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Wildman Cabin Leadership Trip


									        Outdoor Adventure Leadership Trip to Wildman Cabin Conservation Area
 Dear Parents or Guardians

 From Feb 28th – March 2nd, our outdoor education class from Dr. Denison Secondary School will
 be involved in a leadership trip to Wildman Conservation Area. The trip is part of the
 curriculum of the outdoor adventure leadership program and a requirement for the students.
 Departure will take place from Dr. Denison at 8:25 am on Feb 28th and we will leave the
 Conservation area on the morning of the 2nd . I’ve included a detailed itinerary for your

 We will be taking a bus to Wildman Conservation Area and we will be departing Dr. Denison at
 approximately 8:25 am on February 28th and arrive back at Dr. Denison at approximately 5:00
 pm on March 2nd. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call Mr. Brent
 Evans at 905-836-0021 or (cell) (289)231-7994. We will have 3 supervisors for this trip
 including Mr. Moore, Mr. Evans and a female chaperone.

Note: We are at Wildman Conservation Area for the entire Leadership week. We can be
reached by cell phone (289) 231-7994 or the cabin directly (705) 361-1911

Monday Feb 27th
Gear Check and Food Purchase

Tuesday Feb 28th, 2012
8:00 am Pack up the bus
8:30 am Depart for Wildman Boy Scout Camp
10:30 am Arrive at Wildman Boy Scout Camp
Travel to toboggan hill (weather dependant)
Initiative Hike
English lesson
Evening games
Nightly debrief

Wednesday Feb 29th, 2012
6:30 am wake up
Morning exercises
English lesson
Build snow shelters (weather dependant)
Wilderness lunch
Finish off snow shelters (weather dependant)
Leadership lesson
Night games
Option to sleep in snow shelters with -40°C sleeping bags
Thursday March 1st, 2012
6:30 am wake up call
Sunrise ceremony
Morning Exercises
10:00 am English Lesson
Cross Country Skiing (weather dependant)
Capture the flag
Leadership Lesson
Nightly debrief and Bed

Friday March 2nd, 2012
7:00 am wake up
Morning Exercises
Pick up at 11:00 am
Lunch on route home.
Note: We will be stopping at Springwater Provincial Park to do some cross country skiing (if
there is snow)
3:30 pm Depart for Denison
5:00 pm arrive at Denison
Unpack and Clean up
Depart for home 6:00 pm

I’m looking forward to giving your son or daughter a tremendous outdoor experience. If you
have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call Mr Evans: (School) (905) 836-0021 or
(Cell phone) (289) 231-7994.

Thank You

Mr. Evans                    Mr. Moore

Highway 400 north to Barrie. Exit and turn Left at "Bayfield Street" also known as
County Road 27 (formerly Highway 27).

Continue North on County Road 27 (Highway 27) about 25 km to Elmvale.

Continue through Elmvale about 1 km to a left turn onto County Road 6 - signed to
"Wyevale". Continue about 7 km north to Wyevale.

Continue through Wyevale and turn left at 6th Concession Road. This is the first road
after Wyevale.

Drive about 2 kms west on 6th Concession and then take the right turn / fork each time
you have a choice.

You will end up going north on the lakeshore road known as "Tiny Beaches Road" in
the vicinity of the 7th Concession Road.

Continue north on Tiny Beaches Road to the 8th Concession Road (Ossossane Beach)
and turn right.

Camp Wildman is on your right about 100 metres.

Cahiague Lodge, Teanaustaye Lodge and Stinondoa Adirondack Hut use "Gate I";

Toanche Lodge and other adirondacks use "Gate II"

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