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									     I am Lucky Enough to Own This Property

As I already own a property and buying another one was just for
investment purpose, I waited patiently to buy a good one with the amount
I own. I had also appointed Vendor Finance for this purpose.

They used to first understand our choice and then begin their search.
They have showed me nearly 05 to 10 houses within a fortnight of
appointing them. All of them were good and matched my expectation, but
the one they showed in the end was much better than my expectation and
I was very desirous to own it, but the problem was the rate. I was short of
it and so decided to give up. When I informed them of the reason to let go
such a good place, they agreed to support me.

They paid the remaining amount and I signed an installment agreement
with them. They also appointed renters for me, as the property was
bought for this purpose only.

All the installments have been paid and it is five years since the property
has been bought by me, but till date I have not faced any problem with it
and with this Vendor Finance, I used to get renters on regular basis also.

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