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					   Earthquake [is] vibrant event [it] earth effect of its release [of] energi in earth sudden marked broken
it[him] rock coat [at] crust. Accumulate cause energi the happening of earthquake yielded from
movement of plates of tektonik. yielded to be Energi to be transmitted to all direction in the form of
waving earthquake so that its effect can be felt to surface of earth

  1. Factor cause of earthquake ;

 a. Process tektonik effect of movement of husk / ground plate

 b. Fault activity on the surface of earth

 c. Movement of geomorfologi locally, the example happened land;ground avalanche

 d. Mount Ativitas have fire

 e. Nuclear explosion

   2. Kinds of earthquake

 a. According to because the happening of

1) Earthquake of tektonik

 earthquake of Tektonik because of motion of tektonik representing effect [of] motion of orogenetik.
earthquake of Tektonik happened because hard crust coat become to soften and finally make a move.
Theory of " Tektonik Plate" please explain that earth consist of some rock coat most area of that crust
coat will drift and float [in] coat like snow. The coat make a move slow so that break and collide head-on
one another. This matter cause the happening of earthquake of tektonik

2) earthquake of Vulkanik

 Earthquake of Vulkanik that is earthquake that happened before or at the (time) of mount have fire
[to] erupt. If volcano will erupt, hence arising gas pressure from within.

This pressure cause the happening of vibration which we mention earthquake

3) Avalanche earthquake
 Earthquake Avalanche earn happened because [be] killed it[him] or collapse land;ground him [in] mine
area which [is] tunnel;cutting brbentuk or mountain of chalk. In general [in] mountain of chalk there are
cave which because of eroding. If the hole or cave collapse, hence arising earthquake

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