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 Resume Kingpin OneBuckResume Sees Fast Company Growth Amid                                                              Photo Galleries Displaying 1-3 of 40

 Rough 2012 Economy

 Published 4:20 a.m., Monday, September 24, 2012
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 Photo: PRWeb / SF

                                                      The quickly growing, professional resume writing
                    0         0
                                                      kingpin OneBuckResume has announced its
       Tweet       Like                    Share      quarterly numbers earlier this month, servicing
       C omments (0)          Email This              nearly 17 million customers for 2012 alone -
       Larger | Smaller       Font
                                                      roughly 488% in company growth.
       Printable Version                              Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 23, 2012

                                          This year has shown propsperity for numerous
 American-based internet companies, as the resume writing giant, OneBuckResume has
 released its quarterly figures early this month. The professional resume writing service
 online has shown a company growth of 488%, quickly becoming one of th fastest growing
 internet companies in the US for 2012.
                                                                                                                         Most Read | Most C ommented | Most Emailed
 The $1.00 resume builder's Vice President, Glenn Mason, said he credited the company's
                                                                                                                         1. Arrested principal had hidden cameras
 success to its culture.                                                                                                 2. NFL upholds Seahawks' disputed win over
 "Our culture is very much a positive work environment," he said. "We have a positive                                    3. Tim C ook Told Everyone Why iPhone 5
 innovation environment. We love our employees and our clients. That is where the best                                      Sales Were Worse Than Expected (AAPL)
                                                                                                                         4. Death Row inmates oppose Prop. 34
 work will come out. We are also very conscious of the need for well paying jobs."                                       5. Romney's joke about airplane windows goes
 OneBuckResume has only been in business for 2 years, and has grown exponentially since                                  6. SF C ity Hall ruins from 1906 quake found
 its launch date. Its website,, currently receives anywhere from                                       7. Madonna calls Obama a ‘black Muslim’

 75,000 to 120,000 unique visitors every day. It's easily the largest professional resume
 writing site found online.                                                                                              Today's Deal

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                                                                                                 Laser Nail-Fungus Removal for 1 or
"That is what we refer to ourselves as," Mason said. "Job seekers' habits are changing so        Both Feet (up to $1,300 value)
quickly. People are multitasking and multi-viewing. Our patented 1 dollar builder has                                       SALE ENDS IN
shown better reviews than $99 resume builders. We are constantly curating its                                               3d:06h:47m
functionality in a way that is digestible to the consumer in a way they want."                                              PRICE

He said they encourage creativity and can compete favorably with similar competitors
across the globe.

"I am very happy that we're getting the recognition that we have in the US and Canada,"
he said. "I will stack our service up against any competitor, anywhere. Canada is an
interesting market for us. There are a lot of really great companies here. It is also a very
competitive landscape."

"I am very happy with what we have been able to do in America" he said. "We're looking
towards playing on a high global level next."

Michelle Thompson, vice president of client services, said the company's philosophy is a big
part of all they have done.

"I really truly believe that these honors come as a direct reflection of the work ethic of our
employees and their expertise," he said. "Our primary goal is to help our users succeed,
and we treat their job resume as if it were our own. We consult with them, put together a
strong plan to present to their potential employers eloquently and spark an action, then we
put together great digital products for them."

He said the honors were a reflection of the work.

"That work ethic and expertise bring accolades," he said. "We don't look for them. We don't
hope we get the award. We develop this great work and accolades come naturally. It's
really nice to receive them and be recognized and respected in our field.

"We have great clients. It's great to have them believe in us and allow us to be very
creative. That's also a terrific opportunity."

OneBuckResume employs 55 individuals - 30 are developers, six are designers and
creatives, as Mason referred to them. Others do tasks including user testing, sample
resume development, quality assurance and accounting.

A tour of their building displays some interesting facts. Looking in from the hallway, it
initially appears there may be no one there. It is somewhat dark inside. When you step in,
however, there is kind of a glow with indirect lighting. A conference room has a nameplate
that says "Thunder."

A couple of treadmills in one area are not the company fitness room. Instead they are a
work project. They have created programs for those treadmills to duplicate courses from
around the world, including the sights on a screen. Choose a city, perhaps Paris, and you
can see yourself jogging through its streets. You can also use a course from close to home
that you often travel. On a rainy day, you can duplicate that course on the treadmill and
compare your time with those of other days.

In the break room, there are some of the usual amenities - fridge, water cooler, chairs -
and a foosball table. But it's not just the standard foosball. As employees play, their moves
and scores are tracked and they can compare today's performance with that of last week or
last year.

Mason said the company values its employees and encourages them to unleash
their creativity.

"We encourage innovation for our employees," he said. "Other places do not let their
employees do freelance work, but we do, as long as it does not interfere with what they
do here."

At the reception desk, there is a wall of employee photos -- each one with reactions to a
bucket of water being dumped on their heads. Mason said there is another similar project

                                                                                                               converted by
under way, but he has not disclosed the details.

"Our very livelihood is based on being on the cutting edge," he said. "If we lose that we are
just another agency. We are known for being on that leading edge."

He is on the board of directors for the Society of Digital Agencies, made up of about 70
agencies from around the world.

"We have dialogues to talk about these things," he said. "We spent a lot of time talking
about what is coming. We also do countless hours of employment research and analysis, to
help users end up with th most impressive resume possible."

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