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					Why Should You
Event Sponsor                                                                  ❝
                                                                       ACUTA is a great program, and

in 2012?
                                                                     AVST has participated in all of its
                                                                     events for several years now. We
                                                                  focus on the higher education mar-
                                                                      ket, and attendees at these con-
                                                                    ferences are very important to our
                                                                     business. In addition, the ACUTA
                                                                     organization works hard to make
                                                                  sure that we achieve our objectives.

• Visibility
                                                                                     That’s refreshing.
                                                                                 Denny Michael, AVST

• Brand Awareness
• Market Exposure
• Targeted Leads
• Networking

 The Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education
                                                Benefits for All Sponsors
                                                •   Sponsors who exhibit receive a sponsorship-acknowledgment sign for their booth
                                                •   Sponsors are recognized in one eNews for the participation over the entire year.
                                                •   Sponsors may place company/product brochures in attendee portfolios
                                                •   Sponsors receive written acknowledgement in seminar/conference brochure
                                                •   Sponsors may request pre-registered attendee lists 30 days prior to seminar/conference
                                                •   Sponsors may place banner(s) with company name/logo (Sponsorships containing Enter-
                                                    tainment and/or Food Service only)
                                                •   Company contact is included in the seminar/conference attendee list
                                                •   Listing on ACUTA Web meeting page with FREE hot link
                                                •   On-site registrant list provided after seminar/conference
                                                •   General audience acknowledgement/thanks by Association official
                                                •   Sponsor will be acknowledged with prominent signage at the event
                                                •   Sponsor ribbons provided for personnel at seminar/conference
                                                •   Sponsors acknowledged on Power-Point display at General Sessions (Conference only)
                                                •   Sponsor logos are displayed on the entrance unit to the exhibit hall (Conference only)

Sponsorship Descriptions
Sunday Opening Reception                            Meals (Breakfast and Lunch)                   Conference Opening Entertainment
• Sponsors listed on sign placed at the             • Sponsor may greet arriving attendees        • Complimentary attendance for company
  entrance to the Exhibit Hall                      • Sponsor may deliver 1-2 minute talk with      personnel at keynote session (limit 5)
• Special signage at food areas listing               introduction by ACUTA Official               • Sponsor participation will vary depending
  sponsors’ names and booth numbers                 • Sponsor may conduct drawing for Spon-         on the nature of the event
• Limited to just 10 companies at confer-             sor-provided gift
  ence, 5 at seminars                               • Sponsor may provide table centerpiece/      Conference Keynote /General Sessions
                                                      place-setting giveaway
                                                                                                  • Sponsor personnel may greet arriving at-
Monday Night Event (Seminars only)                  • Sponsor may provide literature/giveaways      tendees
                                                      to be placed on a designated table
• Sponsors listed on sign at the event                                                            • After being introduced by an ACUTA of-
                                                    • Sponsor receives 1 full registration and      ficial, sponsor representative will introduce
• Sponsors thanked by President at the event          a pass for one rep to attend sponsored        the speaker
• One free ticket to Monday night event               meal. Co-sponsor receives 1 one-day
                                                                                                  • Sponsor may provide literature to be placed
                                                      registration for the day their meal is
• Limited to just 5 companies                                                                       at designated table
                                                      sponsored plus pass for one rep to meal.
                                                                                                  • Sponsor receives 1 full registration and
First-Time Attendees’ Orientation                                                                   1 one-day registration for the day of
                                                    Coffee Breaks                                   sponsorship. Co-sponsor receives 1 full
• Sponsor personnel may greet arriving at-                                                          registration.
                                                    • Sponsor may provide company logo
                                                      mugs, cups, stirrers, and/or napkins
• Sponsor may provide company logo mugs,
                                                    • Sponsor may provide literature to be        Conference Banquet Reception
  cups, stirrers, and/or napkins
                                                      placed on a designated table
• Sponsor may provide literature to be placed                                                     • Sponsor may deliver 1-2 minute talk with
                                                    • Exhibit Doorprize Drawings held near          introduction by ACUTA Official
  on a designated table
                                                      sponsor’s booth (if applicable) Note:
• Sponsor may deliver 1-2 minute talk with                                                        • Sponsor participation determined by the
                                                      Monday & Tuesday coffee breaks only
  introduction by ACUTA official                                                                     nature of the event
• Complimentary attendance for company
  personnel at sponsored event (limit 5)            Hospitality Suites
                                                                                                  Conference Banquet
                                                    • Sponsor personnel may greet arriving at-
                                                                                                  • Sponsors listed on sign placed inside the
Event Materials                                                                                     banquet room
                                                    • Bartenders may be provided with sponsor
Sponsor name/logo placed on item sponsored.           hats or pins during bar service             • Sponsors listed on menus presented at each
• Meeting website **NEW**                                                                           place setting
                                                    • Sponsor may provide company logo
• Registration portfolios                             mugs, cups, stirrers, and/or napkins        • Sponsors thanked by President during the
• Meeting note pads                                                                                 banquet
                                                    • Sponsor may provide literature to be
• Badge holders                                       placed on a designated table                • One free ticket to banquet
• Meeting pens
                                                    • Sponsor may deliver 1-2 minute talk with    • Limited to just 10 companies
• Conference-at-a-Glance                              introduction by ACUTA official at the first
                                                      available un-sponsored meal following
Internet Cafe                                         the sponsored suite
• Sponsor may provide banner(s) to be hung          • Complimentary attendance for company
  on drape                                            personnel at sponsored event (limit 5)

• Sponsor may provide mousepads to be
  used at terminals

• Sponsor’s webpage will be marked as                             The exhibit hall at the ACUTA conferences is like a “one-stop shopping”
  homepage                                                       experience for me. All of the relevant technologies are showcased in one
• Sponsor receives one free full registration                   location, and it lets me compare products from various providers. The at-
  at seminars, two at conference                                mosphere at ACUTA meetings is colleagual rather than competitive, which
                                                                                               makes for a very comfortable environment.
                                                                                                             Angel Wingate, Duke University
                               APPLICATION FOR SPONSORSHIP FOR 2012 EVENTS

                                   Annual Conference                Winter Seminar                            Fall Seminar
                               Indianapolis•April 29-May 2      Palm Springs•Jan. 22-25                     Houston•Oct. 14-17
                                                                 Indicate quantities for these activities
           General Session        ____ @ $ 7,500                     NA                          NA
                Breakfast1        ____ @ $ 4,5001                    ______ @ $ 1,5001            ______ @ $ 1,5001
                  Lunch1, 2       ____ @ $ 5,8001, 2                 ______ @ $ 1,9001, 2         ______ @ $ 1,9001, 2
             Coffee Break1        ____ @ $ 1,5001                    ______ @ $ 7501              ______ @ $ 7501
                                  Call for date-specific availability
                                  NOTE: These events/items may also be co-sponsored if full sponsorship does not fit your budget. Call for details.

   Sunday Hospitality Suite     ❒   $   2,950                     ❒ $ 1,250                                 ❒ $ 1,250
             Internet Cafe      ❒   $   9,000                     ❒ $ 2,500                                 ❒ $ 2,500
 **NEW** Meeting Website        ❒   $   4,500                     ❒ $ 2,000                                 ❒ $ 2,000
1st Time Attendees Orient.      ❒   $   1,400                     ❒ $ 650                                   ❒ $ 650
                 Portfolios     ❒   $   8,500                     ❒ $ 1,800                                 ❒ $ 1,800
      Note Pads (3 events)      ❒   $   3,000                      (Included)                                (Included)
  Badge Holders (3 events)      ❒   $   4,000                      (Included)                                (Included)
   Meeting Pens (3 events)      ❒   $   2,000                      (Included)                                (Included)
          Keynote Session       ❒   $   10,000
  Conference-at-a-Glance        ❒   $   1,500
      Conference Opening        ❒   $   2,000
        Banquet Reception       ❒   $   2,000
                                                                                                     GROUP SPONSORSHIPS
                                                                                          (Limit 10 sponsors per Conference, 5 per Seminar)
                                                                                        Be a contributing sponsor to any of these events.
                                                                                             Call Amy Burton (859/278-3338 x240)
                                                                                                for details about special benefits.
                                                                                                       Annual            Winter     Summer
                                                                                                        Conf.           Seminar     Seminar
                                                                            Sunday Reception          $1,000             $550        $550
                                                                           Monday Night Event           NA               $750        $750
                                                                             Tuesday Banquet          $1,500             NA           NA

   1      Mark your choices above.                                                  Customer Representative                ___________________________________
                                                                                    (Will be listed on attendee list)

                                                                                    Title ___________________________________________________________
          Read terms and conditions; sign and date below.
                                                                                    E-mail _________________________________________________________
         ❒    “We apply for the sponsorship(s) as indicated, and do                 Address ________________________________________________________
             hereby agree to all terms and conditions, rules and regula-
                                                                                    City,State Zip ____________________________________________________
             tions as explained in this application.”
                                                                                    Phone ________________________ Fax ____________________________
     Signature ___________________________________________________

     Date _______________________________________________________                   Company Liaison             ____________________________________________
                                                                                    (Person in charge of sponsorship, to whom instructions should be sent.)
     Print/Type Name ____________________________________________
                                                                                    Title ___________________________________________________________
     Title _______________________________________________________
                                                                                    E-mail _________________________________________________________
     Company Name _____________________________________________
                                                                                    Address ________________________________________________________

                                                                                    City,State Zip ____________________________________________________

   3     Send application and payment to:
               Amy Burton, ACUTA
                                                                                    Phone ________________________ Fax ____________________________

                                                                                    Billing Address
               152 W. Zandale, Ste. 200, Lexington, KY 40503-2486
               Phone 859 / 278-3338 • Fax 859 / 278-3268                            Attention to _____________________________________________________
               E-mail:                                            Address ________________________________________________________

   You will receive a sponsor information kit.                                      City,State Zip ____________________________________________________

                                                                                    Phone ________________________ Fax ____________________________

                                                                                    E-mail _________________________________________________________

                                                                                    Credit Card:❒ Amex         ❒ Visa ❒ MasterCard ❒ Discover     Exp. date_____

                                                                                    Number ________________________________________________________
                   You may access this form online at
                                                                                    Total Amount Charged $ __________             Email _______________________
                                                                                    Name on card ___________________________________________________

                                                                                    Signature _______________________________________________________
                      ACUTA Sponsorship Rules and Regulations
1. Application & Fees
                                                                             employees or property from any cause whatsoever. The applicant
Sponsorship costs are listed in the events checklist within the Call for     assumes full responsibility and liability for the actions of its agents,
Exhibitors & Sponsors. A minimum advance payment fee of 50% of               employees or independent contractors, whether acting within or
the total sponsorship cost must accompany this application. When             without the scope of their authority and agrees to indemnify, defend
invoiced, the remaining balance shall be due and paid no later than          and hold harmless ACUTA, the hotel, and its owners, managers,
the date of the event. Letters of agreement received less than 45 days       officers, directors, agents, employees, subsidiaries, and affiliates
prior to the event must be accompanied by 100% payment of event              from responsibility or liability resulting directly or indirectly, or
fees. Sponsors with an outstanding balance due at the time of their          jointly, from other causes which arise because of the actions or
assigned event may be prohibited from participation until payment            omissions of its agents, employees or independent contractors,
is made. Said prohibition does not constitute cancellation for either        acting within or without the scope of their authority. The applicant
party, hence no refund of advance fees. Letters of agreement will be         agrees to abide by all applicable local ordinances, state and federal
accepted in order of receipt. In the case of conflicting, simultaneous        laws, hotel regulations, and all valid and legal requirements of the
submissions, ACUTA reserves the right to determine the final as-              show management company. The applicant further agrees to abide
signment. If the requested sponsorship is unavailable, the applicant         by all ACUTA sponsorship guidelines hereby incorporated in this
will be advised of alternate selections                                                                   agreement.
available. If none of the alternate selec-
                                                                                                          4. Entertainment & Food
tions are acceptable to the applicant, the      Thanks to Event Sponsors for 2011                         Applicant agrees not to sponsor group
cancellation policy set forth below will                         (As of 8/17/11)
apply. If there are no alternate selec-                                                                   functions such as sporting events,
tions of like size and/or cost available,                                                                 tours, film showings, speeches or other
the applicant will receive a full refund
                                                                      Aastra                              activities during the convention and
(no administrative fees imposed).                               Alcatel-Lucent                            exhibition hours that would in any way
2. Cancellation Policy
                                                                     Apogee                               interfere with delegate attendance at
                                                                      Avaya                               any scheduled ACUTA activities or entice
Cancellation or rescheduling of the event                                                                 visitors away from the exhibition. The
by ACUTA will result in a full refund (no
                                                                       AVST                               sponsor must clear with ACUTA staff
administrative fees imposed) for any               BlackBerry by Research in Motion                       any intended group functions.
fees paid to ACUTA by the sponsor or                                  CEECO                               5. Sponsorships
exhibitor. Cancellation by the spon-                       CenturyLink Business
sor must be received in writing and                                                                       Sponsorships will be reserved on a
                                                         Comcast Business Class                           “first-come, first-served” basis, based
will result in a refund of received fees
based upon the following schedule:
                                                                 Crown Castle                             on the receipt of a properly executed
Received 60 days or more prior to event                   e2Campus by Omnilert                            application and advance payment fee
start date: full refund*; received 59 to       Executive Broadband Communications                         from a vendor requesting sponsorship
45 days prior to event start date: 50%             Fujitsu Network Communications                         of specific event. Sponsorships may not
Refund*; received 44 days or less prior                                                                   be advertised in ACUTA printed material
                                                              IPC Technologies                            unless proper funds are received prior
to event start date: no refund. *There
is a non-refundable administrative fee
                                                                  Microsemi                               to publication of the material. Sponsor-
of the greater of $100 or 20% of total                              Optelian                              ship of an event includes the right to
sponsorship fees. Sponsors who have                                  PAETEC                               provide material for ACUTA to distribute
not paid but cancel 61 days or more                       PosTrack Technologies                           in registration packets at that specific
prior to the event start date are respon-                                                                 event. All material to be placed in reg-
                                                               Sidera Networks                            istration packets must be delivered to
sible only for the administrative fees as
noted above; less than 60 days prior to
                                                                    ShoreTel                              the hotel/advance warehouse as dictated
the event start date are liable for 50%                               Sprint                              by ACUTA no later than the Thursday
of their event fees plus administrative        Vantage Technology Consulting Group                        preceding the Sunday registration for
fees; less than 45 days are liable for the                           Verizon                              seminars or the Wednesday preceding
full event fee. Any open invoices after a                                                                 the Sunday registration for the Annual
                                                               WTC Consulting                             Conference. Sponsorships will be listed
cancellation must be paid in full within
45 days after receipt. Unpaid liabilities                                                                 in the event agenda and will be promi-
will be treated as an outstanding bal-                 Add Your Company Name to                           nently noted at the event. Sponsors of
ance due, and the sponsor may not be                          This List for 2012!                         coffee breaks will be recognized by an
allowed to participate in future ACUTA                                                                    ACUTA official at the time of the coffee
events until payment is made. ACUTA                                                                       break, for those held during exhibit
reserves the right to resell/reassign                                                                     hours, but no time will be made avail-
sponsorships upon receipt of written                                                                      able for speaking. Sponsors of all other
cancellation. Letters of agreement not fully paid by the event start         functions will be given an opportunity to speak during that function
date are subject to cancellation and/or re-assignment at ACUTA’s             or at an appropriate time. The presentation should be brief and not
discretion, without refund and with liability for the balance due.           require audio visual equipment. ACUTA will provide a microphone
                                                                             and podium. ACUTA establishes sponsorship rates based upon
3. Liabilities and Restrictions
                                                                             estimated attendance and the average cost of events. ACUTA does
ACUTA assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damaged             not warrant attendance at a specific event, nor does the Association
equipment, equipment failure or nondelivery of equipment. Sponsor            assume any liability for failure of equipment, delivery, or similar
shall be fully responsible to pay for any and all damages to prop-           conditions. ACUTA recognizes that on occasion additional vendor
erty owned by ACUTA, the hotel, or its owners or managers, which             representatives may wish to be present during the time frame of
results from any act or omission of sponsor. Neither ACUTA nor the           their sponsored event, such as a lunch or dinner. An event regis-
hotel nor their agents or representatives will be responsible for any        tration fee is not required for those vendor representatives (limit
injury, loss or damage that may occur to a sponsor or to a sponsor’s         5) IF their presence at the ACUTA seminar/conference is limited
                                                                             primarily to the function that the vendor is sponsoring.

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