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                                                Vol. 1(2), May 2012

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                               Editorial                  p. 2
         Professor of Psy-     News Items                 p. 3-9
         chology Appoint-
                               Mental Health              p. 10 - 18
         ed New Dean of
                               I/O Psychology             p. 19 -21
         FHSS Page 3
                               Psychology Education
                               In the UAE                  p. 22 - 23
         Psychiatric Hospi-
                               Social Psychology          p. 24 - 29
         tal Opens Doors
                               UAEU Student Column        p. 30 - 31
         For Training Mas-
         ters Students         Avicenna’s Contributions

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         Governing the         UAE Psychologist Database p. 35
         Practice of Psy-
                               Psychological services
                               in the UAE                  p. 36
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2    The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

                                            chology is at the heart of all hu-   find ways of improving work per-
                                            man actions and is essential for     formance. Even computer ex-
                                            other more revered sciences,         perts collaborate with psycholo-
                                            including medicine and engi-         gists to develop computer assist-
                                            neering. Medical doctors are         ed psychological assessments
                                            trained to comprehend and ap-        and therapies. The modern mili-
                                            preciate human predicaments          tary depends on psychologists
                                            and the social milieu of their pa-   for testing, treating and training
                                            tients. We look for doctors who      troops in different environments
                                            can understand us better and         and positive psychologists nur-
                                            are skilled in integrating both      ture human talent to make nor-
       Amber , PhD PhD
                                            the somatic and psychological        mal life more fulfilling. There are
                                            in treating their patients. Two      56 divisions of psychology within
       Psychology in this part of           relatively new specialties, Medi-    the American Psychological As-
    the world suffers from an im-           cal Psychology and Health Psy-       sociation addressing almost all
    age problem and we know it!             chology are testimonies to the       kinds of human challenges. Psy-
                                            growing significance of psychol-     chology is indeed, the basis of
        Some of the common miscon-
                                            ogy for the medical sciences.        everything, or in other words,
    ceptions about psychology are
                                                                                 everything boils down to psychol-
    that “it is merely common sense,”          Engineers struggle to design
    or that “it is not very useful to the   and operate their systems and        ogy!
    society,” or even that “it is not       technologies to best serve hu-           This issue of the newsletter is
    scientific.” As psychologists, we       man needs, both physically and       a reflection of some activities
    know that these misconceptions          psychologically. Ergonomics          UAE psychologists are currently
    are not true, but what have we          and engineering psychology to-       engaged in, contributing to the
    done to address these criticisms?       gether serve the purpose of im-      growth of the nation. Many psy-
    What can we do to make psy-             proving relationships between        chologists are serving in univer-
    chology more useful in this part        people and machines. Human           sities training the future genera-
    of the world and how can we             factors experts strive to design     tion of nationals to become com-
    make psychology a more re-              systems that accommodate in-         petent practitioners, researchers
    spected discipline, something           formation processing abilities of    and academicians. Research
    that will attract more young peo-       the brain and human resource         psychologists are finding ways to
    ple to join and be proud of?            experts try hard to select the       reduce traffic accidents, …Cont’d
                                            right person for the job and to      on p. 3
       We already know that psy-
                                                                  The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012       3

Professor of Psychology
Appointed New Dean of FHSS
    Professor Mohamed A. Albaili      various academic and adminis-
was recently appointed as Dean        trative positions at FHSS, pub-
of the Faculty of Humanities and      lished books, and received
Social Sciences, UAE University.      many research grants in his ar-
Dean Albaili is an Emirati nation-    ea of expertise, i.e. test devel-
al who received his bachelor’s in     opment and standardization in
psychology from UAEU in 1981,         Arabic language. Among many
Masters of Science in Education-      other professional positions in
al Psychology from Indiana Uni-       the country, he is also serving
versity in 1984 and PhD from          as Vice President for the Emir-
University of Wisconsin-Madison       ates Association for the Gifted.
in 1988. Previously he served in      Ψ                                           Mohamed A. Albaili, PhD

Editorial, ...Cont’d
                                                                            Note: This newsletter is published
                                                                            by the Department of Psychology
    ...curb substance abuse de-      are included in this issue for your    and Counseling, UAE University,
velop psychological tests based      reading pleasure. A database of        Al Ain and the Emirates Psycho-
on local norms, train counselors     UAE psychologists and some im-         logical Association, Dubai. We
to solve social and family prob-     portant announcements are also         reserve the right to edit as neces-
lems, etc. Some psychologists        included.                              sary. Opinions expressed are
are working in hospitals, rehabil-                                          those of the contributors and do
                                         The response to our first issue    not necessarily reflect the views
itation and mental health cen-
                                     of the Newsletter published in         of publishers. Please send inquir-
ters and some are trying to
                                     December 2011 was very posi-           ies and contributions to the editor
sharpen the skills of profession-
                                     tive and we hope to continue our       on this email address:
als in the business industry. A
                                     efforts to keep publishing once
group of dedicated psycholo-
                                     per semester or twice a year. If
gists are also busy trying to as-
                                     you have any suggestions, we
sist the government to regulate
                                     would love to hear from you! Ψ         Editorial Team:
the profession of psychology in
order to improve the quality of      Amber Haque, PhD                          Editor
services and protect the public.     Newsletter Editor                             Amber Haque
Psychologists are also busy
helping victims of the Libyan        Email:               Layout and Design
and Syrian crises. A reflection of   Website: http://                              Azimeh Namavar
these activities and an assort-                                                    (Clinical Psych Student)
ment of articles on similar topics                                             Copy Editor
                                                                                   Erica Aisha Charves
4   The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012
     The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

    New Psychiatric
    Hospital Opens doors
    for Training Masters Students
    In a recent meeting between the rep-         psychology masters students at SKMH.
    resentatives of the Department of Psy-       Currently 14 full-time psychologists are
    chology and Counseling UAEU and              working at BSP and serving the needs of
    Behavior Sciences Pavilion (BSP) at          inpatients and outpatients. An MOU will
    Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) in        be signed between the two institutions af-
    Abu Dhabi, the two institutions agreed       ter formal approval from SEHA. Ψ
    to offer internship training to clinical

Left to right: Drs. Fadwa Almughairbi, Amber Haque, Tareq Darwish, Maha Al Aamri,
Maisa Jabr, Isis Badawi
                                                                 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012     5

Psychological Services
for Syrian Refugees                                    In a follow-up service to PTSD training of profes-
                                                       sionals in Libya during last six months, members
                                                       of the Department of Psychology and Counsel-
                                                       ing UAEU are volunteering efforts to serve the
                                                       victims of Syrian crisis. A team of psychologists
                                                       with assistance from the Al Ain Red Crescent
                                                       Society are traveling to Jordan and/or Turkey to
                                                       serve the psychological needs of Syrian refu-
                                                       gees. Ψ

For more information and/or to volun-
teer with the group, please contact:

Dr. Mohammad Adnan Al Ghorani:

Department Faculty and ETA
discuss suicide prevention solutions
among Indian workers
 In response to recent suicide cases reported in lo-     ETA is a contracting firm based in UAE for the last
 cal newspapers, some Department faculty met with        35 years and employs more than 70,000 employ-
 representatives from the ETA-ASCON Group to             ees. The Department of Psychology and Counsel-
 find ways of helping workers in need. Current re-       ing and the ETA Group also organized a seminar
 sources to help troubled workers, qualification of      last year on Mental Health in the Workplace. Ψ
 helping professionals, workshops for counselors,
                                                         To start with any possible networking interest,
 volunteer taskforce, professional seminars and col-
                                                         please contact Dr. Shaima Ahammed at:
 laboration with fellow professionals were dis-
6    The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

    DHA Psychology SME Panel:
    2008 & Today
                                          es required. (3) Develop stand-      the global documents of psy-
                                          ard definitions of professional      chology societies to produce
                                          titles as well as accountability,    the Ethical Code and Profes-
                                          delegation and supervision with-     sional Conduct of Psycholo-
                                          in a professional practice frame-    gists for the Dubai Health Au-
                                          work.                                thority (20 March 2009). The
                                          RESPONSIBILITY:                      uniqueness of the document
                                                                               generated has been a model
                                              (1) Review and provide rec-      for the DHA Code of Conduct.
                                          ommendations on the new pro-
                                          cesses. (2) Provide recommen-           Dr. George J Kaliaden, Dr.
                                          dations on the economic effects      Naisi Sedigheh, and Dr. Suad
                                          of the new healthcare profes-        Mohamed Al Marzooqi joined
                                          sional guidelines in the market      forces to compile the Scope of
                                                                               Professional Practice in
                                             Pleasure in achievement is        Psychology and Allied
    Dr. Raymond H. Hamden is Direc-       fostered with contribution to        Specialty Areas for the Dubai
    tor of the Human Relations Insti-     community. The DHA Psycholo-
    tute, Dubai. He hold Life Mem-                                             Health Authority (20 March
                                          gy Subject Matter Expert Panel       2009).
    bership in several American and
                                          has demonstrated the essence
    international professional associ-                                            The participating observers
    ations as APS, ISPP, ICP, ACFEI,      of such satisfaction. The select-
                                          ed team members participated in      contributed and shared in the
    and is elected member of Ameri-
                                          the fulfillment of the mandate– to   tasks at hand. Shayma Al
    can Academy of Forensic Scienc-
    es.                                   set the laws, ethics, and scope      Fardan and Mohammad Al
                                          of practice for psychology in the    Hammadi were active in the
                                          Emirate of Dubai.                    direct assistance to each
        In 2008, the Dubai Health Au-                                          subgroup topic. Dr. Basma Al
    thority (DHA) established the            The direct drive of Dr. Annie     Harara was helpful in an
    Healthcare Professional Guide-        Crookes was developed with Dr.       overview of materials. While
    lines Review Panel. For the           Hussain Ali Maseeh (Panel Co-        pursing his graduate program,
    PSYCHOLOGY SUBJECT MAT-               Chair), Dr. Fadwa M.B. Al-           Maqsoud Kruse submitted
    TER EXPERT (SME) PANEL, the           Mughairbi, Dr. Layla Abdul Wa-       relevant materials to the
    Terms of Reference were docu-         hub Asamarai, and Dr. Jassim         mandate of this panel.
    mented as follows:                    Marzouqi. Their summation of
                                          materials contributed to the crea-      Everyone added to the
    PURPOSE:                              tion the Licensing and Regula-       Glossary of Terms for the
                                          tion for Practice of Psychology      Laws for Psychology Practice,
        The mandate of the panel is
                                          for the Dubai Health Authority       Ethical Code and Professional
    to: (1) Review and provide a multi
                                          (20 March 2009) that would ap-       Conduct of Psychologists, and
    -disciplinary input into the new
                                          ply to the international profes-     Scope of Practice for Psychol-
    developed professional licensing
                                          sional community of the Emirate      ogy.
    rules and guidelines before the
    approval and implementation into      of Dubai.                               In appreciation for their
    the new process, (2) Review the         With great synergy, Dr.            guidance and confidence, this
    online comments in regard to the      Deema Sihweil, Dr. Tara Wyne,        panel thankfully recognizes Dr.
    new rules and implement chang-        and Dr Alia Al Serkal, mastered      Essa M Kazim (Director DHA
                                                                  The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012        7

 Regulation Project), Kholood         ordinate academic and profes-          community.
 Shabib Al Marzooqi (Health           sional forces.
                                                                                This first version of the DHA
 Professional Regulation                  Only a few times in life does      Psychology SME Panel docu-
 Manager), Tamara Muir                an opportunity come when we as         ments was presented to the Du-
 (Manager Health Professional         psychologists can make a monu-         bai Health Authority (DHA) on 20
 Licensing DHRA), Ayesha Ali          mental mark for the administra-        March 2009. Inquiries concern-
 Hamad Falasi (Acting Head of         tion of the professional. The Du-      ing the substance or interpreta-
 Licensing), and JeanNoel             bai Government has the respon-         tion of the Ethical Code and Pro-
 David, DHRA.                         sibility to protect its citizens and   fessional Conduct of Psycholo-
     With more than 500 hundred       visitors by setting enforceable        gists, Licensing and Regulation
 person-hours (group, subgroup,       laws, ethics, and scope of prac-       for Practice of Psychology,
 and individual) of introducing,      tice for each profession. We the       Scope of Professional Practice
 consuming and developing, cre-       panelists are proud have been          in Psychology and Allied Spe-
 ating the concepts of each man-      selected with the conviction and       cialty Areas along with the Glos-
 date and supplemental docu-          assurance of the DHA and the           sary of Terms and the recom-
 ments, this panel employs the        Dubai Government to define and         mendations are to be addressed
 active work of the UAE Univer-       develop the creative task of the       to the director of the DHA.   Ψ
 sity and the Emirates Psycho-        three mandates for the profes-
 logical Association (EPA) to co-     sion of psychology and this

SUSTAIN Psychology in the UAE
    Dr. Layla Abdulwahub Asama-       of expertise.                          tion for everyone lending support
rai has implemented the Psychol-                                             from all and negating unneces-
                                         We chose Psychology as our
ogy SME Panel factors in the in-                                             sary resistance.
                                      profession and with this comes
dependent Department of Psy-          obligation to continue education           For the field of psychology
chology at Rashid Hospital, Du-       and contribute to our profession       and its qualified licensed profes-
bai. She took the work of this        and the specialties for which we       sionals to sustain the integrity of
panel to be realized within the       reach excellence. This can best        the various areas of expertise,
government facility. This is an       be achieved with effective com-        the United Arab Emirates Univer-
excellent example of “taking psy-     munications among all, to better       sity and the Emirates Psycholog-
chology as a profession serious-      understand and support, and            ical Association [open to all
ly”.                                  gain mutual cooperation.               scholars and practitioners of all
   There is only room for cooper-                                            nationalities] must maintain re-
                                         Licensing of Psychology may
ation and mutual support of gov-                                             spective organizational strength.
                                      be moved from Dubai Health
ernment, academia, industry, pri-     Authority to Dubai Community              All psychology professionals
vate practices, whether Emiratis      Authority. This should be a col-       and students can join the EPA
or ex-patriates. There is only        laboration known to all licensed       and support the UAEU to foster
room for energy and endurance         and licensed eligible individuals      the mandate of the DHA Psy-
to devote to the field of research,   and organizations. Communi-            chology SME Panel. Ψ
study, and application in all spe-    cations and professional sup-
cialties of this health care areas    port would foster smooth transi-
8   The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012
     The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

    Spirit of the Law
    Governing the Practice of Psychology
    The Government of Dubai (DHA) and the             a candidate for licensure. First, qualifying the
    United Arab Emirates government (Ministry of      candidate through discovery of their back-
    Health) are dedicated to protect its citizens     ground– legally and professionally. Second,
    and its visitors from harm and charlatans and     administering professional examination– writ-
    uackery.The government is obligated to im-        ten, verbal, or both.
    pose and enact application and examination of

     ALL persons administering any form of             To apply for license, individuals must
       health care process, MUST BE LI-                  have a “legal” record demonstrating
       CENSED. THEREFORE, it is UNLAW-                   GOOD MORAL CHARACTER in the state
       FUL to provide health care, for-fee or not-       or country from which they legally resided
       for free, if not licensed.                        last.

     It is equally UNLAWFUL TO MAKE RE-                MEDIA: publishers, newsprint, broadcast,
       FERRALS TO NON-LICENSED individu-                 or any form of dissemination to the public,
       als or organizations. THEREFORE, it is            should NOT utilize any form of information
       UNLAWFUL to make referrals to anyone              or material from persons or organizations
       who is NOT licensed, working from a lo-           making false claims, are illegal, or both.
       cation that compromises the integrity of          THEREFORE, it is UNLAWFUL to make
       the patient/client and places the profes-         reference to anyone or an organization
       sional in vulnerable state.                       NOT duly licensed by law of jurisdiction.

     Individuals must be licensed or license           Anyone with actual knowledge of any form
       eligible IN THE STATE OR COUNTRY                  of unlawful act(s) or unlawful practices by
       from which the recognized professional            anyone, licensed or un-licensed, should
       degree and experience originates.                 report such matters to the proper govern-
                                                         ment authorities immediately; and not fear
     The term psychologist is a legal term not          repercussion from government or the de-
       an academic term. Only licensed                   fendant(s).
       persons can call themselves such with
       except set by law. Further to this matter,       Anyone or any organization found guilty of
       the prefix “psych…”, title “counselor”,           these unlawful acts, MUST BE PROSE-
       suffix “” can only be used by licensed      CUTED.
                                                                  The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012   9

 For the Archives of Psychology as a Profession, DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORITY
      Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, Human Relations                 Dr. Suad Mohamed Al Marzooqi , UAE Univer-
      Institute                                              sity
      Dr. Hussain Ali Maseeh, (Panel Co Chair)               Dr. Tara Wyne, Human Relations Institute
      Community Development Authority
                                                         PARTICIPATING OBSERVERS MEMBERS
 VOTING MEMBERS: (alphabetical order)                        Shayma Al Fardan, Rashid Hospital
      Dr. Alia Al-Serkal, Du Telecommunications              Mohammad Al Hammadi, Dubai Police
      Dr. Annie Crookes, Middlesex University Dubai          Maqsoud Kruse, UAE Armed Forces
      Dr. Deema Sihweil, Human Relations Institute           Dr. Basma Al Harara, DHA
      Dr. Fadwa M.B. Al-Mughairbi, UAE University
                                                         DHA Overviewers
      Dr. George J Kaliaden, Prime Medical Center
                                                             Mrs. Kholood Shabib Al Marzooqi, Health Pro-
      Dr. Jassim Marzouqi, Emirates Psychology               fessional Regulation Manager DHA
                                                             Mrs. Tamara Muir, Manager Health Profes-
      Dr. Layla Abdul Wahub Asamarai, Rashid                 sional Licensing DHRA
                                                             Mrs. Ayesha Ali Hamad Falasi, Acting Head of
      Dr. Naisi Sedigheh, Mideast Polyclinic Dubai           Licensing DOH/MS

Photo of members [partial] of DHA Psychology SME Panel
Back Row: Suad Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Naisi Sedigheh, Deema Sihweil, Annie Crookes, Fadwa M.B. Al-Mughairbi,
Alia Al-Serkal. Front Row: George J Kaliaden, Raymond H. Hamden, Jassim Marzouqi.
10 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012
    The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May

                                          Preventing a Silent
                                          Crisis called Suicide
                                          A Call for a Comprehensive
                                          Professional Response

                                         of discussing such news, it took      the above mentioned report as a
                                         me to a lot of comments and           rare, freak, or one-time incident.
                                         dialogues on online forums with       Perhaps, more conveniently
                                         my friends and colleagues, as         we’re telling ourselves that “well,
                                         we pointlessly asked each other       it only happens among one par-
                                         questions: Why does it happen?        ticular expatriate community.”
                                         Why did they have to take the
                                                                                   It’s time to get the facts right.
                                         life of an innocent child? How
                                                                               In 2010, the number of suicides
                                         can we help prevent this in the
                                                                               in Dubai alone was 110. In 2008
                                         future? And why do we call our-
                                                                               this was 147. While reports con-
                                         selves “mental health profes-
      As I set out to write this brief                                         sistently note the very low suicide
                                         sionals” as we helplessly watch
  post, there is a very disturbing                                             rate of 0.9 per 100,000 among
                                         our fellow human beings brutally
  sense of unease building up                                                  nationals, it surely indicates a
                                         taking their own lives?
  from somewhere deep within                                                   high risk of suicidal ideation in
  me. I realize this has to do with a        I have to admit that behind all   thed population. On a more dis-
  news highlight that was reported       the anguish that continues to         tressing note, the 2010 UAE
  in the beginning of this year,         reverberate within me is a tinge      Global School Based Student
  sometime around the second             of guilt that stems from all these    Health Survey carried out collab-
  week of January, 2012.                 unsettled questions. Whenever         oratively by the World Health Or-
                                         there is a suicide in this society,   ganization (WHO) and the Minis-
      As I read through the head-
                                         it tells us there are people out      try of Health (MOH) indicated
  lines then, a report on "Dubai
                                         there who need help, support          that 15.5 % of school children
  family commits suicide– Five
                                         and psychological intervention.       had seriously considered at-
  year old daughter smothered to
                                         Then we question if something         tempting suicide within a 12
  death as mother survives"
                                         could have prevented such self-       month period. In the same sur-
  caught my eye. As it has always
                                         inflicted deaths.                     vey, the percentage of children
  been with reports on suicide, it
                                                                               who actually attempted suicide
  triggered a wave of distressing           If our defense mechanisms
                                                                               one or more times in a period of
  questions and thoughts in my           are working well, chances are
                                                                               12 months was 12.6%. Please
  mind. Despite knowing the futility     that one has already dismissed
                                                                    The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012   11

note, these statistics are about       the mental health professionals.      nation?” Although there have
children.                              So what is my goal with this          been a handful of random and
                                       post? As much as I’m aware of         disjointed efforts now and then,
    Quite in denial of these statis-
                                       the potential risks that thought-     more needs to be done and
tics, I’m left with the question,
                                       less suicide awareness raising        much needs to be learned from
what does suicidal ideation have
                                       programs can have in triggering       the promising efforts taken else-
to do with children?
                                       suicidal-ideation, the question is    where in combating suicide. Here
   Personally, I doubt it if WHO/      – “To what extent is the mental-      are some possible steps that
MOH Report on suicides in the          health profession addressing          could be taken to address the
nation get serious attention from      the problem of suicide in this        growing menace:

 A strong task force to spearhead suicide preventive efforts

 Country’s mental health professional consider suicide prevention as a national mental health priority

 Academic/research efforts to address suicide as a multi-dimensional problem, with psychological, bio-
  logical, sociological and philosophical aspects.
 Collaborative efforts incorporating a broader spectrum of governmental agencies, community centers
  and people bringing together disciplines and perspectives that can be integrated into mental health poli-

   At the Department of Psychol-       References:
   ogy and Counseling, we have         Dervic, K. et al (2011).Suicide
                                       rates in the national and expatri-
   initiated discussions on what       ate population in Dubai, United
   we can call “groundwork” to         Arab Emirates. International
   establish a national level task-    Journal of Social Psychiatry. In-
   force of mental health profes-      ternational Journal of Social
   sionals. At its best, this post     Psychiatry. doi:
   may be considered a call to-
   wards that end to all mental        For details please see: http://
   health professionals in the
   country to join efforts. Indeed     gshs/2005_United_Arab_Emirat
   as someone has said, “To            es_GSHS_Country_Report.pdf
   save a life is to act divine”. Ψ    gshs/UAE_2010_FS.pdf.

   Shaima Ahammed, PhD
   Department of Psychology
   and Counseling
   UAE University, Al Ain
   12     The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May

    The Role of Psychologists
    in Promoting Mental Health in the UAE
        Isis Badawi, PhD
        Head of Psychology                                       lasts until death. At every stage, psychology has a
        Behavioral Sciences Pavilion                             role in promoting wellness, supporting healthy de-
        Shaikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi                   velopment, and encouraging cooperation between
                                                                 the individual, family and society at large.
        The World Health Organization (WHO) defines               In the UAE, most of us are fortunate to have our
        mental health as “a state of well-being in which an      basic needs met. It is the more intangible needs of
        individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope   positive self esteem, freedom of self expression,
        with the normal stresses of life, can work produc-       emotional connection, a sense of belonging, op-
        tively and is able to make a contribution to his or      portunities for growth and self actualization that
        her community. In this positive sense, mental            might not be fully realized. The unique advance-
        health is the foundation for individual well-being       ments in the UAE over the past four decades have
        and the effective functioning of a communi-              encouraged an influx of expatriates, a conver-
        ty” (WHO fact sheet 220, September 2010). This           gence of cultures, a multitude of technological ad-
        definition is closely aligned with the famous hierar-    vances and a rapid pace of change that has put
        chy of needs proposed by Abraham Maslow. The-            pressure on long held cultural beliefs, stretched
        se needs identify the elements necessary to              societal norms and challenged the adaptability of
        achieve the state of well-being noted in the above       individuals and society at large. According to the
        definition. In Maslow’s hierarchy, the basic needs       WHO, in addition to biological and geopolitical var-
        of food, shelter, health, and safety must be met         iables, factors that contribute to poor mental
        before the individual can proceed in life. The needs     health include “rapid social change, stressful work
        for affection, esteem and belonging are necessary        conditions, gender discrimination, social exclu-
        before the person can achieve his/her full potential.    sion, and unhealthy lifestyle.” The UAE is not im-
        In all these stages, psychologists have a role to        mune to these challenges. It is also not immune
        play. The process of supporting healthy individuals      to the worldwide challenge of meeting the needs
        and effective communities starts at conception and       of those who suffer from mental illness, or emo-
                                                                 tional and psychological problems among its citi-
                                                                 zens. The WHO estimates that worldwide there
                                                                 are 450 million people living with mental illness
                                                                 and many more people with mental or emotional
                                                                 problems. Studies report that up to 80 percent will
                                                                 never receive the treatment they need. The UAE,
                                                                 like any nation, has its share of people living with
                                                                 the challenge of mental illness. As many psy-
                                                                 chologists across the globe have seen firsthand,
                                                                 the lack of information and stigma are the primary
                                                                 reasons that prevent many from seeking help for
                                                                 children or adults who need mental health care.
                                                                 One way to break down this barrier is to educate
                                                                 organizations, parents and teachers about mental
                                                                 and emotional health and other issues related to
                                                                 raising happy healthy children, reducing family
                                                                 and work stress, and reducing the burden of fami-
                                                                  The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012   13

                                 “We, as psychologists living and working in the UAE, have a re-
                                 sponsibility towards our community and our profession to do what
                                 we can to contribute to the promotion of mental and emotional
                                 health. Our role is twofold: to address mechanisms of prevention
                                 and promotion of wellness on the one hand, and to advocate on
                                 behalf of the mentally ill and to provide education and support to
                                 reduce stigma and encourage treatment on the other.”

lies caring for a mentally ill family member.            maintain stigma. These messages would be
                                                         most effective when they are concise, consistent,
 We, as psychologists living and working in the
                                                         and culturally relevant. We each have a respon-
UAE, have a responsibility towards our community
                                                         sibility to know our subject matter and to present
and our profession to do what we can to contribute
                                                         messages within our areas of expertise.
to the promotion of mental and emotional health.
Our role is twofold: to address mechanisms of pre-       Over the past several years, psychologists all
vention and promotion of wellness on the one             around the UAE have been active in engaging
hand, and to advocate on behalf of the mentally ill      the public through mental health awareness cam-
and to provide education and support to reduce           paigns in schools, work settings, malls, as well
stigma and encourage treatment on the other. In          as presentations on television shows. Most re-
today’s environment, that means engaging with the        cently, in Abu Dhabi, there has been an effort to
media, as they are a critical source of information      participate in TV programs concerned with health
                                                         issues in conjunction with monthly public lectures
and education for the public. We need to participate
                                                         on various topics of interest. These have been
in mental health campaigns to share our knowledge
                                                         met with enthusiasm and requests for more tar-
with a wide section of the population. We must
                                                         geted programs for various sectors of society. It
therefore target our message to the topics that pro-
                                                         is hoped that as these monthly lectures gain
mote wellness, correct misconceptions about men-
                                                         more acceptance, that more positive attitude
tal illness and its treatment, and debunk myths that
                                                         changes will ensue. Ψ
14 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012
    The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May

  The National
  Rehabilitation Centre
      The National Rehabilitation       calls its telephone helpline re-     term rehabilitation. The NRC is
  Center (NRC) is the national ad-      ceives from the public this may      equipped to comprehensively
  diction response center mandat-       represent a small proportion of      address addictions and addiction
  ed for addictions treatment, reha-    people with addiction problems       related disorders. The NRC cur-
  bilitation, research, prevention,     in the country. Whilst there are     rently anchors 60 inpatient treat-
  human capacity building, policy       no exact prevalence estimates        ment beds and has a further 10
  and legislative development and       the research arm of NRC is ac-       in Emirates House a facility func-
  advocacy, serving the community       tively engaged in work to estab-     tioning as a transit towards rein-
  at large. It was the brainchild of    lish the figures. The health ed-     tegration into society. The multi-
  by H.H. the late Sheikh Zayed         ucation and prevention side of       disciplinary clinical team is made
  Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and was          the NRC is active in carrying        up of psychiatrists, physicians,
  established in 2002 with the di-      out evidenced based prevention       psychologists, nurses, social
  rective of H.H. Sheikh Mansour        and early intervention programs      workers and counsellors. The
  Bin Zayed Al Nahyan through the       focusing on schools, families        clinical team is supported by a
  Office of the President now the       and workplace.                       laboratory team of scientists and
  Ministry of Presidential Affairs.        H.E. Dr Hamad Abdulla Al          pharmacists. Phase II of the
                                        Ghaferi is the director general      NRC includes a purpose built
     Although substance misuse
                                        and heads a staff establishment      250 bed treatment facility that is
  and addiction goes counter to the
                                        of 134. Professor Tarek Gawad        due to open in 2014. Recruiting a
  culture and Islamic values, like
                                        the medical director of the NRC      workforce for this phase will be a
  most countries in the world addic-
                                                                             challenge and the NRC is looking
  tion problems exists in the UAE       heads the multidisciplinary clini-
                                        cal team providing the full spec-    towards universities, colleges
  and since its establishment the
                                        trum of care ranging from acute,     and schools for help with this.
  NRC has treated more than 700
  patients and judging from the         short and medium care recov-           Psychologists play a key role
                                        ery to ambulatory care and long
                                                                  The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012    15

in the clinical work of the NRC                                            Faculty of Medicine and Health
both in assessment and treat-                                              Sciences of UAEU signed a
ment. The team is headed by Dr                                             memorandum of understanding
Mohamed Al Sayed, consultant                                               for research collaboration, hu-
clinical psychologists and in-                                             man capacity building, program
cludes Professor Sami Abdulkawi                                            development and patient referral.
consultant clinical psychologist                                           The NRC also has a collabora-
and 7 psychologists many of                                                tive program with the United Na-
whom are graduates from United                                             tions Office for Drugs and Crime
Arab Emirates University. The                                              (UNODC) focusing on setting the
treatment at the NRC is based on                                           stage for the NRC to serve as the
the “biopsychosocial-spiritual”                                            reference center for addiction
model. Following physical care                                             response both nationally and re-
and medically assisted withdraw-      H.E. Dr. Hamad Abdulla Al Ghaferi    gionally. The first phase is to de-
al (detoxification) of substance      Director General of NRC, Abu Dhabi   velop a national strategy emerg-
for physically dependent patients,                                         ing from the situation assess-
much of the interventions falls        Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic        ment study performed currently.
under the banner of                    therapy, Humanistic counselling     There is the potential for both
“psychosocial interventions”.          and Family Therapy. Addictions      undergraduate and post gradu-
                                       specific treatment includes Moti-   ate students at the University in-
    The patient population that the
                                       vational Interviewing, Relapse      terested in this area to get in-
NRC serves include those with
                                       Prevention and Contingency          volved in the research work and
addiction and co-morbid psychi-
                                       Management.                         training at the NRC as part of
atric disorders. The treatment
                                                                           their degrees. The potential for
approach is an evidenced based         Research                            research work in psychology is
integrated psychological and
                                          The research section of the      immense.
pharmacological approach used
in leading centres internationally     NRC headed by Dr Ahmed El
                                       Kashef has a broad agenda in-       Prevention
adapted to suit the culture of the
UAE. The psychology team pro-          cluding epidemiological re-             Dr Hisham Elarabi heads the
vides psychometric assessments         search, health system and out-      prevention, health education and
and addiction related assess-          come research, translational        training section a major priority
ments including neuropsychologi-       and intervention research. This     areas for the NRC. Preventing
cal testing and both individual        would include research at a be-     alcohol and drug use in the UAE
and group therapy. These inter-        havioral and molecular level.       by developing and reinforcing
ventions broadly falling under the        In 2010 the NRC and the          resilience and protective factors
banner of Cognitive Behavioral                                             while identifying and addressing
                                                                           risk factors. This is coupled by
                                                                           creating the supporting environ-
                                                                           ment through social mobilization
                                                                           and awareness increasing
                                                                           awareness and promoting posi-
                                                                           tive health behaviors in one of
                                                                           the long-term objectives of the
                                                                           NRC. Campaigns such as
                                                                           “Facts” “Isolation” and school
                                                                           based programs such as
                                                                           “Unplugged” are examples of on-
                                                                           going activities in this area.

Workshop at National Rehabilitation Center, Abu Dhabi                         ...cont’d on p. 32
   16 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   16 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

      Positive Psychology:
      The Science of Mental
      Wellness                                    By Maqsoud Kruse, MPsych

             It all started with a sim-    UAE. Indeed, the market for      (Grant, 2001). As someone
      ple discussion: “Self-help stuff     self-help programmes, live       interested in the field of per-
      doesn’t really work, it’s all        seminars, books, CDs and         sonal development and men-
      about making money out of            DVDs are reflecting a rapid      tal wellbeing, I wanted to know
      the people!” My colleagues           growth in what Starker calls a   if there is an existing alterna-
      argue this subject whenever          “fast food version of psycho-    tive approach that is based
      we talk about what works and         therapy,” (Starker, 1990,        and grounded in science.
      what doesn’t work in the differ-     p.187). Despite its growth, it
                                                                            Positive Psychology presents
      ent services provided in the         is not without problems
                                                                            itself to be that alternative.
                                                                 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012     17

The movement began a few               Psychology is not just the         velopmental and preventive
months after Dr. Martin Selig-         study of disease, weakness,        role that should be played to
man was elected President of           and damage; it also is the         improve our understanding of
the American Psychological             study of strength and virtue.      the functional side of human
Association in 1994 (Seligman,         He argues that treatment is        performance and human psy-
1994). He believes that before         not just fixing what is wrong;     chology rather than emphasiz-
World War II, psychology had           it also is building what is        ing impairment and interven-
three distinct missions: curing        right. In his view, Psychology     tion on immediate reaction to
mental illness, making the             is not just about illness or       “fix” the problem.
lives of all people more pro-          health; it is about work, edu-             Seligman’s prediction
ductive and fulfilling, in addi-       cation, insight, love, growth,     about the science and practice
tion to identifying and nurturing      and play (See: Seligman,           of psychology in the 21st cen-
high talent (Seligman &                1994; Seligman, 1995; Selig-       tury is that a psychology of
Csikszentmihalyi, 2000). How-          man, Schulman, DeRubeis, &         positive human functioning will
ever, due to two major eco-            Hollon, 1999; Seligman &           arise that achieves a scientific
nomic events, which took               Csikszentmihalyi, 2000).           understanding and effective
place in late 1940s (after             Thus, Positive Psychology          interventions to build thriving
World War II), Psychology be-          does not rely on wishful think-    individuals, families, and com-
came a science largely devot-          ing, self-deception or hand-
                                                                          munities (Seligman &
ed to healing. It concentrated         waving; instead it tries to        Csikszentmihalyi, 2000). He
on repairing damage using a            adapt what is best in the sci-     further predicts that Positive
disease model of human func-           entific method to the unique       Psychology in this new centu-
tioning (Seligman, 1994; Selig-        problems that human behav-         ry will come to understand and
man & Csikszentmihalyi,                ior presents in all its complex-   build those factors that allow
2000).                                 ity (Seligman & Csikszent-         individuals, communities, and
Seligman proposed that the             mihalyi, 2000). The focus of       societies to flourish. Such a
message of the Positive Psy-           research is the non-clinical       science will not need to start
chology movement is to re-             population, or what is sup-        afresh. It requires, for the
mind our field that it has been        posed to be a normal popula-       most part, just a refocusing of
deformed. He believes that             tion, to demonstrate the de-
                                                                          scientific energy. Ψ

                                                            Seligman, M. (1994). What you can change and
                                                            what you can't. New York: Knopf.
                                                            Seligman, M.E.P. (1995). The effectiveness of
    References                                              psychotherapy: The Consumer Reports study.
    Gillham, J.E., & Seligman, M.E.P. (1999). Foot-         American Psychologist, 50 (12), 965-974.
    steps on the road to positive psychology. Behav-
                                                            Seligman, M.E.P., Schulman, P., DeRubeis, R.J.,
    iour Research and Therapy , 37, S163-S173.
                                                            & Hollon, S.D. (1999). The prevention of depres-
    Grant, A. M. (2001). Towards a Psychology of            sion and anxiety. Prevention and Treatment, 2.
    Coaching: The Impact of Coaching on Metacog-
                                                            Seligman, M., & Csikszentmihalyi, M. (2000).
    nitioin, Mental Health and Goal Attainment. [On-
                                                            Positive psychology: An Introduction. American
    line] Doctoral dissertation, Macquarie University,
                                                            Psychologist, 55, 5-14.
    Sydney. Available: http://                       Starker, Steven (1990). Self-help books: Ubiqui-
    AMG_PhD_2001.pdf                                        tous agents of health care. Medical Psychothera-
                                                            py: An International Journal, Vol 3, 187-194.
   18     The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May

        An Evolving Therapy
          By Devi Nandakumar, M.A., M. Phil.                       just one of the processes involved in the whole
           Eye Movement Desensitization and Repro-                 complex procedure. Dr. Shapiro noticed that eye
        cessing (EMDR) developed as a therapy by Dr.               movement decreases disturbing thoughts coming
        Francine Shapiro in 1987 initially focused on the          to one’s mind. This laid the foundation for her to
        people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder                 develop EMDR as a therapy.
        (PTSD). As the name implies, eye movements are                 In simple words, information processing takes
                                                                   place in EMDR therapy. The three-pronged ap-
                                                                   proach of EMDR addresses the past, the present
                                                                   and the future . In EMDR, a therapist assists the
                                                                   client to transform negative experiences or dis-
                                                                           turbing thoughts to adaptive learning expe-
                                                                           riences. In fact, the Adaptive Information
                                                                           Processing Model is based on the observa-
                                                                           tions from EMDR treatment effects.
                                                                   When we go through the eight phases of
                                                                   EMDR treatment, it reflects the many major

                      psychological orientations followed          the complete process of EMDR; in each phase of
                      by EMDR, like psychodynamic ther-            the therapy a clinician’s sensitivity and flexibility is
                      apy, behaviour therapy, cognitive            tested. Furthermore, utmost care needs to be tak-
           therapy, experiential therapy, hypnotic therapy         en for client–therapist relationship.
           and client centered therapy. Hence, EMDR is a
                                                                      The whole process of EMDR targets boosting
           fine example of an eclectic model.
                                                                   self esteem and self efficacy of clients. It is neither
           The underlying principle of EMDR is that when           a single session therapy, nor can it be adminis-
        an individual undergoes a traumatic or stressful           tered to all clients. The client should be made
        situation, normally some form of self-healing takes        aware of the treatment plan and a clinician should
        place in the individual, if there is enough support        be sure that he/she has enough positive resources
        and resources. Sometimes this natural process of           for dealing with disturbing memories which may
        self healing fails. Through EMDR a client is well          arise, blocking the whole treatment process.
        equipped with adaptive learning patterns for the
                                                                      Based on the research done to date, EMDR as
        future, learns to desensitize the present distress-
                                                                   a therapy has enormous potential and it is well es-
        ing factors and to unlearn the negative experienc-
                                                                   tablished to facilitate the client’s self healing pro-
        es of the past.
            EMDR can be administered to adults as well as
                                                                      Replying to queries in the New York Times
        the child population with specific guidelines and
                                                                   newspaper (dated March 2nd 2012), Dr. Shapiro
        protocols followed for each population respective-
                                                                   states that EMDR therapy is recommended as an
        ly. Efficiency of a therapist plays a very vital role in
                                                                   effective treatment of PTSD ...Cont’d on p. 38
The Role of
                                                            The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012   19

Psychometric Testing
in Tackling the UAE’s HR Challenges
    Over the last fifteen years, employers have        In the 1990s, psychologists relied on paper
made a quantum leap forward in the way they         based application forms that candidates filled in
recruit and assess candidates. Selection meth-      by hand and sent back in the mail. This process
ods and processes used by the majority of grad-     was time consuming for candidates and employ-
uate employers have changed beyond all recog-       ers, as well as costly to administrate.
nition, with online psychometrics helping organi-
                                                       It was around the year 2000 that progressive
zations achieve huge cost and time savings.
                                                    organizations such as KPMG and British Airways
   Advancing technology has played a major          started making real headway with the introduc-
role in this progress, and in driving the rapid     tion of dynamic, interactive online systems. Can-
growth we have seen in the UAE. As the region       didates enter information on the company’s web-
adapts to the many changes this growth has          site, then participate in online psychometric as-
brought, large organizations are embracing the      sessments and ability tests.
latest online assessments in their quest for cost
                                                      These tests might measure the candidate’s fit
effective solutions to their HR challenges.
   20 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   20 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012
      with the organizational culture, the suitability of     dates to progress to the next stages.
      their personality and behavior preferences to a
                                                                 “Retaining staff is also a problem for many
      role or assess key skills such as verbal and nu-
                                                              organisations in the UAE. The latest online re-
      merical reasoning.
                                                              cruitment systems from Cubiks include assess-
         Today it has become common practice for              ments such as Etray, an inbox simulation exer-
      large organizations around the world to use the-        cise and Situational Judgement Questions based
      se methods, but challenges are still being faced        on real life scenarios for the organization. Cubiks
      when using psychometric tests in the UAE. Tom           bespokes these assessments to reflect actual
      Verboven, Managing Consultant at Cubiks UAE             scenarios from the recruiting organization, giving
      explains, “Many of the assessments used in the          candidates a preview of what a role will entail.
      region have been developed in Europe and the            This means that successful candidates know
      USA, so they are normed and validated in a              what to expect when they are selected for the
      western cultural environment. This can cause            job, so they are less likely to resign because a
      problems when using them in the UAE as often            position doesn’t suit them.”
      they are not entirely appropriate for use with non-
                                                                 By implementing these kinds of processes,
      western cultures.”
                                                              businesses have in some cases reduced the re-
          Cubiks, an international assessment and de-         cruitment time cycle from nine to five months
      velopment consultancy is working to develop so-         and have benefitted from cost reductions of up to
      lutions that are specifically for the region in order   $1.5 million per year. By thoroughly assessing
      to help overcome this issue. The company has            candidates, organizations ensure that the indi-
      been focusing on culturally adapting its tools,         viduals they recruit fit with the role requirements
      and will soon be releasing an Arabic version of         as well as their wider business culture and so
      its flagship personality assessment, PAPI               have the best chances of success in their job.
      (Personality and Preference Inventory).
                                                                 As companies based in the UAE grow, so
         PAPI Arabic is not only an Arabic translation        does the demand for psychometric assessments
      of the assessment, it includes cultural adapta-         to be used for recruiting and managing their ex-
      tions for Arab countries and regional norms are         panding workforces. The variety of HR practices
      forthcoming. As many organizations working in           implemented by multinational companies in the
      the UAE employ people from various countries,           region, combined with rapidly advancing technol-
      Cubiks also offers the ability to create norms          ogy means that the UAE is the perfect incubator
      specifically for an organization, ensuring that PA-     for the continued development of people man-
      PI Arabic is relevant for every context.                agement methods and processes. Ψ
         Tom says that Cubiks’ ability to respond to            Ehsan Fahmi
      demands and develop new solutions for the re-
                                                                Analyst, Middle East and Africa
      gion stems from its extensive experience working
      with UAE employers and the fact that it under-            Cubiks Limited (Dubai Branch)
      stands the key challenges they face.
          “A major issue for recruiters in the region is
      dealing with the high volume of candidates, par-
      ticularly those applying for unsuitable roles. Nu-
      merous organizations have worked with Cubiks
      to implement online psychometric assessments            Cubiks is an international assessment and de-
      and ability tests. These help screen applicants at      velopment consultancy that combines busi-
      the start of the recruitment process, deselecting       ness psychological services with an advanced
      unsuitable people and finding the best candi-           portfolio of online assessment products.
                                                                    The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012   21

An Industrial
Psychologist abroad
The UAE edition

                            Three years ago I shook
                            the African soil off my
                            high heels and put my
                            sandaled feet noncha-
                            lantly in the Arabian        to the problems
                            Desert’s sand. I arrived     concerning human beings
                            in Abu Dhabi with two        operating within the context of
                            bags, an inexhaustible       business and industry. No matter how one
                            sense of adventure, a        defines the function, the fact remains that in
                            big sense of humor and       pursuing this balance I/O Psychologists need to
  Angela de Jong, PhD       a new job offering end-      employ scientific principles and research-based
 less opportunities.                                     designs to generate
     Settling into the new role was surprisingly easy;    organizational knowledge. This knowledge can,
 colleagues were friendly, the orientation staff was     and should be, applied to the entire Human Re-
 helpful and the work itself was stimulating. Howev-     sources life cycle, starting with manpower plan-
 er, as time progressed I noticed some challenges.       ning, recruitment, psychometric testing, selec-
 It became rather evident that the role of an Indus-     tion, orientation, learning and development, per-
 trial/Organizational Psychologist back home was         formance management, succession planning,
 somewhat different from what was required of the        and eventually retirement. Other aspects may
 role in my new location.                                include projects related to organizational devel-
                                                         opment, change management, policy planning,
    In my opinion, an I/O Psychologist’s main func-      labor law and ergonomics.
 tion is to strike a healthy balance between contrib-        The challenges that crossed my desk as an I/
 uting to an organization’s success by improving         O Psychologist appointed as an assessment
 performance, but also ensuring and promoting the        manager, included aspects such as:
 well-being of the employees. Other definitions I’ve
 found read: to apply principles of psychology to           Finding psychometric tests that were appro-
 human resources, administration, management,            priate, affordable and easily administered to em-
 sales, and marketing problems; or the application       ployees functioning within a multi-cultural work
 or extension of psychological facts and principles      environment. …Cont’d on p. 39
   22 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   22 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

  Psychology Education
     in the UAE
                                                                  of which help to develop a transferable skill base
                                                                  for the many subjects and careers students may
                                                                      This positive interest reflected also in the
                                                                  growing media presence of psychology locally, is
                                                                  let down by a comparative lack of opportunity at
                                                                  bachelors and more significantly post graduate
                                                                  level. Although there are varied employment op-
                                                                  portunities for psychologists in the UAE, training
                                                                  is still lacking and most psychologists both na-
                                                                  tional and international who work in the Emirates
                                                                  have qualified, at least partially, abroad.
      Annie Crookes, PhD
      Academic Head, School of Life Sciences                          Although many institutions may offer an elec-
                                                                  tive course in psychology (including the prestig-
      Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus
                                                                  ious NYU-AD), some may even make an intro-
                                                                  duction to psychology compulsory. Very few in-
         Education in the Emirates is a broad mix of              stitutions teach psychology as a
      curricula and teaching models from government               ‘major’ (American system) or ‘single hon-
      sponsored to private and even distance based                ors ’ (British system). Indeed, the UAE Univer-
      learning centers.                                           sity is unique among the government spon-
                                                                  sored institutions with its well-established psy-
         As such the nature of psychology education in
                                                                  chology school, including counseling, clinical
      the country is similarly varied.
                                                                  and neuroscience areas,. Similarly, across the
          Psychology as a taught subject certainly exists         myriad private international universities, only
      to some extent at all educational levels from               Middlesex University Dubai and Heriot-Watt
      GCSE level (English curriculum, grade 11) to In-            University Dubai offer degrees in psychology.
      ternational Baccalaureate, A-level , CBSE (Indian           Others, such as American University of Shar-
      system) and others at the high school stage. As             jah have highly regarded psychology depart-
      such there is an ever growing interest among                ments with active research faculty but offer
      young people in studying psychology and pursu-              only a minor in psychology to their students.
      ing careers relevant to the field. Indeed, where it         Clearly there is still some reticence over the
      is taught, some schools list psychology as one of           career opportunities for graduates of psycholo-
      the most popular subjects taken by students.                gy in the local region.
         Certainly, from a career point of view, studying             The situation is even worse at post gradu-
      psychology at any level has many benefits, as it            ate level where only the UAEU currently offers
      is a subject grounded in both science and practi-           a psychology program leading to an entry level
      cal application. It involves skills in critical thinking,   license to practice (MSc clinical psychology).
      problem solving and written communication– all              Middlesex and Heriot-Watt both offer MSc de-
                                                               The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012      23

grees in applied areas of psychology (MSc Ap-          not available or required by the population of
plied psychology and MSc Business psychology).         UAE. In time this is likely to change which may
Both of these can be used as a stepping stone          mean future development of programs may be
into psychology training or to positively enhance      more viable. However, another major problem
the knowledge base for other careers but do not        exists in the multi-cultural and multi-lingual na-
in themselves lead directly to professional prac-      ture of the society here, particularly in the major
tice in psychology. The only other opportunity for     cities. So, while English speaking universities
students wishing to study psychology or counsel-       may provide psychology programs for students,
ing while remaining in the Emirates is to look for     work experience opportunities may be restricted
distance learning programs . However this is a         to UAE nationals, Arabic speaking or based on
risky option which may not be accepted for licen-      specific contexts (for example, certain charity or-
sure down the line or at the very least will require   ganizations may be in need of psychologists with
much time and effort from the individual to com-       particular language/gender/cultural background).
plete the requirements.
                                                          Overall, psychology is a growing field in the
   Perhaps the main obstruction to the develop-        Emirates and as job opportunities and mental
ment of a post graduate psychology training for        health provisions continue to develop so does
professional practice is the lack of internship op-    provision for psychology education. Currently,
portunities. Particularly important for clinical and   there are some clear limitations, particularly at
counseling psychology, the comparatively small         the post graduate level and students may still
size and recent history of the UAE mean that           find themselves looking abroad for programs tai-
work experience can be hard to come by. In oth-        lored to their specific interests. Yet, certainly at
er countries government services, mental health        lower levels, there is already the chance for stu-
charities and rehabilitative services among oth-       dents to engage in this highly academic and skill
ers have developed over time providing pockets         based subject. Ψ
of relevant work experience for graduate train-
ees. As yet, such a complex range of services is
   24 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   24 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

       The Psychology of Car
          Car accidents can occur because of miscalcula-        changing lanes quickly and cutting off cars- is
      tions and errors of judgments by skillful drivers who     seen as respected behaviour. Abiding by the
      normally abide by traffic regulations. Accidents          speed limit, maintaining a clear distance behind
      may also occur because the driver chose not to            cars in front, and putting on seatbelts are often
      follow the law because of certain beliefs, attitudes      considered unmanly or cowardly- or practices fol-
      and values imposed by peer pressure or inspired           lowed only by ‘unskilled drivers.’
      by role models. The first type of accidents are with-
                                                                   These beliefs and values are the product of
      in the normal range in UAE, while the second type
                                                                group pressure and the need to ‘conform’. Psy-
      of car accidents led to horrific statistics: while the
                                                                chology studies of conformity were pioneered by
      ratio of cars to the population in UAE is less than
                                                                Solomon Ash in an ingenious experimental work
      the ratio of car to the population in UK and USA,
                                                                back in 1950s and are part of the field of experi-
      the ratio of traffic accident fatalities to the popula-
                                                                mental social psychology.
      tion in UAE is six times that in US and ten time that
      in UK.                                                        Some of the reckless and aggressive driving
                                                                practices mentioned above seem to be a manifes-
         Car accidents occur because of the choices
                                                                tation of ‘territoriality,’ which is an innate tendency
      made and the resultant actions have overloaded
                                                                to claim territory and emphasize the person’s
      the cognitive and motor capabilities of the driver.
                                                                space ownership. Territoriality is shared by all liv-
          Recent research has shown that some beliefs,          ing species and is essential for survival. Perhaps
      attitudes and values concerning driving styles are        that is why some drivers do not use the light signal
      widespread among young drivers in the UAE.                to indicate directions because one does not have
        Tailgating- approaching cars from behind at high        to inform others about his future directions in his
      speed, flashing lights to budge cars out of the way,      own space. Also, a study has shown that the fanci-
                                                                    The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012   25

 er the car the more territory is claimed. Territoriality   been studied by experimental psychologists (e.g.
 was extensively studied by biologists and psycholo-        Donders). Reaction time is the total of the times
 gists using animals and humans alike. To say that          required for sensation, perception, discrimination,
 territoriality is innate and essential for survival does   choice and response plus the time needed for mo-
 not mean that all its manifestations are correct and       tor execution of a response to an event in the sur-
 legitimate.                                                rounding environment. Several factors affect reac-
                                                            tion time: gender, age, the level of physiological
     When a perfectly responsible driver makes a
                                                            stimulation, sleepiness, fatigue, distractions, the
 wrong judgement or miscalculation, or when a reck-
                                                            number of relevant stimuli and expectancy. Reac-
 less driver makes a rash choice, such as speeding,
                                                            tion time varies under different conditions but has
 tailgating, jumping the traffic red light, etc. a situa-
                                                            lower limits. Human responses cannot go beyond
 tion is created where demands for safety go be-
                                                            that limit. If because of recklessness or a miscalcu-
 yond human cognitive and motor capabilities. Yet,
                                                            lation a situation was created where avoiding a
 the individual could make another type of rash
                                                            crash requires reaction time shorter than humanly
 choice but with equally hazardous consequence:
                                                            possible, a disaster will certainly be looming.
 drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or cer-
 tain medicines or when fatigued or sleepy. In such             Also driving safely requires focused, selective,
 a situation, the demands of safety are normal but          divided and sustained attention, depending on the
 the level of the human cognitive and motor func-           requirements of the situation. It requires accurate
 tioning is reduced below the requirements of safe          detection of changes in the road environment. Sig-
 driving. The effect is usually disastrous. It is obvi-     nal detection was also extensively studied by psy-
 ous that in all these examples the human factor is         chologist and a prominent theory, ‘Signal Detection
 at play, not the vehicle nor the road.                     Theory’ was developed based on extensive experi-
                                                            mental studies. In everyday life and in the road en-
     Human cognitive functions are amazingly effec-
                                                            vironment in particular, relevant changes must be
 tive and efficient, but they have limitations. Of rele-
                                                            detected and responded to correctly and in good
 vance here is the speed of the driver’s reactions to
                                                            time. Studies by experimental and cognitive psy-
 events in the road environment or what is known by
                                                            chologists of signal detection culminated in a vast
 scientists as ‘reaction time’ which has extensively
                                                            body of knowledge about the variables involved
                                                            when an individual has to detect changes in the
                                                            environment, identify and classify these events as
                                                            relevant (signals) or irrelevant (noise), choose the
                                                            right response and respond in due time . This, too,
                                                            is a limited human cognitive capacity which cannot
                                                            cope with most of the situations created by reck-
                                                            less driving practices or misjudgements.   Ψ

                                                               Taha Amir, PhD
                                                               The author is professor in Department of Psy-
                                                            chology and Counselling UAEU and has conduct-
                                                            ed funded researches on car accidents in the UAE.
   26     The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May

  Confronting Stereot
  What Can We Do?

           Following the National Career         ‘grain of truth,’ other times they   sessment is accurate. Putting
        Exhibition in Sharjah in March           are more dissociated from real-      these pieces together, we see
        this year, The National published        ity. Either way, once formed         that stereotypes have the
        several articles examining why           these expectations – known as        power to elicit behavior and
        only 43,000 Emiratis fill the 2.2        stereotypes – change the way         change the way we interpret
        million private sector jobs in the       we perceive the world around         that behavior. In this way, ste-
        UAE, which is plagued by 14%             us.                                  reotypes are self-
        unemployment for citizens. The-              When we hold a stereotype        perpetuating. By eliciting the
        se articles cover interviews with        about a particular group, it im-     behavior we expect, we
        Emirati professionals who sug-           pacts the way we interact with       ‘prove’ our expectation true.
        gest that negative stereotypes           members of that group. If we         Such consequences are not
        fuel a tendency in the private           expect poor work from mem-           conscious or deliberate; in-
        sector to resist hiring Emiratis. 1,     bers of a certain group, we may      stead they are the unintended
               Whether from personal in-         give them fewer or less im-          byproduct of a cognitive sys-
        teraction, the media, or other           portant responsibilities. Stereo-    tem which evolved to balance
        sources, we create and maintain          types also influence the way         accuracy with efficiency.
        sets of expectations about what          we evaluate behaviors per-              The fact is, although they
        groups of people are like. Some-         formed by members of the             may lead us astray, stereo-
        times these expectations carry a         group, whether or not that as-       types, as any categorization
                                                                     The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012      27

types of Emiratis:
 processes, are functional for                                                ior tells us nothing about the
 daily interaction. As globaliza-                                             group as a whole. Individuals
 tion increases, we are confront-                                             who can be subcategorized are
 ed by more and more “types” of                                               also fenced off. If an Emirati is
 people with different customs,                                               foreign-educated or raised, for
 backgrounds, and belief sys-                                                 example, we may automatically
 tems. Too much diversity is                                                  and unconsciously consider their
 overwhelming to the cognitive                                                behavior a product of their envi-
 system, but having some                                                      ronment and not their nationality.
 knowledge about what “types” of                                              So again, in our minds their suc-
 people are like can help us in-                                              cess tells us nothing of Emiratis
 terpret the interactions we have                                             in general.
 with people who come from dif-                                                   If stereotypes have the power
 ferent backgrounds. If that is the           Angela Maitner, PhD             to prove themselves right, and if
 case, we should want our stere-                                              they are resistant to change
 otypes to be as accurate as                                                  even in the face of counterexam-
                                          wanted to prove we were better
 possible, and when they are in-                                              ples, how can they be con-
                                          than that and could lead."3 Alt-
 accurate, we may want them to                                                trolled? Herein lies the real chal-
                                          hough Mey is also proving that
 change.                                                                      lenge to Emirati identity and per-
                                          Emiratis can lead, her example
     Interacting with people who                                              haps part of the problem of un-
                                          may be too striking to alter an
 do not conform to our stereotyp-                                             employment among UAE nation-
                                          overall stereotype of Emiratis in
 ic expectations may be one way                                               als. Put simply, the strongest
                                          the workplace. Instead, individ-
 to modify our stereotypes. Mey                                               way to confront stereotypes is to
                                          uals who are extremely deviant
 Alleem, a successful Emirati en-                                             present a large number of mildly
                                          from our stereotypic expecta-
 gineer, told The National, "I pur-                                           counter-stereotypic exemplars –
                                          tions are often fenced off from
 sued this career because it's a                                              we need to see people who sur-
                                          the group – taken as a rare
 challenging thing, especially for                                            prise, but don’t overwhelm us.
                                          counterexample whose behav-
 a woman. I like challenges…. I

                                          “multicultural ideology.” It is      between groups and creating a
     If our stereotype is wrong, it
                                          beneficial to recognize differ-      more supportive environment for
 needs to be gently nudged in the
                                          ences that exist between             stereotype change.
 right direction until our minds can
                                          groups in society – to allow cat-        Second, every individual
 no longer resist the evidence.
                                          egorization – so long as we al-      must recognize that their behav-
     To help make this option a
                                          so respect those differences.        ior is perceived by outsiders as
 reality, at all societal levels, indi-
                                          Research shows that holding          a reflection on the group. This is
 viduals should make a deliberate
                                          this view of diversity provides      especially the case in a diverse
 attempt to interact with people
                                          the cognitive benefit of getting     society where the mind catego-
 who are different from them. This
                                          to simplify a complex social         rizes in order to function. Individ-
 allows the opportunity to encoun-
                                          world through categorization,        uals who act counter to a stereo-
 ter people who deviate from ste-
                                          but ensures that resulting stere-    type weaken it. Those who sup-
 reotypes. While interacting with
                                          otypes are more accurate. It         port it, strengthen it.
 people from different back-
                                          does so without increasing prej-     ...Cont’d on p. 39
 grounds, we should embrace
                                          udice, thereby reducing tension
 what psychologists call a
   28 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   28 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

     The Culture of Volunteerism
     in The UAE
     Reflections on a Study of Emirati Youth
         Robert Putnam wrote (1995)         Emiratis have given their time to    “plug” into programs as they see
      that interpersonal interactions       civic associations since the be-     fit, allowing for a wider audience
      between individuals in a society      ginning of the country’s founda-     to engage in a group’s activities
      driven by civic associations could    tion, and before this Emiratis       even if those volunteers do not
      result in “social capital,” or that   report that earlier generations      typically give their time to the
      the members of that society           helped their neighbors informal-     group. New organizations also
      place in their expectations of co-    ly since long before the nation’s    often go beyond money-giving
      operation with one another. Yet       birth. Yet there are major differ-   opportunities, instead offering
      in UAE formal volunteering, an        ences between those associa-         volunteers a chance to give their
      example of such civic engage-         tions and today’s new volunteer-     time to others.
      ment defined as the act of giving     ism initiatives. All or most older
                                                                                    The UAE and its citizens have
      time through a registered organi-     associations considered mem-
                                                                                 much to gain from these trends,
      zation or community association,      bers’ involvement with the group
                                                                                 though not without drawbacks.
      has reportedly risen in recent        the primary form of volunteer-
                                                                                 In a small survey last year of
      years. The popularity of volun-       ism, whereas newer organiza-
                                                                                 twenty Emirati youth who were
      teerism in UAE may come as no         tions more often offer a chance
                                                                                 identified by members of their
      surprise to those who know that       for non-group members to
                                                                 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012      29

                                                                           wise marginalized perspective. A
community as “highly engaged”                                              young man from Abu Dhabi stat-
in volunteerism, volunteers re-                                            ed simply that since volunteering
ported knowledge and skill ac-                                             he’s learned to think outside of
quisition as one of their biggest                                          himself. An Al Ain student says
motivations and most significant                                           she better understands how to
of effects of volunteering. Volun-                                         analyze other’s motives. Others
teers learned everything from                                              finally saw that those who are
confidence, time management,                                               different from them, especially
communication skills, patience,                                            those with special needs, are not
and self-motivation for productiv-                                         necessarily disabled and are, in
ity to feeling less shy around                                             fact, quite able: painting, walking,
members of the opposite gen-                Rebecca Donaldson              running, winning medals.
der.      Volunteers emphasized
that volunteering can expand                                                   One young man who studies
one’s horizons. One young man         quires you to labor without pay-     film at university admitted that he
from Dubai confessed, “For me,        ment. “Why you help them but         used to have a phobia of disa-
it’s all about the learning experi-   they don’t pay you?” asked the       bled people. Now he is thinking
ence.” An Al Ain university stu-      friends of a young woman from        of producing a TV show that in-
dent exclaimed that volunteering      Ras al-Khaimah (RAK). Her            cludes the handicapped as char-
helps you learn things you’ll nev-    friends went on to point out that    acters on the show in order to
er learn in schools or from books     volunteering may make people         change society’s perception of
because you cannot process            see you “as a Filipina maid.”        them. While volunteering, he
what you don’t experience.            Some volunteers, especially          found himself thinking that disa-
                                      young women, feared repercus-        bled kids are more honest. “I
   Beyond this, volunteers em-        sions if volunteering required co    used to be the kind of person
phasized their gains in happi-        -ed interaction. Others reported     who would judge a book by its
ness. As one young woman              feelings of isolation from their     cover,” he said. “Now I’m more
from Al Ain stated, when you          choice to spend their free time      accepting of people – who they
help people “it’s a special happi-    working.                             are, where they come from.” He
ness, you’ll never find it any-                                            said he did not know if this came
where else.” Several others re-           Regardless, momentum may
                                                                           from volunteering for sure, but
ported a feeling of religious self-   drive volunteerism’s popularity
                                                                           that afterwards he could see dif-
actualization. Another volunteer      all the way towards societal
                                                                           ference.     Retaining a healthy
explained: “…knowing that God         change. Throughout my inter-
                                                                           skepticism, he stated that volun-
rewards you for helping others        views, volunteers continually
                                                                           teerism could not fulfill all of soci-
may lead some Emiratis to vol-        emphasized that volunteering
                                                                           ety’s needs. In a realization that
unteer even if this motivation is     taught them not only how to
                                                                           would make Putnam proud, he
purely subconscious.”                 work with others from a team-
                                                                           went on to say that volunteering
                                      work perspective, but also with
    The reported effects on volun-                                         still could “help society’s interac-
                                      those who are different from
teers were not all positive,                                               tions with one another.” If this is
                                      them in terms of gender, nation-
namely fear of criticism from                                              true and the trend continues, vol-
                                      ality, or race. As one student so
family, friends, and society.                                              unteering may not just affect
                                      eloquently put it, volunteering
Several of those interviewed                                               UAE’s volunteers. It may also
                                      can help “delete that conflict be-
said that one or both parents                                              strengthen the togetherness of
                                      tween thoughts and cultures.”
thought that giving time to the                                            the society as a whole. Ψ
community required students to           Indeed, depending on the
                                      nature and content of the volun-     By Rebecca Donaldson
sacrifice, rather than supple-
                                      teering, the very act can teach      US Fulbright Scholar (2010-11)
ment, their academic studies.
                                      someone how to see the world         FHSS, UAEU
Some friends questioned an ac-
tivity – any activity – that re-      from the eyes of another other-
   30 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   30 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

    Student Column
    Woes of a Psychology Undergrad: The Struggle for Neutrality
    “Oh you’re studying psychology? Can you               know that I am studying psychology. Analyzing
 analyze my personality?” If this sounds famil-           personalities is indeed a part of a psychologist’s
 iar, you are indeed (or were) a psychology stu-          job, but personality analysis doesn’t happen on
 dent. I’ve been studying for almost two years            the go. We can’t talk about it casually over tea; I
 now, and the very same questions and reac-               can’t give it to you on a plate to go along with
 tions happen every time someone gets to                  the falafel you just ordered.

By Saad Ibrahim, Psychology Major, UAEU

        According to which theory would you like to         (Geographical Information Systems) student, to
      be analyzed? Or what particular aspect of your        which I quickly replied, “Oh sure, I’ll analyze
      personality would you like us to look into? Can       your personality but only if you draw me a map
      you fill out these numerous personality scales        first.” I do realize this might be unprofessional
      while I shake my head in dismay?                      but it keeps my irritation levels controllable.

          Is this what it feels to be stereotyped?             Another common belief is that psychology
      We’ve studied stereotypes in the course of so-        students go into the field because they have
      cial psychology, and I am very aware that we          mental problems of their own to solve. My
      all belong to a certain stereotype whether we         peers often stated, “What? Study psychology?!
      like it or not. However, being reminded of it         No thanks, I’m not crazy.” Sometimes they fol-
      regularly by peers (even unintentionally) gets        low it up with, “So how are you doing now?” to
      under your skin after a while, and it’s very hard     which I respond with a vague expression and a
      not to become irritated. The last time I was          wistful look towards the horizon. Again, I know
      asked these questions was by a GIS                    this looks unprofessional but I’m just going to
                                                               The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012      31

hide behind my student status, I have yet to at-      gramming is not considered a branch of psy-
tain the patience and understanding of senior         chology. What usually comes up with this is
psychology professionals.                             hypnosis. Others ask if we learn how to do hyp-
                                                      nosis during the course of our study, it’s not
    It is indeed true that a portion of students go
                                                      enough to follow up the big sigh with a simple
into the field to gain better understanding of
                                                      “No,” I also explain why hypnotism died out as a
themselves as human beings, but that does not
                                                      therapeutic approach and that it’s not a viable
mean they are psychopaths. How come medi-
                                                      treatment option in almost all cases. If I don’t
cal students aren’t being called sadists since
                                                      add this they will get the idea that what they see
they slice corpses up during anatomy classes?
                                                      in movies is still being done in real practice.
Why don’t we see chemical engineering stu-
dents being deemed potential anarchists just             Once others know that you’re studying psy-
because they dabble with chemicals? So why            chology, they deal with you with an obvious air
does studying the mind brand those who study          of suspicion, as if you’re trying to get to their in-
it as ‘crazy’?                                        nermost secrets or looking for guinea pigs to
                                                      apply what you’ve learned.
   Here is another one of those comments:
“You’re doing psychology? Wow. I took a cou-             I don’t intend to generalize here, maybe it’s
ple of diplomas in NLP last summer!” These            just my personal experience and I shouldn’t be
kinds of statements really get to me. All that        extrapolating it to the experiences of other psy-
should be said is that Neuro-Linguistic Pro-          chology undergraduate students;

   however after some investigations online I         limited to one discipline, looking at it from a stu-
wasn’t surprised to see that other psychology         dent’s perspective might have shed some light
students around the globe also are being              on the nuances associated with the psychology
viewed in pretty much the same way. Actually,         student stereotype. However, it is not some-
just to be fair, every discipline’s students have a   thing that will hinder a student’s performance or
particular stereotype; we all have a certain idea     general functioning. The real issue is what
of what an engineering student, what a mass           comes after that. These perspectives tend to
communications student is like, what a politics       persist without correction even after entering
student is like etc. It is just a marvel how these    professional lives, and just like a stereotype of a
stereotypes persist in universities which are         particular ethnic group negatively affects the
supposedly scintillating platforms of knowledge       attitudes and behavior towards that group, so
and awareness.                                        do stereotypes of academic disciplines and
  As the issue of academic stereotypes isn’t          their professionals. Ψ
   32 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   32 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

                                                               Contributions to
                                                                                tion, perception, etc. in his fa-
                                                                                mous book ash Shifa (Healing).
                                                                                At the most common level, the
                                                                                influence of the mind on the
                                                                                body can be seen in voluntary
                                                                                movements, i.e. whenever the
                                                                                mind wishes to move the body,
                                                                                the body obeys. The second lev-
                                                                                el of the influence of mind on the
                                                                                body is from emotions and the
                                                                                will. Say for instance, if a plank
                                                                                of wood is placed as a bridge
                                                                                over a chasm, one can hardly
                                              Ibn Sina, commonly known          creep over it without falling be-
                                           as Avicenna in the West was          cause one only pictures oneself
                                           from Bukhara (presently capital      in a possible fall so vividly that
                                           of Uzbekistan in Central Asia).      the ‘‘natural power of limbs ac-
                                           His full name was Abu ‘Ali Al-       cord with it.’’ Strong emotions
                                           Husayn B. ‘Abd Allah Ibn Sina        can actually destroy the temper-
                                           (980–1037) and he was known          ament of the individual and lead
                                           primarily as a philosopher and a     to death by influencing vegeta-
                                           physician, but he also contribut-    tive functions. On the other
                                           ed to the advancement of all         hand, a strong soul could create
                                           sciences in his time. In the field   conditions in another person as
                                           of psychology, Ibn Sina wrote        well—based on this phenome-
                                           about mind, its existence, the       non, he accepts the reality of
                                           mind–body relationship, sensa-       hypnosis (al Wahm al-Amil). He
                                                                                divided human perceptions into
                                                                                the five external and five internal
                                                                                senses: (a) sensus communis or
                                                                 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012     33

the seat of all senses that inte-      lia to mania. He explained that          ...cont’d from p. 15 (NRC)
grates sense data into percepts,       humidity inside the head can
(b) the imaginative faculty which      contribute to mood disorders.         Education and Training
conserves the perceptual imag-         This happens when the amount             Educating its own workforce to
es, (c) the sense of imagination,      of breath changes. Happiness          deliver the best possible treat-
which acts upon these images           increases the breath, which           ment and care, to build capacity
by combining and separating            leads to increased moisture in-       in Abu Dhabi and the UAE to
them (by intellect in humans)          side the brain but if this mois-      deal with addiction and associat-
and is therefore the seat of prac-     ture goes beyond its limits the       ed problems and to be a regional
tical intellect, (d) Wahm or in-       brain will lose control over its      and international centre of excel-
stinct that perceives qualities like   rational thought leading to men-      lence in training and workforce
good and bad, love and hate,           tal disorders. He also used psy-      development in addictions are
etc. and it forms the basis of         chological methods to treat his       NRC’s aims.
one’s character whether or not         patients. Ibn Sina also wrote
                                                                                 The Psychological Skills and
influenced by reason, (e) inten-       about symptoms and treatment
                                                                             Competencies Training Pro-
tions (ma’ni) that conserves in        of love sickness (Ishq), night-
                                                                             gramme for Mental Health Profes-
memory all these notions. He           mare, epilepsy, and weak
                                                                             sionals initiated by NRC in partner-
wrote about the potential intellect    memory.
                                                                             ship with Maudsley International
(within man) and active intellect                                            and King’s College London in 2009
(outside man) and that cognition                                             was the first of its kind in the coun-
cannot be mechanically pro-               Excerpt from Haque, A.
                                                                             try. Its success in improving skills
duced but involves intuition at        (2004). Psychology from an Is-        in a multidisciplinary workforce has
every stage. According to him,         lamic perspective: Contributions      led to a partnership with the UAEU
ordinary human mind is like a          of Early Muslim Scholars to           to develop this programme into a
mirror upon which a succession         Psychology. Journal of Religion       Post Graduate Diploma in Applied
of ideas reflects from the active      and Health. 43:4, 367-387.            Psychological Skills in Mental
intellect. Before the acquisition of                                         Health. Providing placements and
knowledge that emanates from                                                 fellowships to undergraduates,
the active intellect the mirror was                                          postgraduates and trainees of dif-
                                                                             ferent professions as an education
rusty but when we think, the mir-
                                                                             partner with universities is very
ror is polished and it remains to
                                                                             much part of the agenda of the
direct it to the sun (active intel-
                                                                             NRC. The NRC is currently
lect) so that it could readily re-
                                                                             launching an experiential training
flect light. Ibn Sina also gave                                              geared towards developing capaci-
psychological explanations of                                                ties in delivering the Matrix, an am-
certain somatic illnesses. He                                                bulatory care model accredited by
considered philosophizing as a                                               the Substance Abuse and Mental
way of making ‘‘the soul reach                                               Health Services Administration
perfection’’. Ibn Sina always                                                (SAMHSA) in the USA.
linked the physical and psycho-
                                                                               To find out more about the
logical illnesses together. He
                                                                             NRC please visit our website
called melancholia (depression)
                                                                    or phone us on +971
a type of mood disorder in which
                                                                             2 446 6660. Ψ
the person may become suspi-
cious and develop certain types                                              Dr Shamil Wanigaratne
of phobias. Anger he said her-
                                                                             Consultant Clinical Psychologist
alded the transition of melancho-
                                                                             and Senior Advisor to the Direc-
                                                                             tor General of the NRC
   34 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   34 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

  Psychology and
  Mental Health
                                           Singapore, Singapore             July 9 - 12, 2013
      2012                                 Web:        The 13th European Con-
                                                                            gress of Psychology
      September 14 - 17, 2012              November 8-11, 2012              Stockholm, Sweden
      13th International EABP Con-         25th Annual Psychiatric and      Web:
      gress of Body Psychotherapy          Mental Health Congress
      Cambridge, UK                        San Diego, California, USA       July 22-25, 2013
      Web:         Web: http://                     7th World Congress of
      .uk/                                   Behavioral and Cognitive
      September 21-23, 2012                November 15 - 18, 2012           Lima, Peru
      International Conference on          53rd Annual Meeting of the       Web:
      Schizophrenia                        Psychonomic Society
      Chennai, India                       Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA      July 31 - August 4, 2013
      Web:     Web: http://                     121st Annual Convention
                                       of the American Psycho-
      September 26-28                      meeting.html                     logical Association
      South-East Asia Psychology                                            Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
      Conference                                                            Web:
      Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia                                               convention
                                           December 5-7, 2012
                                           Division of Clinical Psycholo-
      conferences/SEAP2012                 gy Conference                    August 15-18, 2013
                                           Oxford, United Kingdom           3rd Asia Pacific Rim Coun-
      September, 26 - 30, 2012             Web:      seling and Psychotherapy
      6th International Adventure          dcp2012                          Conference
      Therapy Conference                                                    Kuching, Malaysia
      Czech Paradise, Czech Republic
      Web:                     2013                            Web: http://
                                           March 20 - 23, 2013
      October 10-13, 2012                                                   November 14 - 17, 2013
                                           First World Conference on
      International Conference on                                           54th Annual Meeting of
      Education and Educational                                             the Psychonomic Society
                                           Stellenbosch, South Africa
      Psychology                                                            Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      Istanbul, Turkey                                                      Web: http://
                                           April 18 - 20, 2013
                                           Biennial Meeting of the Socie-   annual-meeting.html
      November, 1-3, 2012
                                           ty for Research in Child De-
      2nd Asia Pacific Behavioral
                                           velopment (SRCD)
      and Addiction Conference with
                                           Seattle, Washington, USA
      Psychotherapy Masterclass
                                                                 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012    35

UAE Practicing Psychologist Database
Name of Psychologist    University Degree                                Place of Work
Alia Alserkal           PhD (Psychology)                                 du (Emirates Integrated Telecommu-
                                                                         nication Company), Dubai
Andrea Tosatto          PhD (Psychology)                                 Dubai
Angela De Jong          D. Comm (Leadership in Performance and           TDIC, Abu Dhabi
                        Change), M. Comm (I/O psychology)
Angela Wahl             MA (Industrial Psychology)                       ADCO, Abu Dhabi
Bonita Das Bhatla       MSc (Occupational Psychology), Charted Psy-      Freelance Business Psychologist,
                        chologist                                        Abu Dhabi

Deema Sihweil           PsyD (Clinical Psychology)                       Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Fatima Mohd. Abdulla    MA (Psychology)                                  Emirates Airlines, Dubai
J. Bruce Overmier       PhD (Organizational Psychology)                  Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Jeannine Deitos         PhD (Pediatric Psychology)                       Osteopathic Health Center
Jessica Rios-Habib      PhD (Pediatric Psychology)                       Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai
June Fong               Forensic Psychology                              Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Katerine LeMay          PhD (Clinical Psychology)                        Dubai Physiotherapy and Family
                                                                         Medicine Clinic, Dubai
Lama Younis             Forensic Psychology & Criminology                Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Lisa Biasini            MA (Psychology)                                  Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Lori Carroll            PhD (School Psychology)                          Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Maqsoud Kruse           M. Psych (Clinical Psychology)                   Abu Dhabi
Naeema Jiwani           MS (Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology)     Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Plamen Dimitri          PhD (Organizational Psychology)                  Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Raymond H. Hamden       PhD (Clinical & Forensic Psychology)             Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Sabine Skaf             MA (Psychology)                                  Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Samineh I. Shaheem      PhD (Cross Cultural Psychology)                  Human Relations Institute, Dubai
Sanne Mantoni           MA (Organizational Psychology)                   PA Consulting Group, Dubai
Sarah Jones             MSc (Occupational Psychology)                    Human Resources & Development
                                                                         Dubai Airports, Dubai

Note: This is a developing database of practicing psychologists who wish to add their names on this list.
For additions, deletions or corrections, please email to the editor. For more information, including crite-
ria for inclusion, please see p. 40.
   36 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   36 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

                                                                                    Note: This directory is a continuation
                                                                                    of psychological and human services
                                                                                    listings provided in the Dec. 2011
                                                                                    issue of the Newsletter.

      Services in the UAE
      Abu Dhabi                                                                       Dubai
                                             Private practice
      The Abu Dhabi New Psychiatry
                                             Provides Occupational Therapy            Al Noor Center for Children with
      Hospital                                                                        Special Needs
                                             Mr. Mohamed Taleb,
      A government run facility which                                                 Tanuka Gupta (Clinical Psychologist)
                                             Deputy Director, Sr. Occupational
      could be contacted for any help in     Therapist                                Add: Al Barsha, behind Mall of the
      Psychiatry                             Tel: 02 6669625 / 050 5369943            Emirates PO Box 8397
                                                                                      Tel: 050 7947083
      Tel: 02 6331600                                                                 Web:
                                            Zayed Higher Organization for Hu-
     The Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital    manitarian Care and Special
     Provides psychological and neuro-      Needs
     psychological assessment and coun-     Provides educational, rehabilita-         British Medical Consulting Center
     seling                                 tion and therapeutic services to          Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
     Add: Mental health department, PO      support individuals with special          (adults, children and adolescents)
     Box 30702,                             needs.
                                                                                      Dr. Abdul Wahab
     Tel: 02 6658090/02 4177222/ 02         Add: Airport Road behind Carre-           Add: Villa # 32, Jumeirah Beach
     6658084 (F)                            four                                      Road, Jumeirah 1, Opposite Mer-
     Web:              Tel: 02 6985555/02 4418099 (F)            cato Mall
                                                                                      Tel: 04 3442633
                                            Abu Dhabi Centre for Language             Email:
      New Medical Centre
                                            and Speech Disorders                      Web:
      Provides psychological and neuro-
      psychological assessment and Coun-    Tel: 02 6656222
      seling                                Email:
                                                                                      Child Early Intervention Medical
      Tel: 02 6332255                                                                 Center
      Web:                       British Institute for Learning Devel-
                                                                                      Offers services for Autism and
                                            opment Abu Dhabi                          speech therapy
      The New England Center for Chil-
                                            Tel: 02 5526078                           Dr. Hibah Shata, Managing Director/
                                            Web:                  Co-Founder
      Provides Applied Behaviour Analy-     Email:          Add: Dubai Health Care City, Al Razi
      sis for Autisim                                                                 Building Block B, Suite 2010, PO Box
      Vincent Strully Jr. (CEO & Founder)                                             505122
                                            Abilities Development Centre              Tel: 04 4233667/04 4298474(F)/050
      Add: P.O. Box 112923 Abu Dhabi
      Tel: 02 6429550 / 02 6429610 (F)                                                5512319 (Dr. Hiba)
                                            Tel: 02 6417996
      Web: /                                                             Email: / Hi-
                                                                      The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012        37

Counseling Point                       Dubai Clinical Psychologist             Sylvan Learning in Mirdif
Rema Menon, Founder and Direc-         Offers Psychotherapy Servicesin         Specialty in reading
tor, Emotional / Psychological Ther-   English and French.
                                                                               Jeffrey Smith, Director
                                       Dr. Katerine LeMay PhD, C. Psych.       Address: Street 47, Al Barajeel Oasis
Add: Suite 202, Nasr Lootah Building   Psychologist / Psychotherapist          Tel: 04 2362227
Next to New Pakistani Consulate        Web:          Email:
Bank Street – Bur Dubai                Email:              Web:
Tel: 050 5642709/04 3978846/04                                       
3978847 (F)                                                                    mirdif
Web:          Dubai Foundation for Women and
Email:                  Children                                Stepping Stones Center for Autistic
                                       Fatma Hassan Essa, Community            Spectrum Disorders
Davis Dyslexia Association affiliate   Awareness Director (Emotional /         Designs individualized behavioral,
Provides Dyslexia Support Services     Psychological Therapist)                educational, social, speech /
in English and Africans                Add: PO Box 97727                       language and occupational therapy
Linda Rademan                          Tel: 04 6060331/04 6060300/04           programs for individuals diagnosed
Address: JESS Arabian Ranches          2871221(F)                              within the autism spectrum and
Tel: 04 3481687/050 4507760            Web:                       other related disorders.
Email:         Email: /          Add: Dubai Health Care City, Al Razi
                                                        Bldg, Block B, Suite 5001, Dubai
                                                                               Tel: 04 3635433/04 3635432
Dyslexia Learning Support Services                                             (F)/050 3897117
                                       Infinity Clinic
Provides Dyslexia Learning Support
Services in English                    Speech-Language Pathologist/            Private Practitioner and ASD Ele-
                                       Specialist in Learning Disabilities     mentary
Dr. Anita Singhal, Director, Educa-    (LD) in English
tional Psychologist                                                            SN assessment, Ed. Psych. LD/ADD/
Tel: 04 3440738/050 6524325            Alia Thobani                            ADHD in English
Email:            Add: Al Wasl Road 726 Dubai
                                       Tel: 04 3948994                         Onita Nakra, Ph.D.
                                       Email:                Tel: 04 3440824/04 3557743/050
Dubai Autism Center                                                            4508049"
Provides services for Autism                                                   Email:
Add: PO Box 103737
                                       Lexicon Reading Centre                  Private Practice
Tel: 04 3986864/04 3988262(F)
Web:          Offers Services for children/adults     Autism and Clinical psychology
Email:       with learning differences
                                                                               Marissa Lobo
                                       Aisha Said, Program Director            Tel: 050 4579171
Dubai Early Childhood Develop-         Add: Jumeirah Lakes Towers, HDS
ment Center (DECDC)                    Tower 1909
                                       Tel: 04 4447782/050 7954428             Ras Al Khaimah
Offers comprehensive assessments
for developmental disabilities.        Email: in-
                                                                               ABA center for special needs
Dr. Bushra Al Mulla, Director          Web:                                    Provides Applied Behavior Analysis
Tel: 04 3260161                          Therapy for developmental disor-
Web:                                                            ders.
                                       NMC Specialty Hospital                  Mrs. Asha Susan
Private practice
                                       Provides psychological and neuro-       Add: Ras Al Khaimah, P.O Box
Provides Dyslexic Support Service in   psychological assessment and            29345.
Arabic, English, and French            Counseling                              Tel: 07 2365542 / 07 2365057/ 055
Ruba Tabari                                                                    3119743
                                       Tel: 04 2679999/04 2678889
Tel: 050 5514316                       Web:
                                                                               Email: / ash-
Email:               Email:
   38 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   38 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

      Sharjah                                                                         EMDR
      ABA center for special needs              Manzil Special Needs                  An Evolving
      Provides a wide variety of services       Educational Psychologist - Learning   Therapy,
      to individuals and their families who
      face the life-long challenges of de-
                                                Assessments                           Cont’d
                                                Ayesha Saeed Husaini, Director
      velopmental disabilities, autism,         Off Sharjah Airport Road, PO Box
      pervasive developmental disorder,                                      the practice guideline of a
                                                44410                                 wide range of organizations
      asperger’s syndrome, ADD, ADHD,           Tel: 06 5347663/06 5347664/04
      developmental delays, down’s syn-                                               like the American Psychiatric
      drome, cerebral palsy etc.                Email:           Association (APA) in 2004, the
      Mrs. Asha Susan                           Web:                    Department of Veterans Affairs
      Tel: 055 3119743                                                                and Department of Defence in
      Web:                                                          2010, the International Society / ash-                                                       of Traumatic Stress Studies in
                                              Specialty Centre For Child Care                                                    2009 and in other organiza-
                                              Provides special Needs assessment
                                                                                      tions worldwide.
                                              and therapy in Arabic and Basic
      Specialty Centre For Child Care         English, Certified by Ministry of          Relatively few neuropsycho-
      Provides assessment and remedial        Health.                                 logical studies on EMDR have
      services in Arabic and basic English. Ashraf El Erain (Psychologist)            been published yet. Van der
      Consultants certified by the Ministry                                           Kolk (1996) conducted a study
                                            Address: P.0. Box 21882 Sharjah
      to conduct psychological and SN                                                 on trauma victims, who were
                                            Located near football stadium
                                                                                      treated with EMDR and given
                                            Tel: 050 5126206
      Dr. Gamal El Karim (General Manag-                                              a SPECT brain scan, pre and
      er)                                   Email:             post EMDR. Findings showed
      P.0. Box 21882 Sharjah, Located                                                 reduction in some of the neu-
      near football stadium
                                                                                      rological abnormalities associ-
      Tel: 06 5223517 050 525629            British Institute for Learning and
      Email:              Development                               ated with their conditions. A
                                                                                      study by Nicosia (1994) found
      Emirates Psychological Association Provides Neuro-phys development              that examination of EMDR cli-
                                          of children / Occupational Therapy,
      Provides workshops and trainings to Utilizes 9 international assess-            ents by quantitaive electroen-
      improve skills of psychologists in  ments, translator available for Ara-        cephalography (QEEG) re-
      Arabic and English.                 bic Speaking Clients.                       vealed normalization of the
      Dr. Nadia Buhannad (President)      Sheena Reynolds Msc., Dip COT,              slower brain wave activity of
      Address: Dar Ghaya Bldg. Mowail-    BAOT, Learning Development Di-              the two cortical hemispheres.
      eeh Area                            rector
      Tel: 06 5441137 / Sat-Wed (0800-                                                   Going forward, there is a
                                          Add: Villa 361 (Ramaqia area, Shar-
      1400)                                                                           need for more research to be
      Email:         Tel: 06 5383262                             conducted on the effect of
       Web:           Web:                    EMDR and its relation with
                                              Email:        neuroplasticity of the brain.
                                                                                      This may highlight in the future
       Note: If your psychological
                                                                                      the effectiveness of EMDR as
       services are not listed here                                                   a therapy. We hope to see
       and you wish to be included in                                                 similar research initiatives in-
       future issues of the News-                                                     crease in this part of the world.
       letter, please send us the                                                     Ψ
       needed information. —Editor.
                                                                   The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012     39

    An Industrial Psychologist abroad
    the UAE edition, Cont’d
    Finding psychometric tests         completed at all.                   value to hiring managers, candi-
 and simulation exercises written                                           dates and employees partaking
 in Arabic for both Assessment              Luckily, it can be reported
                                                                            in development centers. I found
 Centre and Development Centre          that many international test pub-
                                                                            this process thought provoking,
 purposes.                              lishers are in the process of de-
                                                                            but also very rewarding.
                                        veloping Arabic / Middle-Eastern
    Finding psychometric tests         psychometric tests and                 Therefore, after having lived,
 with appropriate Arabic / Middle-      norms. Furthermore I reverted       worked, dreamed and played for
 Eastern norms.                         back to the invigilated paper-and   three years in the Arabian desert,
    Giving development feed-           -pencil format of assessment at     I can see deep footsteps in the
                                        our offices rather than using       sand, and it will become increas-
 back to employees, while not a
                                        online assessments. And a           ingly more difficult to shake this
 native language speaker.
                                        large part of my role became        rich red sand off my feet one day
    Mistrust in the psychometric       raising awareness and educa-        when I need to return home. Ψ
 instrument, its reliability, the re-   tion on the science underpinning
                                                                            Angela de Jong, PhD
 sults and ultimately the value.        psychometrics, how the results
                                                                            Industrial Psychologist registered
                                        need to be interpreted, whilst
    Online tests being complet-                                            with the HPCSA
                                        simultaneously highlighting the
 ed by someone else, or not

Confronting Stereotypes of Emiratis: What Can We
Do? Cont’d
                                           Targets need to recognize            2
    Individuals should also                                                       Al Haddad, A. (03 March
                                        that stereotype-confirming be-
acknowledge that their own ste-                                             2012). Retail has roles for eve-
                                        havior influences how the group
reotypes will play a role in influ-                                         ry jobless Emirati. The National.
                                        as a whole is seen. Perceivers
encing their behavior, and thus,                                  
                                        need to recognize that their
expecting bias (whether or not                                              uae-news/retail-has-roles-for-
                                        judgments, at times, may be
it’s really there) will make it ap-                                         every-jobless-emirati
                                        prejudgments, and make more             3
pear.                                                                             Simpson, C. (03 March
                                        deliberate attempts to judge oth-
    Stereotypes are considered                                              2012). Emiratis tell of success in
                                        ers on a case-by-case basis.
problematic because when we                                                 private sector jobs. The National.
                                        Working together, we can aim to
hold negative expectations                                        
                                        both change stereotypes and
about a group, we may misper-                                               uae-news/emiratis-tell-of-
                                        reduce their misuse. Ψ
ceive negative characteristics in                                           success-in-private-sector-jobs
individuals. But stereotypes are
also an essential part of the             1                                 Angela Maitner, PhD
                                            Simpson, C. (04 March
architecture of the mind.                                                   Department of International
                                        2012). Emiratis missing in the
    Confronting them requires                                               Studies (Psychology)
                                        workforce. The National. http://
shared responsibility between                                               American University of Sharjah
target and perceiver.
   40 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   40 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

                       We are developing a database of Psychologists in the UAE! The re-
                    quirement for inclusion is either a master’s or higher degree (MPhil,
                    PhD, PsyD) in psychology from an accredited university or an official
                    job title of a “psychologist” working in the UAE. If you are interested in
                    being a part of this database, please send your name, credentials
                    (terminal degree and University, employer’s name and location) to the

      The Clinical Psychology Master’s Program
      at UAEU is developing a list of potential in-
      ternship sites for our students. If you are a
      government-approved human service agen-                    Site for
      cy or an organization with a Doctorate/
      Masters level psychologist and you are in-
      terested in joining our internship list, please
      contact the Newsletter Editor.

                                                        The Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology at
                                                        UAEU is a fee-based program and the total fee for
                                                        two-year program is AED 62,600. Several students
                                                        who qualified for admission could not pursue their

Psychology                                              dream because they could not afford to pay the full
                                                        fees. Additionally, we want to start a merit-based
                                                        scholarship for students who make it to the Dean’s

Sponsorship                                             List. If your organization can support the cause by
                                                        assisting needy and meritorious students earn a

                                                        master’s degree in clinical psychology, please do-
                                                        nate to the CPSP. We will place the name of your
                                                        organization on Clinical Psychology Program Web-
                                                        site: http://
                                                           The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012   41

Conference Announcement
and Call for Papers
2nd International Conference on Psychological Sciences*
Theme: Stress in Daily Life
November 2012, IT Building Auditorium, UAE University
The aim of this conference is to raise awareness on the effects of stress in general and Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), in response to the recent developments in some Arab
countries and natural disasters in other parts of the world.
Languages: English and Arabic
Organized by: the Department of Psychology and Counseling
*Subject to final Approval by the University
For exact date of the conference and other details please call: 03-7136470

Position Vacancy
Psychology Lab Supervisor
Minimum Qualifications:

1. The applicant must have a postgraduate degree in psychology. The minimum requirement is
an MSc from a reputable university.

2. The applicant must be particularly knowledgeable in the fields of statistical psychology, experi-
mental psychology, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, psychological tests and meas-
urements, and research methods.

3. The applicant must have experience in using psychology laboratory equipment and apparatus.

4. The applicant must demonstrate that s/he has experience in using psychological laboratories’
hardware and software.

The applicant must be able to use and maintain computer networks.

If interested, please send your CV to Prof. Taha Amir:
   42 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   42 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

                    UAEU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
                        is now accepting applications for it’s
                 Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology
               Spring Semester -- Academic Year 2011-2012
              This master’s level degree provides professional preparation for the clinical
           practice of psychology, enabling individuals to analyze, diagnose, and treat
           psychological disorders and prepare them for doctoral-level studies. Please
           submit application in hard copy directly to the UAEU Admissions Office: Build-
           ing 80, Maqam, Al Ain. Tel: 037134283 .

                                                         For further details, please visit our website:
                                                                         The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012   43

Masters of Science in
Clinical Psychology (MSc)

  UAEU’s Master’s of Science in            Curriculum:
  Clinical Psychology (MSc) pro-
  vides professional preparation              Required Courses
  for the clinical practice of psy-        (total 33 credits)
  chology, enabling individuals to         PSY 501-Advanced Clinical Psy-
  diagnose and treat psychological         chology
  and behavioral disorders in a            PSY 502-Intellectual Assessments
  variety of settings. The program         PSY 503-Advanced Psychopathol-
  requires 39 semester hours of            ogy
  study, including six semester            PSY 504-Personality Tests
  hours (600 clock hours) of su-           PSY 505-Advanced Behavioral
  pervised practicum experience            Statistics
  in an approved mental health or          PSY 506-Psychotherapy: Theories
  rehabilitation setting. Full-time        and Techniques
  students may be able to graduate         PSY 507-Cross Cultural Issues
  in less than two years. A mas-           PSY 508-Child and Family Thera-
  ter’s thesis is optional, and the        py                                      UAEU CLINICAL PSYCHOL-
  language of instruction is Eng-          PSY 601-Practicum I
  lish. Applicants must have some          PSY 602-Practicum II                    OGY MASTERS PROGRAM
  background in psychology and             PSY 603-Scientific and Profession-      LECTURE SERIES
  hold a degree from an accredit-          al Ethics
  ed institution. If the institution
  is in the UAE, it must be ac-               Elective Courses (total 6 cred-       Lecture Five
  credited by the Commission for           its)
  Academic Accreditation, Minis-                                                    The Clinical Psychology Virtu-
  try of Higher Education and              PSY 511-Individual Tests                 al Library, February 15th
  Scientific Research.                     (children)                               2012. Speaker: Mr. Ali Ab-
                                           PSY 512-Neuropsychology
                                                                                    dulla, Manager of Public Ser-
                                           PSY 513-Gender Issues
                                           PSY 514-Health Psychology
                                                                                    vices, University Libraries,
  Admission Criteria:                                                               UAEU.
                                           PSY 611-Personality Tests 2
  • Certified and current scores in        PSY 613-Psychopharmacology
  IELTS (minimum 6.0) or TOEFL             PSY 616-Master’s Thesis                  Lecture Six
  (minimum 550)                            PSY 617-Research Design Meth-
                                           ods                                      Ontogenesis of Anxiety Disor-
  • Academic transcripts demonstrat-                                                ders, March 14th 2012.
  ing a GPA of 2.5/C with GPA 3.0/         Tuition and Fees (2011-12):              Speaker: Dr. Ossama T. Os-
  B in psychology-related courses                                                   man (M.D.), Associate Pro-
                                           Per credit hour tuition: AED 1,200
                                           Per credit hour lab fees: AED 400
                                                                                    fessor of Psychiatry and
  • Completion of a minimum 24                                                      Health Sciences, FMHS,
  credit hours in psychology (certain      Total per credit tuition: AED 1,600
                                           Application fees: AED 200                UAEU.
  prerequisite, decided by committee
  on a case-by-case basis) may be          Total per-credit fees plus charges
  required                                 for 39 hours: AED 62,600                 Lecture Seven
                                           For details including application
  • Three letters of reference: at least   form check out program website:          What is Cognitive Behavior
  one should be from a professor fa-              Therapy and why is it so pop-
  miliar with the applicant’s academ-      study_opportunities/                     ular? April 17th, 2012.
  ic performance                           clinical_psychology.shtml                Speaker: Dr. Shamil David
                                           Or Email to:           Wanigaratne, D.Clin. Psych.,
  • At least one sample of academic        Enquiries: (971) 03-7134773              C.Psychol., FBPsS. National
  writing in English (no fewer than        You may contact the Program Di-          Rehabilitation Center, Abu
  five pages in total)                     rector, Dr Amber Haque by email          Dhabi.
   44 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May
   44 The UAE Psychologist, Vol. 1(2), May 2012

           Comments from Readers
             “The Newsletter is indeed an impressive publication which demonstrates the scope
             and activities of psychology in the Emirates. …I would be delighted to discuss with
             you the possibility of EPA applying for national membership in IUPsyS.” – Nick
             Hammond, International Union of Psychological Sciences (IUPsyS), USA.

             “Wow! This is superb! Very well done, to you and your colleagues.” – Dr. Rory
             Hume, Provost, UAE University, Al Ain.

             “Impressive!” — Dr. Donald Baker, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and
             Dean of the University College, UAE University, Al Ain.

             “The UAE Psychology Newsletter is a wonderful contribution to professionals in this
             country and neighboring nations too. Appreciative of the work that you and col-
             leagues have made, I thank you.” – Dr. Raymond Hamden, Dubai.

             “I would like to congratulate you, Dr. Fadwa, Dr. Husaain Al Massiah, as well as
             UAEU and the EPA for the launch of the UAE Psychologist Newsletter. I was pleas-
             antly surprised when I received it from Dr. Annie Crookes and was very proud that
             this initiative has been taken, as this will help to join and link psychologists across
             the Emirates.” Alia Al Serkal, Dubai.

             “This Newsletter looks great! I am so happy that you have taken the initiative to start
             it and have shared it with my colleagues.” Angela Maitner, American University of

             “What a great initiative!” — Dr. Annie Crookes, Dubai

             “I read it with great interest.” – Bonita Das Bhatla, Freelance Business Psychologist,
             Abu Dhabi.

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