08/09
•   Purchase subscription to EBSCO CINAHL and support users through the transition when access to the Ovid version ceases
    after December 31, 2008.
•   Promote and evaluate First Consult to determine whether it meets user needs and is considered an essential resource for
•   Consult with the Division of Surgical Education to determine the feasibility of using the AccessSurgery Custom Curriculum
    module for general surgical residency education.
•   Advocate for changes in vendor statistics platforms to meet the needs of librarians.
•   Promote the awareness and use of library resources in all formats.
                                                                                 Deborah Ruck, Information Resources Librarian

                                    Electronic Resources—Titles for 2007-2008
                                                 Bolded titles were added in 2007-2008

    BOOKS (TITLES)                                      COUNT
    AccessEmergency Medicine                                 12
    AccessMedicine                                           59
    AccessSurgery                                            12
    American Hospital Directory                               1                                                1
    Bates Visual Guide to Physicial Examination               1
    BMJ Clinical Evidence                                     1
    Books@Ovid                                               78
    Cell Signalling Biology                                   1
    Electronic theses (MCW)                                 243
    Encyclopedia of Bioethics                                 1
    Foundations in Wisconsin Online                           1
    Handbook of Antimicrobial Therapy (Medical Let-           1
    ter Institutional Version)                                               DATABASES                                      COUNT
                                                                             OVID                                               9
    MDConsult                                                52
                                                                           1 Books@Ovid
    PsychiatryOnline                                         12
                                                                           2 CINAHL
    Red Book Online                                           1
                                                                           3 Journals@Ovid Full Text
    Safari Books Online                                      79
                                                                           4 MEDLINE
    Scriver's OMMBID: The Online Metabolic and                1
    Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease                                   5 MEDLINE Daily Update
    The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference                     1            6
                                                                             MEDLINE In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Cita-
    STAT!Ref                                                 36
                                                                           7 OLDMEDLINE
    Thieme ElectronicBook Library                            42
                                                                           8 PsycINFO                                            1
                                                                           9 Your Journals@Ovid
    USP-NF Online                                             1

    Free Book titles with URLs in MCWCAT records            206
    TOTAL                                                   844

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                           8
      Paid Other                                        64
    1 AccessEmergency Medicine
    2 AccessMedicine
    3 AccessSurgery
    4 Adverse Drug Interactions Program (Medical Let-
      ter Institutional Version)
 5                                                38 MDConsult
 6 BMJ Clinical Evidence                                     39 MICROMEDEX - AltMedDex® System
 7 Cell Signalling Biology                                   40 MICROMEDEX - The CareNotes™ System
 8                                                           41 MICROMEDEX - DISEASEDEX™ Emer. Med. Sys-
   Cochrane Library (Wiley) - Cochrane Central Reg-
   ister of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL)                         tem
 9                                                           42 MICROMEDEX - DISEASEDEX™ Gen. Med. System
   Cochrane Library (Wiley) - Cochrane Database of
   Systematic Reviews (CDSR)                                 43 MICROMEDEX - DRUGDEX® System
10                                                           44 MICROMEDEX - DRUG-REAX® System
   Cochrane Library (Wiley) - Cochrane Methodology
   Register (CMR)                                            45 MICROMEDEX - Index Nominum
11                                                           46
   Cochrane Library (Wiley) - Database of Abstracts             MICROMEDEX - IV INDEX® System (IV Com-
   of Reviews of Effects (DARE)                                 patibility)
12                                                           47 MICROMEDEX - IDENTIDEX® System
   Cochrane Library (Wiley) - Health Technology
   Assessment Database (HTA)                                 48 MICROMEDEX - MSDS from USP
13                                                           49 MICROMEDEX - POISINDEX®
   Cochrane Library (Wiley) - NHS Economic
   Evaluation Database (NHSEED)                              50 MICROMEDEX - TOMES® System
14 Current Protocols in Bioinformatics                       51 PsychiatryOnline
15 Current Protocols in Cell Biology                         52 Red Book Online
16 Current Protocols in Human Genetics                       53 RefWorks
17 Current Protocols in Immunology                           54 Safari Books Online
18 Current Protocols in Magnetic Resonance Imaging           55 Scopus
19 Current Protocols in Microbiology                         56 Scriver's OMMBID: The Online Metabolic and Mo-
20 Current Protocols in Molecular Biology                       lecular Bases of Inherited Disease
21 Current Protocols in Neuroscience                         57 The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference
22 Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry               58 SPIN
23 Current Protocols in Pharmacology                         59 STAT!Ref
24 Current Protocols in Protein Science                      60 Thieme ElectronicBook Library
25 Current Protocols in Toxicology                           61
26                                                           62 UpToDate
   Doody's Core Titles in the Health Sciences 2007
   (DCT) (Librarian selectors only)                          63 USP-NF Online
27 Doody's Review Service (Librarian selectors only)         64 WorldCat
28 DynaMed                                                      Free Databases w/ URLs Included in MCWCAT              9
29 Encyclopedia of Bioethics                                  1 Code of Federal Regulations (gov doc)
30 EXAM MASTER OnLine                                         2 ERIC (gov doc)
31 Faculty of 1000 Medicine                                   3 FREIDA Online (AMA)
32 Foundations in Wisconsin Online                            4 NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts (gov doc)
33 GCG                                                        5 OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man)
34 InfoRetriever                                              6 Population Index
35 ISI Web of Knowledge - Essential Science Indica-           7 SEER cancer statistics review (gov doc)
   tors                                                       8 Wisconsin Administrative Code
36 ISI Web of Knowledge - Journal Citation Reports            9 Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations
   (Science Edition)
37                                                              Free Other                                             3
   ISI Web of Knowledge - Web of Science: Science             1 American Hospital Directory
   Citation Index Expanded & CD-ROM
                                                              2 BadgerLink
                                                              3 PubMed LinkOut

                                                               TOTAL                                                  85

9                                                                                 Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                             NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS
                                                 Collection Development FY 07/08

                              Volumes/Items in Physical Collection as of June 30, 2008

                                          Todd Wehr       Froedtert      Children's         Total

                    Books                     87,856          1,148            986        89,990
                    Multimedia                   742 *          196            253         1,191 *
                    Journals                 150,962          3,337          1,476       155,775
                    Indexes/Abstracts          4,753              0              0         4,753
                    Total                    244,313 *        4,681          2,715       251,709 *

                    * ILS data is incomplete/figures are in part estimates

                    New Materials Added 2007-2008 (Items)
                    Books                                 1,226
                    Multimedia                               92
                    Continuations                           192
                    Journals (Bound Volumes)                 42
                    Total Volumes/Items                   1,552

                    Gifts Added 2007-2008 (Items)
                    Books                                        78
                    Multimedia                                    1
                    Journal issues                                4
                    Total Items                                  83

                    Electronic Resources (Titles)
                    Web-based Electronic Books                  844
                     Electronic Only                          3,012
                     Electronic & Print                         186
                    Databases                                    85
                    Total                                     4,127

                    Journals and Serials (Titles) — Print & Electronic

                                                          FY 06/07       FY 07/08
                    Electronic Only                          2,414          3,012
                    Electronic & Print                         180            186
                    Print Only                                 108             97
                    Total Titles                             2,702          3,295

                    Additional Electronic Journals, Magazines & Newspapers (Titles)
                    BadgerLink**              >6,000

                    **BadgerLink access is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
                    While many of the full-text journals do not cover biomedical topics, the contribution
                    of BadgerLink to the library collection is significant. Many nursing journals as well
                    as older electronic archives for Pediatrics, Annals of Internal Medicine, etc., are
                    provided by BadgerLink.

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                     10
        The Library receives many books and journals
         to add to our collection throughout the year.
     We extend a THANK YOU to the following people for
                   their generous donation:

                                  Ann Asher    Mary E. Kazmierczak
                      Ghufran Babar, MD        Joseph E. Kerschner, MD
                           Janice Babcock      Robert Kliegman, MD
                               Jill M. Bader   Theodore Kotchen, MD
                        Mrs. Carla M. Baier    Dr. Prakash Laud
                Joseph J. Barboriak, PhD       Peter M. Layde, MD, MSc
               J. Bronwayn Bateman, MD         Michele Leininger
                     T. Michael Bolger, JD     Anne Marbella, MS
               Karen J. Brasel, MD, MPH        John R. Meurer, MD, MBA
                         Christi Buffington    Linda N. Meurer, MD, MPH
                         Taryn Chlebowski      John Moulder, PhD
                        Donald Cohen, MD       The Museum of Tolerance
                         Michael Cristoforo    G. Richard Olds, MD
                               Helen Curtis    Paul S. Pagel, MD, PhD
                          Jessica DiMaggio     Walter Piering, MD
                     Michael J. Dunn, MD       Hershel Raff, PhD
        Mary Eapen, MRBS, DCH, MRCPI           Susan M. Ristow
                   Norman Engbring, MD         Jay Sandlow, MD
                             Tifany Frazer     Vinod B. Shidham, MD, FIAC, FRCPath
                             John A. Gibbs     Rita F. Sieracki
                      Abhijeet Goyal, MD       Dr. Dalip Singh
                              Alma Grewal      Tim W. Sobotka
                            Dr. Jean Grube     Konrad H. Soergel, MD
                            Clare Guse, MS     Pamela M. Swenerton, RN
                        Sandra E. Hammel       Khai Ling Tan
            Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH         Dario M. Torre, MD, MPH
              Khang-Cheng Ho, MD, PhD          Ronald R. Watson, PhD
                      Nicholas Hoesl, PhD      David T. Wyatt, MD
                              Stavri Joseph    John A. Weigelt, MD
                         Dr. Richard Kane      Jonathan Weiss
                           Amanda Kazda

11                                                              Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                           NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS
                                        Collection Management —Fiscal Year 2007-2008

                                                  GIFTS DONATED
                                           FY 06/07                                        FY 07/08
                            Mat. Rec'd               Mat. Added              Mat. Rec'd               Mat. Added
  Books                          1,031                       135                     628                     79
  Journals-Bound                   177                         2                       0                      0
  Journals-Unbound               1,927                        80                   1,123                      4
  Total                          3,135                       219                   1,751                     83

                                               RECORD AND LINKING UPDATES FOR
                                  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE CHANGES (additions, updates, deletions)

                                                                       FY 06/07        FY 07/08
                                        E-journals List                      493           1,849
                                       PubMed LinkOut                        291             397
                              OVID – Holdings Updates                        409             603
                                  OVID – Links Update                        337             551
                                   E-journals Catalog                      1,056           2,360
                                      E-books Catalog                        203             385
                                                 Total                     2,789           6,145

                       serials Check-In
  4,000        3,566
                                2,898             2,965             BOUND*
  3,000                                                                                   FY 06/07 FY 07/08
  2,500                                                               MCW Libraries            276        459
  1,500                                                             PRESERVATION
  1,000                                                             AND REPAIR
                                                                     In-House Repair             14         13
             FY 05/06         FY 06/07           FY 07/08                              *Includes Theses

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                            12
  Journal Format & Usage Trends At MCW Libraries
The graph below illustrates the growth of journal acquisitions over the past three years. The number of the library’s total jour-
nals increased almost
22% this year.
Journals that are                       Changes in Journal Formats at MCW Libraries
available as
account for over        3, 500
91% of all journals                                                                            186
in our collection.
                          3, 000
At least some of the
holdings of over 97%
of MCW Libraries’         2, 500
journals are
                          2, 000
electronically at the
user’s desktop; many                                                                                           3, 012
older issues are still    1, 500
only available in
print form.
                          1, 000


                                                      149                            108                         97
                                              FY 05/06                          FY 06/07                   FY 07/08
                                                                   Print only     Electronic only       Electronic and print

                           Journal Use at MCW Libraries
                                                                                                                        Electronic use continues to
     800, 000                                                                    773, 940    775, 677
                                                                                                                               increase. Use of the
                                                                                                                        journal collection increased
                                  681, 414
     700, 000       661, 961
                                                 699, 752
                                                               702, 574                                                          over 10% in 2007.

     600, 000                                                                                                            Print use for titles that are
                                                                                                                        available electronically and
     500, 000                                                                                                             in print is negligible when
                                                                                                                         compared to the electronic
      400, 000                                                                                                            use. Having an electronic
                                                                                                                           subscription is important
      300, 000                                                                                                            for getting the most value
                                                                                                                                       from the title.
      200, 000

                                                                                                                        The library only adds print
       100, 000
                                19, 453                                                                                       journals if there is no
                0                                            2, 822                                                           acceptable electronic
                                                                                         1,737                                          alternative.
                      CY 2005 use

                                                     CY 2006 use                                                        The print use data for 2006
                                                                                  CY 2007 use                                 and 2007 is for titles
                                                                                                                           currently subscribed to
                               Electronic Journals     Current Print Journals    Total
                                                                                                                                      only in print.

13                                                                                                        Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                New Journals for 2008                           3. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Animal
                                                                4. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant
Many of the journal titles the library added to our             5. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
collection in FY2007-08 were from packages. The titles
added from packages we purchase, those selected by the Fac-
ulty Library Committee for new subscriptions, and those              Journals added from the American Institute of
added to our Prepaid Article service are listed below.
                                                                                  Physics collection:
Other additional titles have been added to the library’s
collection--these are largely open access titles or otherwise   1.  Bioinspiration & Biomimetics
free titles.                                                    2.  Biomedical Materials
                                                                3.  European Journal of Physics
                                                                4.  Journal of Breath Research
            Journals selected by the Faculty                    5.  Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
                  Library Committee                             6.  Journal of Neural Engineering
                                                                7.  Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
1. Cell Host and Microbe
                                                                8.  Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical
2. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology                             Physics
3. Current Opinion in Structural Biology                        9. Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics
4. Foot & Ankle International                                   10. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
5. Heart Rhythm                                                 11. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
6. Journal of Proteome Research                                 12. Journal of Physics: Conference Series
7. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases               13. Journal of Radiological Protection
8. Journal of the American College of Radiology                 14. Measurement Science and Technology
9. Mass Spectrometry Reviews                                    15. Nanotechnology
10. Nature Methods                                              16. Physica Scripta
11. Nature Protocols                                            17. Physical Biology
12. Progress in Retinal and Eye Research                        18. Physiological Measurement
13. Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine                     19. Smart Materials and Structures
14. Seminars in Radiation Oncology
15. Structure
16. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing                              Journals added from the Liebert collection:

                                                                1. AIDS Patient Care and STDs
     Journals added to the Prepaid Articles service:            2. Alternative & Complementary Therapies
                                                                3. Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy,
1.    Journal of Hospital Medicine                                      Practice, and Science
2.    Journal of Magnetic Resonance                             4. Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals
3.    Neurobiology of Aging                                     5. Cell Preservation Technology
4.    Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics          6. Cloning & Stem Cells
                                                                7. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics
                                                                8. Disease Management
        Journals added from the Adis collection:
                                                                9. Foodborne Pathogens & Disease
1. BioDrugs                                                     10. Genetic Testing
2. Reactions Weekly                                             11. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
                                                                12. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology
                                                                13. Journal of Computational Biology
      Journals added from the BioOne collection:                14. Journal of Endourology
                                                                15. Journal of Gynecologic Surgery
1. American Biology Teacher                                     16. Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical
2. Cell Stress & Chaperones                                             Techniques

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                   14
17. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics        16. History of Psychology
18. Lymphatic Research and Biology                         17. International Journal of Stress Management
19. Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders               18. Journal of Applied Psychology
20. Microbial Drug Resistance                              19. Journal of Comparative Psychology
21. Oligonucleotides                                       20. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
22. OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology                21. Journal of Counseling Psychology
23. Pediatric Asthma, Allergy & Immunology                 22. Journal of Educational Psychology
24. Photomedicine and Laser Surgery                        23. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal
25. Rejuvenation Research                                          Behavior Processes
26. Stem Cells and Development                             24. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied
27. Surgical Infections                                    25. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
28. Telemedicine and e-Health                              26. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human
                                                                   Perception and Performance
29. Thyroid
                                                           27. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning,
30. Tissue Engineering                                             Memory and Cognition
31. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases                     28. Journal of Family Psychology
32. Viral Immunology                                       29. Journal of Individual Differences
33. Zebrafish                                              30. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
                                                           31. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
       Journals added from the LWW Total                   32. Journal of Psychophysiology
                 Access collection:                        33. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
                                                           34. Methodology: European journal of research methods
                                                                   for the behavioral & social sciences
1.   Academic Physician & Scientist
2.   Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative Care
                                                           35. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice
3.   Disaster Medicine & Public Health Preparedness
                                                           36. Psychoanalytic Psychology
4.   Journal of Addiction Medicine
                                                           37. Psychological Assessment
5.   Journal of Investigative Medicine
                                                           38. Psychological Bulletin
6.   Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy
                                                           39. Psychological Methods
7.   World Allergy Organization Journal
                                                           40. Psychological Services
                                                           41. Psychology and Aging
                                                           42. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors
Journals added from the PsycArticles collection:           43. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts
                                                           44. Psychology of Men and Masculinity
1.  American Psychologist                                  45. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law
2.  Behavioral Neuroscience                                46. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training
3.  Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science                 47. Rehabilitation Psychology
4.  Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology            48. Review of General Psychology
5.  Canadian Psychology                                    49. Swiss Journal of Psychology
6.  Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and            50. Training and Education in Professional Psychology
7. Crisis:The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide
        Prevention                                              Journals added from the Sage collection:
8. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
9. Dreaming                                                1.   Acta Sociologica
10. Emotion                                                2.   Action Research
11. European Journal of Psychological Assessment           3.   Active Learning in Higher Education
12. European Psychologist                                  4.   Adaptive Behavior
13. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology           5.   Adult Education Quarterly
14. Experimental Psychology                                6.   Advances in Developing Human Resources
15. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice         7.   Affilia

15                                                                              Medical College Libraries Annual Report
 8. American Behavioral Scientist                          55. Journal of Biomaterials Applications
 9. American Educational Research Journal                  56. Journal of Biomolecular Screening
 10. American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other     57. Journal of Black Psychology
         Dementias®                                        58. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and
 11. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine                        Therapeutics
 12. American Journal of Medical Quality                   59. Journal of Child Health Care
 13. American Journal of Men's Health                      60. Journal of Correctional Health Care
 14. Applied Psychological Measurement                     61. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
 15. Assessment                                            62. Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
 16. Autism                                                63. Journal of Early Childhood Research
 17. Behavior Modification                                 64. Journal of Family Nursing
 18. Biological Research For Nursing                       65. Journal of Health Management
 19. Body & Society                                        66. Journal of Health Psychology
 20. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society             67. Journal of Holistic Nursing
 21. Child Language Teaching and Therapy                   68. Journal of Information Science
 22. Child Maltreatment                                    69. Journal of Intensive Care Medicine
 23. Chronic Respiratory Disease                           70. Journal of Interpersonal Violence
 24. Clin-Alert®                                           71. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science
 25. Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis            72. Journal of Management
 26. Clinical Case Studies                                 73. Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice
 27. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry              74. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing
 28. Clinical Nursing Research                             75. Journal of Pharmacy Practice
 29. Clinical Rehabilitation                               76. Journal of Research in Nursing
 30. Complementary Health Practice Review                  77. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses
 31. Culture & Psychology                                          Association
 32. Dementia                                              78. Journal of the International Association of Physicians
 33. Educational Administration Quarterly                          in AIDS Care
 34. Environment and Behavior                              79. Journal of Transcultural Nursing
 35. Evaluation & the Health Professions                   80. Medical Decision Making
 36. Health Education & Behavior                           81. Multiple Sclerosis
 37. Health Education Journal                              82. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair
 38. Health Informatics Journal                            83. Nursing Ethics
 39. Health Promotion Practice                             84. Nursing Science Quarterly
 40. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social   85. Palliative Medicine
         Study of Health, Illness and Medicine             86. Perfusion
 41. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences               87. Perspectives in Vascular Surgery and Endovascular
 42. History of Psychiatry                                         Therapy
 43. Home Health Care Management & Practice                88. Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice
 44. Human & Experimental Toxicology                       89. Psychology and Developing Societies
 45. IFLA Journal                                          90. Public Understanding of Science
 46. Integrative Cancer Therapies                          91. Qualitative Health Research
 47. International Journal of Behavioral Development       92. Research on Aging
 48. International Journal of Social Psychiatry            93. Research on Social Work Practice
 49. International Journal of Surgical Pathology           94. School Psychology International
 50. Journal of Adolescent Research                        95. Science Communication
 51. Journal of Aging and Health                           96. Science, Technology, & Human Values
 52. Journal of Applied Gerontology                        97. Seminars in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
 53. Journal of Attention Disorders                        98. Statistical Methods in Medical Research
 54. Journal of Biological Rhythms                         99. Statistical Modeling
                                                           100.Surgical Innovation

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                            16
101.The British Journal of Visual Impairment                CHALLENGES OF PROVIDING ACCESS TO
102.The Counseling Psychologist                           ELECTRONIC JOURNALS & FULL-TEXT LINKING
103.The Family Journal                                   Collection Management involves the organization of the li-
104.The International Journal of Lower Extremity         brary’s collections—print, multimedia, and electronic in order
        Wounds                                           to make the resources easily and readily accessible to users.
105.The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science            Several methods based on nationally established standards
106.The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology                 and best practices/products are used to organize the collection:
107.The Journal of Early Adolescence
                                                         • MCWCAT (online catalog) is part of the Library’s Inte-
108.The Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion     grated Library System
        of Health
                                                         • The e-journals list (A-Z list) using an EBSCO platform
109.The Neuroscientist                                   • The Open URL Link Resolver (LinkSource from EBSCO)
110.Theory & Psychology                                    which allows the implementation of the “Get It Button”
                                                                      in Open URL compatible databases
112.Trends in Amplification
                                                         • Other vendor specific full text linking tools such as Pub-
113.Vascular and Endovascular Surgery                      Med LinkOut and Ovid full text
114.Vascular Medicine
115.Violence Against Women
                                                         MCWCAT is used to organize and catalog audiovisual, print
                                                         and electronic books and journals. In addition to author and
                                                         title entries, item records are tagged with a National Library
                                                         of Medicine standard subject heading called MeSH. Library
                                                         staff also set up and maintain links to electronic resources
                                                         within the catalog.

                                                         Links to e-journals are set up and maintained in both the e-
                                                         journals list and the online catalog because of the high volume
                                                         use of e-journals. Should one system go down, users still have
                                                         access to journals through the other platform. In FY 07/08
                                                         the following were organized/catalogued/updated or main-
     Journals added to the Wiley-Blackwell               1,450 print, media and electronic books were cataloged
                  collection:                              385 links were set up or maintained for electronic books
                                                         2,360 links were set up or maintained for e-journals
1. Anatomia Histologia Embryologia                       1,027 holdings were updated
                                                         3,330 NLM name and subject authority headings were
2. Asia-pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology                       updated/maintained
3. Australasian Journal of Dermatology
                                                                                  E-Journal List
4. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health   The library’s electronic journals are organized in the ejournal
5. Biological Reviews                                    list (A-Z List) by means of a knowledge database of publishers
6. Cardiovascular Therapeutics                           and lists of journals. Maintenance of detailed information
7. CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics                       within the knowledge base keeps the A-Z list as well as the
8. Conservation Biology                                  Link Resolver functions accurate.
9. Hepatology Research
10. Human Cell                                                          Advanced vs Keyword
11. International Journal of Dental Hygiene                                   Searching
12. Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry                     in A-Z List for 2007-2008
13. Journal of Public Health Dentistry
14. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
                                                                      Total                            73,578
15. Pediatric Anaesthesia
16. Reproductive Medicine and Biology                             Keyword                             70,057
17. Sleep and Biological Rhythms                                Advanced           3,521
18. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound
19. Veterinary Surgery                                                         0          50,000        100,000

17                                                                              Medical College Libraries Annual Report
The importance of the accuracy and currency of the ejournals list is reflected in the number of uses of this resource. Searches of
the libraries’ A-Z e-journals list increased by 13% from 5,556 searches in 06-07 to 73,578 in 07-08.

Maintaining the currency and accuracy of the e-journals list                Ejournals List Knowledgebase Summary
involves dedicated staff effort. In 07-08, 448 publisher            500                    448
packages (for example Sage Publishing) and 265 new titles           450
were added to the list.                                             400
                                                                    300                                             265
As of June 20, 2008, the ejournal list contained 3,198 titles.      250
Maintaining links to these titles is a challenge for library        150
staff because:                                                      100
• It is time consuming-1,849 updates were done in 07-08               0
                                                                            16                   7                  0     8

• Publisher and/or vendor errors/miscommunications                      Packages added Titles added to Titles removed
   which cut off access to titles; library staff must commu-                                   packages         from packages
   nicate with the publisher/vendor to resolve
• Publishers switch platforms, often without notice affect-                               06/07 07/08
   ing access; library staff must contact publishers and ven-
   dors to resolve
• Publishers drop some titles from their packages without notice affecting access; library staff must resolve
• IP ranges changes at MCW, CHW and FMLH – library staff must change this information at publisher end continue access
• Missing ISSN/ESSNs in ejournals list – in which case the links to the ILS do not work
• Missing/wrong Digital Object Identifier numbers as well as missing content/articles on the publisher’s site, in which case li-
   brary staff must contact the publishers to correct the erroneous links

Library staff responded and resolved ap-
proximately 90 emailed e-journal problem
                                                                         Record & Linking UpDates
report forms in 07-08                            7,000
           OpenURL LinkResolver
Library staff set up and manage the access                                                                                                   3,403
of ejournals within databases (Ovid, Pub-        4,000                                                                                            2,789
Med and others) by implementing the li-
                                                 3,000                                                                     2,360
braries link resolver- Link Source- within
                                                                 1,849                                        1,451
those database that are OpenURL compli-          2,000
ant. (see table on page 19)                              567                     397     521 603
                                                                                                       551            1,056
                                                                                                                                   290   385
                                                 1,000     493           308 291                     337
                                                                                           409   266
Library staff also maintain holdings and             0
linking set up and maintenance in two                    Ejournals         PubMed          Ovid       Ovid Links    Ejournals        Ebooks         Total
other vendor specific link resolvers: Ovid                                 LinkOut       Holdings                    Catalog         Catalog

Full Text and PubMed LinkOut.
                                                                                FY 05/06         FY 06/07           FY 07/08

                          FY 06/07 FY 07/08                                        Links Maintained by Library Staff
PubMed Link Out                291         397                      14,000

Ovid Holdings                  409         603                      12,000

Ovid Linkds                    337         551                      10,000                                                                  9,425

Ejournals (A-Z)                493       1,849
Ejournals Catalog            1,056       2,360
                                                                     6,000                          5,116
Ebooks catalog                 203         385
                                                                                                 3,780                          3,198 5,161
                                                                                                                   2,745     2,594
Library staff also communicate, process and manage mate-             2,000          1,792                     1,259
                                                                                              1,757         1,784
rial donations to the library. While appreciated, the ratio of              0

donations to actual additions to the collection based on need                      PubMed        OVID       MCWCAT         Ejournals        TOTAL
is such that the donation policy will be reviewed in the up-                               FY 05/06      FY 06/07         FY 07/08
coming year.

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                                              18
                       LinkSource has been implemented in databases as noted in the chart below:

                             OpenURL         LinkSource     LinkSource          Notes: OpenURL/LinkSource and the database
         Database            Compliant       Compatible    Implemented
         Academic              Yes              Yes            Yes                       EBSCOhost database
        Search Elite
      Access Medicine           Yes             Yes             Yes
      Access Surgery            Yes             Yes             Yes
     Access Emergency           Yes             Yes             Yes
        BadgerLink              Yes             Yes             Yes                      EBSCOhost database
      BioMed Central            Yes             Yes             Yes
         Business               Yes             Yes             Yes                      EBSCOhost database
        Source Elite
         CINAHL                 Yes             Yes             Yes                          Ovid database
         Cochrane            Full citation      No               No           Due to problems with Cochrane does not work
          Library              through                        (see note)                       properly
                            OpenURL not
                            limited target
         DynaMed                 No             No               No
      Faculty of 1000           Yes             Yes             Yes
      Google Scholar            Yes             Yes             Yes
      HealthSource:             Yes             Yes             Yes                      EBSCOhost database
     Academic Edition
      InfoRetriever              No             No               No            Link to PubMed then link to LinkSource
                              (see note)      (see note)      (see note)
     ISI Web of Science         Yes             Yes             Yes
        MD Consult              Yes             Yes             Yes
      MICROMEDIX                 No             No               No
      NCBI PubMed               Yes             Yes             Yes
     OCLC First Search          Yes             Yes             Yes
           Ovid                 Yes             Yes             Yes
         ProQuest               Yes             Yes             Yes
     PsychiatryOnline            No             No               No
         PsycInfo               Yes             Yes             Yes                          Ovid database
         RefWorks               Yes             Yes             Yes
     Thieme Electronic          No              No              No
       Book Library            Yes             Yes             Yes
        UpToDate                Yes             Yes              No              Information comes from LinkSource
                                                           (target: Feb 09)                Customer Care
         WorldCat               Yes             Yes             Yes

19                                                                                      Medical College Libraries Annual Report

The Circulation Department is responsible for maintaining
the physical collection of the Todd Wehr Library, provid-
ing service to library users in the form of checking materi-            TODD WEHR LIBRARY HOURS
als in and out, preparing and maintaining the reserve and                    ACADEMIC YEAR:
media collections, overseeing and troubleshooting the pho-
tocopiers, providing assistance with the computer lab
when aid is not available from the Systems Department,             Monday-Thursday         7:30 am – 11:30 pm
                                                                   Friday                  7:30 am – 8:30 pm
creating and maintaining patron records, assisting other           Saturday                8:30 am – 6:30 pm
MCW Library branches and departments as needed, and                Sunday                  10:00 am –11:30 pm
synching required information resources to PDAs for third
year medical students.

The Circulation Department also has major responsibilities
for Library On Request, the Library’s document delivery        •   Install Innovative Interfaces (the Library’s Inte-
service.                                                           grated Library System) 2007 Millennium upgrade.
                                                               •   Continue to collaborate with other units within the
                                                                   Library on special projects.
                    Highlights of 07/08                        •   Shift book and journal collections as to accommodate
                                                                   changing space needs.
•   Substantial and important updating of the patron
    database in the Innovative Interfaces software was

                                                                             Barbara Jamieson, Public Services Librarian

•   Patron API barcode and PIN categories were created,                  3 Y ear PRINT Book and
    along with policies and procedures for providing eligi-                    Journal Use
    ble Froedtert Hospital and Children’s Hospital em-         30,000            24,596
    ployees with remote access to library resources.                                            17,977
                                                               20,000                                       14,792
                                                                        17,721             16,578
                                                               10,000                               11,981
                      Goals for 08/09
•   Train staff on the new ILLiad software for the                         05/06           06/07           07/08
    Library On Request service.
                                                                               Books           Journals
•   Complete online catalog redesign.

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                   20
                                      NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS
                                         Circulation Department

     TW Usage                                   FY 05/06      FY 06/07                FY 07/08

     External                                     12,451           12,147               11,599
     Internal                                      5,261            4,431                3,193
            Total                                 17,712           16,578               14,792

     External                                      1,623              797                  522
     Internal                                     22,973           17,180               11,459
            Total                                 24,596           17,977               11,981

     External                                      5,098            5,869                4,689
     Internal                                        165              172                   96
            Total                                  5,263            6,041                4,785

                  Grand total usage               47,571           40,596               31,558

     Books/media, software                        18,988           17,999               16,276
     Journals                                     28,739           18,493               13,962

                     Total Shelving               47,727           36,438               30,238

     Patron PDA Help
     Number of Patrons                               374              442                  491
     Time spent (hours)                            169.3            199.5                  230

     Lectures downloaded
     to IPOD shuffles                               NA                15                    30

     Gate Count                                  222,835          227,536              205,256

21                                                                          Medical College Libraries Annual Report

 The MCW Libraries Reference Department is responsible for              ment System.
 several areas of customer assistance:
                                                                    •   The Reference Librari-
 •    Provide reference and research service to customers at            ans implemented a new
      the Reference Desk                                                service this fiscal year.
                                                                        The library offers to
 •    Coordinate and teach library classes                              submit article manu-
                                                                        scripts by MCW au-
 •    Assist customers in the use of MCW Libraries’ resources           thors that must comply
      including MEDLINE, CINAHL, and PDAs                               with the revised NIH
                                                                        Public Access Policy. The librarians also maintain an
 •    Provide educational outreach to MCW departments                   informational web page on the new policy and were
                                                                        instrumental in educating the MCW community about
 •    Maintain user guides for various services and databases           the new NIH policy.
      provided by the library

 •    Identify and test new information resources                                    Goals for FY 2008/2009

          Branch Reference Questions Comparison                     •   Implement a system to track MCW authored articles
                                                                        for NIH Public Access Policy compliance.
20 ,000
             FY 06/07   FY 07/08                           14,495
15 ,000
                                                                    •   Implement a pilot Instant Messaging service.
10 ,000                                                             •   Incorporate Web 2.0 technologies into reference and
                               7,118 6,521                              research services.
          1,414 1,479

             CHW             FH              TW          Total

                   Highlights of FY 2007-2008
                                                                                             Rita Sieracki, Reference Librarian
 •    The total number of reference questions at all branches              Felicia Vastalo, User Education/Reference Librarian
      decreased slightly. However, the decrease in the number
      of directional questions is mainly responsible for the
      change. Requests for research assistance, which require
      a higher level of skill and time commitment, increased

 •    The Reference Department continued outreach activi-
      ties including the clinical medical library service pro-
      gram where the questions totaled 496.

 •    The Reference Department also completed a redesign of
      the Clinical Resources and Nursing Tool Kit Web pages
      with the implementation of the new Content Manage-

 Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                      22
                                          NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS
                                         Reference Statistics for All Libraries
                      FY 06/07                                                  FY 07/08
     Reference Questions                                     Reference Questions
     Directional questions                          8,372    Directional questions                                4,008

     Inquiry (# of questions)                       9,134    Inquiry (# of questions)                              9141
     Inquiry (total time in hrs.)                   562.85   Inquiry (total time in hrs.)                         589.94

     Instructional Reference Strategy(#)             329     Instructional Reference Strategy(#)                   333
     Instructional Reference Strategy (in hrs.)     65.94    Instructional Reference Strategy (in hrs.)           67.95

     Instructional Reference Tutorial (#)            273     Instructional Reference Tutorial (#)                  270
     Instructional Reference Tutorial (in hrs.)     65.98    Instructional Reference Tutorial (in hrs.)           92.39

     Research Assistance (#)                         608     Research Assistance (#)                               743
     Research Assistance (in hrs.)                  723.95   Research Assistance (in hrs.)                        732.33

     Directional questions                           8,372   Directional questions                                4,008
     Total other questions                          10,344   Total other questions                                10,487
     Total questions/Year                           18,716   Total questions/Year                                 14,495
     Total time/Year (time in hrs.)                  1,418   Total time/Year (time in hrs.)                        1,352

     Items copied for Reference Services            1,417    Items copied for Reference Services                  1,681
     Items copied for Morning Report Services       4,649    Items copied for Morning Report Services             4,402
     Total items copied                             6,066    Total items copied                                   6,083

     Fee for Service: Database Searches                      Fee for Service: Database Searches
     MCW, FH, CHW, etc. (only billed searches)         1     MCW, FH, CHW, etc. (only billed searches)              0
     PRONTO                                           15     PRONTO                                                 10
     Consumer/Public                                   2     Consumer/Public                                        3
     Non-MRMC Health Professionals                     2     Non-MRMC Health Professionals                          1
     Morning Report                                  562     Morning Report                                        496
     FPIN                                             32     FPIN                                                   3
                                           Total:    614                                                 Total:    513

     Reference Services                                      Reference Services
     Bibliographies Verified                         7       Bibliographies Verified                               5
     Displays/Exhibits Set Up                        24      Displays/Exhibits Set Up                              24
     Proctoring                                       1      Proctoring                                             7
                                                             NIH Submissions                                       1

     Educational Programs                                    Educational Programs
     Seminars hosted                                 10      Seminars hosted                                        3
     Attendees at seminars                           587     Attendees at seminars                                 155
     Regularly scheduled classes taught               59     Regularly scheduled classes taught                     78
           Attendees at classes                      148           Attendees at classes                            226
     Specialized classes given                       176     Specialized classes given                             186
          Attendees at specialized classes/demos    2,099          Attendees at specialized classes/demos         2,748
     Orientation sessions/tours                       20     Orientation sessions/tours                             20
          Attendees at orientations/tours            548           Attendees at orientations/tours                 200
     Instructional contact hours                     303     Instructional contact hours                          354.3
     Total Attendees                                3,382    Total Attendees                                      3,329

23                                                                                   Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                 Educational Programs

We continued to offer more scheduled classes this fiscal
                                                               •   M-1 Curriculum: In the fall and spring, the librarian
year. The number of scheduled classes increased by 32%
                                                                   taught a session on evidence-based medicine searching
over last year with attendance increasing from 148 to 226.
                                                                   in the Medical Information Management course.
The increase is due to the addition of many new classes
                                                               •   M-1 Curriculum: A session in the course Foundations
including the outreach activities related to grants and Ref-
                                                                   of Human Behavior was taught in the fall and spring.
                                                               •   M-3 Curriculum: Transition to Clerkship is a three-
This year we added more online screen casts in an effort to        day course given to incoming M-3 students in June.
reach more people on campus. The library also produced a           Librarians taught six sessions to the students on how
three-minute online video tour that introduces MCW Li-             to use the medical programs on their PDAs.
braries locations and services.                                •   Barbara Jamieson participated in the Family and
                                                                   Community CME Winter Refresher seminar in Febru-
    OvidSP Introduction – viewed over 400 times                    ary.
    Proxy Server Tutorial – viewed over 100 times              •   Barb Ruggeri gave numerous presentations to resi-
    MCWCHARTS Tutorial – viewed 65 times                           dents, faculty, and nurses on evidence based medicine
    Using MedlinePLUS Screen cast – viewed 33 times                searching. Barb also co-taught a literature searching
    MCW Libraries Tour – viewed 63 times                           class with a professor at UWM to advanced practice
                                                                   nurses at Children’s Hospital.
                                                               •   Linda Backus continued to participate in the nursing
                                                                   orientation program and the nursing skills fairs at
                                                                   Froedtert Hospital.

                                 Specialized classes con-
                                 tinued to be the main                       Goals for Fiscal Year 2008/2009
                                 focus of our energies.        •   Introduce more online screen casts on various research
                                 The highlight was our             topics and implement a more effective use tracking
                                 sponsorship of the NCBI           system.
                                 Field Guide at MCW.           •   Pilot an online class on ANGEL using the virtual
The Field Guide was a two-day, intensive course (October           meeting module.
31-November 1) for researchers on NCBI genetic databases       •   Offer more classes at Children’s, Froedtert and the
provided by NCBI trainers.                                         Research Park Center

The first day was comprised of a three-hour lecture which
was attended by 94 people including faculty and staff from            Felicia Vastalo, User Education/Reference Librarian
MCW, Froedtert, Children’s Hospital, and the Blood Re-
search Institute. The second day consisted of an optional
two-hour workshop in the computer lab. Fifty-three re-
searchers attended workshops.

                     Other Highlights
•    We presented a session on using library resources to
     the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research
     and Medical Student Summer Research Program par-

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                     24
                             InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

                      Key Roles/Services                                        Major Challenges/Concerns
•    Provide faculty, staff, students and healthcare profes-    •   The new ILLiad software was purchased and imple-
     sionals with documents not available at MCW Librar-            mented on the lending side. Much work has been done
     ies that are needed for clinical care, research and edu-       on going live with the Borrowing module
     cation support (borrowing)                                 •   There were some issues with Ariel and Odyssey soft-
•    Supply other institutions with materials from the              ware. Further testing and work still needs to be done
     MCW collections (lending)                                      for these two software programs to properly function
•    Provide fax service                                            together (the problem is with Ariel).
•    Provide rush service (24-48 hour document delivery)
•    Provide ILL services to Pronto customers                                      Observation of the data
•    Provide LoansomeDoc document delivery services to          •   Compared to the previous year, in FY 07/08 there
     unaffiliated health professionals                              were more items borrowed (6,903) by MCW Libraries
                                                                    for our patrons than loaned to other libraries (5,415)
                    Highlights of FY 07/08                      •   Over 76% of books borrowed for MCW patrons (5,267)
•    The ILL staff processed 17,359 requests (8,822 bor-            were borrowed from resource libraries (Major health
     rows and 8,537 loans)                                          sciences libraries in the Midwest. See list on page 72)
•    New ILL software ILLiad was purchased, and the             •   There were 1,191 borrowing requests submitted by
     Lending Module was successfully implemented in                 MCW patrons which were cancelled because the re-
     January 2008                                                   quester was unwilling to pay the cost to provide the
•    With the introduction of ILLiad, the new Odyssey               service
     software (similar to Ariel) for electronic delivery of     •   392 requests were sent to the National Library of
     articles, was introduced (reflected below in the meth-         Medicine because those requests could not be filled by
     ods used for delivery)                                         any libraries in the Midwest
•    ILL borrowing for MCW patrons is up very slightly          •   750 requests were filled by Prepaid Articles tokens
     from 8,807 last year to 8,822 this year                        (Elsevier – 535, Wiley – 215) and 13 requests by docu-
•    Overall MCW Libraries Ariel transactions are up 5%             ment delivery vendors
     and fax transactions are down 19% which shows that
     electronic delivery has become the primary method of                          Goals for FY 2007/08
     providing documents to patrons                             •   Implement the new ILL software system – ILLiad
•    The chart below is a comparison between FY 06/07           •   Continue updating the policy and procedure manual
     and 07/08 of the methods used to deliver articles to           as required by implementation of ILLiad and changes
     other libraries (lending)                                      in the workflow

                                FY 06-07       FY 07-08
                                                                                                       Tatiana B. Miller
    Ariel                        56.5%           65%                  Collection Management & Resource Sharing Librarian
    PDF                           37.5%           30%
    Mail                            4%             3%
    Fax                             2%            0.5%
    Odyssey                         NA             3%
    (implemented Jan 2008)

These changes show that the preferred method of delivery
for ILL lending is in electronic format (Ariel, PDF, Odys-
sey) and confirms mailing and faxing costs are down

                                                                                     Medical College Libraries Annual Report

 PRONTO is MCW Libraries’ Service to for-profit companies including law firms, manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and

 Fiscal year 07/08 marked the 24th year of operation for PRONTO as a formal fee-based information research service.

                                                      PRONTO Services
 •   Reference Services
 •   Librarian mediated computerized database searches
 •   Access to MCW Libraries collections of over 244,156 vol-
     umes and 2,702 journal subscriptions                              Copies and Loans Provided
 •   Copies of articles from items available at MCW Librar-
 •   Interlibrary loan                                               1000   377
 •   Check out of library materials                                   800
                                                                      600       184          210
                                                                      400   722      96  96
                                                                      200       444 299 313 498
                        Highlights FY 07/08
 •   29 total cardholders
         • 14 deposit account cardholders
         • 15 non-deposit cardholders
         • 10 non-card clients                                                Copies  Loans
 •   708 interlibrary loans/photocopies provided
         • 498 copies
         • 210 loans
 •   99 next/same day copies
 •   10 computerized database searches
 •   $35,928.43 total revenue generated

                                                     Goals FY 2007/2008
 •   Maintain professional working relationship with PRONTO clients
 •   Generate total revenue of $32,550

                           Total Clients

              40      23     16     15       15
                      16     17     19                 10
               20                            20
                       16    16                        15
                0                   16       15        14
                                                     FY07/08                               Rita Sieracki, Reference Librarian

           Deposit Non-Deposit card Non-Deposit w/o card

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                         26
                                Library Systems

The Library Systems Department is responsible for:           •   Provided laptop cart setup and support for Office of
• The Library’s information technology and computer              Research
    projects                                                 •   Prepared hardware and software on laptops for Out-
• Supporting College-wide community in accessing li-             reach projects
    brary and other Internet resources                       •   Assisted Educational Services in the administration of
• The Library Systems Department is one of the main              the NBME online Exams
    partners in the development and maintenance of web-      •   Install and implement Patron API
    based campus wide information systems. Library Sys-      •   Reconfigure Ezproxy login to allow access via both
    tems maintains InfoScope, the College’s Intranet, the        Remote Access Server and Patron API
    library web site and numerous MCW departmental           •   Partnered with MCW IS to utilize centralized SQL
    web sites. It serves as a technical resource for many        servers for the CMS
    MCW Departments in the development and mainte-
    nance of their web sites.
• Supports, develops, and maintains the MCW E-
    learning system ANGEL as well as maintains the In-
    structional Computing Laboratory and the Library
    Computer Laboratory.
                                                                    The Library Web Publishing
• Jeff Hagedorn and Linda LeMahieu are members of
                                                                        Service created or
    and actively participate in the MCW Web Council’s                updated web sites for the
    upgrade and redesign of a web-based content manage-                 following six MCW
    ment system (CMS) for the College. Jeff Hagedorn                     Departments and
    serves on the Web Council Technology committee.                         Programs:
    Linda LeMahieu is a current member on the Design/                            •    Faculty Affairs
    Navigation Standards and the Web Policy commit-                              •    Faculty Council
    tees. Both Linda and Jeff serve on MCW’s Intranet                        •       Medical Humanities
    Committee.                                                                         • Medicine
                        Highlights                                       •  Occupational Health
•    Migrated InfoScope and WWW web server to new                    •    Volunteer Clinical Faculty
•    Implemented new designs for InfoScope and MCW’s
     Public Site                                                                 Computer Lab Highlights
•    Collaborated with Educational Services to promote
     ANGEL and support course directors, departments         •   4 Palm stations were replaced with new machines
     and students in their use of ANGEL                      •   27 Lab computers were replaced with new machines
•    Continue to improve stability and support for Medical
     student palm (PDA) applications                                             Staff Computer Highlights
•    Provided support to Ovid users who completed
     456,230 Ovid searches and 68,059 session hours          •   ILLiad was upgraded on all ILLiad stations
•    Answered 6,910 Library Systems Help Desk questions      •   New Odyssey/ILLiad station setup (with old scanner)
     and 2,144 ANGEL Help Desk questions                     •   New scanner setup with ILL Ariel station
•    Supported the Ariel document delivery software          •   New color printer setup for Circulation
•    Provided ongoing maintenance of EZproxy configura-      •   Updated PC Inventory database
     tion file

27                                                                                   Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                                   Goals for FY 08/09

•   Explore feasibility of merging Instructional Computing Lab computers and Library Microlab computers onto one domain
•   Explore ways to implement more similar resources on ICL lab computers and Library computers
•   Upgrade Pharos software
•   Evaluate continuing use of Patchlink, the current security patch management software
•   Support iPods in the Microlab
•   Continue to provide support and leadership to the MCW Web Council in the use of the Content Management System (CMS)
•   Lead InfoScope enhancement project including an automated calendar
    submit tool, enhanced calendar display, and improved search function
•   Conduct audit of all college web sites to assess compliance with MCW
    web best practices                                                         Linda LeMahieu continued
•   Replace older staff computers with new                                    providing support for two
•   Change authentication on Proxy server to use MCW Active Directory              popular bibliographic
•   Replace Ariel machines with new                                                          citation
•   Replace older online public access computers with new                             manager tools –
•   Replace the proxy server with a newer one                                    EndNote and RefWorks.
•   Assist implementing ILLiad
•   Configure and deploy iTunesU for podcasting and distributing multime-      Eleven RefWorks classes
    dia in the Educational and Web environments
                                                                                  were held for thirteen
•   Assess and arrange the servers managed by MCW Libraries into a more
    unified environment
•   Plan and Upgrade ANGEL software to version 7.2
                                                                              and three EndNote classes
•   Implement better privacy screen solution for Instructional Computer
                                                                                         were held for
    Lab                                                                                  eight people.
•   Re-implement the Eportfolio software for ANGEL
•   Move MCW Libraries staff computers to the MCW collaborative services
•   Move MCW Libraries servers to MCW collaborative services network as they are replaced
•   Clean up old web servers and move static websites to newer server
•   Train additional staff to ANGEL Help Request
•   Assist in Training and Support for the Faculty Collaboration Database
•   Assist in setting up Load Balancing for WWW/InfoScope servers
•   Upgrade ANGEL Database to SQL 2005
•   Deploy 110 new monitors and privacy screens in Instructional Computing Lab
•   Replace 26 staff and public access computers
•   Deploy dual monitors on some staff computers
•   Updated PC Inventory database

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                   28
      Library Systems (continued)

                                      Training Highlights

      Linda LeMahieu trained individuals from the following 65 College departments/areas
                         in the Content Management system (CMS):

     Academic Affairs                                 Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
     Anesthesiology                                   Neurology
     Biomedical Research Center                       Obstetrics & Gynecology
     Biophysics                                       Office of Joint Clinical Quality
     Campus Operations                                Office of Postdoctoral Education
     Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy             Office of Research
     Clinical Compliance                              Ophthalmology
     Clinical Informatics                             Otolaryngology & Communication Sciences
     Communications                                   Palliative Care Center
     Continuing Medical Education                     Pathology
     Controller’s Office                              Patient Care Outcomes Research
     Educational Services                             Pediatrics (Community)
     Emergency Medicine                               Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases)
     Family & Community Medicine                      Pediatrics (Pharmacogenetics)
     Finance & Administration                         Pediatrics (Rheumatology)
     General Clinical Research Center                 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
     Graduate Medical Education                       Planning
     Graduate School                                  Population Health
     Human Resources                                  Primary Care Initiative
     Information Services                             Psychiatry
     Injury Research Center                           Public Affairs
     Internal Audit                                   Public and Community Health
     Medical Scientist Training Program               Public Safety
     Medicine (Administration)                        Radiation Oncology
     Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine)               Radiation Safety
     Medicine (Educational Programs)                  Radiology
     Medicine (Endocrinology)                         Research Foundation
     Medicine (Geriatrics                             Resident Spouse Association
     Medicine (Infectious Diseases)                   Safety & Environmental Health
     Medicine (Neoplastic Diseases)                   Surgery
     Medicine (Nephrology)                            Surgery (Transplant)
     Medicine (Pulmonary)                             Urology
     Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program

                                                                          Jeff Hagedorn, Systems Manager
                                                                  Linda LeMahieu, Web Services Librarian
                                                            Roberto Harrison, Technology Support Librarian
                                                                   Michael Sauer, Programmer Analyst III
                                                                       Larry Roscoe, Systems Specialist II

29                                                                   Medical College Libraries Annual Report
             Servers managed by MCW Libraries –As of July 2007
SERVER          URL                                    CONTENT
Infoscope                      InfoScope, MCW’s Intranet
GCG                           GCG (discontinued by the vendor January 2008)
ovid                         Backup server for all library servers
proxy                       EZProxy Server
eresources                 Library On Request
ils                           MCW Catalog, integrated library management system
liblab                     Microlab file server, Anti-Virus server, Ghost Server (images
libstaff                   Library file and print server
virgil                     Library On Request Document Retrieval Server
                            WHSLA Website
libvideo                Bates Clinical Examination Videos
meded18                  PatchLink Server (Staff/Microlab Windows & Office patches Storage for ANGEL
meded11         No URL                                 Uniprint Server
meded6                         MCW Virtual Microscope
meded7          No URL                                 Brown Bear Calendar software for Libraries, Research & Curriculum
meded14         No URL                                 Domain Controller for Meded Domain
meded15         No URL                                 Domain Controller for Meded Domain
meded35         No Public URL                          Test Angel Environment
meded04         No URL                                 Student file space for CAI Lab
meded05                  InfoEd
meded37                         One of the servers for the ANGEL Cluster
meded39                         One of the servers for the ANGEL Cluster
meded43         No URL                                 Database server for ANGEL Cluster
meded12         No URL                                 Anti-Virus/Utility server for CAI Lab

       Servers Jointly Managed with MCW Public Affairs

intsmain                     OLD Public web sites centrally hosted by MCW
intsdbs1        no URL                          Database of pages for Public Web server
intcms1         intcms1                         Old Test Environment for
intsdbs2        no URL                          Test Database for Test environment for
cmstapps            Test environment for Northwoods CMS application
cmstdisp            Test environment for Display for Northwoods CMS
cmsapps1            Content Management Workstation server
cmsdsip1 Public and Intranet web sites centrally hosted by MCW
intsvideo            Video Server for public web site

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                              30
                 Remote access to Electronic Resources via
                       MCW Libraries’ Proxy Server

                         Resource Logins Via Library Proxy Server
                      FY 05/06 Total=368,941                                                                493,066
                      FY 06/07 Total=446,354
  70,000               FY07/08 Total=493,066
  60,000                                                                                                368,941
                   July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan                                    Feb Mar Apr May June

                                       FY 05/06               FY 06/07               FY 07/08

The demand for off-campus access to electronic library resources continues to grow. Despite the increased use of CITRIX by
many MCW users, the library proxy server provides more seamless remote access to licensed electronic books and journals.

The number of logins to resources shows continued growth increasing by 10% from 446,354 logins in FY06/07 to 493,066 log-
ins in 07/08.

The daily usage pattern underscores that the Library’s proxy server plays a significant role in supporting access to
information around the clock.

                             Proxy Usage Summary for FY 07/08

                        Total number of Resource Accesses                                           493,066

                              Average Monthly Total                                                  41,089
                              Highest Monthly Total—FY 07/08 (April 2008)                            52,990
                              Lowest Monthly Total (August 2007)                                     32,785

31                                                                                     Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                                                         Typical Weekly Proxy Server Activity

Sat                                                                                                               9. 80%

 Fri                                                                                                                           11. 86%

Thu                                                                                                                                          14. 43%

Wed                                                                                                                                                    15. 64%

Tue                                                                                                                                                          17. 00%

Mon                                                                                                                                                      16. 28%

Sun                                                                                                                                               14. 99%

   0.00%                                  2.00%           4.00%          6.00%          8.00%  10.00% 12.00% 14.00%                          16.00%          18.00%
                                                                                        Percentage of Weekly Total

                                                                         Proxy Server Use by Hour of Day



   Percent of Total Daily Use

                                                   Percent of Total Daily Use
                                                   Percent of Total Daily Use





                                    Hour 1 2   1      2    3    4    5   6      7   8    9   10    11    12   1   2   3    4    5   6    7    8    9    10   11
                                         AM                                                              PM


Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                                                                32
                                  ANGEL (A New Global Environment for Learning)

 ANGEL is the College’s enterprise e-learning software.             •   179 average Monthly ANGEL Help Desk Queries
 Through ANGEL, medical and graduate students as well as            •   Successfully tested the upgrade to ANGEL 7.2 with up-
 faculty, staff and residents have access to Web-based educa-           grade implemented on July 31, 2008. Some enhance-
 tional programs, interest groups, departmental resources and           ments the new version delivers are: RSS Support; pod-
 other electronic information. The library has links to all elec-       casting; and learning outcomes management.
 tronic journals, books, and databases in the ANGEL environ-        •   Worked with VA staff to implement a training certifica-
 ment to allow users to connect to these resources directly.            tion course that retired a largely paper process for track-
                                                                        ing completion of VA-mandated certification tests.
 The Library maintains an effective working partnership with        •   Presented information on using ANGEL at the ex-
 Academic Affairs/Educational Services in training and sup-             panded MCWAH orientation for new house staff.
 port related to ANGEL. Team members meet regularly to
 discuss issues and experiences.                                                         Goals for 2008/09
                                                                    •   Upgrade the database environment to SQL 2005.
 The Library works with Teaching Facilities to make M1 and
                                                                    •   Migrate to new Web servers and data storage.
 M2 lectures available to the students as mp3 files. Lectures
 are recorded and posted in ANGEL for students to download.         •   Test version 7.4 for a potential upgrade late summer
 The ANGEL Users Group is a monthly forum that allows the           •   Continue to work with key constituents — medical
 support team to present tips and updates, and provides users           school, graduate school, MCWAH and HR — to stream-
 the chance to ask questions and learn from each other.                 line the flow of information used in the creation and
                                                                        maintenance of user accounts.
                    Highlights of 2007/08:                          •   Continue implementing the life cycle plan for the servers
 •    400+ courses                                                      that support ANGEL.
 •    130+ groups
                                                                               Michael Sauer, Programmer Analyst III, ANGEL
 •    7,200 active users
 •    605,235 logins (an increase of 11.1% over FY 2006-07)


Logins          50,000
Month           40,000



                           July   Aug    Sept   Oct    Nov    Dec    Jan    Feb    Mar    April  May    June
                  FY 0607 18,321 39,680 56,516 55,109 47,624 39,663 58,583 55,209 48,856 52,869 48,074 22,447
                 FY 07 08 19,800 33,600 62,150 63,236 52,180 51,950 54,390 66,497 55,606 62,700 55,878 25,248

 33                                                                                     Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                  Children’s Hospital
                                  Branch Library
Children’s Hospital branch supports the patient care, re-                                     Highlights
search and educational missions of Children’s Health Sys-         •   Remote access to library resources for CHW employees
tem, and provides services to the medical/hospital staff,             was inaugurated in February 2008. A software module
students, and MCW faculty, staff and students. A librarian            (Patron-API) purchased for the library’s Integrated Li-
and a library assistant staff the library.                            brary System enabled CHW employees to use their MCW
                                                                      Library barcode and a personal pin number to access
                           Services                                   electronic resources. Ninety one employees have signed
•   Clinical Medical Librarian program                                up for remote access in the first five months. The new
•   Education/training for electronic resources                       software helped to ease a situation that occurred in February
•   Book and journal collection with pediatric focus; CHW Grand       2008, when a communication breakdown between CHW IS
    Rounds CD’s & DVD’s                                               and MCW Libraries led to an unplanned loss of access to
•   Reference, including database search services                     licensed electronic resources within the hospital. The library
•   Current Awareness services                                        bar code and pin allowed individual employees to access
•   Library On Request                                                library resources while CHW IS and MCW Libraries
•   Liaison to Special Needs Family Center                            worked together to restore network access for CHW staff.
                                                                  •   Barbara Ruggeri taught evidence based practice and
                          Fast Facts                                  literature searching in individual classes for Pediatric
•   313 research assistance questions were answered using             Residents and Pediatric Critical Care fellows. She col-
    literature searches—15% were for CHW nurses. The                  laborated with Felicia Vastalo to set up the first webinar
    remainder were for MCW faculty, residents, CHW phy-               class for RefWorks when the RefWorks license was ex-
    sicians, allied healthcare personnel, dieticians, adminis-        tended to CHW employees in 2007.
    trators, and patient family members.                          •   For a 3rd year, Barbara Ruggeri collaborated with
•   4,580 patrons used the CHW computer workstations.                 UWM faculty member Rachel F. Schiffman, PhD, RN
•   Library on Request processed 1,477 requests from pa-              FAAN, in a 4-hour hands-on workshop held in the CHW
    trons identified as CHW staff. Another 688 requests               Corporate Center (“Where is the Evidence? Developing
    were processed for patrons identified as CHW nurses.              Skills for Evidence-Based Practice.”) Thirty CHW nurs-
•   Library On Request delivered 5,347 articles to patrons            ing and staff members attended.
    in Children’s Hospital, CHHS Corporate Center, CHHS
    Clinics Building, and other CHHS and pediatric faculty
    offices. Interlibrary Loan filled 2,012 requests for these             Filled Document Delivery Requests
    same locations.
•   More patrons continue to use MCW Libraries to access                     Top 5 CHW Departments:
    electronic pediatric resources. Electronic Journal usage
    for a few selected Pediatric titles (2007):                       1.   Emergency Department/Trauma Center
      Pediatrics—10,357 articles                                      2.   Herma Heart Center
      Pediatrics in Review—3,608 articles                             3.   Hot Unit—Hematology/Oncology Unit
      Journal of Pediatrics —2,927 articles                           4.   Ambulatory Services Neurology
      Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing—154 articles       5.   PICU-Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
•   Electronic Journal usage (CY 2007) for journal titles
    with a pediatric orientation was 39,359 articles.                       Top 5 MCW Pediatric Departments:
•   From February-June 30, 2008, 91 CHW employees
                                                                      1.   Pediatrics-General
    have signed up for the new remote access service.
                                                                      2.   Neonatology
•   Electronic versions of some key pediatric texts continue          3.   Gastroenterology
    to have high use. Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics had             4.   Cardiology
    8,759 retrievals, an increase of 50%. An                          5.   Orthopedic Surgery
    increase of Rudolf’s Pediatrics had 858 full-text

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                          34
   CHW and MCW Pediatric                              Plastic Surgery                                CHW Dental Clinic
Departments served by Library                         Pediatric Pulmonary                            Pediatric Critical Care
   on Request—2007-2008                               Dermatology                                    Pediatric Allergy & Immunology
                                                      Advanced Practice Nursing                      CHW Education Services
     Pediatrics                                       Pediatrics –Special Needs                      McGee Center for Juvenile Diabetes
     EDTC-Trauma                                      Nursing 8 East                                 Children’s Medical Group
     Neonatology                                      Clinical Informatics                           Patient Care Administration
     Orthopedic Surgery                               Pharmacy                                       Peds. Human Molecular Embryology
     Pediatric Cardiology                             Pain Clinic                                    Patient Care Services Research
     Child & Adolescent Psychiatry                    Poison Center                                  Pediatric Infectious Disease4s
     Child Development                                Child Protection Center                        Speech/Audiology
     Herma Heart Center                               Clinical Resource Unit                         Pediatrics; Clinical Pharmacology
     Hot Unit-hematology/Oncology                     Audio visual services                          Medical Education
     Pediatric Neurology                              Outcomes                                       Pediatrics, Office of the Chair
     Clinical Nutrition                               Pediatric Emergency Medicine                   Nursing 7th Floor
     Neurosurgery                                     Surgery                                        OB/GYN Maternal Fetal Care Center
     Ambulatory Services- Neurology                   Pediatric Rheumatology                         CHW Spina Bifida Program
     Pathology                                        Pediatric Endocrinology                        Respiratory Care
     Anesthesiology                                   Child Advocacy                                 Nursing Research
     PICU-Pediatric Intensive Care Unit               Infection Control                              National Outcomes Center
     Pediatric Gastroenterology                       Genetics                                       Pediatric Ophthalmology
     Pediatric Hematology/Oncology                    Pediatric Otolaryngology                       Pediatrics, Genomics
     Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation               CHW Radiology                                  CHW Fox Valley
     NICU-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit                Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery               Security Services
     Community Pediatrics                             CHW Social Work                                CHW Hospital Administration
     Pediatric Urology                                CHW Laboratory                                 Nursing Education
     Adolescent Medicine                              Pediatric Hospital Medicine                    Nutrition Services

                                              Reference Transactions

         Tot. Ref.                                                                                         1,479
        Questions        1,439

         Research                         313
          Assist.        325                  358

                      91       86
                      68   50


                     0                          500                       1,000                  1,500                      2,000

                                               FY07/08          FY06/07          FY05/06

                                     Comparison of Pediatric E-Journal Use vs In-
                                     house Document Delivery for CHW Patrons

                               45,000                                 40, 387              39, 359
                               35,000         31, 465
                               10,000         5, 321                   5, 583              5, 347
                                              FY05/06                  FY06/07             FY07/08

                                          Number of Pediatric Electronic Articles Used
                                          Items Filled from In-house Resources for CHW Patrons

35                                                                                           Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                              NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS
                                       Children’s Hospital Library —Fiscal Year 2007-2008

                                     FY05/06 FY06/07 FY07/08       DATABASE SEARCHES (Billed/
CIRCULATION                                                        Specially Tracked)                      FY05/06 FY06/07 FY07/08
Reserve Materials                       86       40      72        Public (Billed Searches Only)              0        0        1
Books                                  246      364     228        Bibliography Verification (Billed)        N/A      N/A       1
Journals                                13       25      15        Morning Report (Tracked)                  213      254      231
CHW Grand Rounds Audiotapes            332      196     268        CHW Nurses (Tracked)                      N/A      N/A       48
         Total Circulation             677      625     583                     Total Searches               213      254      281

IN-HOUSE USAGE                                                     OTHER ACTIVITIES
Books (includes Reserve texts)         950      782     850                                                FY05/06 FY06/07 FY07/08
Journals                               569      352     338        Current Awareness Services
       Total In-House Use             1,519    1,134   1,188       Transactions                             1,717    1,798    2,180
                                                                   Items copied from CHW holdings for
                                                                   reference, misc.                          662      984      984
SHELVING (books/journals/AV/Media)    2,498    1,949   1,771       Items provided for Morning Report        2,376    2,829    2,399
                                                                                        Total               4,755    5,611    5,563
Day                                   5,559    5,340   5,353       Testing Services (Number of Monitored
After-hours                             51      42       32        Exams)                                    N/A      N/A        7
          Total Patrons               5,610    5,382   5,385       CHW Patrons in Remote Barcode
                                                                   Access*                                                     91
                                                                   Downloaded Ped. Oriented E-Journal
REFERENCE                                                          Articles                                31,465    40,387 39,359
Directional                            240      271     253
Inquiry                                715      649     743        DOCUMENT DELIVERY
Strategy                               68       50      51         SERVICE                                    FY05/06 FY06/07 FY07/08
Tutorial                                91       86     119        Total Requests processed by LOR for
Research Assistance                    325      358     313        CHW                                                 9,459 8,261
    Total Reference Questions         1,439    1,414   1,479       Tot. Req. filled from In-House
                                                                   Resources for CHW                           5,321   5,583 5,347
Reference Transaction Time                                         Total requests filled from ILL for
Inquiry (Hours)                         70       71      83        CHW                                         2,600   2,469 2,012
Strategy (Hours)                        22       11      11             Total requests filled for CHW patrons 7,921    8,052 7,359
Tutorial (Hours)                        24       29      46
Research Assistance (Hours)            397      558     525        Requests CHW filled for
      Total Reference Hours            513      669     665        Interlibrary Loan                         25        10        2
                                                                            Total Filled by CHW              25        10        2
Patron Use of Network                                              *02/08 through 06/08
Workstation Computers                 3,078    4,705   4,580

                                                                   CHW Libary Patron Use of Network
       Children’s Hospital                                             Workstation Computers
         Library Hours                                   5,000

Monday-Friday     8am-4:30pm*                            4,000
Saturday-Sunday   Closed*                                3,000
          414-266-2340                                   2,000
    *Children’s ID badge access                                             3, 078                4, 705                4, 580
            after hours                                        0
                                                                          FY05/06                FY06/07              FY07/08

 Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                        36
                                 Community Health Resource
                                 Center/Froedtert Hospital

The Froedtert Hospital Library continues to be an impor-         a week with shelving, shelf reading, photocopying and
tant resource for health information for the faculty, resi-      special projects.
dents, medical students, nurses and staff of MCW and
Froedtert Hospital, and to patients and patient families.                      Library Services and Programs
Patron access to the Froedtert Library increased by 27.7%
and usage of the public PC workstations increased by 8%.         •   Clinical Medical Librarian Program for the Division of
                                                                     General Internal Medicine, Department of Plastic and
The continual decrease in directional reference questions is         Reconstructive Surgery and Department of Orthopae-
the result of the Froedtert East Clinic Information Desk             dic Surgery Musculoskeletal Oncology Conference
being staffed full time during the hours the library is open     •   Library resources at the monthly New Staff Orienta-
and the opening of the Clinical Cancer Center and directing          tion, and Department of Nursing, Froedtert Hospital
patient traffic through new entrances to the buildings.          •   Instruction in the use of MCW Libraries databases,
                                                                     electronic resources and services
There was a 3.6% increase in the total of all other reference    •   Reference Service
questions. The greatest increase, 41.7%, was in research         •   Circulation of library materials
assistance queries. The monthly library resources orienta-
                                                                 •   Consumer Health collection
tion class for new Froedtert nursing staff was discontinued
                                                                 •   Grand Rounds videos for the Department of Medicine
in fall ’07 because of time constraints from Froedtert Staff
Development.                                                     •   Provision of health information to Froedtert Hospital
                                                                     patients and families and access to the Internet and
Educational services provided by the Clinical Services Li-           personal e-mail
brarian included customized classes for large groups cover-      •   Video collection for staff development
ing library resources, searching techniques and answering        •   Document delivery of materials located at other MCW
specific questions from attendees. Classes for individuals           Libraries and Interlibrary Loan
focused on how to search a specific database such as             •   Computer access to MCW Libraries databases, Library
CINAHL, Ovid Medline or PubMed or the usefulness of a                catalog and Internet
resource such as RefWorks, Library on Request and re-            •   Access to the collections and services of other MCW
sources for PDAs.                                                    libraries

                                                                                   Highlights of FY 0708
  Department                    Sessions       Attendees
                                                                 •   Member of the Froedtert Nursing Research Council
  Froedtert Nursing                                              •   Participated in the Information Management Team
  Education Fair                     8             883               committee for preparation of Joint Commission ac-
  Froedtert Nursing
  Research Council                   1              16               creditation review
  Froedtert Nursing                                              •   Provided PDA information on MCW Libraries re-
  Orientation                        1              11               sources to the Division of General Internal Medicine
  General Internal                                                   for the Pocket PC
  Medicine                           1              53
  Physical Medicine &                                            •   Joined the Froedtert Hospital Cancer Committee
  Rehabilitation                     1               9           •   Introduced remote access for library resources service
  MCW/MRMC Faculty                                                   for Froedtert employees. See Highlights on page 34
  & Staff                           16              23               for more detail.

The administration of Froedtert Hospital and the Friends of
Froedtert Foundation continue to provide financial support
for the services and resources of Froedtert Library. A
Froedtert volunteer continues to assist the library staff once

37                                                                                    Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                Patron PC Usage

     12,000              13, 065
                                               10, 731
       8,000                                                      11, 668

                      FY 05/06            FY 06/07          FY 07/08

                                                 Froedtert Library Patrons

                                                                                              14, 902
                                                                          15, 808
                                  50,000              15, 359
                                                                                              61, 539
                                                      36, 765             43, 279
                                                  FY05/06             FY06/07           FY07/08

                                                          Open Hours        After-Hours

                    Database Searches

     FY          12
   07/08        6                                                               Orthopaedic
                                          97                                    Tumor Board

     FY                  41
   06/07        6                                                               CML-Plastic
                                                  133                           Surgery

     FY               30
   05/06            20                                                          CML General
                                                                    203         Internal
            0           50           100           150          200         250

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                 38
                                         NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS
                               Froedtert Hospital Library—Fiscal Year 2007-2008
                                                               FY 05/06               FY06/07               FY07/08
 CIRCULATION ( Checked out)
 Reserve Materials                                                 32                    21                    13
 Books                                                            392                   532                   603
 Journals                                                          41                    87                   170
 AV                                                                 9                    15                    3
 Total Circulation                                                474                   655                   789

 In-House Use
 Books+Res+Ref                                                     693                  791                   483
 Journals                                                          398                  385                   310
 Total In-House                                                   1,091                1,176                  793

 Shelving- includes total circulation/in-house use and new books/journals/AV added
                                                                    2,027              2,394                 1,563
 Open Hours                                                        36,765             43,279                 61,539
 After- Hours                                                      15,359             15,808                 14,902
 Total Patrons                                                     52,124             59,087                 76,441

 REFERENCE Questions / Transaction Time ( # / hrs)
 Directional                                                  10,962/NA              5,893/NA              2,050/NA
 Inquiry                                                      6,300 / 367             4,617/181            4,714/190
 Strategy                                                       268 / 71               193/37               208/40
 Tutorial                                                        39 / 17                 28/6                26/18
 Research Assistance                                            174 / 97                50/22               120/49
 Total Reference Questions                                    17,743 / 552           10,781/244            7,118/297

 Database Searches
 CML-General Internal Medicine                                    203                   133                    97
 CML-Plastic Surgery                                              20                     6                     6
 Orthopaedic Tumor Board                                          30                    41                    12
 Research MRMC Staff                                              121                   171                   120
 Public Users                                                      1                     0                      0
 Total Database Searches                                          375                   351                   235

 Items Provided for Morning Report                                461                   381                   357
 Items Provided for Reference                                     87                    132                   151

 Patron PC Usage                                                 13,065               10,731                 11,668

                                               Froedtert Hospital
                                                 Library Hours
                                       Monday-Friday     8am-4:30pm*
                                       Saturday-Sunday   Closed*

                                         *Froedtert ID badge access after hours

39                                                                                     Medical College Libraries Annual Report
Froedtert East Clinics                    Froedtert Clinics- West               Nursing Administration
Administration                            Anesthesiology                        Pharmacy-Inpatient
Anesthesia                                Dermatology                           Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Bone Marrow Transplant                    Gastroenterology                      Sleep Medicine
Cardiothoracic Surgery                    Neurology                             Social Services
Cardiovascular Medicine                   Neuropsychology                       Spinal Cord Injury Center
CT Scan Imaging                           Neuroradiology                        Wound Healing
Emergency Medicine                        Neurosurgery
                                                                                Hospital/North Tower Patient Care Areas
Endocrinology/Metabolism                  Otolaryngology
                                                                                Bone Marrow Transplant
Geriatrics                                Quality Management
                                                                                Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery
Hand Center                               Staff Development
Infectious Diseases                       Surgery
Interventional Radiology                  Trauma/Critical Care Surgery
Marketing & Strategic Support
                                          Curative Rehabilitation Service       Nephrology Transplant
Metabolism & Clinical Nutrition
                                          Clinical Informatics                  Neurology/Medical Telemetry
Nuclear Medicine
Obstetrics/Gynecology                     Tosa Center
Orthopaedics                              Pain Management
Patient Care Services                     Psychiatry
                                                                                Spinal Cord Injury
                                          Dynacare Lab                          Surgery
Pulmonary & Critical Care
                                          Clinical Research Initiative
Radiology                                                                       Clinical Cancer Center
Rheumatology                                                                    General Internal Medicine
Senior Health                             Fitness Center/WAC                    Medicine Neoplastic Diseases & Related
Transplant Surgery                        Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery    Disorders
Vascular Surgery                          Sports Medicine                       Nephrology
                                                                                Palliative Care
Eye Institute                             Sargeant Health Center
Ophthalmology                             Oral Surgery
                                                                                Radiation Oncology
Pavilion                                  Froedtert Hospital-West
General Clinical Research Center          Case Management
Infusion Clinic/Vascular Access           Chaplaincy Services
Reproductive Medicine                     Food & Nutrition Services
Wisconsin Donor Network                   Neurosciences Center/Rehabilitation

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                              40
                                  ICL (Instructional
                                  Computing Lab)

The Instructional Computing Laboratories offers 110              computer displays are easier for faculty to set-up and admin-
workstations, 3 printing stations, and 1 Palm station            ister, and the students are able to access the learning materials
available 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week throughout           in a consistent manner at any time through the computer lab.
the year.
                                                                 ** The eBridge web-based software allows researchers to sub-
The Instructional Computing Laboratories (ICL) provide           mit, track, report, and archive research activities involving
several key services:                                            animal research, human subject research, and funding pro-
• General access computing services including Web ac-            posals.
     cess, Microsoft Office applications, and access to
     course specific tutorials, images and documents.                               Highlights of 2007-2008
• Computer-based examinations. The computer labs are             •   587 events were scheduled in the ICL including 112
     used for proctored entire-class testing in the Medical          secure testing sessions
     School curriculum. Secure testing environment exams         •   Faculty, staff, students & residents used their MCW
     are offered for courses in Cell & Tissue Biology, Pa-           ID badges a total of 24,184 times to access the ICL
     thology, Physiology, Microbiology, Neurosciences,               (not including access for secure testing sessions where
     Medical Information Management, Clinical Examina-               each session consisted of 15-110 students)
     tion and Reasoning, Genetics, Dermatology, Prepar-          •   Replaced 55 (50%) lab workstations
     ing for Internship, and the Clinical Procedures clerk-      •   Replaced 110 (100%) lab monitors
     ship (now known as Perioperative and Resuscitative          •   Invented, assembled, and deployed all new privacy
     Medicine), as well as post-exam review sessions. The            filter system for secure testing environment
     labs are also used for exams outside of the medical         •   Installed hands-free anti-bacterial hand washing sta-
     school curriculum such as the National Board of Medi-           tions in each lab section
     cal Examiners (NBME) Comprehensive Clinical Sci-                                Goals for 2008-2009
     ence Self Assessment exam (CCSSA), American Soci-           •   Increase number of workstations to 114
     ety of Plastic Surgeons in-service exam, and the Infec-
                                                                 •   Remove McAfee antivirus on all lab workstations and
     tious Diseases in-training exam.
                                                                     replace with Symantec antivirus
• Computer-based tutorial sessions. The lab was used
                                                                 •   Replace current lab shared drive server as well as
     587 times in the past year for large group teaching and
                                                                     Pharos printing server
     training events. Finance & Administration, Physiol-
                                                                 •   Create a life cycle plan for lab systems
     ogy, Cell & Tissue Biology, Neurosciences and Pathol-
     ogy now use the Instructional Computing Labs for            •   Find solution to lock down lab systems (i.e. Deep
                                                                     Freeze) that works in conjunction with ANGEL
     whole-class guided tutorials using simulation software,
     case-based tutorials, and the Bacus virtual microscope
     application*. Training sessions for the MCW Content                         Larry Roscoe, Systems Specialist II ANGEL
     Management System, FMLH EPIC, Advanced fMRI
     training, Human Resources, and the Docere Faculty
     Development Program, as well as many classes taught
     by MCW Libraries staff are also held regularly. The
     labs were also used extensively by the Office of Re-
     search for ongoing testing, development, and training
     on the MCW eBridge system**
*The Bacus software and server, jointly purchased in 2003 by
Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy and a grant from the
College’s Learning Resources fund, allows replacement of
traditional microscope laboratories in the Anatomy and Pa-
thology courses with large group computer lab experiences. The

41                                                                                       Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                Public Relations/
                                Marketing Committee
The Public Relations/Marketing (PR/M) Committee of the MCW Libraries continues its mission of promoting library resources
and services through excellence in customer service.

• The committee underwent change this fiscal year. Linda LeMahieu resigned from the Committee after many years of ser-
  vice. Linda was instrumental in the founding of the committee and she was an important part of the success of its projects.
  We thank her very much for her contributions. Rita Sieracki, Reference Librarian, was welcomed as a new member. Linda
  Backus, Deborah Ruck, Barb Ruggeri and Felicia Vastalo make up the rest of the PR/
  Marketing committee. 
• National Medical Librarians Month was celebrated in October 2007 with the theme
  “MEDLINE – 36 Years and Counting.” Photos of librarians using various technologies to
  access MEDLINE were placed in the display case. The display highlighted the role of
  librarians in developing MEDLINE and the database’s impact on the profession. 
• The Library Resource of the Month promotions continued this year. Highlighted
  resources included, OvidSP, PubMed LinkOut, Books@Ovid, the Clinical
  Resources page, Safari Books Online, and the PDA Information page.                         Nat’l Medical Librarians Month
• A Branding sub-committee was formed. The mission is to identify and refine the library’s
  communications message and strategy. The process will continue through the next fiscal year. Members of the subcommit-
  tee are Karen Hanus, Barbara Ruggeri, Barbara Jamieson, Sue Coenen, Deborah Ruck and Felicia Vastalo. 
                                    • National Library Week started on April 13, 2008. The theme was “Join the Circle of
                                    Knowledge.” A display case highlighting not only the resources and databases the library
                                    provides but also the professional expertise and services the library offers to the MRMC
                                    and Milwaukee-area communities. Our annual door prize drawing and cookie reception
                                    were held at all three libraries. Candy was provided throughout the week for library

                                     • PR/M committee produced several special promotions through out the year including
      National Library Week          Ovid’s redesigned interface, OvidSP, in January 2008. The committee made a comprehen-
                                     sive promotion plan, starting in October 2007, in an effort to publicize the major redesign.
  The promotion included training for library staff, classes at all three locations, advertisements in various hospital and col-
  lege newsletters, emails to all 300+ Ovid Personal Login holders, and the production of a screencast that highlighted the

• Members of the PR/M Committee were involved in the promotion of the Scopus database trial that took place in September
  and October 2007. The promotion included targeted emails to all MCW faculty, announcements in newsletters and on Web
  pages, outreach emails to selected pediatrics faculty and staff, and contacts made at the Froedtert Nursing Education Fair.
  An online survey was developed to collect patron feedback.

• A new promotional item was added this year. Retractable badge holders with the MCW Libraries logo were distributed to
  library staff and the incoming medical school class and residents.

                                                                         Members of the Public Relations/Marketing Committee

                                                                                       Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                 Clinical Medical
                                 Librarian Services

MCW Libraries continues to pro-
                                                            CML Searches Provided
vide clinical medical library ser-
vices to several departments.
Librarians attend morning re-                         Dermatology                         23
ports and/or Grand Rounds and                                                 21 25
Tumor Boards. Searches are per-       Gynecologic Tumor Board                11
formed and items are copied or            Obstetrics/Gynecology                           88101
provided in electronic format.                                               6 6
                                                   Plastic Surgery             20
Training sessions detailing the use                                          12
of Libraries resources are also         Orthopedic Tumor Board                  30
given to residents, medical stu-                                                          97      133
                                      General Internal Medicine                                            203
dents and faculty.                                                                                               231
                                                          Pediatrics                                               237
Barbara Ruggeri has worked with
Pediatrics. FY07/08 is the 15th                                         0       50      100    150      200      250
year of CML service to Pediatrics.
                                                          FY07/08           FY06/07      FY05/06
Linda Backus has worked with
General Internal Medicine since 1992, Plastic Surgery since the fall of 2003, and the Orthopedic Tumor Board since October
of 2004.

Rita Sieracki has worked with Dermatology since 1998, and Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Gynecologic Tumor Board
since 1999.

During FY07/08, 496 searches were performed and 4,402 items were copied or provided electronically through CML.

                                                                                   Linda Backus, Clinical Services Librarian
                                                                                 Barbara Ruggeri, Clinical Services Librarian
                                                                                          Rita Sieracki, Reference Librarian

                        CML Articles Provided

                     Dermatology          73
   Gynecologic Tumor Board                 74
      Obstetrics/Gynecology                                 1,499
                 Plastic Surgery          18 18
    Orthopedic Tumor Board                2632
   General Internal Medicine                   532
                         Pediatrics                                      2,651

                                      0          1,000       2,000       3,000

                              FY07/08        FY06/07

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                         44
                                                                while the 3rd year medical students have been issued Palm
MCW medical students receive a PDA at the beginning of          OS PDAs.
their third year. The PDAs are used to track patient en-
counters (I-Forms) to ensure adequate exposure to a range       Felicia Vastalo, Barbara Jamieson and Rita Sieracki
of patients. The PDAs are also used to provide the students     taught 6 classes in June to the 3rd year medical students,
with point of care information. In support of these goals,      which highlighted PDA resources available from and
MCW Libraries provides synching stations in the Todd            through the Libraries. There were approximately 30
Wehr Library at the circulation desk and in the microcom-       third-year medical students per session.
puter center.
                                                                The sessions received a majority of favorable survey re-
This year all four PDA sync stations were replaced with         sponses from the students and included the following com-
new computers making the synching process and mainte-           ments:
nance of these machines significantly more efficient and less   • “This was a great session. It was very helpful and helped
time consuming.                                                     me to realize how helpful the PDA can really be. The
                                                                    librarians were very nice and willing to help.”
                                                                • “Great help. The librarians were very resourceful and had
                   PDA Help                                         good, relevant knowledge about how we can most effec-
                                                                    tively use our PDAs.”
600                               436        491                • “Very helpful. Have this again next year!”
            409        374
400                                      230
         105      169
200                                                                                     Rita Sieracki, Reference Librarian
                                                                           Roberto Harrison, Technology Support Librarian
         04/05     05/06      06/07       07/08

                Hours       Students

In addition to synching stations, PDA users also access the                            IN FY 07/08,
Internet in MCW Libraries using their wireless PDAs.                                  MARK LEBOW,
MCW students can also synch I-Forms and Epocrates wire-                               STEVE REITCI,
lessly.                                                                              ALEXIS DIVINE &
                                                                                     ROBERTO HARRISON
                                                                                       HELPED 491
MCW Libraries continued to help upcoming 3rd year medi-                               PATRONS WITH
cal students load PDA applications onto their PDAs. Ap-                                THEIR   PDA.
plications include Essential Evidence Plus, Epocrates
(including the BMI tool and the STAT Cholesterol tool),                               THIS TOTALED
Shots 2008, Diagnosaurus, DynaMed, AHRQ ePSS, ADA                                    OVER 230 HOURS.
Standards, JNC7, Cultural Competency, COPD Global
Strategy, COPD Tool, and I-Forms.

Linda Backus demonstrated PDA and library resources to
approximately 56 new Internal Medicine residents on June
24. Internal Medicine residents are using pocket PC PDAs,

45                                                                                   Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                 Outreach Activities

The Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries continued its tradition of providing service to the community in the greater
Milwaukee area and throughout the State of Wisconsin in 2007-8.

The MCW Libraries continued to provide free reference services and onsite use of its many services to the public along with the
option for Loansome Document service for obtaining journal articles. In addition, unaffiliated health professionals were eligible
for a free borrowing card to check out materials from MCW’s circulating collection.

Other outreach activities included funded projects from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Greater Midwest Region
(NN/LM GMR), completion of an Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin project, and other outreach activities carried out by the
MCW Libraries staff.

         Teaching Sites in 2007-2008                                    Outreach Activities from the MCW Libraries
      Kelly Senior Center                                • The MCW Libraries, in collaboration with the Department of Fam-
                                                         ily Medicine and the Office of Student Affairs/Diversity, completed the
                Menomonee Falls                          Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin project entitled, “Students as Facili-
      Community Memorial Hospital
                                                         tators for Consumer/Patient Access to Quality Internet Health Informa-
      Good Shepherd Church
      Ascension Lutheran Church                          • The MCW Libraries held 23 classes at various sites around the Mil-
      Capitol Drive Church                               waukee area to teach community members how to find accurate health
      Cherry Court Apartments
      Cross Lutheran Church                              information online and to promote MCW Libraries’ free reference ser-
      Ebenezer Church of God in Christ                   vice and onsite use of materials for members of the public.
      Gesu Church
      Highland Gardens Apartments                        • The MCW Libraries began an outreach project funded by the
      Holy Redeemer Church of God in Christ
      Mitchell Court Apartments                          NN/LM GMR in partnership with the parish nurse and health clinic
      Old St. Mary Church                                coordinator at Holy Redeemer Church of God in Christ in Milwaukee to
      O.A.S.I.S. Senior Center                           provide training, equipment, MCW Library resources, and ongoing sup-
      Lapham Park Wellness Center                        port to facilitate the development of a health education component at
      Prince of Peace Church                             the clinic.*
      St. Adalbert Church
      St. Casimir Church
      St. Michael Church                                 • The MCW Libraries, in partnership with eight parish nurses serving
      Washington Park Senior Center                      parishes in Milwaukee’s central city, completed two NN/LM GMR
      Wilson Park Senior Center                          funded projects. The projects helped improve access to reliable health
      Zablocki Library
                                                         information for parish nurses serving in Milwaukee’s central city and
                    West Allis                           the communities they serve. *
      West Allis Senior Center

 *These projects have been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes
                of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. N01-LM-6-3503 with the
                                                  University of Illinois at Chicago.

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                          46
                                 Library On Request

Library on Request is the document delivery system for the users of the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries. To use the Li-
brary on Request service, users complete document delivery request forms. The library will fill the request if the item is avail-
able in the MCW Libraries system. If the item is not in our system, we will transfer the request to our Interlibrary Loan de-
partment and we will attempt to obtain the document/book from another library or another document delivery vehicle. Arti-
cles and book chapters can be sent via hard copy delivery methods or they can be sent electronically. Books or other materials
that cannot be delivered electronically can be transferred between libraries for pick-up at any of our three locations.

Some highlights from this year:
• The library continues to provide very fast service for requests filled from in-house collections. 82% of requests are filled the
   same day they are received; 16% are filled the next day. This far exceeds the library’s goal of filling requests within two
• The total number of items requested increased slightly this year from 24,237 to 24,443 and the number of requests filled
   from in-house collections increased slightly from 14,295 to 14,465.
• 94% of the requests filled from in-house collections are filled in electronic form further supporting the conjecture that li-
   brary users want journal resources in electronic form.
• 43% of the requests filled from in-house collections are filled from online resources. This suggests that users may not al-
   ways know how to find the electronic journal article or may not have time to retrieve them on their own. Further imple-
   mentation of our openURL linkresolver will likely reduce this percentage in the future.

In FY 08-09, the library will begin using a new software called ILLiad. ILLiad is a complete document delivery management
system and will be used to manage in-house document delivery, interlibrary loan, and Pronto (for-profit document delivery)
requests. ILLiad will provide many advantages to Library on Request users as well as provide a more robust system for library
staff to receive and process the requests.

                                                                                                 Karen Hanus, Assistant Director
                                               Document Delivery
                                            A Three-year Comparison

      3 0 ,000

      2 5 ,000
                                                                                                          24, 462
                                23, 866                             24, 237
      2 0 ,000

      1 5 ,000
                                                                                                          14, 407
                                                                    14, 295
                                12, 677
      1 0 ,000

        5 ,000

                              F Y 05-06                         F Y 06-07                          F Y07-08

                     Total items filled from in-house resources                     Total requests received

47                                                                                     Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                            Document Delivery Services

                                                                FY05-06     FY06-07   FY07-08
               Total items filled from in-house resources        12,677      14,295    14,407
               For Froedtert patrons                             5,957       6,029     6,250
               For Children's patrons                            5,321       5,583     5,347
               For Todd Wehr patrons                              1,399       2,683     2,810

               Total requests received                          23,866       24,237   24,462
               Total filled                                     12,677       14,295   14,407
               Total canceled                                    1,361        1,298    1,165
               Total sent to ILL                                9,828        8,644    8,890

               Statuses of those requesting document delivery
               CHW nurse                                         2.9%         2.4%     2.8%
               CHW staff                                        4.6%          4.5%     6.0%
               Froedtert nurse                                   3.2%         5.1%     1.8%
               Froedtert staff                                  6.2%         3.5%      4.0%
               MCW distance education student                    0.3%         0.2%     0.6%
               MCW faculty                                      36.7%        37.0%    37.0%
               MCW nurse                                         0.8%         0.9%     0.3%
               MCW resident/fellow                              16.3%        18.8%    18.1%
               MCW staff                                        24.1%        21.5%    21.2%
               MCW student/graduate student                      3.7%         4.6%    6.4%
               MCW volunteer faculty                             0.2%         0.2%     0.6%
               Other                                             1.0%         1.4%     1.2%

                                            Todd Wehr

                                                                   F roedtert 6,250

                                Children's 5,347

                                    07- 08 Total Document Deliver y Requests
                                        Filled by Requester's Base Library

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                         48
                            Library On Request Continued

Who’s using Document Delivery
                     MCW             CHW nurse, 2.8%
     MCW          volunteer                                  Froedtert
                 faculty, 0.6%   Other, 1.2%   CHW staff,
 student/grad                                    6.0%        nurse, 1.8%
 student, 6.4%
                                                               Froedtert staff,
                                                                           MCW distance
                 MCW staff,                                                  education
                   2 1 .2%                                                 student, 0.6%

                        MCW                             MCW faculty,
                 r esident/fellow,                        3 7 .0%
                       1 8 .1%

                            MCW nurse, 0.3%

                                                How long you wait for your LOR order

                                                       Three or more
                                          Two days         days
                                            1%              1%

                                        Next day

                                                                       Same day

49                                                                     Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                                      07- 08 Sources of Documents for Requests
                                                                   Filled In-House

                                                                 43. 0%
                                                                                          T odd Wehr
                                                                                             56. 2%

                                                     Froedtert                 CH W
                                                      Library                 Library
                                                       0. 5%                   0. 3%
07-08 Electronic Request Submission

                             form 50.2%             Linksource
                                                       3. 5%

                                  Ovid, 36.1%
        Pu bMed
         10. 1%
                                                          Reasons f or Requesting Document Delivery in 07-08

                                                                                    Ed ucation
                                                              Did not                      Pa tient care
                                                              respond                         10.2%
                                                               36. 6%                                       Personal
                                                                                                              2. 2%
                                                                                         38. 5%

                    Methods for Delivery of Documents Filled
                       from In-House Resources (non-ILL)
                                                   Paper document        Paper document
                         Mailed, 0.1%                                        sent to
                                                       sent to
                                                     Children's            Froedtert
                          Faxed 0.0%        Other,
                                                    Library, 2.3%         Library, 2.9%

                                                                       Paper document
                                                                        sent to Todd
                                                                        Wehr Library,

                                                             P ublisher's PDF
                                                              fil e sent via e-
                     Scan of paper                              mail, 36.8%
                     and electronic
                     del ivery, 57.1%

  Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                          50
                                  Family Physicians
                                  Inquiries network

The Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN) is a              physicians on duty overseas or physicians in private prac-
national, not-for-profit consortium of academic family           tice).
physicians, family medicine residency programs and de-
partments, medical librarians, informaticians, computer
scientists, other primary-care providers and consultants               MCW Libraries FPIN research results published
dedicated to using information technology to improve                                  in 07/08 are:
healthcare. FPIN represents a resource for family practice
education programs by helping programs fulfill the               Goodomote P, Jamieson B, Hoffman R.
ACGME competency requirements and by creating oppor-             Clinical inquiries. Are DMARDs effective for rheuma-
tunities for residents and faculty to participate in scholarly   tiologic diseases besides rheumatoid arthritis? J Fam
activity through writing and reviewing of Clinical Inquir-       Pract. 2007 Nov; 56(11):933-4.
ies for the Journal of Family Practice and the American
Family Physician. FPIN is endorsed by AAFP, ADFM,                Haynes J, Kelsberg G, Jamieson B, Lo V.
STFM, and NAPCRG.                                                Clinical inquiries. Which patients undergoing noncardiac
                                                                 surgery benefit from perioperative beta-blockers? J. Fam.
FPIN seeks the translation of research into practice. The        Pract. 2008 Feb;57(2):121-3.
FPIN approach starts with the clinical question, posed
and voted on by member physicians. The next step in-             Wall R, Strickland C, Jamieson B, Lo V.
volves a systematic approach to synthesizing the best            Clinical inquires. Do COX-s inhibitors worsen renal
available evidence to answer the question in FPIN Answer         function? J Fam Pract. 2007 Nov;56(11):957-8.
format. The FPIN Community seeks to develop, adapt
and evaluate the types, formats and content of the FPIN                        Barbara Jamieson, Public Services Librarian
Answers with one objective in mind: to answer 80% of
physicians’ questions within 60 seconds of their time.

MCW Libraries became involved with FPIN in January
2004, when the department of Family and Community
Medicine became associated with the FPIN organization.
Barbara Jamieson assumed responsibilities as the MCW
FPIN Librarian. Each question normally involves at least
4-10+ hours of research plus additional time in consulta-
tion with the requesting physicians. In addition to provid-
ing a comprehensive search of the medical literature for
evidence answering the question, all citations are verified
prior to publication. Results for selected FPIN research
questions are published in the journals American Family
Physician and Journal of Family Practice in the FPIN
Clinical Inquiries section.

MCW Libraries is committed to working not only with
MCW Family & Community Medicine physicians, but also
when appropriate with all FPIN physicians, especially
those who do not have an FPIN librarian (such as military

51                                                                                  Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                Art of Medicine Through
                                The Humanities/Medical
                                Humanities Program

The second year of the three year grant for the Medical        group by email, scanning and forwarding reading materi-
Humanities Program continued to expand its presence in         als, arranging refreshment catering, set-up and clean-up on
the Medical College of Wisconsin community. The Li-            the day of the meeting, as well as designing and distribut-
brary’s Senior Administrative Assistant provided adminis-      ing an advertising poster prior to the event. All meetings
trative support for the M-4 elective class by coordinating     were well attended with good student leadership and par-
the scheduling, gathering the readings for all the present-    ticipation.
ers, making special arrangements for technical and/or AV
needs of the presenters, facilitating the evaluation process   The 4th year elective class, The Art Of Medicine Through
and designing and producing the class book as well as coor-    The Humanities took place during the month of March.
dinating other events for the program.                         The location of the class was moved to the newly built
                                                               Lois Martin Memorial Conference Room in the Todd Wehr
In November, the Medical Humanities Program welcomed           Library. This new location proved to be more comfortable
the former Poet Laureate, Ted Kooser and his physician,        for the students as well as making the electronic and AV
William Lydiatt, MD to share their thoughts on cancer          issues much less challenging. The class was held in March
survivorship and treatment. Mr. Kooser also read some of       to reduce interview conflicts the 4th year students experi-
his poetry to the assembled audience. Dr. Lydiatt spoke        enced in the past. The class is capped at eight students;
as a medical educator and of the role of humanities in         however, 21 students expressed interest in taking the class.
medical education. The Library’s Senior Administrative         Again, the Art of Medicine Through The Humanities at-
Assistant coordinated all the travel and hotel accommoda-      tracted an impressive number of presenters—42 experts
tions for the two speakers, as well as creating all the        participated.
printed material related to the lecture. A post-lecture re-
ception was also arranged and was well attended.                                    Highlights of this year’s course in-
                                                                                    cluded attending a performance at the
The Medical Humanities Advisory Board met twice in the                              Milwaukee Repertory Theatre with a
academic year and the meeting arrangements were coordi-                             behind-the-scenes tour and a next-day
nated by the Senior Administrative Assistant.                                       seminar with actors and the produc-
                                                                                    tion manager; attending a perform-
The Medical Humanities Faculty Interest Group met five                              ance of the Milwaukee Symphony Or-
times in the academic year. All of the meetings were well                           chestra and a next-day seminar with
attended. Assistance took the form of contacting the                                violinist, Samantha George; a medi-
group by email, forwarding reading material (when appro-                            cally focused tour of the Milwaukee
priate), arranging refreshments, and set up and clean up                            Art Museum with two specially
on the day of the meetings.                                                         trained docents; a tour of the Medical
                                                               College and Milwaukee Academy of Medicine archives col-
Medical students and faculty were invited to an interactive    lection; a chance to participate in a hands-on sculpture
presentation by Milwaukee Public Theatre’s Capaz Project       session at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design; and
dramatizing systemic barriers that medical providers face      an opportunity to attend a lecture by Peter McIssac and
and offered an opportunity to “re-write” the ending. As-       then a VIP tour of Body Worlds at the Milwaukee Public
sistance from the Senior Administrative Assistant was          Museum. A post class reception was planned and coordi-
provided to advertise the event and make lunch arrange-        nated by the Sr. Administrative Assistant and was held in
ments, as well as sending email invitations and reminders.     the History of Medicine room. The reception was well at-
                                                               tended by both students and presenters.
A complimentary, but differently funded group, the Bio-
ethics and Humanities Reading Group, met five times dur-
ing the academic year between October 2007 and April
2008. Library assistance in the form of contacting the                 Kathleen Darlington, Administrative Assistant III

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                       52
                                 Julia A. Uihlein Bioethics &
                                 Medical Humanities

The MCW Libraries have been able to develop an out-             A Journal of Medicine, Health & the Humanities (print and
standing collection of resources in bioethics, general ethics   electronic); Bellevue Literary Review (print); Cambridge Quar-
and philosophy through an annual donation from Julia A.         terly of Health Care Ethics (print and electronic); Christian
Uihlein. The collection is named the “The Julia A. Uihlein      Bioethics (electronic); Healing Muse (print); Journal of Law,
Bioethics & Medical Humanities Collection” to directly re-      Medicine & Ethics (print and electronic); Journal of Medicine
flect the growth of the collection in the area of medical hu-   and Philosophy (print and electronic); Kennedy Institute of
manities                                                        Ethics Journal (print and electronic); Literature & Medicine
                                                                (electronic); Medical Humanities Review (print); New Titles in
Selections are made by the Julia A. Uihlein Bioethics &         Bioethics (print and electronic); and Organizational Ethics
Medical Humanities Collection Selection Committee. Kellie       (print).
Lang, Program Coordinator in Bioethics joined the commit-
tee this year. The Committee usually meets once or twice in
the spring to review and select enhancements to this valuable

The Committee is comprised of:
Julia A. Uihlein, MA, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Popula-
tion Health-Bioethics
Bruce Campbell, MD, Professor, Cancer Center
Arthur R. Derse, MD, JD, Clinical Professor, Population
Richard L. Holloway, PhD, Assoc. Dean, Student Affairs
Kellie Lang, Program Coordinator II, CNE, Population
Cynthiane J. Morgenweck, MD, Assist. Clinical Professor,
Population Health-Bioethics
Mary C. Olson, Program Coordinator II, Population Health-
Laura W. Roberts, MD, Chair & Professor, Psychiatry
Mary B. Blackwelder, MS, Director, MCW Libraries
Deborah Ruck, MLIS, Information Services Librarian, MCW         Additionally, the Uihlein donation supports the continual
Libraries                                                       licensing of the online version of the Encyclopedia of Bioethics
Kathleen Darlington, Administrative Assistant III, MCW          which includes articles from a number of experts in the field
Libraries                                                       of bioethics, plus a large collection of codes and oaths across
                                                                all the healthcare professions, as well as research ethics guide-
The October 2007 donation of $5,000 was used to purchase        lines and regulations. There were approximately 100 online
approximately 22 new book titles. The Julia A. Uihlein Bio-     retrievals of articles from this resource in the past year.
ethics & Medical Humanities Collection now has a total of
705 books. The Uihlein gift also supports 13 journal titles
(both print and electronic) in ethics and humanities. This
year, a DVD of the documentary Hold Your Breath by Maren
Grainger Monsen, MD, was purchased.                                          Mary B. Blackwelder, Director of MCW Libraries

Journal titles included in the Uihlein Collection are: Ameri-
can Journal of Bioethics (print and electronic; ARA Medica:

53                                                                                   Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                  Library Display Cases

In an effort to promote the Library and all it has to offer,    The interior display case showcased six themes throughout
Library staff design and exhibit a new theme each month         the year: a history of Afro-American physicians; women
in the display cases on either side of the entrance to the      physicians; outstanding teachers in medicine; physicians
Todd Wehr library.                                              as patients; Native American physicians; and medieval
In the past fiscal year, the Library has showcased 24
unique and creative displays, as well as six displays in a
smaller case in the interior of the Library. These displays
are designed to be eye catching and informative. Past                   Kathleen Darlington, Administrative Assistant III
themes have highlighted MCW physicians, authors and
researchers; current events (Nobel Prize winners);
Special collections of the Todd Wehr Library; or even cur-
rent themes in medicine such as physicians as patients.

Below is a list of the exhibits featured in the entrance dis-
play cases for 2007-2008.

July:             Human Genome Resources at NLM and
                  Summer Reading
August:           Welcome Students and Consumer Health
                  and Medline Plus
September:        InfoScope and Banned Books
                  Medical Librarian’s Month and Highlights
                  from the MCW Library Annual Report
November:         Nobel Prize winners in Medicine & Physi-
                  ology and American Diabetes Month re-
                  sources, web sites, MCW physicians and
                  current research
December:         Bates Clinical Videos and Books of the
January:          New Titles for 2008 and Most published
                  Journal titles in 2007 by MCW authors
February:         Epidemics in History and Medicine: Then
                  and Now
March:            Medical Humanities Class and Uihlein
                  Bioethics and Medical Humanities Collec-
April:            National Library Week and Autism
                  Awareness Month
May:              Welcome Dr. Ravdin and Sports Medicine
June:             PDA Support and Databases and Summer

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                               54

         Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                           Use of the Collection
                                                  FY 06/07                            FY 07/08
Print/AV Collection
Todd Wehr Library                                   43,768      ( 27% decrease)         31,918
Froedtert                                            1,831       (14% decrease)          1,582
Children’s Hospital Library                          1,759      (< 1% increase)          1,771
Use of Print/AV                                     47,358      (25 % decrease)         35,271
Electronic Journals
   Total                                           699,752       (11% increase)        773,940
Electronic Books
   Total                                        168,154          (43% increase)         240,819
Electronic Databases                            888,054         (<1% increase)          913,632
Use of Electronic Resources                   1,755,960           (1% increase)       1,928,391

TOTAL USE OF COLLECTION                       1,803,318         (1% increase)        1,963,662


                                                  FY 07-08            FY 06-07        FY 05-06

 Total items filled from in-house resources         14,407              14,295          12,677
 For Froedtert patrons                               6,250               6,029           5,957
 For Children's patrons                              5,347               5,583           5,321
 For Todd Wehr patrons                               2,810               2,683           1,399

 Total requests received                            24,462              24,237          23,866
 Total filled                                       14,407              14,295          12,677
 Total canceled                                      1,165               1,298           1,361
 Total sent to ILL                                   8,890               8,644           9,828

 Statuses of those requesting document delivery
 CHW nurse                                           2.8%                 2.4%            2.9%
 CHW staff                                           6.0%                 4.5%            4.6%
 Froedtert nurse                                     1.8%                 5.1%            3.2%
 Froedtert staff                                     4.0%                 3.5%            6.2%
 MCW distance education student                      0.6%                 0.2%            0.3%
 MCW faculty                                        37.0%                37.0%           36.7%
 MCW nurse                                           0.3%                 0.9%            0.8%
 MCW resident/fellow                                18.1%                18.8%           16.3%
 MCW staff                                          21.2%                21.5%           24.1%
 MCW student/graduate student                        6.4%                 4.6%            3.7%
 MCW volunteer faculty                               0.6%                 0.2%            0.2%

                                                   Todd Wehr         Children’s   Froedtert        ICL
Net Square Feet                                        47,000              494        1,400       4,070
Study Seating                                             429                 8          20         110
Public Computers                                           60                 4           7         110 *
Access Controlled Laser Printer                             1              NA             1           3
Public Photocopy Machine                                    3                 1           1         NA
Wireless Access                                             7              NA           NA          NA
Network Jacks (Public)                                    181              NA             2         NA
                                                                                                  * MCW Badge ID Required

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                               56
                        Internal Document Delivery

                  Total = 14,407

           T odd Wehr
              2, 810
                                      6, 250

            5, 347

Use of Print vs Electronic Collection

           2, 500,000

                                                                      1, 963,662
                                                1, 928,391
           2, 000,000
                                     1, 755,960              1, 803,318

           1, 500,000

           1, 000,000

             500, 000
                        47, 358
                               35, 271
                           Print              Electronic           T otal Use

                                   FY 06/07     FY 07/08

57                                                    Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                                                Physical Collection Composite

                                                   I ndexes/Abstracts

Medical College Libraries Annual Report

                                          J o u rnals                                                          Multimedia

                                                                                                 Mu ltimedia
                                                                                                    < 1%

Use of Licensed Electronic Books **

                      AccessEmergency Medicine             117

                                     Accessmedicine                                        75,540


   Bates Visual Guide to Physicial Examination             2,625

                            BMJ Clinical Evidence           6,188

                                       Books @ Ovid          10,510

                           Cell Signaling Biology          1,209

                       Encyclopedia of Bioethics           100

                                        MD Consult                                                 93,601

                                   Psychiatry Online        4,297

                                    Red Book Online        1,673

                                 Safari Books Online        4,826

                                   Scriver's OMMBID        909

                                           STAT!Ref             17,539

                 Thieme ElectronicBook Library                  15,648

 ** Vendors provide different
types of data; comparisons may
  not be of equal proportion.                          0              40,000            80,000          120,000

                                         FY 07/08      FY 06/07           FY 05/06
                                          240,819      168,154            170,199

   59                                                                               Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                 Use of Licensed Electronic Databases **

                         BadgerLink                 13,329
                       CINAHL-Ovid                  35,079
          Cochrane Library-Wiley               3,112
               Current Protocols               5,627
                            DynaMed             5,824
         Essential Evidence Plus               3,871
   Essential Science Indicators                482
            EXAM MASTER OnLine                 0
       Faculty of 1000 Medicine                428
       Journal Citation Reports                2,731
                   Journals @ OVID                            83,187
                        MD Consult                23,978
                      MEDLINE-Ovid                                                                       367,723
                      MICROMEDEX                                  119,575
                     PsycINFO-Ovid                23,466
                                 SPIN          535
                           UpToDate                                       172,843
                    Web of Science              14,684

 ** Vendors provide different
types of data; comparisons may
  not be of equal proportion.
                                           0            100,000           200,000        300,000         400,000

                                           FY 07/08        FY 06/07       FY 05/06
                                           913,632         888,054        501,529

 Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                     60
 Title                                                              FY 05/06   FY 06/07   FY 07/08

 Total                                                               170,199    237,023    240,819 (detailed views) (added 9/05)

                                                                        618       1,074       849
 Thieme ElectronicBook Library (successful section requests/full
 text PDF requests - changed 06/07)

                                                                      12,836     15,648      1,264
 STAT!Ref (document retrievals)
                                                                      30,060     17,539     10,683
 Scriver's OMMBID (sessions/successful chapter requests -
 changed 07/08)
                                                                        334        909        279
 Safari Books Online (hits)
                                                                       2,901      4,826      3,879
 Red Book Online
 (full-text article requests)
                                                                       1,113      1,673      1,791
 Psychiatry Online (content retrievals)
                                                                       4,352      4,297      6,009

 MD Consult (sessions/book hits - changed 06/07)                      27,452     93,601    114,408
 Encyclopedia of Bioethics (total full text) (added 9/05)

                                                                        223        100        238
 Cell Signaling Biology (full-text article requests) (added 9/06)

                                                                        N/A       1,209       920
 Books @ Ovid (sessions)                                              11,060     10,510      8,552
 BMJ Clinical Evidence (sessions/book section requests) (switched
 from Ovid to BMJ 1/07)

                                                                       2,098      6,188      9,029
 Bates Visual Guide to Physicial Examination (successful re-
 quests for pages) (added 8/05)

                                                                       4,325      2,625      2,074 (logins)
                                                                       1,186      1,167       900
 Accessmedicine (content retrievals)
                                                                      71,641     75,540     67,592
 AccessEmergency Medicine (content retrievals) (added 5/07)

                                                                        N/A        117      12,352

Title                                                           FY 05/06   FY 06/07   FY 07/08

Total                                                            480,902    876,474    913,632
Web of Science (queries)
                                                                  11,493     14,684     18,567
UpToDate (topic reviews)
                                                                 142,916    172,843    230,309
SPIN (searches - 9 months data only 05/06)

                                                                    360        535        597
PsycINFO-Ovid (sessions/searches - changed 06/07)

                                                                   4,533     23,466     18,773
MICROMEDEX (pages/documents - changed 06/07)

                                                                  97,294    119,575    163,052
MEDLINE-Ovid (sessions/searches - changed 06/07)

                                                                  86,390    367,723    307,994
MD Consult (sessions)
                                                                  27,452     23,978     27,981
Journals @ OVID (sessions)
                                                                  81,544     83,187     87,882
Journal Citation Reports (queries)
                                                                   2,810      2,731      2,175
Faculty of 1000 Medicine (total retrievals) (added 4/07)

                                                                    N/A        428        600
EXAM MASTER OnLine (exams first used)

                                                                    N/A        N/A       1,188
Essential Science Indicators (queries)
                                                                    N/A        482        406
Essential Evidence Plus (formerly InfoRetriever) (sessions)

                                                                   4,731      3,871      2,568
DynaMed (full text requests)
                                                                    N/A       5,824      4,034
Current Protocols (total full text) (added 9 titles May 2006)

                                                                   4,730      5,627      2,969
Cochrane Library-Wiley (total full text) (Switched from Ovid
EBM Reviews 1/07)
                                                                    N/A       3,112      4,255
CINAHL-Ovid (sessions/searches - changed 06/07)                    4,090     35,079     30,114

BadgerLink (total full text requests)
                                                                  12,559     13,329     10,168

                            Searches By Database in OVID

                                       Total Ovid Searches = 456,230

                                          Ps ycINFO
                            He althSTAR       4%

                     B ooks@Ovid

         1 5%

                                                                                               7 1%

                MEDLINE      Journals@Ovid     Books@Ovid    CINAHL      HealthSTAR     PsycINFO

                                                                                 Use of Ovid

                                              FY 05/06            FY06/07                 FY 07/08

               Total Hours on System           70,628              62,964                  68,059
               Total # of Sessions            207,115             184,673                 164,535
               Total Searches                 701,168             540,873                 456,230


                                     July 2007 - June 2008

                       Infoscope                          Library
                       7,340,554                          586,522
                       daily average 20,111        daily average 1,607

63                                                                       Medical College Libraries Annual Report
      Library Systems help Desk—Questions Answered

                     Angel                                                                 1,920

 Bib Citation Managers                 112

       Forgotten Angel                     220
         Passwords                NA

               Forgotten           104
               Passwords          32

                       GCG            58

            Library Staff                                                                     2,074
               Support                                                                        2,102

                  Microlab                                621

        Online Resource                     276
            Access                            366

                     Other         36

                        PDA                  280

     Proxy Maintenance                 130

          Web Publishing                                                           1,704

                  Wireless                   289

                              0                  500            1,000      1,500      2,000           2,500

                                                 FY 07/08       FY 06/07   FY 05/06

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                       64
                                                                                    Who Uses Proxy Access To Library Resources



                                           2000                                                                                               1,546
                                           2000 ((0.78%) (0.28%)
                                                 0.78 %) (0.28%)                                        (0.06%)                                                                      (1.39%)
                                                                                            702        (0.06%)                                                      0.07% (0.01%)
                                                                  (0.01%) (0.05%) (0.01%)
                                                                 (0.01%) (0.05%) (0.01%)    702                                                                   ((0.07%)) (0.01%)     482
                                                 268       96        3      18       4                  22                                                           23       3
                                                          96        3      18       4                   22                                                           23       3

                                                                            Proxy Logins February 11 to June 30, 2008 (Total Logins = 34,561)

Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                     Instrucational Computing Lab Use
                                               By Entrance
                                               Total = 24,184

                                      9, 428                            9, 444

                                                        5, 312

                          North Entrance       Center Entrance   South Entrance

                        Total Application Launches on Public Computers







                          FY 05/06                   FY 06/07                FY 07/08

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                    66
                                  Who Uses MDConsult? *

                                               27,981 Sessions

                  non-Health             Pharmacists                                     Physician
                P r ofessionals              2%                                          A ssistant
                      5%                                                                     1%

                                                        Nur se
                                                        P r act.
          Other                                           7%           Medical Students
                              R. N. 5%                                      19%
     P r ofessionals

                                          Residents                                            28%

                                  * Personal accounts only; generic data not available

67                                                                                Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                Use Trends for Print & Electronic Journals










                                                               2,822                     1,737
                         CY 2005 use                  CY 2006 use                 CY 2007 use

                               Electronic Journals       Current Print Journals

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                          68
                               Use of Library Materials

          Libr ary Materials Checked Out

                                          Book collections

                                           Who Checks Out Library Materials

                                                              55%                               MCW
                                                                                             Faculty, 10%

                                 Others, 5%                       MCW Staff,
                                                    CHW Staff,
                                FMLH                   1%
                                 Medical Students        MCW Faculty               MCW Staff
                                 CHW Staff               FMLH Staff
                                                         Staff                     Health Professionals

           In-House Use of Materials

                            B ook
      J ou rnals,
         73%                              Reserve,

       Journals       Book Collections      Reserve

69                                                                     Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                          Full Text Linking By Users

     140,000                                                                                  131,549

     120,000                                                                          113,284

     100,000                                                                         94,541

                           61,021                      57,994
                      57,754                      50,854
                            OVID                  PubMed            LinkSource            TOTAL

                                          FY 05/06    FY 06/07   FY 07/08

                                              LinkSource Usage
                           (Use of the “Get it” button implemented in April 2007)






          2,000         1,395                                            1,661

                                                126                235               89   52
                         Full Text              Doc Del            MCWCAT             Other

                                                2006/07       2007/08

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                 70
                                         Todd Wehr Patron Counts

                        A verage Todd Wehr Weekday Hourly Patron Counts -- FY 2007-2008



















                                         Monday                           Tuesday                  Wednesday                   Thursday                      Friday

                                 A verage Todd Wehr Weekend H ourly Patron Counts
                                                   FY 2007-2008











                                                                                     Saturday                                          Sunday

                                         T odd Wehr Gate Count by Month -- FY 2007-2008

                                                                      22,011                                               21,264
                                                                 19,516                                                            20,505 20,835
                       20,000                                                                                                  18,077

                                         8,429                                                                                                                                       9,417


                                         Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
71                                                                                                                                             Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                         Reference/Information Services Questions

                                                                                                                                         Numbers of Questions
                                               Instructional                                             Research                           Total = 14,495
                                                 Reference                                               Assistance
                                                  (tutorial                                              questions
                                                 questions)                                                  5%
                                  Instructional                                                                                  Directional
                                    Reference                                                                                     questions
                                     (strategy                                                                                       28%

                                                      Inquiry questions

         Directional questions                                                                         Inquiry questions
         Instructional Reference (strategy questions)                                                  Instructional Reference (tutorial questions)
         Research Assistance questions

                                       Librarian Mediated Database Searches *
                                   FY 04/05                                 FY 05/06                        FY 06/07                             FY 07/08

 800                                                                                                                                                  678
 700                                                                                                          588                                           627614
                                                                                                                                  496                           513
          14                      23 15
 100                                12 10                                                                                               20 32
               4 1 0                                    3 0 2 3                   5 3 2 1                                                         3
                                                                                                                Morning Report

                                                           Members of the

                                     PRONTO Service

                                                                                                                                                            Total Searches
               Students & Staff

                                                                                       Other Health
                MRMC Faculty,


Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                                                                      72
                                         Educational Programs

                      Numbers of Attendees at MCW Libraries Education Programs

                                                                                                          3,293 3,329

     3000                                                                2,748                        2,581
                                                           1,988   2,099


                       587                                                       552      548
                             155         228        226                                         200
                    8 25                33
               Hosted Seminars         Reg. Classes         Spec. Classes Orientations/Tours                Total

                            FY 04/05                  FY05/06              FY 06/07                FY 07/08

                                                 MCW Libraries Educational Programs

                           FY 04/05                   FY 05/06              FY 06/07                  FY 07/08

 200                                                              176

 100                                                  78
     50                                                                            24 20 20 20
                2    2 10 3
              Seminars hosted           Regularly             Specialized          Orientation            Total Classes
                                        scheduled              classes           sessions/tours
                                       classes held        held/demos given            held

73                                                                                     Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                                                       Attendees at MCW Education Programs by Status

                                          FY 07/08

Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                          FY 06/07

                                          FY 05/06

                                          FY 04/05

                                                     0%   10%       20%       30%         40%      50%        60%        70%     80%    90%       100%

                                                Staff     Residents/Fellows     Faculty         Students/Graduate Students     Public   Unknown

                                  InterLibrary Loan

             Methods used for delivering articles to libraries
                                        FY 06/07    FY 07/08


     3,500   3,413


     2,500                     2,267



                                                       57      106 27                    127
               ARIEL             PDF               MAIL          FAX              ODYSSEY

                                Total ILL Requests

             18,500            18,894


             17,500                              17,979


                          FY 05/06
                                               FY 06/07
                                                               FY 07/08

75                                                              Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                               ILL Borrowing for MCW Patrons

            8,800                                               8,822
            8,790                                8,807
             8,760                   8,767

                              FY 05/06
                                              FY 06/07
                                                            FY 07/08

                                    ILL Lending to Other Libraries


                                    10, 107

                                                 9, 274

                                                               8, 537

                               FY 05/06
                                              FY 06/07
                                                             FY 07/08

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                 76
                     Borrowed and loaned from resource libraries
                                                              5,242                                   5,267






                          FY 05/06                               FY 06/07                                FY 07/08

                                                     BORROWED           LOANED

                          Resource Libraries in the Greater Midwest Region of the
                                National Network of Libraries of Medicine
The Greater Midwest Region includes 31 other Resource Libraries distributed throughout the region. Resource Libraries are
selected on the basis of the quality and size of collections or uniqueness of material in their collections, which add significantly
to the resources of the region, and the special expertise they contribute to improve regional or national programs in areas such
as distance learning, advance applications of technology to solve information delivery problems, and library and information

In 2007-2008, the resource libraries that MCW Libraries had ILL exchanges are:
       1.    American Dental Association                               17.   State Library of Ohio
       2.    Case Western University                                   18.   University of Chicago Library
       3.    Des Moines University                                     19.   University of Cincinnati
       4.    Indiana University                                        20.   University of Illinois at Chicago
       5.    Loyola University                                         21.   University of Iowa
       6.    Mayo Clinic College of Medicine                           22.   University of Kentucky
       7.    Medical University of Ohio                                23.   University of Louisville
       8.    Michigan State University                                 24.   University of Michigan
       9.    Midwestern University                                     25.   University of Minnesota
       10.   Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine          26.   University of North Dakota
       11.   Northwestern University                                   27.   University of South Dakota
       12.   Ohio State University                                     28.   University of Wisconsin
       13.   Ohio University                                           29.   Wayne State University
       14.   Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Sciences     30.   Wegner Health Science Information Center
       15.   Rush University Medical Center                            31.   Wright State University
       16.   Southern Illinois University

 77                                                                                        Medical College Libraries Annual Report
                                          Budget Allocations

                                                           MCW Libraries FY 07/08 Expenses

                             Su pplies/
                             Expenses                            T ravel
                                 5%                                 1%

                                                                     Salary & Fringes

                                      J ou rnals

                                                               Sources of Support FY 07/08

                              Retained Earnings        <1 %
                                     1%                            AHW
                                                                P r ojects
      Library Generated                                             1%
                                    F r oedtert

                  Children's Hospital

                                                       MCW Corporate

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                  78
                                                    REACHING OUT TO WISCONSIN

                                                                                   Service Sites shown on
                                                                                        are cities with
                                                                                   Interlibrary Loan, MIN,
                                                                                    Pronto clients and /or
                                                                                    outreach grant projects
                                                                                    (119 total service sites)

APPLETON        Appleton Public Library ILL             GREEN BAY    Bellin Memorial Hospital
                Menn Law Firm
                St. Elizabeth Hospital                  JACKSON      Brewer Public Library
BROOKFIELD      Brookfield Public Library               JANESVILLE   Mercy Health Systems
                Cannon & Dunphy, SC
                Milliman & Robertson, SC                KENOSHA      Carthage College
                Rose & DeJong                                        Gateway Technical College
                Sizemore and Associates                              United Health System Kenosha Medical Ctr.
                Stilp and Cotton                        LACROSSE     Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
BROWNSVILLE Brownsville Public Library
                                                        MADISON      Meriter Hospital Park
CUDAHY          Kelly Senior Center *                                St.Mary's Hospital Medical Center
EAU CLAIRE      Luther Hospital
                                                                     UW-Madison WTS Wendt Library
                Sacred Heart Hospital
                                                                     Wm.S.Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital
                UW-Eau Claire
                                                        MANITOWOC    Holy Family Memorial Medical
FOND DU LAC     Marian College of Fond du Lac                        UW-Manitowoc
                St. Agnes Hospital                                   Jackson Correctional Institute
FT. ATKINSON Ft.Atkinson Memorial Health Services       MARSHFIELD   Marshfield Clinic
                                                                     St. Josephs Hospital
FOX LAKE        Fox Lake Correctional Institution
                                                        MENOMINEE    UW-Stout

 79                                                                       Medical College Libraries Annual Report
MENOMONEE FALLS         Community Memorial Hospital *                       MONROE                          Monroe Clinic
                        Good Shepard Church *
                                                                            NEW LISBON                      Manitowoc Public Library
MEQUON                  Concordia University Ricnker Library
                                                                            PLATTEVILLE                     Mead Public Library
MILWAUKEE               Aiken & Scoptur, SC
                        Alverno College Library                             RACINE                          All Saints Healthcare
                        Andrus, Sceales, Stark and Sawall, LLP                                              Fortune & McGillis, S.C.
                        Ascension Lutheran Church *
                        Assurant Health                                     RICHLAND CENTER                 Mid State Technical College
                        Aurora Healthcare Libraries
                        Blood Center of SE Wisconsin                        SHEBOYGAN                       New Lisbon Correctional
                        Borgelt Powell Peterson & Frauen, SC                                                    Institute
                        Capital Drive Church*                                                               Sheboygan Memorial
                        Cardinal Stritch University                                                             Medical Ctr.
                        Cherry Court Apartments *
                        Columbia Hospital                                   STEVENS POINT                   St. Michael's Hospital
                        Cook & Franke
                        Crivello Carlson Mentkowski & Steeves               STURTEVANT                      Platteville Public Library
                        Cross Lutheran Church*
                        Dept.of Veterans Affairs Medical Center             TOMAH                           Department of Veteran
                        Ebenezer Church of God in Christ *                                                       Affairs
                        End Hierseman and Crain
                        Foley & Lardner                                     WAUKESHA                        GE Healthcare Technologies
                        Gutglass Erickson & Bonville                                                        GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
                        Habush Habush & Rottier, SC                                                         Waukesha Memorial Hospital
                        Hinshaw & Culbertson                                                                Winter Refresher*
                        Kasdorf Lewis & Swietlik, SC
                        Kmiec Law Offices                                   WAUSAU                          Aspirus Wausau Hospital
                        Lapham Park Wellness Center *
                        Laufenberg & Hoefl, S.C.                            WAUWATOSA                       Angela Dentice, LLC
                        Leib & Katt, SC
                        Marquette University                                WEST ALLIS                      West Allis Memorial Hospital
                        Marquette University Law Library                                                    West Allis Senior Center *
                        Milwaukee School of Engineering
                        Mitchell Court Apartments *                         WISCONSIN DELLS                 WSNA exhibit for WHSLA-SC)*
                        Murphy & Prachthauser
                        Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.                   WINNEBAGO                       Racine Correctional Institute
                        O.A.S.I.S. Senior Center *                                                          Winnebago Mental Health
                        O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, Dejong, S. C.                                                  Institute
                        Old St. Mary Church*
                        Otjen Law Firm                                      WISCONSIN RAPIDS                Winnebago Mental Health
                        Peterson Johnson & Murray, SC                                                            Institute
                        Previant Goldbert Uelmen Gratz Miller
                             Brueggeman                                             * denoted an outreach project location
                        Prince of Peace Church*
                        Quarles and Brady
                        Samster and Konkel
                        St. Adalbert Church *                                          AND BEYOND WISCONSIN**:
                        St. Casmir Church *
                        St. Joseph's Hospital                     Alabama (2), Arizona (4), California (28), Colorado (6), Connecticut (1),
                        St. Luke's Medical Center                 the District of Columbia (2), Delaware, (1), Florida (10), Georgia (5),
                        St. Mary's Hospital                       Iowa (6), Idaho (1), Illinois (34), Indiana (7), Kansas (1), Kentucky (8),
                        St. Michael Church*                       Louisiana (1), Maine (1), Maryland (4), Massachusetts (7), Michigan
                        Turner & Flessas, S.C.                    (23), Minnesota (14), Mississippi (2), Missouri (7), Montana (1),
                        UW-Milwaukee                              Nebraska (1), Nevada (2), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (3), New
                        VonBriesen Purtell & Roper, SC            Mexico (2), New York (19), North Carolina (3), North Dakota (2), Ohio
                        Warshafsky Rotter Tarnoff Gesler          (29), Oklahoma (4), Oregon (1), Pennsylvania (7), South Carolina (2),
                            Reinhardt & Bloch                     South Dakota (3), Tennessee (2), Texas (5), Utah (1), Vermont (1),
                        Washington Park Senior Center*            Virginia (3), Washington (3), West Virginia (1), and Wyoming (1),
                        Wilson Park Senior Center*                Canada (6), Puerto Rico (1), United Kingdom (1)
                        Zablocki Library*
                                                                       ** the number in parenthesis denotes the number of libraries we served

Medical College Libraries Annual Report                                                                                                         80
          Medical College of Wisconsin
          8701 Watertown Plank Road
             Milwaukee, WI 53226

       Telephone: 414.456.8300—Circulation Desk
 Telephone: 414.456.8323—Library Administration Office

Private, independent school for the health sciences
              on the campus of the
      Milwaukee Regional Medical Center