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									Smarter Business Decisions with Advanced Analytics

Not long ago, the idea of a business forecast was a simple, spreadsheet-based extrapolation of
previous performance. Today, however, business executives are recognizing the need for more
advanced analytics and moving beyond reporting and business intelligence to more sophisticated
analytics forecast. The arrival of this market trend is reinforced by industry analysts whose
optimistic indicate that advanced analytics will be a driving force in the BI market. It is said that
advanced analytics tools will become more relevant in an organization's daily operations as the
opportunity to embed such tools into analytic applications increases.

Advanced analytics are valuable tools that can help businesses of all sizes make faster, smarter
decisions to ensure innovative business models. It goes far deeper into the actual reason of a
situation and the likely outcomes. The effect of advanced analytics on an organization is helping to
identify trends and likely behaviors of suppliers, customers, partners and competitors and this
insight enables organizations to make cost-saving and profit-maximizing decisions. They help
spotlight clever ways to improve business processes and serve customers better much ahead of the

To drive better decision management, the business intelligence (BI) market, organizations are
focusing more on quantitative analysis and analytics tools to help them optimize and improve. The
right data can provide actionable insights to tell you what’s working and plan your strategy
accordingly. Advanced analytics are a staple in business life, but having the right tool for the job,
and using it effectively, remains a challenge.

Advanced analytics help enterprises become more efficient with marketing efforts with and have
become highly essential to the delivery of high-value, decision-oriented functionality like
forecasting, prediction, simulation and optimization. Whether aimed at strategic or operational
issues, advanced analytic applications can dramatically improve the consistency and quality of
decision making throughout an organization, enabling decisions that are based on quantified costs,
benefits and risks, instead of sheer instinct. At the same time, they accelerate the decision-making
process, allowing managers to focus their time and attention on more pressing issues.

Invest in a solution that can analyze data in real-time from across social, mobile and web platforms
to allow game developers and social commerce companies to continuously improve customer
acquisition, engagement and social game monetization campaigns. The solution you opt for must
modernizes your social media analytics to go beyond simple metrics and yesterday’s
measurements, and also allow you to focus on social analytics to understand the segments that
drive the most revenue. Build a sustainable competitive advantage through adaptive and
embedded analytics with the right solution.

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