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The Weekly Muslim News Update
Muharram 21, 1427/February 09, 2007                                                                                                          Issue No. 198

The making of Kenya’s Guantanamo
Remember the Kanga squad, the police unit which rat- its gross impunity in abusing the rights of Muslims. The criticism against the unit
tled the Standard Group last year with its infamous raid reached fever pitch last year when Muslim leaders led by the Chief Kadhi Sheikh
on KTN and The Standard? After the illegal operation, Hammad Muhammad Kassim demanded for its disbandment while stressing that
it emerged that there was after all a parallel police unit the unit was a tool to oppress Muslims. A human rights group, the Muslim Human
which was not operating under the domain of the police Rights Forum (MHRF) even went further threatening an unprecedented action of
commissioner Maj-Gen Hussein Muhammad Ali.                      mobilising thousands of Muslim in a protest march to State House to demand the
According to the hierarchy in the Police force, the com- closure of the terror police.
missioner sits at the top of the chain of command re- This came after Muslims had been angered by the President’s failure to honour
porting directly to the minister of internal security John his pledges to end the witch-hunting of Muslims. In a bid to cool mounting anger
Michuki and the                                                                                           among Muslims, the President invited
President.                                                                                                the country’s Muslim scholarly body, the
But in a move which                                                                                       Majlis Ulamaa Kenya to State House
brought disrepute to                                                                                      where the body reiterated the call to
                                                                                                          have the terror squad disbanded.
the police force, the
                                                                                                         The unit under the command of Nicholas
commando raid at
                                                                                                         Kamwende was set up to ostensibly fight
the Standard Group’s
                                                                                                         terrorism, a new crime which has till now
premises in March                                                                                        failed to gain an agreed uniform definition
last year were done                                                                                      around the world. It has gained the noto-
behind the back of                                                                                       riety of operating outside the established
the man under whom                                                                                      laws of the land.
all police units report                                                                                   “The true purpose of government is to
to.                                                                                                     make laws and policies for the general
Putting the Kanga Six months old Sumaya Daniel (left) and Hafswa Swaleh (right) who were in detention good of the people and maintain law and
squad aside,                                                    o
                                                     over alleged terrorism links                       order,” said President Mwai Kibaki during
indications point out that it may not be the only unit his inaugural speech on December 31 2002. But for Muslims, it has been a differ-
which the commissioner’s word carries no weight. The ent trend altogether. Arbitrary detentions, torture, harassment of family members
Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) has gained the noto- of suspects and more recently detention of children has been the hallmark of this
riety of operating as a parallel police force carrying out regime’s unsavoury reputation. Guantanamo tactics which have earned strong
its activities in complete disregard of the law. And un- worldwide condemnation have found their way in the operations of the unit.
like the home grown Kanga squad, foreigners appear While many failed to notice, the President, during his inauguration foretold the ca-
to have a bigger stake and control in its operations.           lamity which awaited his Muslim countrymen. “We shall work closely with others to
Since its formation, soon after President Mwai Kibaki root out causes of terrorism in the world,” he told the multitude at Uhuru Park. And
ascended to power, the ATPU has gained notoriety for true to his word, a foreign hand has been visible in the “anti-terrorism” purge where
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 Jamia College to hold first graduation                              Four year old Hafswa freed after terror ordeal
 Jamia Training Institute (JTI) is set to hold its first grad-
 uation on February 18. More than 50 students who                 Little Hafswa Swaleh Ali, the four and half year-old girl whose imprisonment gener-
 completed studies in various disciplines will graduate           ated pain and anger against the so-called war on terror, has a reason to celebrate
 after completing their course. Those to be honoured              as a free person. She was quietly released from Hardy Police station in Karen on
 completed studies in information technology, tailoring           Monday afternoon together with her mother Fatma Ahmed. Previously held at the
 and embroidery.                                                  Inland Container Depot (ICD) police station, police transferred them last Friday to
 Others who number 150 will be awarded certificates                Hardy apparently to escape the media hype which followed their illegal incarcera-
 after completing other short courses which include               tion.
 Arabic language studies, the reverts course and sign             In an apparent show of their humane side, the anti-terror police drove them all the
 language.                                                        way to Mombasa. This was a far cry from how they were brought to Nairobi, blind-
 Pakistan High Commissioner to Kenya Iftikhar A.                  folded and handcuffed.
 Arain is expected to officiate as the chief guest.                Also released was Halima Hashim, an expectant mother who had been under
 The Jamia Training Institute stands out as the only              custody at Spring Valley Police station. She won her freedom at 8pm and was also
 Muslim institution offering vocational studies in Nai-           promptly dropped at the gate of her family home in Nairobi’s South ‘C’ estate.
 robi. It aims at uplifting the educational standards of          As has happened in previous terror arrests, no charges were brought forward
 members of the Muslim community equipping them                   against the minor and the two women. Their release further give weight to the
 with tools to positively face the challenges of the mod-         claims by Muslim leaders and human rights groups that the government is in the
 ern society. The college also offers Islamic studies to          business of harassing innocent people on the basis of their faith.
 new Muslims.                                                     While in custody, attempts by family members to have the girl released and taken
 The Institute formerly WAMY College reverted to Ja-              by her grandmother were repeatedly turned down.
 mia in 2005 and since then has proved to be a suc-               Last week, human rights groups sent a petition to the President demanding the
 cessf story. With less than 50 students at its inception,        release of the minor and all those illegally held in custody over alleged terrorism
 it now boasts of a student population of more than               links. The petition called the incarceration of the young girl “a serious violation of
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                         This Newsletter contains some of Allah’s names. Please do not throw in the trash. Either keep,circulate or shred.
                    The making of Kenya’s Guantanamo
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victimisation has been the norm icluding abuse of children.                not feature anywhere on the US list of persons with ‘terrorism’ links.
During his first visit to America in October 2003, US President George      Human rights lawyer Haron Ndubi recently complained that the gov-
Bush was all praise for Kibaki for his anti-terrorism efforts. “Kenya is   ernment was in the business of circumventing the law when it came
our key partner in this initiative, and its government clearly has the     with cases to do with so-called terrorism suspects.
will to fight terror. My government will continue to give them the help     It is interesting to note that though sympathisers and supporters of the
to do so, he said after a four-hour long meeting at the White House.       UIC are being hunted down, a few months ago, the Kenyan govern-
President Kibaki responded by saying that there will be “sacrifices to      ment was giving them red carpet treatment during their visits here. It
be made.”                                                                  only took the US-backed Ethiopian onslaught on Somalia for Kenya to
After the recent events in Somalia where with active US support, Ethi-     turn around and brand them as its worst enemies.
opia invaded the country overthrowing the Islamic oriented Union of        The county’s umbrella Muslim body the Supreme Council of Kenya
Islamic Courts (UIC), a fresh clampdown to net ‘terrorist suspects’ and    Muslims (SUPKEM) accused the government of “ill-treating and re-
sympathiser of the UIC was effected by the Kenyan security. And it is      pressing” its Muslim citizens to satisfy foreign interests. “SUPKEM
during this clampdown the sacrifices promised to Bush were evident,         condemns the unfortunate behaviour of the government’s choice to
with the incarceration of a four and half year old girl Hafswa Swaleh      dance to the overt diversionary manoeuvres of outside forces. This is
Ali for almost a month. Her imprisonment once again showed that the        pathetic and out of step reality,” its chairman Abdulghafur El-Busaidy
ATPU was in a position to flout the established laws of the land and no     said this week. He said the action of the government proved that it did
one, even the top police brass could stand in its way.                     not have the interests of Muslims at heart.
Her only crime was that her father Saleh Ali Nabhan is a wanted man        The Somali crisis has also added another dimension in the campaign
for allegedly involvement in “terrorist activities.”                       to demonise Muslims. This time focus has also been turned to Muslim
For much of last month, human rights groups unsuccessfully tried to        scholars. Perhaps at no single time in history of Kenya have Muslim
get access to the dozens of people arrested in the aftermath of the        scholars been targeted than the Kibaki era. Scholars, the beacon of
Somali conflict. Hafswa’s mother Fatma Ahmed, three other children          light for the Ummah have been turned into objects of ridicule by the
and a pregnant woman Halima Hashim Abdulrahman were among the              state.
detainees. On January 23, members of the Muslim Human Rights Fo-           It all started with the Chief Kadhi Sheikh Hammad Muhammad Kassim
rum stormed the ATPU headquarters where they hoped to have an              being kept away from State functionaries. This was apparently for his
audience with Kamwende. His beautifully engraved name on his office         critical comments against the government policy to profile Muslims.
desk was the only indication that he occupied the empty seat. A senior     During the referendum, he stood with Muslim leaders in rejecting the
official attached to the unit, Senior Superintendent of Police John Mu-     draft constitution, a move which alienated him further from the ruling
laulu however gave them a hearing. He was emphatic in rejecting sug-       elite.
gestions that the ATPU was in the business of harassing Muslims and        A prominent and well respected Muslim scholar has already been giv-
dismissed as “media fabrications” reports that the unit was involved in    en notice to leave the country. Reason, some foreign entities are not
the crackdown against UIC supporters and sympathisers.                     happy with his presence in the country.
But when MHRF officials who included Al-Amin Kimathi, Farouk Mach-          Masjids have now become beehive centres for government security
anje and Omar Muhammad paid a visit to the Inland Container Depot          agents. Apart from monitoring the lectures, agents are specifically as-
(ICD) police station where some of the suspects were being held, they      signed to scholars to note their activities. “We are well aware of what-
were in for a shock. The soft-spoken deputy OCS Bernard Ateka ad-          ever you are involved in,” an intelligence official confided to a scholar
mitted that they were holding suspects brought by the ATPU stating         attached to SUPKEM.
further that he was under firm instruction not to allow any access to                                Harrasment of Scholars
the detainees unless clearance was obtained from the ATPU head-            Last month, a group of scholars from Nairobi and other parts of the
quarters. On being asked whether it was not an infringement on their       country who had travelled to Lamu on a lecture tour were rounded up
constitutional rights, an exasperated Ateka threw his hands in the air     and detained. They were questioned regarding what they had intended
saying “my hands are tied.”                                                to preach in the area. “What business does the government have in
As mounting pressure shifted to police headquarters, the police            what our scholars teach us,” queried an angry Mandera Central MP
spokesman Gideon Kibunja told an official of the Kenya National Hu-         Billow Kerrow in reaction to the arrests. The police went on to mount
man Rights Commission (KNHCR) Hassan Omar that he was “help-               roadblocks along the Lamu-Mombasa road where buses were stopped
less in this situation.”                                                   and Ulamaas on their way home were singled out for questioning.
The State human rights watchdog concerned about the plight of the          In a more worrying trend, a dramatic incident last week portends what
young girl stormed the Police headquarters last week on Thursday de-       awaits “the heirs of the prophets.” Sheikh Badru Jaffar, a member of
manding her release. After high level consultations with his superiors     the country’s top most scholarly body, the Majlis Ulamaa Kenya found
who included deputy police commisioner Lawrence Mwadime, Kibunja           himself on the wrong side of a Hollywood-like scenario. While driving
promised that the minor and her mother would be released later in the      with colleagues in Nairobi’s Pangani area, gun touting armed men in
day. It was not to be. The ATPU moved in and spirited them from ICD        a police vehicle, believed to be from the terror unit, blocked their way
to Hardy police station.                                                   forcing them to halt drawing dozens of curious onlookers. They were
                         Gross abuse of the law                            forced out with hands raised and subjected to an intensive search.
Earlier in the week, a court in Mombasa issued an order to the police to   After apparently failing to get any terrorism linked evidence, the police
either release the suspects or have them produced in court. The order      wanted to take his laptop computer, an action which drew strong pro-
was ignored. This flagrant abuse of the law does not stop here.             tests. Cornered, they sped away after informing the shocked party, that
Last month, the Kenya government against local and international law       “we are only doing our work.”
went ahead to deport Halima Badrudin and her three children to So-         During the meeting held in September where President Mwai Kibaki
malia, a country still devoid of any legal machinery. A Kenyan citizen     personally invited the Majlis Ulamaa to State House, Sheikh Badru Jaf-
hailing from Lamu, she was bundled out of her country simply because       far was the spokesman of the Islamic scholars.
her husband is also a wanted person. Also deported, was Salim Awadh        Scholars as well as many Muslim personalities are having their phone
and his wife Fatma Chande. Though arrested within the country’s bor-       conversations tapped. Many are experiencing cases where calls are
ders, the government found it fit to take them to Somalia to face the       haphazardly interrupted, strange sounds and volume changes dur-
wrath of the warlords.                                                     ing conversation as well as high pitched squeals signs which point
An elderly and crippled 72-year old Abubakar Omar Aden, was ar-            to eavesdropping. The Friday Bulletin can confirm that data collected
rested in Kenya while escaping the mayhem in Somalia. A buoyant            from bugging has been shared with foreign embassies.
internal security minister John Michuki went on to tell the world that     All these actions are being made in the name of fighting terrorism.
police had a top Al-Qaeda financier. The wheel bound businessman            While Muslims heroically welcomed President Mwai Kibaki’s ascen-
who the minister refered to as a woman was flown to Nairobi and later       sion to power, his rule so far has brought to the community an intricate
confined for a month in custody. His attempts to seek medical treat-        pattern of repression, abuse, and calamity. As the chances of rectifying
ment was thwarted after police going against a court order whisked         the wrongs appear to get dimmer by the day, an answer is now being
him away to an undisclosed location. His appearance in court was also      sought in the coming general elections. Muslims leaders are already
controversial as his arrest as his lawyer James Orengo argued that his     voicing a call to the community to remain steadfast and exemplify a
appearance in court was an abuse of the court process. Though the          strong sense of unity as they did during the 2005 referendum.
government was upbeat at Abubakar’s arrest, the poor old man does
                                             Celebrating Valentine’s day
To love is a natural instinct and Islam is the religion of love and brother-    disobedience was discovered and he was imprisoned. While in prison
hood. It always insists on good relations among the members of society.         he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On February 14th he was exe-
Allah (Subhanahu wa t’aala) will provide shelter for those who love one         cuted. After his death people believed that he had sacrificed himself for
another in His Shadow when there would be no shadow other than His.             the sake of Christianity and to save lovers. Subsequently the church
Allah’s Apostle (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “Verily Allah would         elevated him to Sainthood and February 14th came to be observed as
say on the Day of Resurrection: ‘Where are those who have mutual                Saint Valentine’s Day.
love for My sake only? Today I shall shelter them in My Shadow when             In this day young girls and boys send love letters, love cards, gifts,
there is no other shadow but Mine.’” [Reported by Imam Muslim]                  flowers to each other. Other forms of this celebrations include dressing
Moreover, the true love of the believers is a reason to enter Paradise          in red on that particular day. Based on the above details, celebrating
as the Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “You shall not enter         this day is forbidden in Shariah as its origins are based on aspects
Paradise so long as you do not affirm belief (in all those things which          which are devoid of Islamic beliefs.
are the articles of faith), and you will not believe as long as you do not      In fact, celebrating some days and festivals is part of the religion.
love one another. Should I not direct you to a thing which, if you do, will     Feasts are Islamic rituals just like facing the Qiblah and fasting. There
foster love amongst you: (i.e.) give currency to (the practice of paying        is no difference in participating in their feasts or in their whole religion
salutation to one another by saying) As-Salaamu Alaykum.” (Muslim,              because approving their feasts means approving their disbelief since
Muslim and Tirmidhi)                                                            the feasts are the special symbols of religions. The Prophet (SallAl-
It is important threfore, to bring to the attention of all Muslims the origin   lahu alayhi wa sallam) did not approve the feast of Jahiliyyah (pre-
of Valentine celebration so that everyone can easily see the ruling of          Islamic period). Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that
Shariah concerning the celebration of Valentine Day.                            the Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) came to Madinah and found
The Romans had a festival named Lupercalia and they used to cel-                them with two days they played in. The Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa
ebrate it on the 15th February every year. On that day they offered             sallam) asked, ‘What are these two days?’ They said, ‘These are two
sacrifices to their supposed god named “Lurks” to protect their cattle           days we used to play in our Jahiliyyah’. The Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi
and the like from being killed by wolves. They celebrated this festival         wa sallam) said, ‘Allah has replaced them with two better days: Eid Al
during the spring holidays according to their calculations.                     Adha and Eid Al Fitr.”
During the thirteenth century the day of this festival was changed to           One of the most distinguished qualities of the slaves of ar-Rahman
February 14th. There was an incident that led to this change in the day         (good Muslims) is that they do not attend false practices. Allah says
for this celebration. In the thirteenth century a Roman Emperor Clau-           {And those who do not witness falsehood, and if they pass by some
dius II, forbade his soldiers to marry because marriage would involve           evil play or evil talk, they pass by it with dignity.} [25: 72]
them in family life and cause them to lose interest in fighting.                 In the light of these details it is clear that Valentine Day is not a feast of
A catholic priest named Valentine revolted against this emperor’s or-           Muslims, it is rather a Christian and polytheistic feast. We ask Allah to
der and performed weddings for the soldiers secretly. After a while his         lead the Muslims to the right path and cause them to follow the Truth.
                                   A Cry for help from Marakwet Muslims
With trails that zigzag across the countryside dominated by the beau-           community, it was imperative that people from the area be supported
tiful scenery that ranges from picturesque farmlands to rolling hills,          to access further Islamic education. On completion, they will be able
the landscape of Marakwet district is a sight to behold.                        to go back and serve their respective communities. This could in-
Smiling faces which greet visitors to this administrative district in Rift      volve students being enrolled in institutions like Al Furqan Training
Valley province are only dampened by the state of poor roads in the             Institute, the Girls’ Institute of Islamic Education (Maahad) and the
area.                                                                           Majlis al Maarif in Kikambala. Reverts could also be facilitated to join
However, this scenic beauty belies the conditions of Muslims in the             institutions like Darul Irshad Centre and Aisha Centre.
district. Even though the small community numbering more than 800               In the meantime, Sheikh Abdulatif said, the Imam, who is serving
has had a presence of more than 80 years in the area, Islamically,              the community on a voluntary basis should be remunerated to mo-
they have little to celebrate.                                                  tivate him in serving his people effectively. The Imam could as well
There is only one masjid in the whole district serving the entire Muslim        benefit from capacity building training programmes to improve on his
populace interspersed in the seven divisions of the district. On Fri-           career.
days, worshippers are forced to travel for tens of kilometres, some on          To enhance da’wah activities, economic projects such as a posho
foot, to the masjid located at Kapsowar, the seat of the district.              mill can be initiated where proceeds will go to maintaining the masjid
The benefits which come with Islamic scholars are not witnessed in               and other da’wah programmes. This could as well improve on the
this part of the country. Area residents have to depend on visiting             image of Muslims who are virtually dependant on the non-Muslim
scholars who rarely venture to give spiritual nourishment to Muslims.           community for businesses and services.
A modern masjid has replaced the earlier one built in the 1920’s but            Islam was first brought in the area in the 1920s by the Nyamwezi
is yet to be completed. At the same time the community is struggling            from the then Tanganyika.
to complete the madrassa and the imam’s residence. Though the
masjid has a resident Imam, he lacks the necessary support and this
                                                                                       Terrorised girl freed
affects him in discharging his duties effectively.                              Continued From Page 1
The absence of Islamic literature has also contributed to the eroding           the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child” which has
Islamic values of the community.                                                been ratified by the government
The plight of the Marakwet Muslims came to light during a recent                The police were accused of disregarding established laws in cases
da’wah visit to the area organised by Al Fajr al Jadid, a Nairobi based         where alleged terrorists were involved. “If the written law and the
community organisation.                                                         authority of the courts are being ignored by a government that was
Sheikh Abdulatif Abdulkarim from the Kenya Council of Imams and                 elected on the basis of upholding the same law, where then is the
Scholars led the delegation. A series of lectures and talks were held           government deriving the legitimacy of the actions that it is taking in
where residents benefited from various lessons on different aspects              this campaign?” queried the petition which was signed by among oth-
of Islam.                                                                       ers Beatrice Kamau of the Kenya National Human Rights Commis-
The thirst for knowledge was evident among the residents- men,                  sion (KNHRC).
women and children, who thronged in large numbers to the Marak-                 But as the families were celebrating the release, three more children
wet Teachers’ SACCO Hall in Kapsowar, the venue for the three-day               were being held at Spring Valley police station with their father Daniel
programme. Among those who were present was a blind man who                     Joseph an African-American revert to Islam. The children, Muham-
had to walk for a distance of more than 12 kilometres to expand his             mad, 9, Rahma,3, and six months old Sumaya were spending time
knowledge on Islam.                                                             at the station after their arrest near the Kenyan border with Somalia.
Issues to do with Islamic jurisprudence, the Muslim family life, aqee-          The children’s mother died in Somalia from Malaria.
dah (Islamic creed) formed the subjects of discussion. Special ses-             On Tuesday night, The Friday Bulletin saw the children being taken
sions were also held for women.                                                 away from the station to be flown back to the United States to stay
By the time the delegation left, residents had not exhausted their thirst       with their grandmother who lives in Boston. A US embassy Toyota
for ilm and requested for more of such programmes to be conducted               Landcruiser 29CD389K was at the station to take them away.
in the future. It was the first time that such a programme was con-              Talking to The Friday Bulletin, nine year old Muhammad Daniel ex-
ducted in the area.                                                             pressed regret that his father was in need of dire help. “My dad
According to Sheikh Abdulatif, for long term plans to rejuvenate the            needs help, he is vomiting, has diarrhoea and he is only receiving
                                                                                little help.”
 FBI in threat to torture ‘terror’ suspect
While the clampdown on so-called terrorism suspects continues, it is
emerging that agents working for foreign states have been given unhin-
dered access to interrogate the suspects. And their mandate is not limit-
ed to questioning, chilling threats of torture are being made by American
and British secret agents.
Suspects held at Kileleshwa police station who talked to The Friday Bul-          The strength of any community lies
letin spoke of the numerous visits made by the agents pressing them to
reveal their “terrorist” connections.                                                        in the youths
An American citizen who fell victim to the crackdown expressed con-            As we all know youthfulness is a great power that is full of vigour and
cern about his fate after Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agents        activity, if we do not use it in a constructive way, it will explode and
told him either to admit that he was a terrorist or be ready for grave         destroy all that which is positive. Physical power and activeness is a
consequences. “They told me that I will be severely tortured if I do not       divine blessing that Allah has given to man in his youth to help him build
admit that I was a terrorist,” Amir Muhammad said. He talked to The            the basis for his future ease, for a Day when his power will weaken, his
Friday Bulletin moments after being brought back at the station from an        activeness will disappear..
interrogation session at a Nairobi hotel. A heavily tinted American made       Today’s youth are in need of peace and not violence. Here lies the best
US embassy vehicle registration number 29CD385K with several agents
                                                                               fruit of knowledge. The youth have to seek out knowledge that will ben-
drove him back to the station.
Amir, a United States citizen of Egyptian descent said he went to Soma-        efit them. They should not throw themselves into the laps of bad people
lia in August last year after being attracted by the Islamic ideals epito-     for this material life because then they would become slaves in the cir-
mised by the Union of Islamic Courts. “I went there when the country           cle of untruth. The youth should seize opportunities to learn means of
was in a state of stability under the rule of the sharia (Islamic law) and     developing their power, by enhancing their capabilities to establish the
there was no danger of war,” he said.                                          first basis of future successes. The people who fail in life are those who
He challenged the police to arraign him in court if they had evidence to       did not learn during their youth? If the youth learns the beliefs of piety
point to his involvement in any illegal activity.                              in their faith, they will never partake after the material life or fight for its
His cellmate, 22-year old British born Muhammad Ezzouek, also insists          transient pleasures. The Ummah has a great responsibility in ensuring
that he travelled to Somalia in September last year to find solace in the       our youth are given all possible opportunities to excel in knowledge
country under Islamic law. “Being a young Muslim I saw that the Islamic
                                                                               In order to walk in the upright way, you have to do the following:
Courts were establishing shariah and I was interested in studying the
Islamic law in depth,” he says. Like Amir, he too had a fair share of visits   ·Know yourself well, promise yourself to be sincere in achieving hap-
from the British intelligence agency MI5. He complained that they have         piness.
consistently been threatening him. “They told me I would remain in the         Fill your mind with knowledge and true historical views. Let your first
cell for the rest of my life,” he said.                                        source be the Holy Quran which has explained everything and keep
He denies any links to so-called terrorism activities. Amir and Muham-         away from Satan and his followers.
mad were arrested as they fled the mayhem, which followed the Ethio-            •Be steadfast before difficulties and be patient in any case.
pian invasion of Somalia.                                                      •Open your heart to your goals, for you have been created for para-
Muhammad Ezzouke was on Tuesday morning taken from the station                 dise.
and driven to Jomo Kenyatta international Airport possibly for deporta-        •Make your personality respective and try to have positive effects on
tion to Britain.
Also being held at Kileleshwa is Ali Musa Mwarusi, who hails from Uku-
nda in Kwale district. He says he went to Somalia in October last year in      •Keep a thick curtain between you and material reactionary, shallow,
the company of his brother Khalfan Musa after being told of employment         anarchic, selfish and submissive ideas.
opportunities brought about by the peaceful environment initiated by the       •Read a lot about religious culture and concentrate on what you read.
Islamic Courts. They were employed at a construction site in Mdoa              •Organize your time, order your daily tasks and write down your ap-
near the Kenyan border and after war broke out, they were advised to           pointments.
return home till the situation stabilised. But immediately after crossing      •Trust in your own abilities and talents and complete them by cooperat-
the border, they were arrested and bundled in a police land rover before       ing with the activities and talents of others who are like you in belief.
being flown to Lamu and then driven to Nairobi. His brother has since           •Learn how to speak appropriately with people and have influence
been separated from him and is believed to be held at Lan’gata police          over them.
station.                                                                       •Carry out the needs of whoever may ask you for help.
“They insist that I am a terrorist,” he said lamenting that after more than
a month in detention, he has not been brought to court to prove his inno-      Be ascetic in life; do not wish for what there is in other people’s hands
cence. Officials from the terror police have on occasions questioned him        •of wealth and beauty.
about the masjids which he prays from, Islamic scholars and acquaint-          •Find a job that brings lawful livelihood.
ances. When a group of individuals paid him a visit over the weekend,          •Hate idleness and laziness because Allah hates them especially for
the police demanded to know who they were . “I told them they were my          the youth.
Muslim brothers concerned about my plight,” he quipped.                        •Take care of your physical and psychological health and do not ignore
                                                                               your share of amusement.
   MUSLIM ACADEMY-PARK ROAD                                                    •Do not stop at a certain limit in your good ambition because the way
                                                                               towards paradise is open before you.
                            Introducing                                        Be calm and plan for future while thinking of good deeds and good
 ISLAMIC INTEGRATED EDUCATION PROGRAMME                                        rewards.
2007 Standard One Intake and I.G.C.S.E Form One Admissions in Progress         •Do not forget the remembrance of Allah.
                                                                               •Remember the strength of every community is the education, morality
Few Vacancies available in :-   Nursery : •Play Group •KG classes •Pre Unit    and soberness of its youth.
                                Primary : •STD 1-7
                                Secondary : (Boys and Girls) 8.4.4 and IGCSE      Fortnight Lecture                        Maahad Dawah Group
                                                                                                                               Ladies Wing
•Excellent Facillities                     •Computer Classes                                                           Presents A session on social and
•Condusive and Secure Study atmosphere •Swimming and Horse Riding                Sex Education in Islam education isues facing the youth
•Qualified Trained Teachers                 •Reasonable Fees                              (Part 2)       Health and Social Problems facing
•School Transport                          • 8-4-4 and IGCSE offered             Sat 10th February 2007 the Youth - Dr Khadija Shikely
  •Separate facilities for boys and girls in line with Islamic teachings         Sh. Muhammad Swalihu
                                                                                                        Drug Abuse-Fatma Jeneby
             For Admission enquires contact the Admission offices                                            Sunday 11 February 2007

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