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									  Developing a PPC Campaign for an International Audience

Go local – this has been the PPC mantra many online marketers adopted, especially for
small businesses with a very geo-targeted market. However, what if your business is
not really that limited? What if you actually have the potential to go global and reach a
wider audience to generate results much faster?

Every search engine marketing company has talked about how to launch local PPC
campaigns, but very few actually have the expertise for international pay per click
management. If you could carry out a global campaign successfully, it’s a great tool to
build brand equity in different countries and at the same time, penetrate previously
untapped markets.

A Realistic Assessment of Your Capabilities

Before asking a search engine marketing company to come up with a global PPC
strategy, have a realistic and honest assessment of your business’ current infrastructure
and capacities. Here are a few things you should consider:

      Do your products hold an appeal to the residents of the country or region you are
       targeting? For example, it would be illogical, unethical and even offensive to sell
       revealing fashion items in extremely conservative countries.

      Can you actually ship your products to these new countries?

      Do you have a team that speaks the country’s native tongue so that customer
       service is seamless as possible?

      Do you know the tax laws and are you in place to implement these from a
       financial point of view?

Getting thousands of clicks without addressing the prerequisites above can be
detrimental rather than beneficial for your brand.
Go Beyond Google

With a market share of approximately 84%, Google is considered an Internet god and
every search engine marketing company is striving to get on its good side. There’s
nothing wrong with this. However, a truly effective international pay per click
management service is one that takes into consideration local context and search
engine usage statistics.

In China for example where Google is not allowed, Baidu is the preeminent search site
and there are certain requirements before you can register for a pay per click account.
In Czech Republic, the search site Seznam is not too far behind Google and in Russia,
Yandex trumps Google as the most widely utilized search engine.

It is important to be aware of these local search data to ensure that you are getting
maximum exposure and the highest possible returns on your advertising investments.

Pay Attention to Your Keywords and Content

This is the juncture where globalization and localization meets. While the concept of
international pay per click management services talks about having a PPC strategy that
has an international appeal, in terms of content and keyword, you still need to inject
local flavor to be truly successful.

      Most of the time, simply translating your present keywords won’t produce results.
       It’s best to hire someone who speaks the vernacular fluently and know how a
       particular nation searches for a particular product or services. Look at analytics
       data as well to know which local search terms are generating traffic.

      Your copy should have local appeal. Direct translation can produce awkward
       copy so again, it is important to get someone who speaks the native language to
       come up with your ads’ copy.

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