Michigan Avenue Academy Annual Report for 2008-09 by SonnyWoodcock


									                                     Michigan Avenue Academy

                        PAW PAW
                                     Annual Report for 2008-09
                                                                                                                        Carol Edinger, Director
                                   600 East Michigan Avenue ~ Paw Paw MI 49079 ~ 269.657.8830 ~ www.ppps.org

Community Education                        Michigan Avenue Academy Academic Programs
in Paw Paw                                   Alternative and Adult Education programs provide a variety of educational options for area
                                             students. Our Middle School Choices Program, High School Options and Teen-Age Parents
Our Community Education Program,             Programs annually serve pupils in grades 6-12 from Paw Paw and surrounding districts. Our
established by Paw Paw Schools in            Choices program closed during second semester, but will be reinstated in 2009-10. We added
1967, continues to adapt to meet the         OdysseyWare to our credit recovery and on-line learning opportunities for students. Adult
ever-changing needs of the district and      education and GED testing services are offered both at Michigan Avenue Academy and at the Van
the community. Our programs at               Buren County Jail. Adult and alternative evening classes were again offered at our Cedar Street
Michigan Avenue Academy focus on             Center during the school year. During the 2008-2009 year, funded enrollment in our alternative
providing educational options for area       education programs dropped slightly while we again had a waiting list for our adult education
students who need alternatives to the        programs. Through the year, our alternative and adult education programs at Michigan Avenue
traditional classroom. Our programs          Academy provided educational services to over 200 area teens and adults. At our graduation
serve both adults and 6th through            ceremony in June, 36 students received diplomas and 15 students were recognized for completing
12th grade students from Paw Paw             GED preparation classes and passing the GED test. Our GED Test Center provided testing
and surrounding school districts. Our        services for over 100 people from our community and surrounding districts, many who were taking
Cedar Street Family and Community            the test to gain or improve employment.
Center offerings focus on early
childhood programs, infant to
elementary age childcare and
providing community services and
                                           Graduation Rate                                           Education YES!
programs for area families.
                                             The graduation rate is the percentage of                Grade: No grade
Services to School                           students enrolled at ninth graders at MAA in
                                                                                                     Met Adequate Yearly Progress: No
                                             2004-05 who completed their senior year and
and Community                                graduated in four years or in five years.                 Met State targets in English
 Services to our school and                                                                            Language Arts and Math. Did
                                                                4 Years 5 Years Target
 community during 2008-09 included                                                                     not meet the State target for
 the publication of the “Pride and           Graduation Rate      28.3%   50.91%      80%              graduation rate.
 Progress” school district newsletter,
 processing over 300 public facility use
 requests for community members            Mission Statement
 using school facilities, supporting the
 AAUW annual book sale, and                  The mission of the Michigan Avenue Academy, as a family-centered, community-based educa-
 upgrading and programming Channel           tional service, is to empower students to become productive, self-sufficient members of society
 12 as a collaborative effort with the       by providing challenging, progressive, non-traditional educational opportunities.
 Village of Paw Paw.

Statement of Beliefs
 The Michigan Avenue Academy staff believes that…

 • Every individual has a worth and deserves to be treated with dignity
   and respect.
 • All people have the right to work and learn in a safe environment.
 • Making good choices and decisions enhances self-fulfillment.
 • All people have an equal right to educational opportunities consis-
   tent with their personal needs and abilities.
 • Everyone in the community shares the responsibility for the mission
   of educating all members of the community.
 • Quality education enhances communities.
      Michigan Avenue Academy Annual Report for 2008-09

 Note: MEAP and MME data for grades 6, 7, and 8 is not publishable with a testing group of fewer than 10 students. MEAP data is only available for
 Grade 9 Social Studies.

                                Level 1          Level 2          Level 3               Level 4                                     08-09 School Year
                                 Exceeded            Met            Endorsed               Not
                                MI Standards     MI Standards    at Basic Level          Endorsed                                  Paw Paw         State

 Grade 9 Social Studies             8%              36%                52%                 4%        Grade 9 Social Studies           44%           81%

 Michigan Merit Exam Spring 2009                                                                                 Percentage of Students
                                                                                                                 Proficient on MME
                                       Reading     Writing       ELA         Math          Science
                                                                                                     Studies                               2008-2009

 Level 1 - Exceeded Standards                                                                                                          MAA         State
                                          0%          0%          0%              0%            0%    13.3%
 Level 2 - Met Standards                                                                                         Reading               26.7%        60%
                                         26.7%       13.3%       20%          13.3%         26.7%     53.3%

 Level 3 - Basic                                                                                                 Writing               13.3%        43%
                                          40%        53.3%       53.3%            20%        20%      33.3%

 Level 4 - Apprentice                                                                                            ELA                    20%         52%
                                         33.3%       33.3%       26.7%        66.7%         53.3%      0%
                                                                                                                 Math                  13.3%        49%

Summer School                                                                                                    Science               26.7%        56%
 Summer school offerings for area high school students took on a new look during the summer of 2009.             Social Studies         81%
 Use of on-line learning expanded the number of students we were able to serve and the variety of
 courses offered. Approximately 65 students from Paw Paw and surrounding districts participated in both classes and on-line learning to earn
 credits toward high school graduation. Students working both in class and off site in on-line OdysseyWare courses completed a total of 72
             PAW PAW

                           Cedar Street Community and Family Center
                                                                                                                                  Carol Edinger, Director

Cedar Street Early Childhood Programs Philosophy and Statement of Purpose
 The early childhood program staff believes that all people, including children, thrive in a positive environment where they feel safe and valued. They
 believe that providing a safe, supportive learning environment is critical to children’s positive growth and development.
 The staff believes that the purpose of Paw Paw’s early childhood programs is to provide creative, child-centered learning experiences in a safe, caring
 environment to encourage a foundation for lifelong learning. Their goal is to prepare children to begin their K-12 education self-confident, happy, and
 eager to learn.

Early Childhood Programs
 Our Cedar Street Community and Family Center is
 licensed to provide childcare for 200 children. We
 serve infants and toddlers, preschool students and
 elementary age students in our child care program.
 Our 2008-09 summer session again included our Skills
 and Thrills program which provided a variety of
 activities for K-6 students. Our early childhood
 programs also include a Great Start Readiness
 Program (GSRP) for four year olds and a Young Fives
 program. Our GSRP program serves children in both
 Paw Paw and Mattawan and included 32 children in
 both half and full day classes this year. Our Young
 Fives program served nearly 30 area children. An
                                                                Leisure and Recreation
 important part of our early childhood programs is               Leisure and recreational activities during 2008-09 served approximately 250 area
 staff development to assure continued and improved              children and adults. Offerings included yoga classes, Karate, a variety of art classes, and
 quality of our programs for young children. Our staff           an annual color tour for Senior Citizens provided in collaboration with the Paw Paw
 continues to work on staff development activities to            Lions Club. Community Television offered via Channel 12 continues as a collaborative
 keep us up to date with the new state requirements.             effort between our Community Education Program and the Village of Paw Paw.

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