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					// BiAnnuAl rePort // Winter 2009

 consulting + engineering + tecHnologY + construction
// cHAirmAn’s messAge

                                               As i reflect on 2008, our firm’s 80tH YeAr, and my retirement
                                               as chairman of SH Group, I recognize that the basis for much of our
                                               success has been the strength of our firm’s brand, which represents
                                               deep technical knowledge and a focus on undertaking the most
                                               complex projects. As a result, we have a global reputation that attracts
                                               the best employees and the best clients.

                                               Our stellar reputation is also based on our long-standing commitment
                                               to serving our clients, and that is a commitment that will never waver.
                        JoHn V. mAgliAno, Pe   In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, providing great
                                               support is especially critical. First and foremost, our flexibility and
                                               agility allows us to react quickly to meet the evolving needs of our
                                               clients, and our technical leadership elevates our level of support by
                                               enabling us to anticipate our clients’ needs.

                                               Clearly, we are not complacent. Last April at our annual meeting,
                                               I announced that Gary Brennen and Cyrus Izzo – capable, long-time
                                               Syska Hennessy leaders – had been chosen by the board as Co-Chief
                                               Executive Officers. They have successfully embraced these roles and will
                                               lead the firm in the future, assisted by a strong senior management team.

                                               With our new leadership and management teams, Syska is aggressively
                                               reaching for the future – offering clients both the strength of the firm’s
                                               legacy and the promise of new ideas.

                                               As the Syska Hennessy Group of companies enters an exciting new era,
                                                                                                                                         consult + engineer + construct

                                                                                                                            // mission
                                               rest assured that the pursuit of excellence, the success of our clients
                                                                                                                                         integrating the best minds and technology to create
                                               and the well-being of our team will remain the primary objectives of
                                                                                                                                         high-performance solutions for the built environment
                                               Syska Hennessy’s executive management.
executiVe officers
from tHe co-cHief
// A messAge

                                                               2008 WAs our firm’s Best YeAr eVer. Record demand for our                 As we move forward and set new directions for the firm, we also
                                                               engineering and construction solutions – from the design of building      honor and build on our firm’s legacy and commitment to excellence.
                                                               systems to the development and implementation of innovative               With that in mind, we want to recognize and honor John Magliano,
                                                               processes and high-performance building technologies – drove              Syska’s retiring chairman, for his many contributions over his 38
                                                               Syska Hennessy Group’s steady growth. Significant highlights also         years with the firm. His leadership has been a reflection of deeply
                                                               include the opening of an office in Shanghai; expanded opportunities      held core values that will continue to guide us as we move even
                                                               around the globe, including Dubai, India and South Korea; and a           faster into an exciting future filled with creativity, innovation,
                                                               continued focus on our national healthcare practice.                      growth and prospects.

                     gArY A. Brennen, Pe   cYrus J. izzo, Pe   Our first year as Co-CEOs was an exciting time for us. Ours is a unique   This is a time of change for the built environment industry.
                                                               management structure, one that benefits both Syska Hennessy and our       Though today’s global economy presents challenges, we are
                                                               clients. The two of us, along with our senior management team, are        enthusiastic about the many opportunities it also presents. True
                                                               building a high-energy environment with unprecedented collaboration       to our company’s vision for the future, we will continue to create
                                                               between our team members and our clients. Because we work closely         exceptional environments for our clients, our team members
                                                               together, we are able to focus on our primary goals: to accelerate the    and our communities.
                                                               firm’s strategic plan, aggressively pursue international expansion and
                                                               continue to foster our valued client relationships.

                                                               We are committed to accelerating the adoption of technology, which
                                                               is critical to helping our clients solve their most complex problems,
                                                               including the global concern for environmental stewardship, escalating
                                                               energy costs and resource scarcity. It is with these cutting-edge new
                                                               tools that our team members will actually be able to predict outcomes –
                                                               and thus assure success.

                                                                                                                                                      creAting excePtionAl

                                                                                                                                          // Vision
                                                                                                                                                      built environments – people environments –
                                                                                                                                                      our global environment
// HeAltH sciences /


                                                                                                                                       // DePArtment of VeterAns AffAirs /
                                                                                                                                       neW meDicAl center
                                                                                                                                       las Vegas, nevada

                                                           // uniVersitY meDicAl center at                                         tHere Are PlentY of tHings to gAmBle on in Las Vegas.
   \\our team calculated the                               Princeton rePlAcement HosPitAl                                          The first new medical facility in 20 years for the Department of
                                                           and centrAl utilitY PlAnt                                               Veterans Affairs (DVA) wasn’t one of them. That’s why Syska Hennessy
     solar effects of each option                                                                                                  was awarded the $364.9 million contract to design the medical campus
                                                           Plainsboro, new Jersey
     for high-performance glass,                                                                                                   and expandable central plant.

     angled shading, fritted glass                       uniVersitY meDicAl center At Princeton, a pre-eminent                     Working closely with the DVA, the architect and the project team, Syska
     applications and the                                teaching hospital in Central Jersey, has been serving residents of the    developed the master plan of the 210-bed campus to incorporate 100
                                                         region since 1919. To accommodate new technology, staff and patient       percent emergency power systems in the event of a natural disaster.
     climate wall.//                                     needs, Syska Hennessy Group was engaged to provide consulting             If necessary, the infrastructure has the capacity to operate for up to four
                                                         services for this replacement hospital.                                   days as a stand-alone facility with storm water and sanitary holdings.
                                                                                                                                   A chilled water system was also designed for variable primary flow with
                                                         Syska’s Engineering Team completed a due diligence report of the          the chiller capacity of 4,100 tons, and an underground utility tunnel will
                                                         existing central plant, and provided consulting services focused on       distribute the chilled water to the facility.
                                                         energy simulation and daylighting studies. Part of this effort involved
                                                         several studies for the exterior climate wall on the building’s south     Syska’s Vertical Transportation Team performed analysis and
             //                                          facade. Our team calculated the solar effects of each option for          developed recommendations for all elevators in the new facility.
               1 University Medical Center at            high-performance glass, angled shading, fritted glass applications        With a storage warehouse attached to the facility, it was necessary
               Princeton Replacement Hospital and        and the climate wall.                                                     to coordinate the integration of materials handling with the
               Central Utility Plant
                                                                                                                                   elevator systems.
               ARCHITECTS: Hellmuth, Obata and
               Kassabaum and RMJM Hillier                Slated to open in 2011, the state-of-the art facility will be a dynamic
               COnTRACTOR: Turner Construction           center of medicine and technology, comfort and compassion, disease        The project also involved environmentally friendly “sustainable
                                                         prevention and education. The entire facility will be constructed         design” elements in its planning, including innovative lighting designs.
               2 Department of Veterans Affairs /
               new Medical Center                        using the latest in sustainable construction techniques, and digital      In addition to enhancing the project’s exterior architectural features,
               ARCHITECT: RTKL                           technology will transform the entire hospital experience from             the firm’s Architectural Lighting Design Team developed a combination
               COnTRACTOR: Clark Hunt Construction                                                                                 of lighting schemes to provide the most efficient daytime and nighttime
                                                         admissions to discharge.
                                                                                                                                   illumination appropriate for each interior section of the hospital.

                                                                                                                                   Syska delivered the project design on an accelerated schedule.
                                                                                                                                   By doing so, the project will be brought in $40 million under budget.
// fAcilities mAnAgement /

                                                                                                           // criticAl fAcilities


                                                                                                                                                                                       // orAcle usA, inc. /
                                                                                                                                                                                       greenfielD DAtA center
                                                                                                                                                                                       salt lake city, utah

                                                                                                      // confiDentiAl client / DAtA center                                         focuseD on Business-to-Business softWAre and
                                                                                                                                                                                   services to help maintain business operability, Oracle USA engaged
                                                                                                      confidential location
                                                                                                3                                                                                  Syska Hennessy Group to assist in the planning, programming, site
                                                                                                                                                                                   selection, design, and construction of a new data center located
                             // floriDA tecH / HArris VillAge suites                                to AccommoDAte tHe neeD for groWtH, Syska’s Critical                           near Salt Lake City.
                                                                                                    Facilities Team was contracted to design a 320,000 square-foot facility with
                             melbourne, florida                                                     100,000 square feet of raised floor.                                           To limit the initial capital expenditure and meet future business and
                                                                                                                                                                                   IT needs, the project is designed for both scalability and flexibility.
                      in lAte 2006, Florida Tech retained Syska Hennessy Group to upgrade           The design team transformed an existing warehouse space into a Tier            The center is planned to support 300 watts per square foot of critical
                      their campus including residence halls, a new food service facility, an       3+ data center facility utilizing multiple extensions and reutilizing as       IT load, using overhead air distribution to cool the high-density raised
                      nCAA standard competition swim facility, a life science center and a new      much of the building’s shell as possible. There were challenges in             floor environment. The center has also been designed to leverage
                      parking structure. Florida Tech also required innovative financing concepts   analyzing each individual building system without strictly adhering            cool outside air along with other sustainable engineering practices to
                      to reduce the financial burden while increasing the school’s global appeal.   to a specific industry standard tier requirement. Syska worked closely         achieve an annual 1.3 PUE – an extremely energy-efficient operating
                                                                                                    with the client’s operations staff to creatively keep costs down without       environment. The project will be using LEED® nC guidelines for
                      After working with the school to attract qualified developers, Syska          sacrificing the overall reliability of the site.                               implementing sustainable features in design and construction.
                      evaluated the submitted proposals and negotiated the design and
                      construction of the facilities. Design for the residence halls commenced in   In addition to designing the MEP infrastructure, Syska provided                Future shell expansion is planned to support two additional computer
                      early 2007 and groundbreaking occurred in July of 2007. Syska Engineering     security and technology design services. Multiple options were                 room modules and associated MEP infrastructure space for a total of
                      peer-reviewed the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design, and Syska       evaluated and studies were produced, including: cogeneration plant             four modules at ultimate build-out of over 350,000 gross square feet.
                      Construction oversaw the entire construction process, including onsite        analysis; PhotoVoltaic analysis; an analysis of built-up air handling
                                                                                                    units versus CRAC units; chiller plant life-cycle cost analysis; short
                      administration, quality control, conformance to design, selection of final
                      finishes, requests for information and final facility programming. Syska’s    circuit ARC flash analysis; and extensive CFD modeling.
                                                                                                                                                                                       3 Florida Tech / Harris Village Suites
                      Facilities Management and Commissioning Team commissioned the chiller                                                                                            ARCHITECT: HADP Architecture
                      plant, standby power plant and all building systems. The residence halls      Sound consultants were hired to meet strict township criteria at                   COnTRACTOR: MH Williams Construction Group
                      were completed in exactly one year, under budget and ahead of schedule.       adjacent property lines. In addition, Syska had a full-time staff
                                                                                                                                                                                       4 Confidential Client / Data Center
                                                                                                    member on this project during construction who worked with                         ARCHITECT: Gensler
                      Construction is commencing on the food service facility, swim facility,       sub-contractors to coordinate building services utilizing a 3D BIM                 COnTRACTOR: Skanska
                      science center and parking structure. Syska expects to fill a similar,        model of the facility.
                                                                                                                                                                                       5 Oracle USA, Inc. / Greenfield Data Center
                      high-level consulting role on the remainder of the project.                                                                                                      ARCHITECT: Gensler
                                                                                                                                                                                       COnTRACTOR: Holder Construction
// construction


                                                                                                                                                          // sYskA’s feDerAl construction
                                                                                                                                                          ProgrAms uPDAte

                                                                               // Verizon Wireless /                                                  As tHe goVernment’s 2008 Fiscal Year End came to a close,
                                                                               greenfielD DAtA center                                                 Syska was awarded more than $76 million in new projects.
                                                                               confidential location
                                                                                                                                                      In June of 2008, Syska was awarded a new five-year, $388 million
                                                                                                                                                      contract as prime contractor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’
                                                                             millions of customers depend on “the network.” But when                  (USACE) Huntsville Engineering and Support Center for a
                                                                             Verizon Wireless needed to design and build a 70,000-square-foot         nationwide Medical Repair and Renewal (MRR) program.
                                                                             high-density data center with two telecommunication switches,
                                                                             they called Syska Hennessy.                                              In August of 2008, Syska was awarded a third consecutive contract
                   7                                                                                                                                  as a prime contractor with USACE’s Mobile District for the repair
                                                                             At 90 percent design, Syska provided a GMP and ordered long lead         and renewal of U.S. Army medical facilities throughout the United
                                                                             equipment and structural steel, dramatically shortening the total        States and territories – a five-year, $250 million program contract.
                  //                                                         construction duration of the project. As soon as the metal deck was
                  6 + 7 Verizon Wireless / Greenfield Data Center            set on the truss system, Syska installed every conduit – from the        Under a previously existing five-year, $100 million program contract
                  ARCHITECT/EnGInEER: O’Brien & Gere                         transformers through the main switchgear out to the 400-ampere
                  COnTRACTOR: Syska Hennessy Group Construction                                                                                       for the U.S. navy’s Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC)
                                                                             rectifier panels – below the slab, which greatly accelerated             for new Construction and Renovation of Various Dry Utilities,
                  8 The Lyster Army Health Clinic in Fort Rucker, Alabama,   installation and reduced electrical labor costs by at least 7 percent.   Syska won nine new task orders totaling $27 million.
                  one of the many repair and renewal projects awarded to     The mechanical system included the 100 percent overhead
                  Syska Hennessy in 2008
                                                                             distribution of air into cold aisles using large customer AHUs, with     Another previously awarded program contract with USACE
                                                                             100 percent outside air capabilities combined with a 100 percent         Honolulu’s Design-Bid-Build Construction Services and Design-
                                                                             smoke purge system.                                                      Build Construction Services provided multiple opportunities for
                                                                                                                                                      proposals to the USACE for work in Hawaii. Syska was awarded
                                                                             By using 3D modeling to actively coordinate the mechanical,              three projects under a five-year, $25 million contract as a 50 percent
                                                                             electrical and auxiliary iron systems, Syska further reduced the         partner in a joint venture.
                                                                             client’s expected project schedule by 30 percent. The entire
                                                                             project went from groundbreaking to start of telecommunication
                                                                             equipment in just over eight months.
// consulting &

                        // tHe PentAgon memoriAl /
                        PArk Design
                        Arlington, Virginia

                      sYskA HennessY’s relAtionsHiP WitH tHe PentAgon
                      dates back to a comprehensive, decade-long renovation program, the
                      success of which led Syska to be trusted with the reconstruction of the
                      Pentagon after the events of September 11, 2001. This year, the firm was
                      called upon to design the Pentagon Memorial Park project, a permanent
                      memorial from family and friends to the 184 people who lost their lives
                      during the September 11 attack.

                      Selected from a national competition, the final design called for
                      184 Memorial Units (MUs). Each unit consists of a cantilevered bench
                      with a lighted reflecting pool directly beneath the seating area.
                      Syska engineers coordinated with the landscape architect and MU
                      designers to ensure that the water supply and return system, as
                      well as the power supply, would support each unit. An underground
                      Operations Control Center was decided upon to house these services.

                      The design also called for the park to be void of utilities, both above
                      and below ground, requiring the relocation of all present utilities.
                      Syska worked with the Pentagon Facilities Group (PenRen) to ensure
                      that the changeover would not adversely affect normal operations
                      within the Pentagon itself. Additionally, PenRen required that all
                      designs and modifications be 3D modeled in Micro Station.

                      Using a design/build process to accelerate construction,
                      Syska Hennessy made sure that the memorial opened as planned
                      on September 11, 2008.

                           9 Pentagon Memorial / Park Design
                           ARCHITECT: Lee and Associates
                           COnTRACTOR: Balfour Beatty Construction


  // cooPer union for the ADVAncement
  of science and Art /
  neW AcADemic and science lAB BuilDing
  new York, new York

tHis criticAl ProJect is the linchpin in Cooper Union’s overall
strategic plan to position its academic programs for the future, to
renew its urban campus, to revitalize the community centered on
Cooper Square and to establish a sustainable financial infrastructure
for the institution. The design of the building must respect the budget
both in the vision for the building and in the details that have long-
term life cycle cost implications.

To the greatest extent practical, the mechanical, structural,
telecommunications and environmental technologies will be
accessible for study by the building users, thanks to a flexible design
from Syska Hennessy Group’s MEP infrastructure. The firm’s familiarity
with the new York building arena and expertise in LEED® buildings
will provide insight into many of the building’s systems. As the local
engineer, Syska is providing expertise/code advisement as well as
peer review, completed construction documents and construction                  11
administration services. The firm’s Technology Team also designed
the communications cabling infrastructure to support voice, data and
the security network, which features electronic access control and
                                                                                     10 + 11 Cooper Union / new Academic and
IP-based CCTV surveillance.
                                                                                     Science Lab Building
                                                                                     ARCHITECT: Morphosis Architects
The new academic building will include high standards of sustainability,             COnTRACTOR: F.J. Sciame Construction
durability and flexibility to optimize its value to the college over time. It
will be the first “green” academic laboratory building in new York City,
built to LEED® Gold standards.

  // Detroit metroPolitAn
  WAYne countY AirPort (DtW) /
  nortH terminAl reDeVeloPment                                                                                                                       13

  romulus, michigan
                                                                             // los Angeles cliPPers /
                                                                             AtHletic trAining fAcilitY
tHe nortH terminAl reDeVeloPment project evolved from                        Playa Vista, california
a need to replace DTW’s aging Smith and Berry terminals with a new
facility located on the site of the leveled Davey Terminal. The 26-gate,
850,000-square-foot north Terminal establishes new benchmarks              tHe los Angeles cliPPers commissioned Syska Hennessy Group
for today’s value-conscious facilities by offering a higher level of       to design the first athletic training facility in the club’s 37-year history.
passenger convenience and efficiency.                                      In collaboration with the architect, Syska is providing building systems
                                                                           design, technology and architectural lighting design services for the           14

Beneath the site, there is an existing underground utility tunnel that     facility. The design will allow the Clippers to utilize the facility for a
serves both the Smith Terminal at the south end of the airport and         multitude of different needs.                                                        //
the Berry Terminal at the north. This tunnel will remain operational                                                                                            12 Detroit Airport / north Terminal
throughout construction, and its utility distribution system will be       Within the two-story structure are two full basketball courts, full locker           Redevelopment
                                                                           room facilities, offices for the operations team, and a 2,600-square-                ARCHITECT: Gensler
utilized for the north Terminal. While this is an efficient use of the
                                                                                                                                                                COnTRACTOR: Walbridge/Barton
existing infrastructure, tunnel ceiling elevation variances require the    foot performance and strength training area featuring state-of-the-                  Malow Company
relocation of some of the utility distribution system within the tunnel    art cardiovascular and weight training equipment. For the training
to maintain the floor elevations throughout the new terminal.              area, Syska implemented new technology that allows the Clippers to
                                                                                                                                                                13 + 14 Los Angeles Clippers /
                                                                           monitor player progress as they train. This is achieved with equipment               Athletic Training Facility
Design considerations were made for baggage and security systems,          that measures heart rates along with the treadmill slope and pace,                   ARCHITECT: Rossetti
                                                                           which transmits directly into the Clippers’ computer network. With                   COnTRACTOR: Turner Construction
roadways to tie-in to the new facility, hydrant fueling operations and
expandability to allow for six future gates and required service for       standard wireless coverage throughout the facility, the staff will be
air carriers. The new terminal also enabled Syska to apply MEP, fire       able to see the results while communicating directly with the players
protection and building management systems solutions specifically          as they work out.
designed to meet the industry’s evolving needs in the post-9/11
environment.                                                               This coverage enhances connectivity and provides the benefits of a
                                                                           modern nBA arena.

     15 + 16 Phoenix Convention Center
     COnTRACTOR: Hunt Construction Group

     17 Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel
     ARCHITECT: Arquitectonica
     COnTRACTOR: Perini Building Company
                                                                                                                                                         \\After the expansion is
                                                                                                                                                           completed in December 2008,
                                                                                                                                                           the new 2.5 million-square-
                                                                                                                                                           foot facility will become one
                                                                                                                                                           of the top 20 convention
                                                                                                                                                           venues in north America...//

  // PHoenix conVention center
  Phoenix, Arizona                                                                                                                                  17

sYskA HennessY grouP was selected to provide full MEP                           // sHerAton PHoenix DoWntoWn Hotel
engineering services and interior/exterior architectural lighting               Phoenix, Arizona
services to expand and improve the existing 580,000-square-foot
Phoenix Convention Center. The expansion is a cooperative effort
                                                                              tHe sHerAton PHoenix DoWntoWn Hotel is the first
between the city of Phoenix and the state of Arizona to meet the
                                                                              new high-rise hotel to be built in downtown Phoenix since 1976.
growing demands of national conventions that would not otherwise
                                                                              Syska Hennessy was selected as the building systems engineer for
be able to add Phoenix to their Southwest rotations.
                                                                              the new $160 million hotel, which is considered vital to the growth
                                                                              of downtown Phoenix.
Together with HOK Venue Architects and Hunt Construction, Syska’s
goal was to design a cost-efficient, highly competitive facility capable of
                                                                              The 31-story high-rise hotel boasts 1,000 rooms, including multiple
maximizing revenue opportunities for the owner and helping to create
                                                                              suites, a 9,000-square-foot fitness center and spa, a 2,000-square-
economic growth within the state of Arizona. After the expansion is
                                                                              foot outdoor pool and sundeck, and an 80,000-square-foot state-
completed in December 2008, the new 2.5 million-square-foot facility
                                                                              of-the-art meeting space with a 29,000-square-foot ballroom and
will become one of the top 20 convention venues in north America,
                                                                              a 15,000-square-foot junior ballroom with associated pre-function
offering nearly 900,000 square feet of rentable space.
                                                                              areas. In addition, there are 16 meeting rooms, two boardrooms, two
                                                                              restaurants, a café and a terrace for outdoor events.
The new lighting design remains consistent with the facility’s existing
system while utilizing the most current technology. Adding to its appeal,
                                                                              The 1.1 million-square-foot hotel is publicly funded by the city of
the Phoenix Convention Center’s Grand Canyon-inspired environs
                                                                              Phoenix, and is operated by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
will include $3.2 million worth of public art and ecologically friendly
                                                                              under its Sheraton flagship. Opened on October 1, 2008, the hotel
features like solar panels and gardens nourished with water harvested
                                                                              is located approximately two blocks from the newly expanded
from the air-conditioning systems’ waste condensate.
                                                                              convention center.
// PlAces AnD fAces



                        // gloBAl strAtegies

                      sYskA’s gloBAl reAcH HAs exPAnDeD with the opening of                   The Chennai International Airport in Chennai, India, also features
                      the new Syska Hennessy Group China, Inc. office in Shanghai, People’s   Syska’s high-performance strategies such as rainwater collection into
                      Republic of China. Ing Lim, Syska’s Managing Director, has crafted      sculptural pools with distribution in landscape irrigation during the
                      partnerships and strategic alliances with numerous national and         dry season. Another strategy tops new parking structures with green
                      international design firms located in Shanghai, and he will continue    roofs, which also capture and reuse rain water. Ultimately, these and
                      to grow the firm’s presence in this critical market.                    similar creative design features will allow India’s Airport Authority to
                                                                                              boast the most sustainable airport in the country.
                      Under the leadership of Hie Jae Kim, PE, Senior Vice President and
                      Director of Korean Projects, Syska is working on several mixed-use      In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the location of several ongoing
                      tall tower projects in Busan, Incheon, and Seoul, South Korea.          tall tower projects, including a 110-story mixed-use tower project and
                      Standing over 150 stories in height, these iconic buildings have        an 80-story two-tower residential project, both seeking LEED® Gold
                      ambitious energy efficiency and sustainability goals, which are         certification. These confidential projects feature an early-integrated
                      accomplished through high-performance strategies such as on-site        design process, which positioned Syska’s team to succeed in achieving
                      power generation, energy recovery systems, greywater systems            ambitious environmental performance requirements. Exhaustive
                      designed to reduce the consumption of potable water for non-            high-performance modeling studies have been an important part of
                      potable needs, radiant floor heating and many other features.           that strategy’s success.

                      18 ing lim                         19 Hie JAe kim, Pe
                      Director, Shanghai Operations      Senior Vice President and
                                                         Director of Korean Projects
20                                   21

     20 + 21 Computer-generated
     architectural renderings of
     mixed-use tall tower projects
     in South Korea

22 Syska Hennessy opened an           23 The Chennai International
office in Shanghai to service         Airport in India boasts creative
a growing project base and            design features that will make it
international clients in the region   the most sustainable airport in
                                      the country

// our PeoPle


                  // sYskA teAm memBers mentor Ace
                  ProfessionAls of the future

                sYskA is VerY ProuD of our longstanding involvement with the
                ACE Mentor Program of America, a not-for-profit organization designed
                to prepare high school students for rewarding careers in the fields of
                architecture, engineering and construction.

                Volunteers throughout Syska serve as mentors in the ACE program,
                working directly with students to introduce them to a broad range
                of people and projects in our industry. Through the years, working
                sessions have taken place in many Syska offices with teams of
                approximately 15-25 students set up to emulate actual design teams.           //
                The students participate in mock design projects with guidance from      26   24 Scott Tunnell mentors a team
                                                                                              of students from Kearny High
                their mentors every step of the way.                                          School’s Construction Tech
                                                                                              Academy, who chose to design a
                The ACE Mentor Program has a presence in more than 80 cities in               new airport for San Diego County
                America – from new York to Los Angeles, Seattle to Miami, Chicago             25 Pat Halm from the Cambridge
                to Dallas, even Honolulu. The program continues to grow thanks to             office discusses HVAC systems
                the dedication of ACE’s mentors and staff, and the support of local           design with Boston area high
                                                                                              school students
                schools. More than 30,000 students, many who are economically
                challenged, have enjoyed the opportunity to explore the building              26 John Magliano, former CEO of
                design and construction industries with professionals happy to share          Syska Hennessy Group Inc. and
                                                                                              one of the founding fathers of the
                their knowledge, insights and encouragement.                                  ACE Mentor Program of America

                                                                                              27 Kearny High School students
                                                                                              at their ACE banquet
ATLAnTA         DALLAS         KAnSAS CITY    RICHMOnD        SHAnGHAI
678.401.0200    972.470.0704   816.448.3124   804.553.7011    8621.5116.0527

617.577.9900    808.837.2956   310.312.0200   858.244.0360    703.383.9383

980.387.8554    713.963.0772   212.921.2300   415.288.9060    608.826.9400

312.588.3560    904.987.2082   609.378.0235   206.264.1001