Fire work Photography by nathan-scott


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									It is important that your camera remains still
during shoot, because you can use your
camera at Long Shutter Speeds. A tripod is
the best option for that.

Use the remote release device to shoot.
Another way is to use the “SELF TIMER”.
     The most important thing of photographing
     firework is where to aim. Follow this tips to get
     perfect click’s :-
               1 Reach Out The location before time
               2 Watch Your Horizons
               3 Horizontal or Vertical
               4 Remember Your Framing.

The hardest part is to focus your camera on the
sky at the right time because you are using longer
focal length. “Use Wider Focal Length”, it gave
you the option to fill the frame with great color.
  Aperture is the most important thing during Firework
  Photography. Maximum people think that fast lens is
  best but in reality it is opposite to that. Use aperture
  in the mid to small range (f/10 to f/16)

Another important thing in firework photography is
the shutter speed. Use the ‘BULB’ mode to slow
down the speed.
Always shoot at low ISO. This will give you a clear
shot. Use ISO 100.

Turn off your flash while shooting on the firework.
Remember that your flash range is only a few
meters and if you use it they only add some smoke.
       Auto focusing in low light is troubling for lots of
       cameras. Use manual exposure and manual mode
       for the best shoot. Once the focus and exposure is
       set you don’t need to change it.

      Do a quick Check your shoot at starting point so you
      can make changes to focus or any other problem.
      Take some shoot of people, landmark or building.

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