Retting Yards in the Southern Coastal Area

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					Pollution Hazards on the People and Ecosystem of the Selected Coir
             Retting Yards in the Southern Coastal Area

   1. To study the impact of coir retting on the socio- economic and health status of target
   2. To study the seasonal water quality changes of coir retting
   3. To determine the causes for groundwater pollution by coir retting yards
   4. To study the pollution caused by coir retting on the ecology of mangrove
   5. To study the effect of coir retting yards on the fish diversity of the surrounding water


       In order to achieve there objectives the following studies will be conducted

Study 1: Pilot survey will be conducted to investigate socio economic and Health status of
the effected area peoples using questionnaire (annexure).
       This study will be conducted southern costal region from Nilwella area to Boossa area.
Preliminary visit will be made to select suitable problematic sites. Socio economic data will be
collected from problematic area’s people through the questionnaire. To find out heath status of
relevant areas will be collected from the government dispensary and private doctors of the close
places of selected sites
       Collected data will be analyzed to determined income level and social station of target
groups by using Statistical Package for Social Economic data analysis method (SPSS) and
Widows excel software package.

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Description: economic and health status of target group