Eight Ways to Improve Your Home's Water Efficiency

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					Eight Ways to
Improve Your
Home's Water
  Every day, gallons of water are
 wasted in millions of homes for
reasons most people are not even
   aware of. Over time, this can
    become a serious problem.
  Water demand may be growing
  higher, but water droughts occur
across the country every single year.
  One way everyone can help is by
 increasing the water efficiency in
          their own homes.
Below are some great water
 conservation ideas every
   homeowner can use.
1. Upgrade Your Toilets
  Old toilets simply waste a lot of
water. Newer models, thankfully, are
    much more efficient. Simply
 replacing old toilets is one way to
greatly increase the water efficiency
             of a home.
2. Use a Nozzle for Your
When you wash your car, make sure
 you install a nozzle onto the hose
  first. Using a spray nozzle with a
 hose can actually save up to 100
  gallons of water while you clean
               your car.
3. Look for Leaks
If you pay attention, you may notice
 leaks in places you were not aware
  of. Check for drippy faucets. Also,
  listen to the sound of your toilets
 while they run. Fix any leaks as you
               find them.
Repairing common household leaks
     can improve your water
 conservation by as much as 300
         gallons monthly.
4. Pay Attention to Your
       Water Bill
Make sure to pay close attention to
your water bill. If it seems especially
high, this is a red flag that there are
    probably decent sized leaks
 somewhere in your home that you
          are not aware of.
 5. Switch to Appliances
that Are Cooled with Air
       Many appliances such as
  refrigerators, ice machines and air
   conditioners use the flow of cool
 water to operate. However, many of
    these designs have been made
    obsolete by the introduction of
   appliances that use cool air flows
instead. Consider upgrading to these
         to stop wasting water.
6. Watch When You
 Water Your Lawn
You should make sure to only run
 sprinklers at night or early in the
morning. At these hours, the water
     is less likely to evaporate.
 This can result in a healthier lawn
and less overall water consumption
since you won’t need to water it as
7. Choose Water Toys
 that Only Use Some
   Water toys that need a constant
flow of water such as slip and slides,
   sprinklers and the like can waste
  hundreds of gallons of water in an
Instead, choose water toys that only
use a set amount of water at a time.
  Water guns and kiddy pools are
          excellent choices.
8. Check Your Pool for
 Also make sure to check your pool
for leaks. If the water level seems to
 drop abnormally or your automatic
filler machine is doing a lot of work,
   there could be a substantial leak
       somewhere in the pool.
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