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									Embroidery Floss Bracelets; the Friendship Bracelets!
In embroidery, there are different types and kinds of threads used. Depending on the
designs of the project and the preferences of the embroiderer, one can use any
embroidery thread available. You can use pearl cotton thread, tapestry yarn, crewel yarn,
Persian yarn or embroidery floss. The latter is not only used in embroidery. You can also
make embroidery floss bracelets out of them.

You might have heard of the term “friendship bracelets.” These are mostly made out of
embroidery floss. This is very popular especially among teens that are eager to exchange
memorabilia among their friends, peers or organizations. But, do you know what these
embroidery floss bracelets mean? Here are some possible meanings;

• If you have done friendship bracelets before, you might have noticed that creating it
includes knots. The knots are said to be the sign of a friendship that cannot be broken.

• Also, you can mix your friend’s and your favorite colors when making embroidery floss
bracelets; this also symbolizes that you may disagree on some things but is still bonded

• Since this is handmade, it means that you care enough for your friend and will give
efforts for him or her.

Making embroidery floss bracelets is fun and is worth it especially if you value your
fiends that much. But, if it’s your first time to do this kind of project; you have to find all
the information and instructions on how to do it right.

Where to Find Instructions and Tutorials?

a.) If you have embroidery books and magazines at home, you may want to browse them.
There can be some tips and even step by step instructions listed on these printed
materials. Embroidery magazines usually features other handicrafts related to embroidery
and you might just find useful information about embroidery floss bracelets.

b.)Embroidery shops may also offer patterns and printed instructions on how to make
embroidery floss or friendship bracelets. You might also want to ask your favorite shop’s
owner on tips regarding this kind of project.

c.) Searching online for tutorials and complete instructions on how to create embroidery
floss bracelets. There are lots of how-to and e-guide websites on the internet where you
can find detailed information and tutorials about crafting a friendship bracelet.

So, now you have details on how to create your friendship bracelets made from
embroidery floss, you can start buying and preparing the materials that you will need. Of
course, you will need embroidery floss, scissors to cut of excess floss, yardsticks to
measure the floss that you will need in the project and clipboards to secure the end of the
floss. You can also use beads to add decorations to the bracelets.

With your efforts at making beautiful embroidery floss bracelets should be enough reason
to delight your friends. They will value it as they value your friendships. These can also
be for your new friends especially at summer camps and student conferences where you
have to say goodbye after few days or weeks. These bracelets are also great as gifts for
your high school friends especially if most of you are going to college in different

Friendship bracelets are really good especially since you’ve made them personally. It
doesn’t need to be expensive; it’s the thought that counts anyway, right?

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