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									Bali Inspires: Masterpieces of
Indonesian Art

Bali is a place that has, for over a century, inspired people
from around the world to come to be 'elsewhere' and yet,
feel at home. Beauty of landscape, extraordinary culture,
warm welcome – Bali has it all, and more. By its very
difference, it symbolizes the essence of archipelagic
Indonesia – cultural diversity and syncretism. As a Muslim
majority country of 240 million inhabitants, Indonesia is
proud to host a Hindu population in its midst that is, in
turn, proud of its national bonds. Bali, by being 'Bali',
proclaims Indonesia's openness and multiculturalism to the
world. As such, Bali has also played a seminal role in
inspiring Indonesians to creatively express the astonishing
variety of identities that shape their vast nation, and at the
same time affirm their harmonious identity as one nation.
Bali Inspires approaches this special relationship between
Bali and the rest of Indonesia through the perspective of
the visual arts. The astute text, by writer and art
connoisseur Jean Couteau, first provides a historical
overview of Bali's heritage and the artistic renewal that
took place there in the early 20th century. It then explores
how modern art first appeared in Indonesia as a reaction
against the 'Orientalism' of colonial art. We learn how the
masters of Indonesian modern art absorbed Western
techniques and styles, yet managed to retain the
hallmarks of 'Indonesian-ness' in their work, and how
images of Bali contributed to this process. In parallel, we
gain insight into the resilience of Hindu symbolism in
Balinese modern art. The vantage through which this art is
presented is that of the Rudanas, a Balinese family who
have dedicated themselves to its collection. The text is
richly illustrated by works from Museum Rudana, the
Rudana Fine Art Gallery, and the Rudanas' private
collections, with explanatory captions to enhance readers'
understanding of the works' meanings.

Author: Jean Couteau
Size: 280 x 240 mm
Pages: 312, Hardcover in colour
Published in 2011 for Yayasan Seni Rudana

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