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									                   LeRoy Neiman-Man of Magnetizing Arts
                                               LeRoy Neiman is one of the most popular
                                               modern artists in the United States today. His
                                               bold, graphic paintings showcase his mastery
                                               of classic technique but also present a clear
                                               signature style. LeRoy Neiman paintings utilize
                                               brush strokes as well as depth to lend an
                                               essence of movement to his most famous pop
                                               culture related works of arts. This is especially
                                               important in his countless paintings that
                                               capture major sporting event and has led to
                                               Neiman being called the greatest American
                                               sports artist of all time.

                                                Neiman was born in 1921 in Saint Paul,
                                                Minnesota. He grew up with a passion for art
                                                but no real form training before he entered to
                                                fight for the country in World War II. After his
                                                service in the Second World War, Neiman
                                                began his education in the arts at the Art
                                                Institute in Chicago where he continued to
teach for ten years after graduating. Neiman began his iconic pop culture art career by
working as an illustrator for Playboy magazine in 1954. He continued to contribute to the
magazine over the next 50 years. His most famous work for Playboy was in the many
iterations of his Femlin character for the Party Jokes page. Neiman also worked on a feature
titled “Man at His Leisure” in which he would illustrate his exotic travels. This, no doubt,
played nicely into the type of leisure activities Neiman paintings would go on to favor
throughout the remainder of the artist’s long and magnificent career.

Leroy Neiman’s art career was propelled to the next level after 1960. He embraced his dual
loves of art and traveling and began covering global sporting events and leisure activities.
During this period, he famously painted Formula One races, Golf Tournaments, Tennis
Championships, Boxing starts, Kentucky Derby, and many other important worldwide events.
These iconic images helped Leroy Neiman paintings find a new, generation defining role. The
things they captured were embraced by the public as well as the artist’s unique style and
ability to portray movement in a new way. During this period, Neiman also began to paint
iconic landmarks and scenery. Leroy Neiman’s striking Brooklyn Bridge and Arc de
Triompheare excellent examples of this. He went on to capture many celebrities and other
iconic events like the Olympics and the Academy Awards, further imbedding his reputation as
one of the most famous pop artists of all time. He also painted many regular leisure activities
includeing the famous Neiman art Wine, Women, and Cigars, and Baccarat.

Leroy Neiman continued to paint up until the very end of his long and impressive career. He
dies on June 20, 2012 in New York City at the age of 91. LeRoy Neiman artwork has stood
the test of time, and his work is still extremely collectible. The collector can find LeRoy
Neiman art for sale today in many galleries, public and private auctions, and websites.
Neiman’s unique artistic style and relatable subject matter have catapulted his work into
some of the most collected and celebrated of an American artist. Neiman original art and
prints remain highly popular among art critics and collectors and will continue to well into the

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