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               About is the brainchild of Managing Director Roger Thompson, who
had difficulty in sending gifts back to family and friends in Australia while living
overseas during the early 80's.
As a result "" was established initially by offering the service
through major U.K. regional Newspapers; Newspapers who over 20 years later
still offer their readers this excellent service.
On returning home in 1983, Gifts Abroad was established in Australia and Roger
was determined to prevent others dealing with the same frustrations and
limitations he himself had experienced. is one of the world's largest overseas gift services and for
the past 21 years has provided its customers with a reliable and friendly service
that makes gift giving worry free and guarantees satisfaction. All enquiries are
handled by staff that care about your gifts and their safe delivery.
We are delighted to offer you a large selection of gifts for delivery to
the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mainland USA, Canada, New
Zealand and the European Community.
Keep an eye on our secure website for that special occasion and year round gift
Never Forget To Send International
                                                     International gift delivery is the best thing you
Gifts to Your Love Ones Abroad                       could ever imagine to convey your wishes to
                                                     love ones abroad. Surprise them with numerous
Imagine if you forgot to send a birthday gift to
                                                     unique and out-of-the box items available on
someone abroad? They’d feel terrible if they
                                                     different countries. This could be impractical to
were expecting it and this would sometimes
                                                     some people; nevertheless, it is still used by a
lead to a relationship gap. You can prevent this
                                                     lot of people to bridge relationships across the
from happening when you send international
                                                     globe. Choose reliable shopping sites that offer
gifts to them through internet shopping. It has
                                                     promotions and good deals on any occasion. Let
been a long tradition of ours to send gifts to our
                                                     not distance be a gap to any bond that you have
love ones wherever they maybe. It is one way
                                                     for a person. Continue to give them love across
to let them know you cared to remember them
                                                     the miles with less worry.
on their special day.

Many occasions are set on different dates
around the world. If you are not aware of the
holidays around the world, you can always rely
on Google. There are many online door to door
delivery services that could help you out on
holiday reminders. You can always make an            You Have Every Reason To Mail
account with them and set your reminders so          Awesome Gifts to Australia
that you can send any gift to a particular person
ahead of time. They will take care of your           The internet has brought a lot of changes in our
packages and deliver them on time for the            daily modern lives. It is now more convenient to
                                                     process, store files, manage accounts, search
A lot of online shops would cater flowers, gift      and buy products, to just about anything online.
baskets, hampers, with balloons, toys, and a         It bridges the gap on long distance relationship
whole lot more. Explore as many as you can and       among families and friends through online chat
know its delivery rates and taxes set on             or video calls. We can now process orders
different countries. They offer step-by-step         online and have it delivered the next day. This is
assistance to customers who are elderly and
                                                     how fast and easy our lives have changed in just
new to online ordering. When you are a
                                                     a few years time. In today’s generation, many
frequent customer of their site, you can save
your details and make an account to easily store     are fond of sending gifts through online
your regular delivery details.                       shopping. You can find a variety of items to
                                                     send as gifts to Australia with great quality
Online ordering has never been this quick and        products and services.
easy. By simply browsing on available items
online you are on your way to deliver your love      Constant communication is a factor to keep an
to your family and friends. Select sites that        active relationship among peers and loved ones
include guaranteed products and services that        abroad. One way to make it totally special is by
fit your budget. Easily track your orders on site
                                                     remembering them on their birthday and
or contact their customer care for more info.
There could be challenges along the way when         important holidays. It is that time of the year
delivering your orders; however, they would do       where you need to buy something to let them
their very best to ship on the said time-frame.      feel special and remembered. Let online shops
take care of all your gift item needs. Everything    Bridge the Distance Between Your
you buy through them will be gift wrapped
                                                     Loved Ones By Sending International
according to your occasion, sent on the desired
date, and charged at an affordable rate. Prices      Gifts
of different items you select and where it will
                                                     Every once in a while giving presents to
be shipped would vary from every site you visit.
                                                     someone special such as a loved one or friend is
Bring relationships closer when you frequently       something that we feel like doing. But what if
send your gifts overseas. It is an important thing   that special someone is far away from you?
in the world when you can also express your          What if he or she is working in another country?
love through these gifts. Now, many overseas         How will you be able to send your presents?
workers are happy to know that gift package          There is no need to fret because the World
delivery services are available and can be           Wide Web is there to solve your problems with
delivered to a lot of countries using one            regards to sending international gifts. With the
website. If you are a frequent customer and will     advent of the internet, it has forever changed
be sending more items regularly, you can create      the way we shop for pretty much anything. If
an account with them to store delivery               you are still hustling over at the local
information for faster transactions. Take            department store or bazaar each time you buy
advantage of their deals and great promotions        your gifts, then you are doing it wrong. Here are
to get affordable items on selected holidays.        some notable benefits of shopping online for
Make sure you select a site that has guaranteed      your presents.
and quality items that offers safe shopping.
                                                     So why should you use the internet when
Manage your family time and continue to use          sending international packages? This one is
international gift delivery services whenever        quite a no-brainer. If you are going to send a
you need them. With the use of different Wi-Fi       gift to someone internationally, your best
gadgets, you are able to do hassle-free internet     course of action is to purchase your items
purchasing. Keep your memories alive and             online. You can then ship the gift right to the
constantly communicate with them even half           doorsteps of your recipient, as easy as that. So
way around the world. Talk to your partner           what about the mode of payment? Well, if you
through these simple and heartwarming                have a credit card such as Visa or MasterCard,
presents that would surprise them. Nothing is        you should be able to easily pay for pretty much
more important in this world than seeing your        anything that you can buy online. Major
love ones happy even if you live far away from       vendors or retailers will almost always accept
them.                                                credit card payments. If you have no credit card
                                                     account, there are other payment methods as
                                                     well such as money transfer services like PayPal.
                                                     Opening a PayPal account is quite easy and you
                                                     can link it to your bank account.

                                                     Another notable benefit of shopping for gifts in
                                                     order to be sent internationally is the pricing.
                                                     When it comes to online shopping, it is quite
common that the prices will be a whole lot
cheaper than items that are sold in a physical
store. This is due to the facts that online shops
have less operation expenses and that there is
no middleman involved with regards to
distribution. On top of that, the competition
online is quite fierce which is why you will
usually come across several special offers,
rebates and coupons. Online sellers will do
everything just to attract the attention of their

Naturally, with regards to sending gift baskets
overseas, the main concern is safety and
security. Do not worry because online shopping
in general is absolutely safe. Just make sure that
you are buying from an online seller that has a
proven track record. So how will you know if a
seller can be trusted or not? The best thing to
do is to search the internet for reviews and
feedbacks regarding the seller's website.

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